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  • BYD's new Tang DM-p opens for pre-sale
  • Changan Lumin officially launched in 7 colors
  • Tesla registers high-resolution radar equipment
  • U.S. regulators escalate probe into Autopilot
  • Retail sales of passenger car market surged 29.7% in May
  • Tesla has produced more than 40,000 vehicles after resuming work
  • Visteon unveils co-pilot screen that changes effective viewing angle
  • Huawei launches home charging piles for new energy vehicles
  • Dutch car company releases solar car Lightyear 0
  • AutoNavi Maps Launches Traffic Light Countdown Function

BYD's new Tang DM-p opens for pre-sale

On June 9, BYD's new model Tang DM-p opened for pre-sale, with a pre-sale price range of 282,800-332,800 yuan.

The biggest highlight of Don DM-p is naturally his powertrain. He is equipped with Xiaoyun 1.5T engine + EHS160 electric hybrid system, with a maximum power of 452kW. With the blessing of the four-wheel drive system, it only takes 4.3 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers.

Like the Han DM-p released earlier, the Tang Dm-p is not only remarkable in terms of power, but also has excellent energy consumption performance. According to BYD, the fuel consumption of Tang DM-p is only 6.5L/100km, and the NEDC battery life has reached 215km.

At the same time, Tang Dm-p also has high-power fast charging, DiSus-C active suspension, Eaton differential lock and other configurations.

That night, BYD also opened the pre-sale of the new Tang DM-i. Compared with the previous models, the pure electric cruising range of the new car is greatly improved, reaching 252km, and the pre-sale price is 282,800 yuan.

The DM-p model and the DM-i model are also very distinguishable in appearance. The former uses a new generation of front faces, while the latter is the old one.

Changan Lumin officially launched in 7 colors

On June 10, Changan Automobile's Lumin model was officially launched. A total of three models, the sweet, sweet and sweet models, were launched with subsidy prices of RMB 48,900, RMB 53,900 and RMB 63,900.

Based on the EPA0 platform, Changan Lumin is positioned as a premium A00-class car. In terms of body color, the new car provides fog white, moss green, lake blue, magpie gray, dew green, wheat yellow, and cherry powder, which are very rich.

In terms of functional configuration, the new car is also equipped with a hidden door handle, and with a keyless entry function, the door handle will automatically pop up when the driver approaches the door. Unfortunately, Lumin is only equipped with an AC slow charging port.

The interior can be said to be a highlight of Changan Lumin, with an LCD instrument screen and a 10.25-inch central control screen. Among them, there are also many basic functions that can be realized in the central control screen, such as the voice system.

In terms of safety, Lumin also comes standard with airbags for the main and passenger drivers. In addition, the entire Lumin series comes standard with the NBooster intelligent braking system, which integrates Hill Assist (HHC) to reduce the risk of rolling when starting uphill. (new trip)

Compared with the big brother Hongguang MINI EV at this level, the Lumin is indeed a bit more expensive, but it is indeed a lot more refined and more abundant in configuration.

Tesla registers high-resolution radar equipment

According to Drive Tesla Canada, Tesla registered a new high-resolution radar unit with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the 7th of this month.

While the FCC filing doesn't list the radar's purpose, it's most likely part of Hardware 4.0.

Tesla announced in June last year that it would stop using radar and move to a pure vision solution, but Musk also added that if Tesla had a "very high-resolution radar," they would also consider using it.

So, could this be Musk's dream radar?

U.S. regulators escalate probe into Autopilot

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an investigation into Autopilot on 830,000 Tesla vehicles.

The auto safety agency conducted an initial assessment of 765,000 vehicles last August to assess the system's performance after a series of Tesla crashes. NHTSA has now upgraded the investigation to an engineering analysis, a necessary step before it seeks a mandatory recall. (IT House)

In the past three years, U.S. regulators have launched four formal investigations into Tesla.

Retail sales of passenger car market surged 29.7% in May

In May 2022, the retail sales of the passenger car market will reach 1.354 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 16.9% and a month-on-month increase of 29.7%.

Different from last month, this time FAW-Volkswagen successfully defeated BYD and returned to the throne of the championship again, with sales reaching 150,000 units in May.

In May, retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 360,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 91.2% and a month-on-month increase of 26.9%.

In terms of penetration rate, the domestic retail penetration rate of new energy vehicles in May was 26.6%; the penetration rate of new energy vehicles among independent brands was 51.8%; the penetration rate of new energy vehicles among luxury cars was 9.2%; and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles among mainstream joint venture brands The rate is only 4.0%.

According to data released by the China Automobile Association, sales of new energy vehicles in May increased by 105% year-on-year.

Tesla has produced more than 40,000 vehicles after resuming work

Recently, the China Passenger Car Association released data on auto sales in China, showing that Tesla sold 32,165 wholesale vehicles in May, of which 22,340 were exported.

Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory had previously completed the resumption of work in April and adopted a "double-shift system" for closed production. At present, more than 40,000 complete vehicles have been produced, and the capacity utilization rate has returned to 100%.

At the same time, Tesla also launched live car talk, self-service car pickup, remote consultation and other services to ensure and meet the needs of consumers.

While building the car, don't forget to have the car repaired at the Reman factory.

  • FAW's hydrogen engine was successfully ignited, and its thermal efficiency exceeded 55%
  • FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q4 e-tron SOP rolls off the production line
  • Tesla China cancels three online recruitments this month, involving thousands of jobs
  • Gaohe Auto executives complained about Jidu Auto: "Animation" at the press conference, and "Hundreds of Copycats" in design.
  • Musk says he doesn't like being a CEO, he wants to do technology and design
  • Seoul, South Korea to launch self-driving car service
  • Volkswagen to sell electric cars in India next year

Visteon unveils co-pilot screen that changes effective viewing angle

On June 8, Visteon, a supplier of automotive display solutions, announced the launch of Active Privacy, a self-developed cockpit display technology, which can actively change the effective viewing angle of the passenger screen.

Nowadays, there are more and more screens in the car. In order to prevent the driver from being disturbed by the co-pilot screen, Visteon decided to start directly from the screen.

Its Active Privacy display technology can switch seamlessly between two modes, a "private mode" visible only to the passenger and a "shared mode" that can be viewed by all occupants. Visteon said the solution has the advantages of low power consumption and no optical artifacts, making it ideal for electric vehicles.

It's a great feature, and many screens dazzle your eyes at night, especially those with low-quality LCDs.

Huawei launches home charging piles for new energy vehicles

Recently, Huawei launched an AC charging pile "Home Charger" for home users and its installation service package.

The service package includes basic installation services within 40 meters, 4 years of Internet traffic fees and a 4-year warranty on the pile. The charging pile supports two power specifications of single-phase 220V 7kW and three-phase 380V 11kW. At the same time, it can be remotely controlled and reserved for charging.

The installation package is currently available on Huawei's official store, priced at 8,000 yuan. (IT House)

Support 4G Oh, it can be remotely controlled and shared with relatives, friends and family.

Dutch car company releases solar car Lightyear 0

On June 9, Lightyear, a solar electric vehicle company from the Netherlands, released their first mass-produced car, the Lightyear 0. After 6 years of research and development, Lightyear 0 can be delivered this fall.

Lightyear says the four-door sedan can travel 560km on the highway at 110km/h, even when the sun isn't shining. In the WLTP test, the cruising range of Lightyear 0 reached 625km.

In terms of energy supplementation, Lightyear 0 is equipped with 5 square meters of hyperboloid solar panels, which can provide about 70km of battery life per day in full sunlight.

What about long distance runs? Don't be afraid, this thing can also be recharged.

In terms of price, the starting price of the Lightyear 0 is 250,000 euros (about 1.777 million yuan), and only 946 units of the car are planned to be produced.

AutoNavi Maps Launches Traffic Light Countdown Function

According to, some netizens recently discovered a magical function of AutoNavi Maps. When crossing the intersection, the mobile phone will display a countdown to the traffic lights, and it is basically completely synchronized with the traffic lights.

According to the report, this function is still in internal testing, and only the intersections in some cities can be implemented. When the user waits for the traffic light, the red light countdown will be displayed on the navigation synchronously.

When there are only 5 seconds left in the countdown, the voice navigation will prompt: Please note that the red light is about to turn green. If there are too many vehicles in the queue, the navigation will also show that you need to wait several rounds of red lights to pass the intersection.

The logic behind this function is estimated to be the same as that of vehicle-road collaboration, except that the role of the car company has been replaced by a digital map supplier.

If the countdown function can be realized, then Gaode can think about it, what functions can be expanded on this basis, such as green wave speed, what do you think?

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