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  • Rolls-Royce Spectre official test images announced
  • Ford unveils police version of the F-150 Lightning
  • BYD Seals officially launched, starting at 209,800 yuan
  • Porsche announces new 911 GT3 RS coming soon
  • Rivian has already cost Amazon $11.5 billion
  • Musk revealed that Tesla may cut prices, but Hong Kong has just risen
  • Ideal ONE has rare failure, parts fall off while driving
  • Lexus LM won't unlock after high-speed accident for unknown reasons
  • Report says more than 14 million people spend more than 60 minutes commuting every day
  • The next step for the MINI: small is smaller, big is bigger

Rolls-Royce Spectre official test images announced

The Spectre, Rolls-Royce's first pure electric mass-produced model, has recently started daily tests in France, including the adjustment of the electronic anti-roll suspension. At present, the Spectre's wind resistance coefficient has been reduced to 0.25.

Spectre's testing in France was mainly to test the technical details of some new features, including a new smart suspension system.

According to the official statement, this system can sense whether there are bumps on the road ahead in advance, make real-time adjustments to the suspension system, and combined with GPS data, Spectre’s anti-roll bars can be decoupled to improve comfort on straight roads.

Officials said that Spectre will conduct a super-long mileage test of up to 1.5 million miles (about 2.414 million kilometers) before the final launch to continuously optimize the vehicle's power, design and other aspects.

Currently, Spectre's overall research and development work is 40% complete and will be delivered by the end of 2023.

It is said that overseas media have already opened it, so envious.

Ford unveils police version of the F-150 Lightning

Ford Motor unveiled a police version of the F-150 Lightning on the 28th, the first pure electric pickup truck in the United States built for law enforcement.

This pure electric pickup is called F-150 Lightning Pro SSV (Special Service Vehicle). In addition to the bumpers, police lights, and police paint that can be seen, Ford also replaced it with a built-in steel anti-intrusion panel. Cloth seats, the seat linings have also been adjusted to make it easier for heavily armed police officers to get in and out of the vehicle.

The battery pack capacity of the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV has reached 98kWh, the cruising range is 370km, and the zero-hundred-hundredness performance is about 5 seconds. The battery pack of 131kWh can be upgraded in the future, and various performances can be improved.

The new cars will use Ford Pro software, which can synchronize information with existing management systems, and Ford plans to provide municipal loans to assist police departments in purchasing, installing and operating charging stations.

For patrol fleets, pure electric vehicles can save them a lot of fuel costs.

BYD Seals officially launched, starting at 209,800 yuan

On the afternoon of the 29th, the BYD seal was officially launched. Everyone is familiar with its appearance. I will show you a few pictures.

There are two small highlights on the interior that are worth mentioning.

One is its seats, with light blue double stitching and diamond perforation, which look refined, and the rear seats have a nice length and angle of cushion.

Second, the design of the door panel is also very elegant, the lines transition naturally, the connection with the instrument panel is smooth, and the shape of the door wrench is also very unique.

The biggest highlight of the seal model is naturally its CTB battery-body integration technology, which maximizes the volume utilization of the power battery. In addition, the iTAC intelligent torque distribution technology, with the front double wishbone and the rear five-link independent suspension, makes me very curious, what will the seal look like when it drives?

In terms of price, just list:

  • 209,800 yuan and 222,800 yuan for two standard models: 150kW motor, 61.4kWh battery, 550km battery life, 007.5 seconds
  • 259,800 yuan long-range model: motor 230kW, battery 82.5kWh, cruising range 700km, zero-hundred 5.9 seconds
  • 286,800 yuan four-wheel drive model: total power 390kW, battery 82.5kWh, cruising range 650km, zero-hundred 3.8 seconds

It seems that the long battery life version is not bad.

By the way, at the end of the press conference, BYD also mentioned that users who have installed the seal sports kit can upgrade the Super ITAC for free through OTA, adding a race mode and a drift mode.

How does it feel? Seal or Model 3?

Porsche announces new 911 GT3 RS coming soon

According to HypeBeast, Porsche GT car head Andreas Preuninger revealed that the new 911 GT3 RS, which insists on a naturally aspirated engine, will focus on aerodynamic performance and chassis, including rear wing size, side fins, and hood intake. It is optimized for track performance, so that the performance of the 4.0-liter horizontally opposed six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with more than 500 horsepower is more fully released.

Rivian has already cost Amazon $11.5 billion

Amazon is the largest shareholder of Rivian, an American electric car company. Rivian went public last November, reaching a high point, with Amazon's stake valued at $27 billion.

In the first half of this year, however, nearly three-quarters of Rivian's valuation evaporated.

In the first quarter of this year, Amazon recorded a loss of $7.6 billion due to its investment in Rivan, and another loss of $3.9 billion in the second quarter, bringing the cumulative loss to $11.5 billion.

Not only Amazon, but Ford Motor's recent earnings report showed that they also lost $2.4 billion because of their investment in Rivian.

Musk revealed that Tesla may cut prices, but Hong Kong has just risen

On July 29, Musk said on Twitter that inflation is currently on a downward trend, and revealed that Tesla has the possibility of lowering prices.

But at the same time, Tesla in Hong Kong has experienced a round of price hikes. The price of the standard Model 3 has risen from HK$332,800 to HK$341,200, while the price of the standard Model Y has risen from HK$358,200 to HK$367,100.

However, will the mainland region rise along with the Hong Kong region, or is it possible to cut prices as Musk said? Dong Chejun still misses the 230,000 Model 3 last year.

Ideal ONE has rare failure, parts fall off while driving

In the past two days, a video uploaded by the owner of the Ideal ONE has been circulating on Weibo. The video vehicle suddenly made an abnormal noise during driving, and then lay down, and with the falling parts, the oil also leaked to the ground.

The incident happened at 12 o'clock in the evening, and then the vehicle was towed away by ideal roadside assistance. The ideal official has not yet responded to this incident.

Lexus LM won't unlock after high-speed accident for unknown reasons

On July 28, an online video showed that after a Lexus LM high-speed accident, the door was locked, making rescue difficult, and then the vehicle caught fire and spontaneously ignited. The police said that the incident had caused casualties, and the cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

The Lexus LM vehicle manual states that when the LM is hit hard, all doors will unlock, but depending on the force of the impact or the type of accident, the system may not work.

The accident model is Lexus LM 300h, the official starting price is 1.166 million, but at least a few hundred thousand must be added at present.

At 18:00 on the 29th, Lexus China issued a statement saying that it is closely monitoring the progress of the investigation. ​The emergency response team has arrived at the scene this afternoon and will do its best to cooperate with the investigation of relevant departments.

Report says more than 14 million people spend more than 60 minutes commuting every day

On July 29, the China Urban Planning and Design Institute and other departments jointly released the "2022 Commuting Monitoring Report of China's Major Cities" in conjunction with Baidu Maps.

This report regards commuting within 5 kilometers as the maximum threshold of "happy commuting", and more than 60 minutes is designated as "extreme commuting", which reflects the separation of urban work and residential space.

The report shows that among the 14 million extreme commuters in 44 major cities, there are nearly 6 million young people. Among them, 26% of young people in Beijing have a one-way commute of more than 60 minutes, 13% in Shanghai, 10% in Guangzhou, and 10% in Chengdu. In the better Shenzhen and Hangzhou, nearly 10% of the youth suffer from extreme commuting.

In the monitored cities, only 51% of the commuter population can enjoy "happy commuting", and 41 cities have experienced a decline in commuting happiness;
Data show that in 2021, Beijing will have an average commuting distance of 11.3 kilometers, making it the city with the longest commuting distance in the country.

It takes me about 45 minutes to go to work, how about you?

The next step for the MINI: small is smaller, big is bigger

This week, with the unveiling of the MINI Aceman concept car, MINI's future design trends and product plans are slowly emerging.

MINI officially said that after the Aceman is mass-produced, it will fill the gap between the three-door hatchback model Cooper and the SUV model Countryman——

Adrian Van Hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW Group Design, and Oliver Heilmer, head of MINI design, confirmed to the media on Thursday that the next-generation Countryman will be upsized, while the Cooper will be smaller.

Van Hooydonk said that while modern vehicles are getting bigger and bigger, MINI will always strive to provide consumers with cars that are as small as possible, "this is our main goal".

The presence of the Aceman gives other MINI models more room to play, including the Clubman.

But Van Hooydonk admits that the Aceman, which is shorter in length and taller than the Clubman, has more potential, and whether the Clubman can hold up is not certain.

Which MINI model do you prefer?

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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