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  • Denza's high-end MPV has DM and EV dual power modes
  • Ideal car pure electric MPV parameter exposure
  • Changan Announces C385 More Information
  • Toyota unveils GR Corolla teaser
  • GAC Honda Releases New Electric Brand "e:NP Extreme"
  • He Xiaopeng: Next year's battery supply situation will improve
  • Xiaopeng Motors will officially launch XPILOT 4.0 in 2023
  • Former Tesla CTO: Electric car batteries should last 15 years
  • Ocon: Saudi station is like a kart race
  • Toyota Tundra creative ad: The Joneses
  • Today's topic: Does Buick's new logo look good?

Denza's high-end MPV has DM and EV dual power modes

On March 28, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Denza's sales division, once again brought a preview of Denza's high-end MPV.

According to Zhao Changjiang, Denza's new MPV has two power modes, DM and EV, with a comprehensive range of 1,000km, and has various driving modes such as economy, normal, sports, and snow.

He also said that the Denza MPV uses a motor inductance booster and an intelligent battery thermal management system, which can achieve a wide-range heat pump operating temperature of -30~60°C and extend the cruising range in winter. (IT House)

If you want to make a high-end MPV, the luxury of the "lining" is not enough. I think of Mr. Yuan Qicong's NASCAR CEO.

Ideal car pure electric MPV parameter exposure

▲Ideal Beijing Factory

Li Auto recently announced that it will build a new pure electric passenger vehicle manufacturing plant in Beijing with an annual production capacity of 100,000 units.

It is reported that Li Auto’s Beijing plant will be opened in 2023, and the first model to be put into production will be a pure electric MPV.

According to a new car plan of Lili Automobile, the competitors of this pure electric MPV are locked in Toyota Alpha and Buick GL8, Lili will use this model to seize the share of commercial MPVs.

This pure electric MPV has a body length of 5.3-5.4 meters and a wheelbase of 3.2-3.4 meters, far exceeding the size of the two competing models mentioned above. (EV century)

▲ Previously exposed ideal MPV spy photos

At the end of this year, an extended-range SUV will be released on the same platform as the L9, positioned lower than the L9, and similar in size to the ideal ONE.

Changan Announces C385 More Information

Changan New Energy released a new official image of the C385 last week. Judging from the announced size information, the new car has a length, width and height of 4820/1890/1480mm and a wheelbase of 2900mm.

The new car is based on the CHN platform jointly built by Changan, Huawei and CATL, and uses the new family-style design of Changan. The overall shape is similar to UNI-V.

The official did not disclose much information about this new car, only that the car will be equipped with APA7.0 remote unmanned valet parking system and electric drive high-frequency pulse heating technology.

Recently, there have been spy photos of the real car, and there are signs that this C385 will belong to a brand new new energy brand under Changan.

Toyota unveils GR Corolla teaser

On March 29, Toyota brought a little surprise to all fans, releasing a teaser video of the GR Corolla.

In the teaser video, you can see that the air vent design and the "GR" logo have been added to the fender. At the same time, the calipers are also painted with GR, or four-piston calipers.

As the fourth model of the GR series, the GR Corolla will be equipped with the same G16E-GTS 1.6T three-cylinder engine as the GR YARiS, with a maximum power of 268 horsepower, matching a manual transmission, and equipped with a GR-Four full-time four-wheel drive system.

In addition, the new car may only provide Hatchback models, which will be released on April 1, Beijing time.

True 86 is here, and it's still four-wheel drive. (manual dog head)

GAC Honda Releases New Electric Brand "e:NP Extreme"

Today (March 29) afternoon, GAC Honda officially released the new electric brand "e:NP", whose Chinese name is "extremely strong".

At the press conference, GAC Honda introduced the meaning of "e:NP", where "e" stands for "energize power" and "electric power", "N" stands for "New" and "Next evolution", and "P" stands for "Prime Ultimate".

The previously released e:NP1 is the first model of Ji Pai, and the Chinese name of the model is "Ji Pai 1".

GAC Honda said that from this year to 2025, the company will launch an extreme electric vehicle every year, and will build an exclusive factory for its new energy models, which will be completed in 2024.

That's right, how can such a complicated name not have a Chinese name.

He Xiaopeng: Next year's battery supply situation will improve

Xiaopeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng said at the 2021 performance briefing that choosing multiple battery partners is of great value to Xiaopeng.

Insufficient battery supplies are limiting the pace of deliveries in 2021, he said. In the future, Xiaopeng will join hands with suppliers to enhance its ability to prevent and control battery shortages.

In addition, He Xiaopeng predicts that China's battery supply situation will be greatly improved in the second or third quarter of next year. During this period, Xiaopeng will cooperate with battery suppliers to better control battery costs.

As the current supply chain is too tight, Xiaopeng's strategy has changed from "sell first and then deliver" to "determine production capacity first and then sell".

  • NavInfo cooperates with to develop intelligent driving products
  • Daimler: Electric trucks can hardly be cheaper than gasoline versions
  • In 2021, the number of registrations of new energy vehicle-related enterprises in my country will increase by nearly 150%, reaching 1.283 million
  • Edison Motors takeover fails, Ssangyong looks for new buyer
  • Hankook Tire to launch EV tire brand
  • Alfa Romeo will launch a larger model
  • SAIC Volkswagen's all-new Lingdu L will be launched on March 31

Xiaopeng Motors will officially launch XPILOT 4.0 in 2023

On the evening of March 28, Xiaopeng Motors revealed that the company plans to officially launch XPILOT 4.0 in 2023 to achieve intelligent assisted driving in high-speed and urban scenarios.

By 2023, Xiaopeng will have at least 4 models that support XPILOT4.0, and will gradually unify the intelligent assisted driving hardware and software platforms of the new models.

Xiaopeng Motors said that compared with other mass-produced intelligent assisted driving systems in the industry, XPILOT 4.0 will have more comprehensive usage scenarios and wider geographical coverage under the premise of ensuring a high degree of safety. (Sina Technology)

He Xiaopeng said that Xiaopeng's autonomous driving technology is 2-3 years ahead of most companies.

Former Tesla CTO: Electric car batteries should last 15 years

JB Straubel, a longtime CTO at Tesla, recently talked about power batteries, arguing that an electric car's battery should last about 15 years, depending on utilization .

“I think in most cases, it (referring to the battery) can easily reach 15 years, and the battery life may be with the entire life cycle of the vehicle,” Straubel said. Batteries are in old cars.”

Since leaving Tesla, the engineer has been keeping a close eye on the end-of-life situation of electric vehicle batteries, which are critical to his new venture, Redwood Materials.

Redwood Materials is currently developing new processes for recycling materials, and the company's focus is on electric vehicle batteries.

One of the advantages of EVs over gasoline vehicles is that their battery packs still have value when the vehicle and battery are scrapped. Straubel's new venture has partnered with Ford and Volvo to recycle battery packs when they end up. (Sina Technology)

The company also intends to build a 100GWh battery materials factory in the United States.

Ocon: Saudi station is like a kart race

In last weekend's F1 Saudi Grand Prix, the fight between the two Alpine drivers undoubtedly became a major attraction of the race.

Esteban Ocon said the fight with teammate Fernando Alonso was like a "karting race".

Whether it's a fight with teammate Alonso or Norris, it's a lot of fun, and this year's race feels completely different, like a go-kart race.

The gap between Ocon and team-mate Alonso was very small throughout the weekend, and the gap in qualifying lap times was less than 0.1 seconds, which Ocon believes could continue throughout the season. At the same time, competition among teammates is also conducive to improving the performance of the entire team.

As for the team, Alpine does not seem to intend to interfere in the competition between Ocon and Alonso, and Ocon seems to be enjoying it. "It's an honour to take on Alonso and it makes me very satisfied."

It reminded me of the competition between Ocon and Perez, which was also a pink car. Is it true that "the more fans of the racing car, the more ruthless O'Connell"?

Toyota Tundra creative ad: The Joneses

In order to shoot this ad called "The Joneses", Toyota recruited several stars named Joneses.

Including Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) in the movie "Men in Black", comedian Leslie Jones (Leslie Jones), Rashida Jones (Rashida Jones) in "Toy Story 4", and singer Nick Jonas.

For ordinary people, it may not be so easy to drive a new Tundra in the wild, so you might as well take a look at the advertisement and enjoy it.

Today's topic: Does Buick's new logo look good?

According to a report from Fast Technology, some netizens have recently exposed Buick's new Logo. Judging from the pictures, the color matching of the new Logo has not changed, but the arrangement is different from the current Logo.

The origin of Buick's "Three Shields" logo can be traced back to the family crest of David Dunbar Buick, the founder of the automobile industry. In Buick's current logo, the three shields arranged at different heights also have the allegory of constant climbing.

As for the new Buick logo, it may be used in the production model of the Electra concept car in the future.

Having said that, do you think Buick's new logo looks good?

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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