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  • BYD raises prices of new energy models
  • First pre-built Cadillac Lyriq rolls off the assembly line
  • Toyota: It takes 4 years to order a new Land Cruiser before delivery
  • Lamborghini Huracan "off-road version" exposed
  • Group car: Two trams will be launched in three years, and the first car will be priced at 100,000-200,000 yuan
  • Geely and Renault sign framework agreement
  • Why does the Ningde era with a market value of trillions want a "revolution of electricity"
  • Tesla launches Spring Festival user care series of activities
  • Yamaha releases EMF pure electric scooter
  • Red Bull signs Mercedes boss for powertrain R&D
  • Today's topic: Beware of the "Olympic Lane"

BYD raises the price of new energy models by up to 7,000 yuan

On January 21, BYD officially announced that it has adjusted the official guide prices of related new energy models on its and .

Specifically, the models with the least price increase were Song Pro DM-i, which increased by 1,000 yuan; Qin PLUS DM-i, Qin PLUS EV, Han DM, Tang DM-i, and Tang DM increased in price by 3,000 yuan; Han EV increased in price by 5,000 yuan Yuan; Yuan Pro price increases by 7,000 yuan.

BYD said that the main reasons for the price adjustment were the sharp rise in raw materials and the decline in subsidies for new energy vehicle purchases. Previously, Xiaopeng, GAC and other auto companies have expressed concerns about rising raw material prices.

Car companies dare to raise prices, which to a certain extent reflects their confidence in the end market.

The first prefabricated version of the Cadillac Lyriq rolls off the assembly line and will be mass-produced soon

General Motors President Mark Reuss has announced that the first pre-built Cadillac Lyriq has rolled off the assembly line.

The mid-to-large SUV built on the Autonen platform is expected to start production at GM's Spring Hill plant by the end of the quarter, with deliveries starting in the first half of this year.

GM has invested $2 billion in the Springs plant to accelerate its electrification business, Reuss said. "Our team has worked tirelessly on the LYRIQ project to bring this model out nine months ahead of schedule."

As for the domestic version of LYRIQ, delivery is expected to begin in the middle of the year.

Toyota: It takes 4 years to order a new Land Cruiser before delivery

Toyota Japan's official website recently officially announced that new Land Cruiser users ordered after January 19 will not be delivered until about 4 years later.

If you place an order now, the delivery time may be up to 4 years, we apologize for this, and we will do our best to shorten the delivery time for our customers.

Toyota also stressed that delivery times may change depending on future production.

Land Cruiser owner: Four years! Do you know how I have spent the past four years? !

Lamborghini Huracan "off-road version" exposed

MotorAuthority recently obtained a set of spy photos of Lamborghini's "Off-Road Edition".

The picture shows that this Huracan with large ground clearance is equipped with a front auxiliary light source and a luggage rack. The front of the car is also equipped with a steel baffle to block flying stones. The intake air moved to the roof also improves the Huracan's wading ability. performance.

At present, Lamborghini has not officially confirmed the existence of this off-road version of the Huracan, but we can roughly guess that the new car should be the production version of the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato concept car.

▲Huracan Sterrato concept car

Want to drive a Lamborghini to have fun? buy it!

Group car: Two trams will be launched in three years, and the first car will be priced at 100,000-200,000 yuan

On January 21, announced its preliminary plans for the electric vehicle business.

The company plans to launch two electric vehicles within three years, and the estimated price of the first model will be between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan.

For the group car building, the outside world does not seem to be optimistic. Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Motors, once bombarded Tuanche for making cars on social platforms, saying that Wen Wei, CEO of Tuanche, is "probably a liar".

Auto Story reported yesterday that did not issue performance bonuses for all its employees in the second half of last year. After December 30, all employees stayed at home, and the resumption time was undetermined. During the period, there was only a minimum wage of 2,000 yuan per month.

According to, the relevant person in charge of responded: "Affected by the scattered epidemic situation, in order to avoid large-scale crowd gathering, and to maintain the orderly development of the business in the future, it has been suspended since January 2022. The offline auto show business will resume as soon as the epidemic eases.”

In fact, the main business of group car is not "group purchase", but to cooperate with car companies to build offline car purchase scenarios and earn service fees.

Geely and Renault sign framework agreement based on CMA architecture and hybrid technology

On January 21, Renault Group and Geely Holding Group announced that the two parties signed a framework agreement to produce and sell Renault-branded fuel vehicles and smart hybrid vehicles in South Korea based on Geely Automobile's CMA architecture and hybrid technology, and export them to South Korea. outside the market.

Before cooperating with Geely, Renault has had joint ventures and cooperation with a number of Chinese car companies, but it has not formed a scale in the Chinese market. After entering 2020, Renault took the initiative to shrink its business in China.

In April 2020, Renault withdrew from Dongfeng Renault. So far, Renault ended its fuel passenger vehicle business in the domestic market. (new trip)

▲ Renault Jiangling Yi

The remaining electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles will become Renault's future two pillars in the domestic market.

Why does the Ningde era with a market value of trillions want a "revolution of electricity"

On January 18, Ningde Times' wholly-owned subsidiary, Times Electric Service, released the overall solution for combined power exchange.

But capital does not seem to be optimistic about this "revolution of electricity replacement" in the Ningde era. After the announcement of the power exchange strategy, the stock price of CATL fell for two consecutive days, down about 5%.

At present, the input cost of power exchange stations is extremely high, commercial realization is slow, and the battery standards of various companies are not uniform, so it is difficult to achieve unified power exchange.

Although Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, personally "replaced the battery", at the press conference, only the FAW Bestune NAT combination battery replacement version was announced by the Times Electric Service. Zhang Xiang, an independent auto analyst, said that it is difficult for mainstream car companies to accept cooperation in battery swaps.

In the face of the huge challenges in business operations, why does the Ningde era with a market value of trillions have to carry out the "revolution of power replacement"?

At the beginning of this year, LG Energy stated that it will expand production capacity in 6 countries, and said that its global market share will exceed that of Ningde era; BYD is also expanding production in many places in China, and is currently in contact with many car companies; not only that, car companies They are also trying to grasp the core of the battery in their own hands and plan to build their own battery factory.

It is not easy for CATL to keep the number one position. In the past month, CATL’s share price has fallen by more than 15%. Because of this, CATL wants to change.

Only by opening the closed-loop value of the whole life cycle of battery raw materials, battery research and development, manufacturing, use, and recycling can we have the absolute right to speak.

But this will obviously move the "cheese" of car companies.

  • U.S. solid-state battery company raises $200 million, led by Stellantis and Mercedes-Benz
  • Honda Civic Type-R may introduce domestic production in the form of CKD
  • NIO's 800th battery swap station was officially launched at IKEA Hangzhou
  • Toyota Japan plant to stop production further, involving 21 production lines in 11 plants
  • The patent map of the extended version of the Land Rover Defender is exposed, and it will be launched at the end of August

Tesla launches Spring Festival user care series of activities

Recently, Tesla's Spring Festival customer care series activities were officially launched. From January 17th to 30th, Tesla owners can open the Tesla APP, click "Request Service", and check the service type as "Unfinished Items" to book a free Spring Festival inspection service, and can choose the most convenient one. Service center and testing time.

In this event, Tesla will provide free wheel, tire, body and other inspections to ensure the holiday travel experience.

Tesla owners look here. (knocking on the blackboard)

Yamaha releases EMF pure electric scooter

Yamaha recently released this EMF pure electric scooter, which is priced at about 23,000 yuan and has a top speed of 80-100km/h.

This pure electric scooter was launched by Yamaha EMF in cooperation with the urban transportation company Gogoro. It can be connected to the existing battery replacement network, which is convenient for the owner to replenish energy.

Yamaha EMF uses a mid-mounted motor, which can achieve 0-50km/h acceleration in 3.5 seconds, but the official has not announced its cruising range.

In addition, the car also supports NFC unlocking, and the owner can also view its location and send navigation information through the mobile app. Not only that, but it also has a fleet function that shows the real-time location of other fleet members.

Hello, is Ryosuke Takahashi? I want to join the team!

Red Bull signs Mercedes boss for powertrain R&D

Red Bull has entered into an agreement with Mercedes, under which Ben Hodgkinson, head of mechanical engineering at Mercedes Performance Powertrain, will join Red Bull as technical director of its powertrain company.

After Honda announced its withdrawal from F1, Red Bull announced that it would set up a power unit company and poached a number of engine technical talents from rival Mercedes, including Ben Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson, who has worked at the German carmaker for 20 years, will now help Red Bull Racing develop a new power unit under the 2026 regulations.

Today's topic: Beware of the "Olympic Lane"

On January 21, the Beijing Olympic dedicated lane was officially opened. Those who violate the regulations of the Olympic dedicated lane will be fined 200 yuan by the traffic management department of the public security organ in accordance with the illegal act of "motor vehicles use the dedicated lane in violation of regulations".

On the first day of use, some car owners in Beijing showed their tickets. The car owners said that they received a notice on the road before they got home.

It is understood that the Olympic-only lanes will be opened in stages. Among them, the opening time of the Winter Olympics is from January 21 to February 25, a total of 36 days, involving 42 roads.

The Winter Paralympic Games will run from February 26 to March 16, covering a total of 19 days and involving 29 roads.

Friends in Beijing should pay attention, plan the lane in advance, and if you are not careful, it will cost 200 yuan.

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