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  • Sony unveils VISION-S 02 concept SUV
  • Priced at 746,900-996,900, all BMW iX series are listed
  • Chrysler Airflow Concept unveiled
  • Sales are sluggish, and Infiniti can't escape the fate of "being taken over"
  • Mobileye announces partnership with Krypton, Ford
  • Toyota overtakes GM as top-selling U.S. automaker
  • Qualcomm and a number of car companies reach chip supply cooperation
  • The new traffic rules will come into effect on April 1, and no points will be deducted for 20% speeding
  • Hyundai develops futuristic hoverboard to complete the last mile
  • FIA: 2022 F1 cars will be harder to drive
  • Mercedes-Benz CEO retires, but drives a BMW?
  • Today's topic: Are you optimistic about Celis?

Sony unveils VISION-S 02 concept SUV

At this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony announced that it will establish Sony Mobility this spring, focusing on electric vehicles and mobility, and released the VISION-S 02 concept USV.

The appearance of the new car is very similar to the previously released VISION-S. It also adopts a through-type light group and a two-color body. The positioning of the two is similar to the Model 3 and Model Y.

In terms of power, VISION-S 02 also uses the dual motor system of VISION-S 01, with a combined output of 400 kW.

The interior space is also a highlight of the VISION-S 02. Its length is 4895mm, and the wheelbase is 3030mm. It has a four-seat or seven-seat layout, and the rear seats can be completely folded down.

In addition, VISION-S 02 is equipped with more than 40 sensors including cameras and lidars, which will be used for automatic driving and automatic parking functions.

It has been two years since Sony released the VISION-S 01. Sony said that the establishment of the car company is to mass-produce the two concept cars as soon as possible.

Priced at 746,900-996,900, all BMW iX series are listed

BMW iX series models ushered in the launch of the entire series today. In addition to the iX xDrive 50 previously listed at the Guangzhou Auto Show, BMW also announced the prices of the iX M60 and iX xDrive 40.

▲The suggested retail price of the three models

The main difference between the three models is power and range:

  • The iX xDrive 40 has a maximum output of 240 kW, a peak torque of 630 N m, an acceleration time of 6.1 seconds from 100 km/h and a CLTC cruising range of 455 km;
  • The iX xDrive 50 has a maximum output power of 385 kW, a peak torque of 765 N m, an acceleration time of 4.6 seconds from 100 km/h and a CLTC cruising range of 665 km;
  • The iX M60 motor has a maximum output power of 455 kW, a peak torque of 1100 N m, an acceleration time of 3.8 seconds from 100 km/h, and a WLTP cruising range of 566 km.

BMW said that the iX M60 is its first mass-produced model with a torque of over 1,000 N m.

Chrysler Airflow Concept unveiled

Chrysler also brought us a concept car at CES – Airflow.

On this concept car, Chrysler ditched the existing boxy look entirely and replaced it with a sleeker, more streamlined design that contrasted sharply with its predecessors.

The Airflow will be built on the STLA Medium mid-size car platform, and Chrysler expects its cruising range to be between 563-643 km. In terms of power, it will achieve four-wheel drive through two 150 kW electric motors.

The technical composition of the Chrysler Airflow is quite lengthy. The new car uses Stellantis' new STLA Brain electronic/electrical architecture. On top of this, Chrysler has built the STLA SmartCockpit smart cockpit that can serve each occupant individually.

Chrysler said its first electric car will come out in 2025, and by 2028, Chrysler will be fully transformed into an electric car brand.

Sales are sluggish, and Infiniti can't escape the fate of "being taken over"

This morning, Dongfeng Motor announced that Dongfeng Infiniti will be incorporated into the management system of Dongfeng Nissan as an independent business unit, becoming the third brand of Dongfeng Nissan.

As a second-tier luxury brand, Infiniti's voice in the Chinese market is not high. From January to November 2021, Infiniti's sales in China fell to its lowest level since domestic production – 7,691 units.

The reason for the sluggish sales of Infiniti in China is probably due to the rhythm of its products. Since the announcement of domestic production in 2014, Dongfeng Infiniti has only launched 3 domestic models, and their performance is not outstanding among the products of the same class. (Gasgoo)

For the current Infiniti, the inclusion of Dongfeng Nissan may be the best arrangement.

Mobileye announces partnership with Krypton, Ford

At the CES show in 2022, Mobileye announced that it will cooperate with a number of car companies and released a series of new products.

Mobileye will cooperate with Krypton to launch the world's first consumer self-driving car Consumer AV that supports L4 autonomous driving by 2024. This model will use 5 EyeQ5 chips.

In addition, Mobileye announced a deepening of its partnership with Ford to add REM to Ford's BlueCruise system and provide "hands off" ADAS solutions across multiple markets and models.

In addition to announcing the partnership with the two automakers, Mobileye also unveiled the EyeQ Ultra, AV-on-Chip, built for autonomous driving, and two new EyeQ SoCs supporting next-generation ADAS: EyeQ6L and EyeQ6H. (new trip)

Mobileye's current situation is not optimistic, it's time to come up with something to show consumers.

Toyota overtakes GM as top-selling U.S. automaker

Toyota surpassed General Motors for the first time as the top-selling U.S. automaker, according to the Wall Street Journal, a change in large part because a chip shortage has hit the industry to varying degrees.

The Japanese automaker has been trying to expand its U.S. operations for decades, and Toyota said on Tuesday that it will sell 2.3 million U.S. vehicles in total in 2021, up about 10 percent from last year.

On the other hand, GM sold a total of 2.2 million vehicles for the year, down nearly 13%.

GM has been the largest U.S. auto seller since it overtook Ford in 1931.

Qualcomm and a number of car companies reach chip supply cooperation

At the CES Consumer Electronics Show, Qualcomm said it had reached an agreement with Volvo and Polestar to use Qualcomm's "Snapdragon cockpit" chip in the brand's cars this year.

In addition, Honda will also use Qualcomm's "Snapdragon Cockpit" chip in 2023, and Renault has also agreed to use its car technology, but has not disclosed which chips will be used or when vehicles using these chips will hit the road.

Qualcomm also said it has developed a new computer vision chip and system that can use cameras and artificial intelligence in cars to help with safety features like automatic lane control.

Qualcomm, best known for its mobile phone chips, has now developed a range of automotive products.

  • Ningxia plans to switch all municipal vehicles to new energy vehicles within 5 years
  • Tesla Cyberwhistle whistle is on the domestic shelves, sold for 350 yuan, has been sold out
  • The new BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition is expected to be available in mid-January
  • Huawei Smart Selection Celis SF5 is caught in the rumor that production is discontinued, Celis responded: It will restart the reservation around the Spring Festival
  • The 2022 Mazda CX-30 goes on sale overseas with a starting price of about 140,000 yuan
  • Jikr has launched 125 charging stations with a maximum power of 360 kW
  • Ford raises annual production target for electric F-150 to 150,000
  • 2022 Ora Black Cat launched with a battery life of up to 405 km

The new traffic rules will come into effect on April 1, and no points will be deducted for 20% speeding

A few days ago, the Ministry of Public Security stated at a press conference that the revised "Measures for the Management of Points for Road Traffic Safety Illegal Acts" were reviewed and approved and will come into force on April 1, 2022.

The revised new traffic regulations relax the speeding behavior again. Whether it is high-speed, fast or ordinary road sections, vehicles that exceed the speed of 20% will not be punished.

The same as the existing traffic rules, 6 points will still be deducted for 20%-50% speeding on expressways and expressways, and 12 points will be deducted for over 50% speeding; while on ordinary roads, the new traffic rules have lowered the deduction standard, with 20% overspeeding. -50% deduction 3 points, over 50% over speed deduction 6 points.

In addition, driving a motor vehicle that does not conform to the permitted driving type is reduced from 12 points to 9 points; violating prohibition signs and prohibition marking instructions is reduced from 3 points to 1 point; driving a motor vehicle with making or answering hand-held phones and other obstacles to safety Driving behavior, from 2 to 3. (new trip)

Still hope to be able to penalize those vehicles that are speeding in the fast lane.

Hyundai develops futuristic hoverboard to complete the last mile

According to CARBUZZ, Hyundai intends to tuck a balance bike into the back of their vehicles.

A patent document published last week shows two self-balancing scooters hidden in the rear enclosure of a motor vehicle, where they can be docked and charged when not in use.

Hyundai also stated in the patent description that users can respond to different usage scenarios by using different electric balance cars, and can also control the movement of the balance car through a remote control.

Obviously, Hyundai wants to use this method to solve the "last mile" problem.

FIA: 2022 F1 cars will be harder to drive

FIA FIA single-seater technical affairs chief Nicholas Tombas said recently that 2022 F1 cars will become more difficult to drive.

The new rules limit the development of key aerodynamic areas such as the front wings and windbreakers, "where teams used to control airflow," Nicholas said.

He believes that from this year onwards, the driver's driving skills will become more important:

Racing can get unpredictable, but that's a good thing.

Mercedes-Benz CEO retires, but drives a BMW?

In May 2019, Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche officially stepped down. During his tenure, he succeeded in bringing Mercedes-Benz back to the top of the global premium car sales.

As a rival teammate, BMW put out a promotional advertisement on the occasion of his departure as a "salutation" to the outstanding employee who has worked for Daimler for 42 years.

In the commercial, Zetsche, played by the actor, leaves headquarters in a Mercedes S-Class, and when he returns home, he drives a BMW i8 out of the garage.

Today's topic: Are you optimistic about Celis?

According to Tencent Auto, a number of Seris SF5 owners said recently that the Huawei Smart SF5 has been unavailable for pre-order or has been discontinued.

All Celis stores have been changed to the AITO brand, Huawei Smart Select SF5 has also been suspended for reservations, and all the show cars are sold off the assembly line at a discount. How does this make old car owners feel? This is discontinued in disguise.

Jiang Tao, one of the first owners of Huawei Smart SF5, said that in less than two months after picking up the car, "even the brand is gone."

As the incident continues to ferment, Celis officially issued a statement today saying that it will fully build a new factory to expand production capacity, and will continue to provide more new products including SF5 and M5. Currently, SF5 can also be used. Book through the official website.

However, will anyone still order it now?

I don't know what you think of the "discontinued production" of Celis this time. Are you optimistic about the combination of Huawei and Celis?

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