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  • Faraday Future: FF91 to be produced and delivered in Q4
  • Toyota GR SUPRA overseas pricing announced
  • Model Y/ Euler Cat and others received five-star evaluation from E-NCAP
  • GM is about to target China's high-end market
  • Passenger Car Association: Retail sales of passenger car market reached 1.871 million units in August
  • Analysts expect Tesla to deliver more than 500,000 vehicles in Q4
  • Hackers hack ride-hailing services, Moscow hits heavy congestion
  • Egypt's new brand logo and model planning exposure
  • Tesla 4680 battery production may be difficult to increase
  • Italy's Monza circuit celebrates 100 years
  • Apple Watch 8 adds car crash detection
  • Chery wants to eject you before the crash

Faraday Future: FF91 to be produced and delivered in Q4

Faraday Future has been bubbling up again recently.

The company announced that as of Aug. 26, their cash balance had fallen to $47.2 million, down from $276 million at the end of the first quarter.

Still, Faraday Future said production is on track for its first model, the FF 91, which will be built at its new ieFactory in Hanford, California.

The ieFactory California team is producing high-quality vehicles for testing, and I'm excited to see that we're ready for production.

The FF 91 will be our first high-end, high-performance, luxury smart electric vehicle, and when we release it in the fourth quarter, we will show consumers the future of smart cars.

Faraday Future's stock has fallen below $1.

Toyota GR SUPRA overseas pricing announced

Yesterday was GR Corolla, and today is GR SUPRA. The starting price of the latter is $1,505 more expensive than the former, reaching $52,500 (about 359,700 yuan).

It should be noted that this is only the price of a naked car, to own it, plus shipping and a mandatory safety and technology package, so that the starting price has risen to $56,215 (about 385,200 yuan) , the top version went to $64,534 (about 442,100 yuan).

In addition, Toyota has not provided a wealth of optional packages for this car, of course, these optional packages also need to be paid separately.

However, for overseas prices, let's take a look.

Model Y/ Euler Cat and others received five-star evaluation from E-NCAP

Recently, the European new car safety assessment association Euro NCAP announced the latest crash test results.

In this test, there are five models of ORA Cat, Wei brand Coffee 01 (Mocha DHT-PHEV), Tesla Model Y, Genesis GV60 and Kia Jirui. Except for the Kia Jirui, which received 4 stars, the other four models received 5-star reviews, and the Tesla Model Y even set a new record for the highest score in the safety assistance category.

According to reports, the Tesla Model Y's safety assistance system score is close to 98%, and it scored 97% in adult occupant protection, 87% in child occupant protection, and 82% in protection of vulnerable road users. This resulted in an overall five-star rating.

Euro NCAP officials said that thanks to the excellent camera vision system, the Model Y's lane assist system and camera-based driver monitoring received full marks. (Auto Home)

Unfortunately, there are still unresolved issues with the safe operation of the Model Y's Autopilot system.

GM is about to target China's high-end market

According to Reuters, General Motors is targeting China's wealthy with their high-end models.

At present, this old American car company is facing severe challenges. Their brand effect has lost its magic in China. Consumers have turned to Xiaopeng, NIO and BYD. Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet sales in China have dropped by nearly three points. one.

To change that, GM plans to launch a new direct sales platform in China called Durant Guild, introducing their high-end models such as the all-electric GMC Hummer, Chevrolet Tahoe SUV and Chevrolet Corvette sports car.

The Durant Guild, which will be wholly owned and operated by General Motors, will officially launch as soon as this month, with the first event expected to take place in Shanghai this Friday.

Passenger Car Association: Retail sales of passenger car market reached 1.871 million units in August

▲The ideal L9 to be delivered, the picture comes from: Weibo user @duck feather,

According to the data from the Passenger Car Association, the retail sales of the domestic passenger car market reached 1.871 million units in August, a year-on-year increase of 28.9%, reaching the highest growth rate in the past 10 years. Retail sales in August increased by 2.9% month-on-month, the second-lowest month-on-month growth rate for the same period in the past 10 years.

The cumulative retail sales from January to August was 12.950 million units, a year-on-year increase of 0.1% and a year-on-year increase of 13,000 units. Among them, the year-on-year increase of 1.102 million units from June to August made a huge contribution. (Securities Times Network)

Make a bold prediction: September-October sales will usher in a substantial increase.

Analysts expect Tesla to deliver more than 500,000 vehicles in Q4

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research, recently said that in the fourth quarter of this year, Tesla will deliver more than 500,000 electric vehicles, and quarterly deliveries will hit a new high again.

Specific to the super factories, analysts believe that the Fremont factory will contribute 145,000 electric vehicles, the Berlin factory and the Texas factory will each deliver 60,000 vehicles, and the Shanghai factory will reach 246,000 vehicles, for a total of 511,000 vehicles. (TechWeb)

The fourth quarter is usually the highest quarter for Tesla's quarterly production and deliveries, and the production capacity of all four factories is continuously increasing. It is not surprising that Tesla hit a new high in the fourth quarter.

Hackers hack ride-hailing services, Moscow hits heavy congestion

Hacking group Anonymous announced this week that it had hacked the Yandex Taxi app, Russia's largest taxi service, and used it to cause massive traffic jams in Moscow.

Yandex Taxi said in a statement to Russian state media TASS:

On the morning of September 1, Yandex.Taxi was hacked and dozens of drivers received bulk orders to the Fili area.

Anonymous bypassed Yandex's security mechanisms, created multiple fake orders for taxis and sent all available cars to the same location, causing traffic jams for up to 40 minutes. (E safe)

Egypt's new brand logo and model planning exposure

On September 8, Aion Auto announced that "Aion brand is about to start a comprehensive renovation" and announced their new logo.

In terms of model planning, AION may launch two new car series names: AION Cyber ​​and AION Hyper.

Among them, AION Cyber ​​corresponds to the original AION S&S Plus, AION Y, AION V&V Plus and AION LX &V Plus.

AION Hyper corresponds to the super-running series, and the first model may be named Air One.

Tesla 4680 battery production may be difficult to increase

According to InsideEVs, Tesla is having difficulty ramping up 4680 cell production due to their "dry coating" process.

Twelve industry experts with knowledge of Tesla's 4680 batteries recently shared with Reuters what they know and say about the manufacturing process.

Experts agree that Tesla still has problems expanding its 4680 battery capacity, which has been in low-volume production since it was put into production this year, and only a small number of Tesla's models can be equipped with 4680 batteries. deliver.

On the other hand, because the output is too small, the 4680 battery, which should have greatly reduced battery costs, could not complete this "mission".

Experts pointed out that if Tesla can successfully increase the production capacity of 4680 batteries, the new battery technology, coupled with the "dry coating" process, can cut the cost of Model Y batteries in half, or $5,500 per vehicle.

Italy's Monza circuit turns 100

This Friday, we will have the third consecutive week of F1 racing – the Italian Grand Prix. The Monza circuit, which was built in 1922, will also celebrate its 100th birthday.

Home-fighting Scuderia Ferrari released not only a special-edition kit, but also a special-edition livery to mark the milestone moment.

In terms of time, the Italian station is the same as the Belgian station of the previous two weeks. The first practice session will start at 20:00 on Friday night, the qualifying session will be held at 22:00 on Saturday night, and the main race will be held on Sunday night at 21:00. :00 starts.

It is worth mentioning that this will be the last European race of F1 in the 2022 season.

Apple Watch 8 adds car crash detection

Everyone should watch the Apple Autumn Conference in the early morning of the 8th. If you want to know more about it, you can go to Ai Faner.

Let's talk about the crash detection feature of Apple Watch 8 today.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch 8 can detect whether a serious car collision has occurred through multiple internal gravity sensors, and can even distinguish whether it is a frontal collision, rear-end collision, side collision or rollover. Once a car accident is detected, it can automatically call emergency services .

In fact, when smart cars have not yet developed, many car companies will also equip their products with similar functions, such as GM's OnStar, Shenlong's blue-i, and Toyota's G-BOOK. Not particularly important.

First, when buying a car, consumers cannot perceive the importance of these functions. Second, these functions are free for a limited time, and they need to be renewed later to continue using them.

This feature of Apple Watch 8 reminds me of the tragic accident suffered by Bianchi in F1 Japan in 2014. At that time, the G value reached 254G, which should be the highest G value accident in F1 history.

Chery wants to eject you before the crash

According to the Tianyancha App, on September 6, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. applied for the publication of a patent for “Automobile Separable Ejection Seat and Vehicle”.

The patent abstract shows that the car split ejection seat includes a seat body, a connecting mechanism, an ejection mechanism and a controller.

When the controller receives a collision signal exceeding the set value, it will separate the connecting mechanism, and also control the ejection mechanism to eject the seat upwards into the air.

Chery said that this invention can make the occupants in the vehicle quickly and quickly leave the vehicle in which the collision occurs, and avoid or reduce the casualties of the vehicle when the vehicle is subjected to a huge impact.

So, is it possible to eject the co-pilot with one button?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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