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  • Ideal upgrade spring warranty program 8 years or 160,000 kilometers​​​
  • Jeep's first pure electric model has no fake spy photos exposed
  • Four years of long-distance running to no avail, Pagani gave up electric car research and development
  • Say goodbye to domestic Jeep! GAC FCA to delist
  • Tesla fined 112,000 euros for assisted driving risks
  • BYD may independently develop self-driving chips
  • Paid subscription for hardware is hotly debated, BMW responds
  • 'Tesla' game console to launch demo next month
  • New Continent Honda Su-MS01 electric car starts pre-sale
  • This system may save your life at a critical moment
  • Tesla app update, mobile phone can share video to car

Ideal upgrade spring warranty program 8 years or 160,000 kilometers​​​

On July 17, according to a report from the Central Radio Network, a test drive of an ideal L9 had a problem with the suspension. The left front wheel of the vehicle was stuck in the body, and the air suspension was suspected to be faulty.

The Central Broadcasting Network quoted the response of the ideal car staff, saying, "The fault is a case of a non-production model's parts and components, the cause has been identified, and this problem will be solved on the final production car."

At noon on the 18th, Li Auto officially responded that in order to dispel users' concerns about air springs, it was decided to upgrade the quality assurance scheme of Li Li9's air springs (including the air spring body, air pump, and air storage tank) to the same as the three-electric system. 8 years or 160,000 kilometers, and the used car transaction does not affect the validity period of the warranty.

The ideal is quite bold in this wave of operation. The single-chamber membrane air spring of the ideal L9 has a shorter lifespan than the bladder type.

Jeep's first pure electric model has no fake spy photos exposed

The foreign media motor1 recently exposed the fake spy photos of Jeep's first pure electric model. Judging from the real photos, the overall design of the new car is consistent with the previously announced renderings. Although it adopts a closed front face design, it still retains the family-style design style of Jeep.

Judging from the pictures, the size of the new car may be similar to that of the Freeman. As for the power, there is no official information yet.

Referring to the DS3 Crossback, which is similar in size to Stellantis, this pure electric model of Jeep is very likely to be equipped with a 120kW motor, with a maximum torque of 260 Nm and a NEDC cruising range of 360km. (new travel)

Nine times out of ten this car is only sold in Europe.

Four years of long-distance running to no avail, Pagani gave up electric car research and development

Recently, the Italian supercar brand Pagani announced that it will abandon the research and development of electric vehicles and continue to produce supercars equipped with Mercedes-AMG V12 engines.

It's worth noting that Pagani has been on the road to electric vehicles for four years, and today, they believe that the battery pack has never been able to meet the lightweight needs of supercars.

Pagani said they found the electric hypercar would require a 600kg battery, which is more than half the total weight of its sports car, the Huayra R (1070kg).

In order to have a deeper understanding of electric vehicles, Pagani founder Horacio Pagani also bought a Tesla. He said that it is currently impossible for electric vehicles to achieve the same handling performance as gasoline vehicles when the battery is so heavy. matter.

So Pagani will continue to use a V12 engine from Mercedes and is also exempt from emissions regulations – the European Union announced earlier this month that it would extend the deadline for supercar makers to switch to zero-emission powertrains from 2029 to 2035. (Fast Technology)

Say goodbye to domestic Jeep! GAC FCA to delist

Stellantis Group announced on the 18th that it plans to cooperate with GAC Group to terminate the joint venture GAC Fick established in March 2010 in an orderly manner. Going forward, Stellantis will focus on distributing imported vehicles under the Jeep brand in China.

GAC FCA has been losing money in recent years and will recognize a non-cash impairment charge of approximately EUR 297 million in its first-half 2022 results.

GAC Group's production and sales express data shows that the cumulative production and sales of GAC Fick from January to June were 822 and 1,861, down 89.35% and 84.18% year-on-year, of which it was almost 0 from March to June, and production was stagnant.

From the peak in 2017 to the trough, it has only been 5 years.

Tesla fined 112,000 euros for assisted driving risks

According to Germany's "Der Spiegel", a German court ordered Tesla to compensate a customer for 112,000 euros because the assisted driving function Autopilot cannot reliably identify obstacles, and unnecessary braking may occur, which may lead to rear-end collisions in urban areas.

In response, Tesla lawyers argued that the feature was not designed for urban transportation, but the court dismissed it as a distraction for drivers.

At the same time, Tesla is also being investigated by road safety agencies in the United States for accidents related to the Autopilot system, involving Tesla vehicles hitting stationary first responders and road maintenance vehicles.

In the area of ​​autonomous driving, Tesla has encountered a lot of trouble recently, and it has even begun to affect their core competitiveness.

BYD may independently develop self-driving chips

36Kr recently quoted sources as saying that BYD is planning to independently develop a dedicated chip for intelligent driving. The project is led by the BYD semiconductor team, which has already sent demand to the design company, and is also recruiting a BSP technical team.

BSP (Board support package) board-level support package, the function is to provide a standard interface to the operating system running on the chip.

The source said, "If the progress is fast, the film can be taped by the end of the year." He said that it is not uncommon to start chip research and development starting from BSP. "The chip is not the first priority. You can develop the BSP on the development board, and then do joint debugging when the chip comes out."

Dong Chehui asked BYD for confirmation on this matter, and the relevant person said that there was no official response.

Paid subscription for hardware is hotly debated, BMW responds

Recently, BMW has launched services such as monthly activation of seat heating in markets such as South Korea and the United Kingdom, which has aroused heated discussions among netizens.

In response to this, BWM explained that any equipment ordered and paid for in full when a new car leaves the factory can be used free of charge throughout the life of the car.

BMW insists that features paid for when ordering a car will not be charged for future use, even if the vehicle changes hands. This is different from Tesla. After the Tesla vehicle changes hands, the hardware features that the owner paid for before also need to be re-ordered.

  • Lantu Dreamer starts delivery
  • The number of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 10 million, accounting for 3.23%
  • Tesla added 32 supercharging stations in June, bringing the total domestic number to more than 1,200
  • CATL may build a factory in Mexico to supply Tesla and Ford
  • GAC Aian launches a new round of OTA and updates AutoNavi Map 5.0
  • Lotus ELETRE officially rolled off the production line, planned to be listed in the third quarter
  • Multiple battery-related fires at Lucid plant
  • SK On's battery joint venture with Ford has officially launched

'Tesla' game console to launch demo next month

Over the weekend, Elon Musk tweeted that he is "integrating the Steam platform (into Tesla cars), demo or announced next month."

Not long ago, Tesla released the new Model S/X, and regarded the gameplay as one of its selling points, and some media compared it with the game console, saying that the computing power of the Model S is close to that of the PlayStation.

Maybe we'll see Musk play Horizon 5 on Steam on the Model S in no time.

New Continent Honda Su-MS01 electric car starts pre-sale

On July 15, the electric vehicle Su-MS01 jointly built by Xindazhou Honda and Muji was officially launched, and the new car is priced at 4,980 yuan.

The overall shape of the new car refers to the design concept of "scooter", and the design of the seat and grip is more ergonomic.

The electric car is equipped with 17-inch six-spoke wheels, front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, and is matched with 70/90-17 tubeless tires.

It's equipped to count on one hand: an LED headlight cluster, an LCD display, and a keyless start system. In terms of power, it uses a 400W motor and is equipped with a 48V 20AH ternary lithium battery, with an official cruising range of 65 kilometers.

As for the top speed, of course, it is 25km/h, which is in compliance with the regulations.

This system may save your life at a critical moment

Aurora Innovation, a self-driving technology company, recently launched their self-driving vehicle Fault Management System, the Aurora Driver, which has the ability to detect faults and restore control.

To demonstrate the system on public roads, engineers introduced a human glitch (what the Aurora Driver would think was a broken sensor). The system reacts to this by activating hazard lights, reducing the speed and pulling over safely.

The company believes that a reliable fault management system is critical to the widespread commercialization of autonomous fleets . (Gasgo Auto)

Tesla app update, mobile phone can share video to car

At noon on the 18th, Tesla released the Tesla App 4.11.0 update, which supports sharing videos to the car for playback.

The first step, after updating the Tesla App to version 4.11.0, click on the avatar – settings – open "read clipboard at startup", open the clipboard read permission;

The second step, open Tencent Video/Youku/iQiyi – select the video and click share – copy the link;

The third step, open the Tesla App, click "Send to Vehicle" on the home page, and you can play the shared video on the vehicle.

In addition, the new version of the app also adds "Purchase Extended Warranty Service" and "Information Reminder for Uncompleted Vehicle Recalls".

With this function, you can use the central control screen if you want to watch dramas while charging.

When I was charging the night before, I revisited Jay Chou's "The Secret That Can't Be Told" . How do you pass the time when you are charging?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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