DOOM? It also runs on a pregnancy test

You know the “ It Runs Doom! “? It is one of the most famous "exotic" challenges for various developers , who try their hand at being able to run the original Doom in devices not absolutely designed for video games. We are talking about devices such as calculators, public transport ticketing management systems, and now a developer has managed to run Doom even on a pregnancy test!

This is an incredible feat by a single developer, which has obviously gone viral on Reddit and Tumblr, with what is still a work in progress, but it demonstrates how it is actually feasible to video game on a pregnancy test , even if one wonders. with which controls.

DOOM pregnancy test
DOOM pregnancy testDOOM pregnancy testDOOM pregnancy testDOOM pregnancy test

Doom on a pregnancy test: what about the controls to play?

Knowing that a classic pregnancy test accepts a single input to function and display something, and this input is definitely not meant for video games, we wonder how it will be possible to actually play Doom on this device.

On this we do not yet know how Foone Turing, a Californian developer who has ventured into this enterprise, will decide to move. Furthermore, the one displayed is still only a video played on the small screen of the device, and that is why it still does not fall within the parameters of the It Runs Doom! Challenge. , but the programmer has confirmed that he will continue to work on it until he succeeds.

“… And he can't do doom yet. It will be very complicated, even cheating and having a modern desktop computer connected to the display… but I CAN play a DOOM video on it!
(Using a different dithering method here so you can see anything: DOOM colors are dark) "

DOOM: a bit of history

For those unfamiliar with it, DOOM is a video game created by Id Software and released back in 1993 for PC , and only later was it released for other consoles. Together with Wolfenstein 3D (also part of other challenges similar to It Runs Doom!), He is considered one of the most influential examples of the first-person shooter genre .

DOOM pregnancy test
Doom in all its beauty. Credit:

A peculiar feature of the game is the innovative (for the times) use of 3D graphics, together with a fast and rather simple style of play, all accompanied by a high rate of violence . It quickly became very popular, for several years after its release other games of this genre were referred to as "a la Doom ".

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