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  • C-NCAP Announces Lantu FREE Crash Rating Results
  • Baoneng new car will be released on January 22
  • Dongfeng Honda's new car planning outflow: a total of 8 new cars during the year
  • German car sales in 2021: Mercedes plummets 25.7%
  • Renault or suspected trademark infringement, Gaohe issued a trademark protection statement
  • 2021 new energy preservation rate list: Hongguang MINI EV wins the championship
  • Toyota to stop production on 11 production lines
  • GM releases hydrogen energy mobile charging station
  • Ferrari to reveal official livery in second pre-season test
  • Autopilot? last century
  • Today's topic: Do you know NFT?

C-NCAP Announces Lantu FREE Crash Rating Results

C-NCAP recently announced the crash rating of Lantu FREE, with a comprehensive score of 92.3% and a five-star safety certification from C-NCAP. At the same time, its comprehensive score rate ranks first among the new energy vehicles evaluated by C-NCAP.

Specifically, in terms of occupant protection that car owners are most concerned about, Lantu FREE scored 93.49%. Among them, the full frontal collision is 18.675 points; the side collision is 20 points; the frontal 40% offset collision is 17.854 points; the whiplash test is 4.541 points.

Therefore, in the comprehensive score section, Lantu FREE achieved a high score of 92.3%, surpassing BYD Han's 91.5% and JAC Sihao QX's 91.9%.

Interestingly, Lantu also invited 15 car owners to watch the crash evaluation on the spot.

Baoneng new car will be released on January 22

Baoneng Automobile released a teaser image of the new car today and said the car will be unveiled on January 22.

It can be seen from the preview image that the new car is a cross-border SUV model with slim taillights and a dynamic back shape.

Previously, Baoneng has released a new car brand – BAO. According to previous news, the car will be positioned higher than Qoros and be a pure electric model.

Has Baoneng paid off the 200 billion last year? (manual dog head)

Dongfeng Honda's new car planning outflow: a total of 8 new cars during the year

Yesterday evening, Kuai Technology exposed a photo of a suspected Dongfeng Honda 2022 new car plan.

From the content point of view, the information comes from the internal training materials of Dongfeng Honda dealers. The character in the picture is Tatsuya Natsuya, general manager of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. The new car plan exposed this time has high credibility.

▲e:NS 1

According to the exposed information, Dongfeng Honda plans to launch 8 models in 2022: the new enjoyment, the hybrid version of the Civic, the new hatchback Civic, the new Civic Type-R, the new generation XR-V, the new generation CR-V, the first pure electric Model e:NS 1 and a new SUV.

▲Civic Hatchback

Seeing the butt of the new hatchback Civic makes me want to switch cars.

German car sales in 2021: Mercedes plummets 25.7%

According to Real Mi Central, the recently released 2021 German car sales data show that the total sales of all German brands declined to varying degrees last year, with Mercedes-Benz falling by 25.7%.

In stark contrast, Tesla's sales in Germany have grown rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 137%.

Although Tesla's Berlin plant has not yet been put into production, the Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling electric car in the German market, followed by Volkswagen e-Up, Volkswagen ID.3, Renault Zoe and other models.

It is believed that after the Berlin plant is put into production, it will be more difficult for the traditional fuel brand that has been slowly transformed.

Renault or suspected trademark infringement, Gaohe issued a trademark protection statement

A few days ago, Gaohe Automobile issued an official statement in response to inquiries from users and the media about Renault’s use of the new trademark.

▲HiPhi icon

Chinese Express, the parent company of Gaohe Auto, has registered a trademark for protecting graphic graphics in major global markets (including the European Union) since August 2018.

▲ Renault icon

Renault has applied for two graphic trademarks in the European Union and China, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Russia and other countries from January 2021, and has used the icon on its official website, auto shows and other occasions.

Gaohe Automobile believes that the Renault logo is similar to the HiPhi logo, which brings certain uncertainty to Gaohe Automobile's brand development and ongoing European business expansion plans.

After sending a lawyer's letter to no avail, Chinese Express applied for a temporary injunction from a German court in October 2021, and Renault Deutschland AG was required to suspend the use of the Renault logo in Germany.

▲ Renault icon

The parties are currently in regular court hearings, trademark opposition and revocation proceedings.

2021 new energy preservation rate list: Hongguang MINI EV wins the championship

Recently, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers Association and Chee-evaluation jointly released the "2021 China Automobile Preservation Report". With the popularity of the new energy field, this year also subdivided the new energy preservation rate list.

Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, which sold the best in the world, won the championship without any suspense, and the first-year preservation rate was as high as 89.78%.

Xiaopeng P7 ranked runner-up with a retention rate of 85.67% in the first year. Xpeng's brand appeal has been greatly improved this year, and the P7, as its main model, has naturally attracted much attention.

Tesla also remains strong in terms of hedging. Model 3 and Model Y ranked third and fifth with 84.67% and 82.55% retention rates, respectively. It is worth mentioning that Tesla's three-year value preservation rate ranks first among new energy brands.

It’s just that the current preservation rate of new energy vehicles can be talked about, but not true.

Toyota to stop production on 11 production lines

Toyota Motor announced on the 18th that it will suspend the production of 11 production lines at 8 Japanese plants including the Motomachi Plant in Aichi Prefecture in February this year.

Toyota said that the main reason for the shutdown is that the global semiconductor supply is still lacking, and it expects global production of new cars in February to be reduced by 150,000 vehicles, to a total of about 700,000 vehicles.

Toyota expects a prolonged shortage of semiconductors, so new vehicle production this fiscal year will be lower than its original forecast of 9 million. Toyota said it will take all possible countermeasures to deliver it to customers as soon as possible.

The domestic Toyota Tianjin plant has also not resumed operations.

  • Ford invests in Rivian for $8.2 billion
  • The 5000th Gaohe HiPhi X rolled off the assembly line
  • Geely will launch a "replacement travel brand" within the year
  • Jikr Shanghai Intelligent R&D Center was officially established, which will focus on intelligent cockpit
  • Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission: From now on, new energy vehicles can be parked in urban road parking spaces, and the first 2 hours of parking fees can be waived
  • The compact SUV Corolla Rui put on the market today, pre-sale from 130,000
  • Xiaopeng supercharge system runs through all prefecture-level administrative regions across the country
  • Extremely Krypton 001 The car machine is a joke, claiming to be Geely Emgrand EV, it has been repaired

GM releases hydrogen energy mobile charging station

GM recently released three new products around their hydrogen fuel cell technology: the Empower fast charger, a mobile power generation device (MPG), and a military version of the MPG.

According to General Motors, unlike ordinary electric vehicle charging stations, Empower does not require expensive upgrades to the local power infrastructure. Its power comes from internal batteries and hydrogen storage tanks, and it can charge four electric vehicles at the same time. The charging power should be at least 150kW.

GM said customers will be able to temporarily deploy Empower where needed, as needed. Of course, once the hydrogen inside is used up, it needs to be refilled.

As for the MPG, it's actually a small Empower, and these mobile devices act as a temporary backup power source. GM says the MPG generates about 70 percent more power than a regular diesel generator. (The Verge)

Universal brand super large power bank.

Ferrari to reveal official livery in second pre-season test

According to Autosport, the Ferrari team may not reveal the official livery for the 2022 car until March 10 during its second pre-season test at the Bahrain Circuit.

In addition, FOM, the F1 championship management company, is developing a promotional plan for the two 2022 pre-season tests in Barcelona and Bahrain. It appears that the first pre-season test will not be televised and will not be open to the public, while the second pre-season test in Bahrain will be televised.

I don't know if this year's pre-season test will produce something as jaw-dropping as the dual-axle steering system, as it did in 2020.

Autopilot? last century

When it comes to modern cars, there is an inescapable topic-autonomous driving, but do you know who designed the earliest self-driving cars?

The answer is the Italian who painted eggs – Leonardo da Vinci.

When Leonardo da Vinci was 26 years old, he drew a drawing that was much more complicated than an egg, which is widely regarded as the prototype of the modern car, and it could move on its own, but he didn't build a real car.

In 2004, a Florentine museum built the "driverless car" according to drawings, and it worked as Leonardo envisioned.

▲Firebird II

The concept of autonomous driving in the true sense was proposed by General Motors in 1939. By 1956, GM exhibited the Firebird II concept car with an automatic navigation system.

In the 1970s, self-driving technology made great strides. In 1977, Japan's Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering Laboratory pioneered the development of self-driving cars based on cameras and analog computers.

In 2009, Google's self-driving vehicles began to be put into testing. It is precisely because of Google's participation that many traditional car companies have also begun to accelerate the research and development of self-driving.

Today's topic: Do you know NFT?

Lamborghini today released the first NFT project in the company's history. The space-themed artwork, the Lamborghini "Space Key", is officially unveiled and will be auctioned soon.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that entering the Metaverse is undoubtedly another proof that Lamborghini is constantly exploring new frontiers.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique identifier recorded on a distributed ledger, the blockchain, and each token is unique.

However, for this kind of "invisible and intangible" new things, will you spend money to buy them?

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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