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  • Buick releases Wildcat pure electric concept car
  • Wuling Hongguang Air ev official map released
  • Lotus ELETRE opens for pre-order in mainland China
  • A new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLC released, replaced with "eye-opening" design
  • Volkswagen CEO: Competition with Tesla will be fierce
  • Qin Lihong will be in charge of NIO's European business development
  • Lamborghini wants to use e-fuel after 2030
  • Apple will use digital keys on Hyundai and BYD cars
  • Mercedes-AMG ONE released, using F1 power unit
  • Nissan Introduces Model Snacks: 23 Classic Products in One Can

Buick releases Wildcat pure electric concept car

Last night, Buick released the Wildcat, a pure electric concept car, which clarified the direction of Buick's future efforts.

Like its name, the appearance of the new car looks very "wild". Although it is a pure electric car, its lower surround is quite exaggerated, and the diversion openings on both sides are extremely fierce.

From the side view of 45°, it can be found that this Wildcat implements American luxury very thoroughly. There are chrome parts everywhere on the body, especially this set of multi-spoke wheels, which are officially said to be inspired by the fan blades of a jet engine.

When the door is opened, the roof on one side will be slightly tilted upwards, which is convenient for passengers to get on and off.

Entering the car, you can see that the Wildcat's interior is also full of futuristic.

This taillight really has a Volvo feel to it.

Wuling Hongguang Air ev official map released

Wuling officially released news. Wuling New Energy's first global model Air ev was officially unveiled in Jakarta, Indonesia, and will be launched globally in the second half of this year.

The front face of the new car has a black trim strip running across the left and right, extending backward to the rearview mirror. The charging interface is hidden under the Wuling logo in the middle.

In terms of the rear of the car, the visual effect of the rear of the new car echoes the front face. A black through-light group runs across the entire rear, and the wordmarks of WULING are lined up in turn. In addition, the overall rear visual effect is relatively simple.

The new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 30kW, and the maximum speed can reach 100km/h. The battery life information has not been announced yet. (new trip)

This front face… I choose MINIEV.

Lotus ELETRE opens for pre-order in mainland China

On June 1, Lotus Eletre debuted in China for the first time, and the new car has already opened for reservations, with a deposit of 5,000 yuan.

Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group, said: "Eletre, as the first pure electric smart Hyper SUV under the "Vision80" strategy, is the most important step in the transformation of the Lotus brand."

Indeed, the Eletre marks a new track for the Lotus brand.

Eletre follows the porous design language of the Lotus pure electric supercar EVIJA, which enhances the aerodynamic effect while reducing the visual experience.

The front cabin cover is very sharp, and the design of the downwind duct and the canopy air duct can effectively form a wind breaking surface.

There is also an active rear wing above the rear, which can provide up to 116kg of downforce for the vehicle.

In terms of power, ELETRE's high-performance front and rear motors have a total front and rear power of 675kW, and the wheel-end torque has reached an astonishing 11334N m, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration only takes 2.95 seconds.

It's just that the price has not been announced this time…

A new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLC released, replaced with "eye-opening" design

On June 1st, Mercedes-Benz released a new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLC that "opened the corners of the eyes". The new car has two power systems, 2.0T mild hybrid and 2.0T plug-in hybrid.

The two versions are easy to identify, the light hybrid version uses a vertical grille, and the plug-in hybrid version uses a star grille.

Among them, the plug-in hybrid model adopts the fourth-generation plug-in hybrid technology of Mercedes-Benz. The motor has a maximum power of 134 horsepower and a maximum torque of 440N m. The 31.2kWh battery can provide a cruising range of 100km (WLTP) and supports 60kW DC. Fast charge.

Interestingly, the plug-in hybrid model also comes standard with rear axle air suspension and horizontal control system, as well as a pure electric off-road mode. In off-road mode, the transparent hood feature helps the driver identify road conditions, and the HUD can also display more relevant information.

Not much to mention the exterior and interior, they are all replaced with the latest set of Mercedes-Benz, one word: beauty. It's this headlight…

Volkswagen CEO: Competition with Tesla will be fierce

On June 1, Volkswagen CEO Diess said that Tesla is producing twice as fast as the entire industry in many processes, and its new factory near Berlin poses a challenge to electric vehicle production in Germany.

Diess believes that Tesla's advantage is that it makes fewer models and is easier to scale, adding that "Volkswagen is also accelerating, but we have a lot of things to do, and the competition will definitely be fierce in the next few years."

The next step for Volkswagen will be the ID.1.

Qin Lihong will be in charge of NIO's European business development

On June 1, NIO issued an organizational announcement to sort out the organizational structure of European business development. Chen Chen, head of European business development, and general managers of companies in various European countries began to report to Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO.

According to NIO’s organization announcement, the original first-level department’s global business development has been renamed European business development, and the person in charge is still Chen Chen, who reports to Qin Lihong; European business development has newly established second-level departments such as the European User Operation Department and European User Development Department. Chen Chen reports; the general managers of companies in various European countries report to Qin Lihong in a straight line, and report to Chen Chen in a dotted line.

According to information previously released by NIO, following Norway, NIO will launch operations in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark this year.

Tesla may introduce Apple AirPlay protocol

Recently, some reviewers said that the Tesla's sound system works well, but the audio quality of the Bluetooth transmission is poor when playing music through the phone. He suggested that Tesla introduce the WiFi-based Apple AirPlay protocol for lossless streaming audio playback.

Musk responded by saying that Tesla will consider introducing the Apple AirPlay protocol to improve the current sound effects of Tesla cars. Musk has previously said that Tesla's sound engineers are from B&O and many other companies, and that the sound system is highly programmable, so it will be continuously upgraded via OTA.

Is it possible to take CarPlay into account?

  • Jiading District, Shanghai issued a subsidy policy for car purchases, with a subsidy of 10,000-20,000 yuan
  • WM Motor submits application for IPO in Hong Kong stock market
  • NIO plans to build a production plant for charging and swapping facilities in Hungary
  • Tesla to roll out feature that automatically closes windows when it rains
  • Geely constellation 01 satellites have been successfully launched today
  • Musk requires employees to work at least 40 hours a week or leave
  • FF Announces Selection of Cerence to Provide Natural Voice Human-Computer Interaction for FF 91
  • Industrial Securities: Auto business is expected to reverse in the second half of the year
  • Online car-hailing drivers experience Shanghai's resumption of work: traffic jams, but happy
  • Xiaopeng's second-generation home charging pile is online

Lamborghini wants to use e-fuel after 2030

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann revealed yesterday in an interview with Italian media Corriere della Sera that Lamborghini hopes to have two hybrid supercars powered by e-fuel after 2030.

He believes that such synthetic fuels will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of automakers. At present, researchers are developing e-fuels in parallel with biofuels, trying to improve today's internal combustion engines, rather than fully switching to electric vehicles. (Reuters)

The internal combustion engine in the electric era can better support the high premium of supercar brands.

Apple will use digital keys on Hyundai and BYD cars

Apple is currently planning to add Hyundai and BYD digital car keys to its wallet app. The feature allows users to lock, unlock and start their vehicle using a digital key stored in their iPhone or Apple Watch wallet.

Additionally, Ultra Wideband technology support in iOS 15 can even automatically lock and unlock supported cars when the user approaches, without waking the device.

Apple first introduced the digital car key feature at Apple's developer conference in 2020, and BMW became the first automaker to add a digital car key to the wallet. (World Wide Web)

BYD's current models that support UWB are only Hanqianshan Cui Limited Edition and Denza D9.

Mercedes-AMG ONE released, using F1 power unit

Can't afford to go to the F1 track?

Buy an AMG ONE! With it, street racing is everywhere. (manual dog head)

Five years after its debut at the Munich Auto Show, Mercedes-AMG has finally officially released the AMG ONE powered by an F1 power unit.

The AMG ONE features a carbon fiber monocoque body with active aerodynamics on the outside, including active flaps on the front wheel arches and a DRS two-piece adjustable rear wing.

Not only that, you can see that AMG ONE also has huge shark fins and diffusers. Mercedes said that when the speed reaches 50km/h, its aerodynamic kit can generate downforce, and it has active aerodynamic modes in “Highway”, “Track” and “Racing DRS” 3.

Another focus is its engine. It is powered by a power unit from AMG HPP, which consists of a 1.6L V6 turbocharged engine and four electric motors, two of which are responsible for driving the front wheels, and the other two are integrated in the turbocharger and the engine. , which are MGU-H and MGU-K in F1 racing cars.

AMG ONE has six driving modes: Track, Track Enhancement, Track Enhancement Advanced Mode, Track Safety, Pure Electric, and Personalized. In the track-enhanced advanced mode, the AMG ONE's 0-200km/h acceleration time is only 7 seconds.

Hopefully this AMG ONE will become the new safety car in F1.

Nissan Introduces Model Snacks: 23 Classic Cars in One Can

In the Japanese snack industry, there is a well-known national snack "Kaki-no-tane" (Kaki-no-tane), which is made by mixing rice crackers and peanuts. .

Nissan came up with a good idea, and it teamed up with snack company Tatsuya Bussan to launch a car-shaped "persimmon seed".

A simple can of snacks contains as many as 23 classic Nissan models, such as the 2007 GT-R, the 1973 Skyline 2000GT, and the latest Nissan pure electric model Ariya in 2022.

In addition to the 23 classic cars, the jar also added an "Oyama Mountain," an iconic attraction in Japan's Isehara area, Kanagawa Prefecture, where some of the Nissan Group's offices and Tatsuya Bussan Co., Ltd. headquarters are located. (Fast Technology)

I have seen persimmon seeds in a certain Yinliangpin, but I have never eaten them. Friends who have eaten it, please tell me what it tastes like.

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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