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  • Changan dark blue C673 patent exposure
  • RADAR releases first teaser image of model
  • Hengchi 5 will go on sale on July 6
  • Jaguar plans to release 3 pure electric SUVs in 2025
  • Geely releases teaser image of FX11, will be equipped with Thor hybrid system
  • Saudi Arabia rumoured to be interested in investing in Aston Martin
  • Xingji Times, a subsidiary of Geely Automobile, formally invests in Meizu Technology
  • BYD announced June sales, up 162.7% year-on-year
  • Tesla delivers 255,000 cars in Q2
  • Jeep creative ad: nature is our nature
  • Shanghai: Buying a car has a subsidy package

Changan dark blue C673 patent exposure

A few days ago, the patent image of the second model of the Deep Blue brand, code-named "C673", was revealed in the Chinese patent announcement.

It is reported that Changan Deep Blue is currently planning a total of 5 products, of which C385 (that is, Deep Blue SL03) and C673 will be launched this year.

According to the patent map, the appearance of the C673 is very similar to the dark blue SL03, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the SL03 crossover version.

Remember what happened to Extreme Krypton 001?

Geely RADAR released the first preview of the model

Geely Automobile's high-end new energy pickup brand RADAR recently released a preview of its first model.

The positioning of the new car is different from the commercial pickups currently on the market, and its target group is urban white-collar workers, aiming at the field of outdoor travel. According to the information previously exposed, the new car will be a pure electric model.

But it should be noted that the chassis of this pure electric pickup truck is not very high, so don't put too much hope on its passing performance. In addition, it may be due to the consideration of rear passenger space, the space of the rear bucket is not very large.

Putting a motorcycle would be a lot of work.

Hengchi 5 will go on sale on July 6

On July 5th, Hengchi Automobile officially announced that its first mass-produced model "Hengchi 5" will start pre-sale at 20:00 on July 6th.

Sean, chairman of Evergrande New Energy Vehicle, said in an interview with a reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald that Evergrande Motor is advancing the mass production and sales preparations for the Hengchi 5 car as planned, and it is expected to achieve mass production in the third quarter of this year. offline.

Up to now, the first batch of exhibition and experience centers prepared by Hengchi brand have settled in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin. Among them, the exhibition experience centers in Guangzhou and Tianjin have already opened.

In order to make your decision at ease, Evergrande Auto also said that the user only needs to pay for the car when the car is delivered, and the car can be returned for a refund within 15 days after the car is picked up, and all car purchases will go directly to the special account of the notary office.

Jaguar plans to release 3 pure electric SUVs in 2025

Jaguar, which threatened to no longer make sedans, has to make a big move.

According to Electrive, Jaguar will launch three high-end pure electric SUVs in 2025 to accelerate the brand's electrification transformation.

Under the leadership of Jaguar's new chief executive Thierry Bolloré, Jaguar is targeting the premium segment. The new-generation electric car XJ has also been cancelled due to a series of reasons.

The first model in Jaguar's plans will be a crossover SUV, and its rival will be the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo; the flagship model will be a large SUV, with a starting price of 120,000 pounds (about 973,000). Yuan)

Geely releases teaser image of FX11, will be equipped with Thor hybrid system

Geely recently released the official picture of the FX11. The car is based on the CMA architecture and will be equipped with the Thor hybrid system. It is a strategic model for Geely to accelerate its transformation to intelligent electrification.

The appearance of the new car adopts the design of the Vision Starburst concept car. The segmented daytime running lights are located at the front of the hood, and there is a straight and upturned tough waistline on the side of the car. The shape of the taillights is also similar to that of the Starburst concept car.

▲Starburst concept car

This is probably the most Cadillac-like Geely.

Saudi Arabia rumoured to be interested in investing in Aston Martin

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) is in preliminary talks with Aston Martin for a £200m stake in the latter.

Aston Martin's share price has been in turmoil since it went public in late 2018. Shares in the London-listed automaker have fallen nearly 68% so far this year.

In January, Aston Martin warned that its profits would be lower than expected due to delays in deliveries of its limited-edition sports car Valkyrie. The company said on June 30 that it will continue to ramp up production of the Valkyrie, while Aston Martin's management team will focus more on the new model coming in 2023. (Gasgo Auto)

Xingji Times, a subsidiary of Geely Automobile, formally invests in Meizu Technology

On July 4, Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. and Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic investment signing ceremony in Hangzhou, officially announcing that Xingji Times held a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology and obtained independent control over Meizu Technology.

Xingji Times is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, dedicated to the research and development of smart phones, XR equipment, and wearable smart terminal products.

After the strategic investment, Meizu will receive more support from the industrial chain and ecological resources.

BYD announced June sales, up 162.7% year-on-year

On July 3, BYD announced June car sales: BYD sold 133,762 passenger cars in June, a year-on-year increase of 168.8%, including 68,195 pure electric vehicles and 66,302 plug-in hybrid vehicles.

In terms of specific models, BYD Han sold 25,439 vehicles; BYD Tang sold 8,134 vehicles; Song family sold 32,077 vehicles in June; Qin family sold 26,623 vehicles in June; Yuan family sold 19,731 vehicles in June; destroyers sold 7,464 vehicles in June; vehicle.

Tesla delivers 255,000 cars in Q2

On July 3, Tesla officially announced that in the second quarter of 2022, despite ongoing supply chain challenges and factory shutdowns, Tesla produced more than 258,600 vehicles worldwide and delivered nearly 254,700 vehicles.

But even so, Tesla ended a two-year growth streak — the Q2 result was still lower than the 310,048 vehicles in the first quarter, and the 261,200 vehicles estimated.

In terms of the Shanghai Gigafactory, from January to May this year, Tesla China delivered a total of 215,900 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of more than 50%. Previously, due to the impact of the Shanghai epidemic, the production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai factory has declined, but Tesla's Shanghai factory has completed the resumption of work in April, and the capacity utilization rate has returned to 100% in early June. In contrast, Tesla's two new factories may be holding back.

It is said that June 2022 is the highest month for Tesla’s historical car production.

Jeep creative ad: nature is our nature

Publicis Ads in the Middle East recently launched a promotional video for Jeep called "Nature is Our Nature".

They turned Jeep's classic front face into seven letters (OlllllO) to carry the message that the brand Jeep wanted to convey.

Shanghai: Buying a car has a subsidy package

In the second half of this year, Shanghai is expected to usher in a small upsurge in auto consumption.

Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, said in a guest appearance on the "2022 Shanghai People's Livelihood Interview" program on July 5 that the next few months are the best time for citizens to buy a car——

If you buy a new car with a price of 200,000 yuan, there will be a subsidy package of 20,000-40,000 yuan.

In addition, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology also accelerated the application for licenses through the "One-stop Office", and the licenses can be registered in the fastest 7 working days.

But… What if the additional 40,000 licenses are not enough?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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