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  • Polestar 5 road test spy photos exposed
  • Ideal declaration ideal L9 new front face
  • Cadillac unveils Celestiq teaser
  • AITO M5 pure electric version unveiled
  • The first show of Jidu ROBO-01, equipped with liftable lidar
  • BMW confirms new M2 will be a fuel M Power swan song
  • NIO denies partnership with AMD
  • BYD's market value surpasses that of Volkswagen, becoming the world's third car company
  • Faraday Future plans to build electric cars in China
  • Weilai's Q1 revenue increased by 24.2%, approaching 10 billion yuan
  • Baidu responds to driverless test car accident
  • No. 95 gasoline or enter the era of 10 yuan

Polestar 5 road test spy photos exposed

The foreign media exposed the road test photos of the Polestar 5 yesterday. Although the vehicle was camouflaged, the appearance of the Polestar 5 is no longer a secret since the patent map of the Polestar 5 has been published.

It can be seen from the patent image that the appearance of the new car is basically the same as that of the concept car. The biggest difference is that the production car adopts a conventional door opening method, rather than the side door design on the concept car.

Coming to the rear, the only difference between the real car and the concept car is the position of the license plate frame.

The Polestar 5 will be built on the Geely SEA platform, not the previous SPA2. The new car will be released in 2024 and is expected to be equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system with a maximum power of more than 500 horsepower.

This is the first time the Polestar 5 has been tested on public roads, and it feels like this is what the Polestar should do.

Ideal declaration ideal L9 new front face

Li Li has previously announced that the full-size SUV Li Li L9 will be released on June 21. Ideal, however, appears to be putting the finishing touches on the new car's exterior.

▲The first version of the ideal L9

The new version of the declaration map of the ideal L9 appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today.

Ideal mainly adjusted the front face of the new car, moving the front surround ribs under the star ring lights to the line, so that the visual center of gravity of the front face is more focused on the upper light group. (cnBeta)

Let's find fault together?

Cadillac unveils Celestiq teaser

GM released several teaser images of Cadillac's new all-electric luxury sedan, the Celestiq, yesterday, saying it "represents Cadillac's design, technology and performance in its purest form."

This is the first time GM has released pictures of Celestiq, which will form Cadillac's luxury pure electric product line with the pure electric SUV Lyriq.

Like Lyriq, Celestiq will also be based on the common Ultium Alternator platform. The difference is that the Celestiq will be the first model to feature the universal Ultra Cruise advanced driver assistance system.

Of course, the price will be in line with the Lyriq. By the way, friends who like Cadillac can pay attention to the 1.5T CT4 just unveiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

AITO M5 pure electric version unveiled

Yu Chengdong revealed at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show a while ago that the AITO M5 pure electric version is coming soon. Sure enough, it appeared in the declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today.

The pure electric version of AITO M5 is named M5e. According to the declaration information, the M5e is divided into two versions: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The former has a 200kW motor, and the latter is additionally equipped with a 165W front The motor, the total power reached 365kW.

It can be seen that the biggest difference between the M5e and the M5 is that the pure electric M5e has removed the original large-size air intake grille, and has a stronger sense of integration.

According to Yu Chengdong's previous statement, Wenjie M5e will be released in September and delivered in October.

The first show of Jidu ROBO-01, equipped with liftable lidar

On the evening of June 8, Baidu's auto brand Jidu Automobile officially released its first concept car ROBO-01 to the outside world, but the entire press conference was held in Baidu's metaverse space Xiyang, and there was no real car display.

Jidu has always emphasized that the ROBO-01, a concept car model of Jidu, is a future-oriented car robot, showing Jidu's futuristic design.

The most eye-catching feature of this concept car is naturally the liftable lidar on both sides of the hood, which covers a horizontal 180° FOV and can actively collapse to protect pedestrians, making it more capable of dealing with extreme scenarios such as "ghost probes".

In addition, the front face of ROBO-01 also integrates interactive AI headlights and AI voice interaction system, which can transmit information to the outside world through lamp language.

In terms of intelligent driving, Jidu claims that this car has a "vision + lidar" autonomous driving solution, inheriting the full set of capabilities and safety systems of Apollo's high-level autonomous driving. When the product is delivered to the market, users can realize "out of the box" ”, no OTA upgrade required.

Jidu said that the production model will retain 90% of the design and functions of the ROBO-01 concept car, and a limited-edition production model will be launched as soon as this fall.

This conference… how do I put it, it sounds like a metaverse, but I feel more like a cartoon. (manual dog head)

BMW confirms new M2 will be a fuel M Power swan song

BMW M CEO Frank van Meel confirmed in an interview with Bimmer Today yesterday that the new M2 will be the last M Power performance car to be powered only by an internal combustion engine.

"New) M2 is the last pure fuel car in the M car series. It does not contain any electric drive components, and it does not even have a 48V light hybrid. I can be sure.

The new M2 will be produced at the San Luis Potosí plant in Mexico, with production starting by the end of the year.

3.0T manual transmission, buy it and cherish it.

NIO denies partnership with AMD

On June 6, AMD China posted on Weibo that its EPYC series processors will empower NIO's HPC platform and provide computing power support for NIO.

On June 8, Ma Lin, senior director of corporate communications at Weilai, forwarded the Weibo and denied the cooperation with AMD:

Weilai has not cooperated with AMD, nor has it discussed cooperation at present, nor authorized AMD to carry out this communication. AMD's move is very regrettable. After negotiation, AMD only deleted the news on the official website, and the marketing activities on Weibo still exist. Please AMD delete this tweet.

On the evening of the 8th, AMD China deleted the original Weibo and said that it "looks forward to extensive cooperation between the two parties in the future." Ma Lin also responded to this later, saying that "my previous statement was too tough" and "if you don't fight, you don't know each other."

It doesn't look like he didn't graduate, it feels like he's in the atmosphere this wave.

BYD's market value surpasses that of Volkswagen, becoming the world's third car company

According to the global car company market value rankings, BYD is currently the third largest car company in the world with a market value of US$127.35 billion, surpassing the Volkswagen Group, which is also the only Chinese car company in the top ten.

The rankings show that Tesla, with a total market value of $740.58 billion, is still the world's largest car company by market value, Toyota Group ranks second with a total market value of $227.52 billion, BYD is third, and Volkswagen is fourth. Followed by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, GM, Ford, Stellantis, Honda.

According to BYD's sales information in May, its new energy vehicle sales were 114,943 units, a year-on-year increase of 152.8%; the cumulative sales this year were 507,314 units, a year-on-year increase of 348.11%.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the third 100,000+ that BYD has won this year after its sales broke the 100,000 mark for the first time in March. (Red Star News)

The rising market value of BYD is related to the recent high sales of new energy vehicles.

Faraday Future plans to build electric cars in China

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday, Faraday Future said it was looking for a suitable location in China to build future electric vehicles.

Even though the electric car maker is mired in a volatile period, its leadership is clearly seeing a boom in the Chinese EV market.

But the company has been slow to produce and deliver its first model, the FF 91, amid executive scandals and financial allegations.

SEC filings show that Faraday Future claims to have about 90 percent of the equipment it needs to make cars. (TechCrunch)

Q3 is not far away, will the FF 91 be delivered on schedule?

Weilai's Q1 revenue increased by 24.2%, approaching 10 billion yuan

Just now, NIO released its first-quarter revenue data.

In the first quarter of 2022, Weilai's revenue was 9.91 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.2%, and positive growth for eight consecutive quarters. The gross profit margin of vehicle sales was 18.1%, and the net loss was 1.78 billion yuan, a decrease of 16.8% from the previous month. The current cash reserve reached 53.3 billion yuan.

Weilai said that the company's second-quarter delivery guidance is 23,000-25,000 vehicles, and the number of deliveries in June is expected to hit a record high. On the other hand, NIO expects that gross profit margins will still decline in the second quarter and rebound in the third quarter.

In terms of products, NIO revealed that the new mid-to-large SUV ES7 on the NT2.0 platform will be launched in June. ES8, ES6, EC6 three models will also usher in hardware upgrades in the second half of this year.

3 new cars, 3 mid-term facelift models, good ones.

  • Honda to conduct road tests of self-driving vehicles in Tokyo
  • Honda Civic HATCHBACK unveiled at MIIT with manual transmission
  • Xiaomi President Wang Xiang: Xiaomi Auto has more than 1,200 employees, and the new car will be released in 2024
  • Toyota and LG New Energy consider new battery plant in Ohio
  • The new BMW 8 series family is listed, sold for 968,000-1,198,000 yuan

Baidu responds to driverless test car accident

Recently, a photo of the accident scene of the Carrot Run test vehicle was circulated on the Internet. In the picture, the left rear of the vehicle with the "unmanned test" logo was severely damaged.

Baidu responded to this, the content of the photo is a traffic accident caused by a rear-end truck rear-end collision of a radish capacity test vehicle in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in the first ten days of May. The accident has been reported to the relevant regulatory authorities for the record.

"Carrot Run" is Baidu's autonomous driving travel service platform. As of the first quarter of 2022, it has opened in 8 cities across the country, providing a total of 196,000 rides. (Sina Technology)

Baidu: He hit me!

No. 95 gasoline or enter the era of 10 yuan

According to the daily economic news, at 24:00 on June 14, domestic refined oil products will usher in the 11th round of adjustment this year.

As of June 7, more than half of the 10 pricing working days in this round have been counted. The current crude oil change rate on the fifth day is 6.41%, and the oil price forecast has been raised by about 305 yuan/ton.

Converted to an increase, the current expected increase in the next round of oil prices is 0.23 yuan / liter ~ 0.26 yuan / liter.

Refueling the night before yesterday, 95 has already cost 9.7 yuan, and colleagues who drive gas cars have expressed that they need to change the tram for the next one. Do you have the idea of ​​changing the tram when you refuel?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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