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  • BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S HI version officially launched
  • Xiaopeng cancels free charging and free home pile rights
  • BYD frigate 07 landed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Declaration Catalog
  • Nissan exec reveals that GT-R will evolve into a pure electric sports car in the future
  • Mercedes-AMG launches Will.i.amg
  • Tesla releases 2021 Impact Report
  • 2022 Q1 Global New Energy Vehicle Sales List Announced
  • GM CEO speaks again: Seize the cheap electric car market
  • SAIC's OEMs are expected to resume normal production in late May
  • After the secondary listing in Hong Kong, Weilai is preparing to land in Singapore
  • Rheinmetall develops fiberglass suspension springs
  • Audi, McLaren F1 deal may fall through
  • BMW interior designer: big screen will be eliminated sooner or later

BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S HI version officially launched

Just now, the Extreme Fox Alpha S HI version was officially launched. The new car is divided into two versions, the advanced version is priced at 397,900 yuan, and the high-end version is priced at 42.99 yuan, which is basically the same as the previous pre-sale price.

The overall shape of the Polar Fox Alpha S HI version basically continues the design of the Alpha S, but solid-state lidars are added in the center of the front face and on both sides of the headlights to support the built-in Huawei driving assistance system.

In addition, the Polar Fox Alpha S HI version has 6 millimeter-wave radars in the front, rear and four corners; it also has 11 high-definition cameras in the rearview mirror and front fender, all of which are used to perform high-precision driving assistance. system.

The new car has also been greatly improved in terms of power. It is equipped with front and rear dual motors, with a maximum power of 473kW, a maximum torque of 655N m, and an acceleration of 100 kilometers in less than 3.5 seconds; it has an 800V high-voltage platform, and the charging power can reach up to 187kW.

The first half of the press conference was quite unique. BAIC Director Liu Yu invited Huawei Yu Chengdong and Dou Wentao, and the three bosses chatted together.

Xiaopeng cancels free charging and free home pile rights

On May 6, Xiaopeng Motors announced that it will adjust the configuration, price and rights of some models from 0:00 on May 9, 2022.

Bad news first.

Users who purchase Xiaopeng G3i, P5 and P7 after 00:00 on May 9 will no longer enjoy free lifetime charging and free home charging piles and installation.

The good news is that in the software section, the follow-up P5 E/E+/P version models and P7 E/E+ version models will come standard with the Intelligent Assisted Driving Package.

I think it is still more fragrant for free charging + household piles.

BYD frigate 07 landed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Declaration Catalog

Following the launch of the destroyer 05, the first SUV of BYD's ocean net warship series, the frigate 07, has also recently entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's declaration catalog.

It can be seen that the frigate 07 continues the design of the destroyer 05 in appearance. The chrome trim that runs across the center net is full of layers, and the overall design is atmospheric and stable.

In terms of size, the new car has a length/width/height of 4820/1920/1750mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm.

According to the declaration information, the frigate 07 is also equipped with BYD's new-generation DM-i plug-in hybrid system. The maximum power of the 1.5T engine is 102kW, the peak power of the front and rear motors are 145kW and 150kW respectively, and the expected pure electric cruising range is 200km.

In addition to the DM-i model, the Corvette 07 will also launch the four-wheel drive DM-p model, which is the main performance.

Looking forward to the BYD kayak. (manual dog head)

Nissan exec reveals that GT-R will evolve into a pure electric sports car in the future

On May 6, Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said in an interaction with Top Gear that Nissan is planning to develop a pure electric GT-R, and at the same time, the Z series will also undergo an electrification transformation.

However, he also said that current EV technology is not ready for such high-performance applications.

We couldn't find the right technology to define what is a "Z" and what is a "GT-R", neither of which is a car, these are our culture.

Ashwani Gupta describes the Z and GT-R as beauty and the beast respectively. He believes that the two high-performance models play different roles in Nissan's lineup and their positioning will not change.

The current GT-R R35 has not been replaced for 15 years, and due to the restriction of emission regulations, the R35 has been withdrawn from the European market, and the Japanese market has also stopped accepting orders. (IT House)

If nothing else, the next-generation GT-R will be a hybrid model.

Mercedes-AMG launches Will.i.amg

Mercedes-AMG revealed yesterday a special-edition AMG that won't be produced.

The Will.i.amg is named after the well-known inspirational art entrepreneur The project was formerly known as "The Flip" and was remodeled by the customization team of the industry-renowned West Coast Customs tuning brand.

As you can see from the exterior, Will.i.amg is transformed from a Mercedes-AMG GT. Interestingly, it adopts the front face shape from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and the rearward opening door and wheel style have a Rolls-Royce feel.

The one-of-a-kind AMG GT will be unveiled at the F1 Miami Grand Prix this weekend, and says the publicity proceeds will go to charity.

"Mercedes-AMG". (error)

Tesla releases 2021 Impact Report

On May 6, Tesla released its 2021 Impact Report. In the report, Tesla disclosed that its goal is to sell 20 million electric vehicles annually by 2030, deploy 1,500GWh of energy storage projects, and accelerate the global transition to renewable energy. Continuous energy transition.

Tesla's two goals are much higher than their current actual situation:

In 2021, Tesla will deliver a total of 936,200 electric vehicles and deploy 4GWh of energy storage projects.

However, Tesla, which has a strong development momentum, is not without the possibility of achieving this goal. Tesla's deliveries in recent years have increased significantly year-on-year.

At the same time, Tesla is also increasing its investment in batteries and building new super factories. Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed at the 2018 shareholder meeting that Tesla plans to build 10 to 12 Gigafactories around the world. (IT House)

In the current global automotive field, there is no car manufacturer with an annual sales volume of 20 million vehicles, and only Volkswagen and Toyota have more than 10 million vehicles.

2022 Q1 Global New Energy Vehicle Sales List Announced

Foreign media Clean Technica recently announced the global sales list of new energy vehicles in the first quarter of 2022.

In terms of the sales ranking of new energy models of global manufacturers, the top five are Tesla, BYD, SAIC Group, Volkswagen Group, and Geely Group. The five automakers sold a combined 1.03 million new energy models in the first quarter, accounting for 51.7% of global sales.

The sales details are as follows:

  • Tesla: 310,411 sales; 15.5% worldwide
  • BYD: 285,849 units sold; 14.3% worldwide
  • SAIC Group: 170,456 units sold; 8.5% of the global market
  • Volkswagen Group: 154,824 units sold; 8.1% worldwide
  • Geely Group: 110,253 units sold; 5.6% worldwide

In terms of models, Tesla Model 3/Y ranks first, followed by Hongguang MINIEV. BYD has 6 models in the TOP 20, and domestic models such as Ideal ONE, Chery QQ Ice Cream, Xiaopeng P7, and AION Y also appear on the list. (new trip)

GM CEO speaks again: Seize the cheap electric car market

According to InsideEVs, GM will make cheap electric cars one of its strategic moves to overtake Tesla.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra said in an interview with Yahoo Finance a few days ago that GM wants to make cheaper electric cars and replace Tesla as the largest electric car maker in the United States.

GM is going all out, and in 5 years we will be selling more electric cars in the U.S. than any other car company, including Tesla.

Mary Barra said that GM will launch electric vehicles under $30,000 to further gain a larger market share through the "high-end + cheap" strategy. (car stuff)

For example, the above explorer EV.

SAIC's OEMs are expected to resume normal production in late May

SAIC Motor recently announced that more than 40,000 employees of its Shanghai-based companies have been stationed in factories to carry out closed-loop operations and production, and major OEMs have achieved stable vehicle production in batches.

SAIC expects that starting from late May, two batches of parts and components supporting enterprises in Shanghai that have resumed production and resumed production will have a resumption rate of more than 80%, and the logistics pressure in the Yangtze River Delta region will also be further eased.

SAIC said that under the premise that the supply chain and logistics remain stable, SAIC's vehicle companies are expected to gradually resume normal production in late May. (The Paper)

After the secondary listing in Hong Kong, Weilai is preparing to land in Singapore

NIO announced on its official website that it plans to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange for a second time. After listing on the main board of SGX, shares listed on the main board of SGX will be fully interchangeable with ADRs listed on the NYSE, and ADRs will remain primarily listed on the NYSE.

After the listing on the SGX, NIO will become the first smart electric vehicle company to be listed in the United States, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

  • Bentley's operating profit in the first quarter reached 170 million euros, a year-on-year increase of 162%
  • Lucid delivered 360 Lucid Air units in the first quarter
  • Faraday Future released 134 jobs in China, covering engineering, design, marketing, etc.
  • BMW temporarily cancels CarPlay and Android Auto functions due to lack of core
  • Mercedes-Benz starts selling L3 autonomous driving systems in Europe
  • CATL is about to build factories in the United States, or choose locations in Kentucky and South Carolina
  • In order to reduce personnel contact, Tesla launched the "autonomous car pickup" delivery model

Rheinmetall develops fiberglass suspension springs

Automotive World recently reported that Rheinmetall has developed a new fiberglass suspension spring that it has partnered with a high-end OEM for prototype vehicles.

Rheinmetall says the new glass fiber-reinforced plastic spring can reduce unsprung mass by up to 75 percent compared to conventional steel coil springs, making it particularly suitable for electric vehicles.

Compared to traditional steel springs, fiberglass reinforced springs are also resistant to corrosion because plastic can only be corroded by certain chemicals, but not by oxygen and water. (Gasgo Auto)

Audi, McLaren F1 deal may fall through

Automotive News yesterday, citing sources, said plans by Volkswagen Group's Audi brand to join F1 through an investment in McLaren may be in vain.

"The price expectations between the two companies are too far apart." The source said that although the plan has not been officially declared a failure, its prospects are approaching zero.

Today, McLaren CEO Zach Brown said he would not sell the 56-year-old team.

McLaren will never become Audi's F1 team.

However, the above-mentioned sources also revealed that Audi has turned its attention to the Sobo and Williams teams.

The Volkswagen Group has never raced in F1 before, but it was reported in March that Audi was preparing to invest 500 million euros in McLaren to get into F1. Porsche plans to form a partnership with Red Bull Racing, a statement confirmed by Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess.

Audi: If the Mai team can't win, let's switch.

BMW interior designer: big screen will be eliminated sooner or later

Recently, designers from BMW and Polestar discussed future car interior design in a live event held by "Car Design News".

Regarding the current trend of large screens, Matthias Junghanns, the designer responsible for the pure electric models of the BMW i series, expressed his views:

Is the big screen so important? I personally believe that these dark glass panels are not only against the interior of the car, but will be obsolete sooner or later.

Conny Blommé, the interior designer of Polestar, also has a similar idea: "It's a natural law to flourish and decline, and the big screen should be no exception. When driving, you pay attention to the scenery outside the car rather than the big screen inside the car."

For example, the large screen in the car is equivalent to "high-end atmosphere and high-end". Do you think this will be the case in the future?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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