Dongche Daily | Pre-sale of domestic Mercedes-Benz EQE starts, starting from 530,000 yuan / Wenjie M5 EV will be released / China’s special SAIC Audi Q6 is on sale

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  • A small test, the Berlin factory produces the first 4680 battery Model Y
  • Wenjie M5 EV will be released soon, AITO's first pure electric model
  • 530,000 domestic Mercedes-Benz EQE goes on sale, supports rear wheel steering to play NIO ET7?
  • Changan Deep Blue Announces Official Price of SL03
  • SAIC Audi Q6 starts from 500,000 yuan, bigger than Q7
  • Starting from 229,000 yuan after subsidy, the standard high-end assist latte DHT-PHEV is listed
  • Hyundai supplier illegally employs child labor, as young as 12
  • Affected by logistics and supply chain, Honda Japan plant to reduce production in August
  • Without brake pedal and steering wheel, GM and Ford apply for model production license
  • Musk promises to give your Tesla F1 repairs
  • Resigned from the CEO of Volkswagen Group to talk about the difficulties of electric transformation of traditional car companies

A small test, the Berlin factory produces the first 4680 battery Model Y

On July 25, foreign media reported that Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory had produced the first Model Y with a 4680 battery, but sources said it was a test car and might not be delivered to the owner.

Although it is only a test car, it means that the Berlin factory is ready to produce Model Y equipped with 4680 batteries in preparation for mass production in the future.

At present, there are reports about the assembly of 4680 batteries from Tesla's US and German factories, but there is no relevant news for the Shanghai factory, which will undertake the world's largest production this year.

Those domestic friends who want to wait for the 4680 battery Model Y may have to be patient and weigh the possible price increases in the future, as well as the risk of state subsidies declining after the end of the year. Friends who want to wait for the party can comment in the comment area. Raise your hand to Dong Chejun.

Wenjie M5 EV will be released soon, AITO's first pure electric model

On the morning of July 25, AITO Auto announced the upcoming release of the M5 EV, the brand's first pure electric model.

Similar to the Wenjie M5 and M7, the Wenjie M5 EV inherits a family-like face, with a closed front face, a penetrating taillight at the rear, and a new "Warm Nebula" color scheme.

According to information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Wenjie M5 EV has a body size of 4785 x 1930 x 1620mm, a wheelbase of 2880mm, and is equipped with a single motor and lithium iron phosphate battery.

According to Yu Chengdong's previous news, Wenjie M5 EV will be launched in September at the earliest. I believe that there will be more golden sentences to be released by then.

530,000 domestic Mercedes-Benz EQE goes on sale, supports rear wheel steering to play NIO ET7?

Beijing Benz EQE started pre-sale on July 25. The positioning of this model is equivalent to the pure electric version of the E-class. The three models of EQE 350 cover the price range of 530,000 to 590,000, and there will be EQE 500 4MATIC in the future.

In terms of appearance, the domestic version of the EQE is not much different from the overseas version. The front face is the closed grille design of the Mercedes-Benz pure electric model family, and the tail has a ducktail shape and through-type taillights. The body length is 4969mm and the wheelbase is 3120mm.

EQE adopts a combination of 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel + 17.7-inch central control screen + 12.3-inch co-pilot screen, and the car uses NVIDIA Xavier chip, continuing the stunning design at the beginning of the EQS release.

All domestic EQE 350 models use a 215kW motor with a maximum torque of 530 N m. Under the CLTC condition, the 96.1kWh battery can provide two versions of 717 kilometers and 752 kilometers of battery life, which is different from the configuration of tires. related.

Surprisingly, this time EQE supports a 10° steering angle, is it more kind than the low-end version of EQS? However, there is no public word yet on whether the feature requires a subscription. In contrast, the default maximum corner angle of the EQS low-end version is 4.5°, which requires a paid upgrade to achieve 10°, and the price is 4998 yuan/year. According to Mercedes-Benz's tradition of not pitting the poor, EQE may require a subscription to achieve full rear-wheel steering, anyway, you know.

If you ask Dong Chejun, which one should you choose between Mercedes-Benz EQE and Weilai ET7? Dong Chejun himself will choose Weilai ET7, the industry's top ADAS advanced assisted driving hardware is the most exciting, and can't stand Mercedes-Benz's voice assistant, but it is recommended that conservative consumers consider EQE, which is a high probability that it will not make mistakes choice .

Changan Deep Blue Announces Official Price of SL03

Changan Deep Blue SL03, everyone is familiar with this car, right?

After many rounds of warm-up, Changan Deep Blue has just finally announced the official guide price of SL03:

  • 515 pure electric version: 183,900 yuan
  • 705 pure electric version: 215,900 yuan
  • 1200 range-extended version: 168,900 yuan
  • 730 Hydrogen version: 699,900 yuan

You read that right, this product also has a hydrogen-electric version. The official said that the comprehensive cruising range of this version of the model can reach 730 kilometers, and the power consumption of hydrogen is 0.65kg/100km.

Not to mention that this thing needs to be hydrogenated, just the price of 700,000 can only say no when you see it.

Still look more reliable.

The SL03 extended-range version of the CLTC has a range of 1,200 kilometers, the fuel consumption is as low as 4.5L/100km, and the pure electric cruising range is 200km. ·m.

If you think 160kW is not enough, there is a 190kW motor waiting for you. The 515 pure electric version is equipped with this high-power motor, and the acceleration time to 100 kilometers is 5.9 seconds.

In order to speed up this second (6.9 seconds for the long-range model), Changan Deep Blue not only uses a high-power motor, but also reduces the battery capacity from 79.97kWh to 58.1kWh.

Whether you want power or battery life, friends, let's take control.

But don't forget, the long battery life version is more than 30,000 more expensive.

SAIC Audi Q6 starts from 500,000 yuan, bigger than Q7

On the evening of July 24, SAIC Audi Q6 officially opened for reservation, with three rows of six/seven seats, and four models covering the range of RMB 500,000 to RMB 650,000.

In terms of appearance, the Q6 has two front face designs (executive/sport style), the body size is 5099 x 2014 x 1784mm, and the wheelbase is 2980mm. Yes, except for the wheelbase, its size is larger than that of the Q7, which is comparable to the lengthened domestic BMW X5.

The new car adopts the Audi virtual cockpit technology with triple screen, and is equipped with multiple 360-degree cameras, multiple ultrasonic radars and millimeter-wave radars, and supports L2+ assisted driving functions. The hardware of the smart cockpit is comparable to that of the new power manufacturers, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in the software experience of the vehicle and the assisted driving system.

The Q6 has three power specifications. For the first time among Audi domestic models, it is equipped with a high and low power version of the EA888 Evo4 2.0T engine, and there is also a version with a 2.5T V6 engine.

The sales volume of the A7L launched by SAIC Audi was dismal. The original plan was to sell 3,000-5,000 units per month, but the actual performance was only 500 units. Are you optimistic about the Q6 special edition for China this time?

Starting from 229,000 yuan after subsidy, the standard high-end assist latte DHT-PHEV is listed

On July 25, the Wei brand latte DHT-PHEV was officially launched. It adopts intelligent DHT series-parallel technology and comes standard with high-end intelligent driving assistance. It provides 3 configurations in total, and the price range after comprehensive subsidies is 229,000-263,000 yuan.

In terms of appearance design, the new car maintains the same style as the latte DHT, and is designed towards a younger age. Body dimensions are 4668 x 1890 x 1730mm, wheelbase 2745mm

The Latte DHT-PHEV uses a 1.5 engine and two front and rear motors (four-wheel drive version) to form a plug-in hybrid system, with a maximum power of 321kW, a comprehensive torque of 762N m, and an acceleration performance of 5.2s per 100 kilometers. The product has a 34kWh battery pack, and the two-wheel drive version has a pure electric range of 184km and a comprehensive range of more than 1,000km. In terms of fuel consumption, the two-wheel drive version is 5.4L/100km, and the four-wheel drive version is 6.2L/100km.

Internally, the smart cockpit is equipped with an 8155 chip, with a 14.6-inch central control LCD screen, a 9.2-inch LCD instrumentation, a 9-inch touch screen, and a HUD head-up display.

The body is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars, 1 intelligent front-view camera, 12 ultrasonic radars and 4 high-definition surround-view cameras to realize HWA high-level assisted driving functions. It is equivalent to the L2+ level claimed by other car companies, but there is still a certain gap compared to the new power brands.

Hyundai supplier illegally employs child labor, as young as 12

According to Reuters, an Alabama plant opened by a supplier with a majority stake in Hyundai Motor has been accused by local police of illegally employing child labor.

According to police investigations, employees at the factory of Smart Alabama LLC, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co., which manufactures welded sub-assemblies and stamped metal parts for Hyundai Motor's assembly lines in Montgomery County, are as young as 12 years old. The model is Elantra , Tucson and Santa Fe. However, the Hyundai subsidiary denies the allegations, saying it complies with local regulations.

On the other hand, the sales of Korean cars in China have experienced a cliff-like decline in recent years, but in the American market it is a different story. Hyundai's best-selling model in June was the Tucson with sales of 15,648 units, while the Hyundai-Kia Group's Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 are second only to Tesla in joint sales in the electric vehicle field since 2022, and even Musk is Likes on twitter.

When Dong Chejun was a child, Hyundai Tucson was the best compact SUV on the market, and now, among similar products, domestic brands such as BYD, Harvard, and Changan can already provide models with good product quality. In this era, do you still want to buy a Korean car?

Affected by logistics and supply chain, Honda Japan plant to reduce production in August

Recently, Honda said that the company will reduce the production plan of the Suzuka plant in Japan in August by 30%.

The Suzuka Plant is located in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture. The main models of the No. 1 production line are Shuttle, N-BOX, Fit, Vezel, etc., and the main models of the No. 2 production line are N-ONE, N-VAN, N-WGN, N- BOX, etc., the two production lines have a combined annual production capacity of 530,000 units.

Fit, that is, the domestic Fit is the Honda model that Dong Chejun appreciates. Last week, he also drove a friend's first-generation domestic Fit (code-named GD3). Although the car is more than 10 years old, it is in good condition under his maintenance, but there is a lot of abnormal noise.

Come and tell Dong Chejun which generation of Fit you like? I guess it is the third-generation magic car GK5, and the fourth-generation GR9 is too cute.

Without brake pedal and steering wheel, GM and Ford apply for model production license

Ford and GM are in the process of applying to U.S. auto safety regulators for low-volume production licenses for self-driving cars without brake pedals and steering wheels.

This application aims to realize the task of 2,500 vehicles to undertake logistics transportation and taxi travel based on legal regulations. Currently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is soliciting public opinions and collecting voices for and against.

Interestingly, there is a big difference between Ford's and GM's offerings. Ford's solution is an autonomous hybrid vehicle. The system outputs commands to complete the process of steering, acceleration and braking, and undertakes business such as logistics transportation and taxi travel.

The general solution is a self-driving vehicle without rearview mirrors, steering wheels, turn signals or wipers. It is expected that the fully automated Cruise Origin will land in a few years, and will continue to cooperate with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the future. (new travel)

Regarding self-driving cars, Dong Chejun has seen a lot in Guangzhou. For example, we often see WeRide Zhixing minibuses in Haizhu District. They look cute. Have you ever encountered them? Anyone who is interested can experience it.

Musk promises to give your Tesla F1 repairs

Musk said on Twitter that in the future, when Tesla repairs vehicles, it will use the technology of "Formula 1 Repair Station" to improve the efficiency of the entire repair process.

In the fierce competition, although everyone raced against the clock to compete at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, there was still a need to maintain and replace the tires in the middle. After the F1 car enters the pit, the car is lifted by a jack, and technicians can perform tire changes and other maintenance actions at the same time. Synchronous cooperation speeds up the entire process. The current world record is 1.92 seconds.

Here is a real case. After Dong Chejun’s friend repaired the Model 3 after Tesla after-sales, before leaving the store, he found that the e-word at the end had been dropped and changed to “Mod l 3”. On the road, the screen showed that the tire pressure sensor failed. The biggest problem of the vehicle is solved, but it brings other small problems, which makes people laugh and cry.

Regarding after-sales service, car owners expect not only high efficiency, but also high quality . Have you encountered any embarrassment in the after-sales process of your car? Welcome to share with Dong Chejun in the comment area.

Resigned from the CEO of Volkswagen Group to talk about the difficulties of electric transformation of traditional car companies

The news of the resignation of Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess has become the hottest news in the auto circle over the weekend. If you pay attention to the reports of foreign and domestic media, you will find some interesting things.

Foreign media reports that Diess mostly described the mistakes he made at Volkswagen, including his conflicts with labor unions, software development lag, layoffs, etc., while domestic media, most of which focused on describing Diess’s internal difficulties in the company, as well as external Due to environmental resistance, domestic media generally believe that even if the CEO is changed, the current problems faced by the public will not be easy to solve.

On the other hand, Diess has expressed his respect for Musk many times. The two buddies have a good relationship. Regarding Diess’ departure, Musk commented: Software is the key to the future.

Based on the background of Diess' resignation, let's talk about the difficulties that traditional car companies face in the process of electrification transformation? The following Dong Chejun will give you an analysis.

"Internal reasons" As the industrial pearls of every country, car companies, especially companies like Volkswagen, Toyota, and GM, with hundreds of thousands of employees, every adjustment affects the whole body. In the process of electrification transformation, it will inevitably lead to the decline of the status of some departments or even layoffs, which will touch the interests of certain interest groups, and the small partners of the trade union will be unhappy.

The new power car companies are on the contrary. From the beginning of their establishment, everyone has the same goal to make electric vehicles. Although they do not have a rich family background, they grit their teeth and run in the right direction.

On the other hand, as Musk said that software is the key to the future, it has almost become the consensus of new power manufacturers, while traditional car companies have been driven by mechanical technology for decades or even hundreds of years, and intelligent iteration is not like new power. This is a small change every year, just as some traditional car companies have not yet done a good job in the clarity of the reversing image in 2022.

"External reasons" suppliers are crucial for car companies, but in the era of smart cars, over-reliance is prone to bottlenecks. Suppliers experience long-term update iterations in the traditional auto industry, and may not respond quickly to the needs of traditional auto companies.

The new power manufacturers experienced the pain of being restricted by suppliers in the early days. After entering the road of self-research, the gap with traditional car companies has widened. Just as Tesla went from Mobileye to HW 3.0 platform, ideal from Mobileye black box solution, Horizon Journey 3 to NVIDIA Orin-X platform, and Xiaopeng insisted on full-stack self-developed assisted driving solution, NIO NT2.0 platform has The strongest assisted driving hardware on the ground will open up higher-level NOP functions. These cases show that car companies must control their own destiny.

You are welcome to discuss in the comment area. Are you optimistic about the electrification transformation of traditional car companies? Which traditional car company may become the next Nokia?

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