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  • NIO to release ET7, ET5 and ES7 in Europe
  • Wuling Hongguang MINIEV convertible version launched
  • Faraday Future secures another $100 million in financing
  • Weimar loses 8.2 billion a year, founder Shen Hui’s annual salary is 1.26 billion
  • FAW-Volkswagen pops up ads when responding to navigation
  • Ford China sets up independent company to accelerate electrification in China
  • National Energy Administration: my country has formed the world's largest charging network
  • Manner and Tesla launch co-branded coffee
  • F1 driver Zhou Guanyu renews contract with Alfa Romeo
  • McLaren Racing unveils special edition racing livery

NIO to release ET7, ET5 and ES7 in Europe

NIO President Qin Lihong said in Europe on the 24th that at NIO Berlin 2022 held on October 7, NIO will release ET7, ET5 and ES7 in Europe.

At present, NIO Chairman Li Bin and Qin Lihong are working with the NIO European management team to carry out a 10-day self-driving tour in various European countries to communicate with local users and potential users, and carry out the construction of the NIO center and power station under construction. Field trips.

According to NIO's plan, by 2025, 1,000 swap stations will be built in markets outside China, most of which are located in Europe to serve markets such as Germany. At the same time, Weilai is also looking to launch a battery leasing and battery swap network in Europe to reduce user costs.

Ideal and Xiaopeng have been busy grabbing orders in China recently. NIO’s executives have collectively “fleeed” to Europe.

Wuling Hongguang MINIEV convertible version launched

The Hongguang MINIEV convertible version, positioned as a "romantic convertible for young people", was officially launched on September 27.

Wuling Hongguang MINIEV convertible version adopts a soft-top convertible design, the tarpaulin adopts a semi-automatic open and close structure, and the CLTC cruising range is 280km, which is currently the cheapest convertible electric vehicle on the market.

The first batch of lottery reservations for Wuling Hongguang MINIEV Convertible Edition began on September 1. The first batch of applicants exceeded 170,000, and the probability of winning one was only 0.115%. The official price starts at 99,900 yuan.

The price is very beautiful, but it seems not so easy to drive home.

Faraday Future secures another $100 million in financing

On September 26, local time, Faraday Future announced that its board of directors had completed its reorganization, and that current chairman Sue Swenson and former chairman Brian Krolicki will leave the board. In other words, Jia Yueting and his team of partners have regained the actual control of the company.

Jia Yueting also responded to the incident on Weibo, saying that "this is another major inflection point for FF" and will "full sprint for the mass production of FF 91 Futurist.

On the other hand, the announcement shows that the company will receive more than $100 million in financing, and Faraday Future also stated that it will continue to actively engage with capital in the future to fund the production and delivery of FF 91.

Affected by this news, FF's stock price rose rapidly on the 26th, and the increase was close to 47%.

Weimar loses 8.2 billion a year, founder Shen Hui’s annual salary is 1.26 billion

According to online auto market news, WM Motor's prospectus shows that the company's losses will continue to increase between 2019 and 2021, of which 8.2 billion yuan will be lost in 2021.

In the increasingly severe financial situation of Weimar, the super high salary of founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui is particularly dazzling.

The data shows that Shen Hui's salary in 2021 (including equity incentives that have not yet been actually issued) will total 1.26 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 30% of Weimar's income in the same year.

In 2021, WM Motor's administrative expenses will increase by 57% year-on-year to 2.7 billion yuan. Specifically, in 2021, WM Motor will pay a total of 1.75 billion yuan in remuneration to key management, and Shen Hui's total remuneration for that year accounts for 72% of the total remuneration of key management.

However, 1.26 billion yuan is not Shen Hui's actual salary, and his salary consists of two parts: ordinary salary and restricted shares. Among them, the actual salary is about 2 million yuan, and the rest is issued in the form of restricted shares .

FAW-Volkswagen pops up ads when responding to navigation

According to upstream news reports, a FAW-Volkswagen owner was driving with in-vehicle navigation, and a pop-up window advertisement suddenly appeared on the car's central control touch screen blocked the navigation information, posing a potential safety hazard.

In this regard, the FAW-Volkswagen manufacturer customer service center responded that the pop-up window is a manufacturer's advertisement for "purchasing a car with gifts", and it will still be retained in the future, but the frequency and time are uncertain.

Since then, FAW-Volkswagen customer service has responded again, saying that this is a reward policy for car owners.

On the other hand, the "Internet Pop-up Window Information Push Service Management Regulations" jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be implemented on September 30. This regulation will focus on solving the problem of using pop-up windows to push news information in violation of regulations, advertisements cannot be closed with one click, and the frequency of push Too many problems, etc.

Ford China sets up independent company to accelerate electrification in China

On September 26, Ford China officially announced that it will operate its electric vehicle business in China through an independent company, Ford Electric Mach Technology, to accelerate the electrification transformation in China.

Before that, Ford had only established an electric vehicle division in China.

In March of this year, Ford officially announced the spin-off of the automotive business unit to establish the electric vehicle Ford Model e and the gasoline vehicle Ford Blue, forming three new business units with Ford Pro, which is responsible for the commercial vehicle business.

In the future, Ford Electric Mach Technology will adopt a direct sales model in China. By entering business districts and opening directly-operated stores, it will adopt a store-opening strategy similar to that of a new energy brand, so as to gain the popularity of "Dianma" in the domestic market.

  • Ford's 45,000 new cars cannot be delivered due to supply chain constraints
  • GM to invest $5.411 billion in its Ohio plant to make electric vehicles
  • Musk doesn't think ATOT should treat OTAs as a recall
  • The ideal L7 Pro is expected to be priced at 350,000 yuan, compared to the Xiaopeng G9
  • Toyota announces withdrawal from Russia, Mazda is considering
  • EU plans to launch 565 billion euro energy plan to achieve green development
  • Fire breaks out at Tesla recycling plant in Berlin
  • Bugatti says it won't launch an SUV

National Energy Administration: my country has formed the world's largest charging network

According to the Financial Associated Press, Song Wen, deputy director of the Planning Department of the National Energy Administration, said at a press conference on the 26th that my country's total installed capacity of renewable energy power generation exceeded 1.1 billion kilowatts, an increase of nearly three times compared with ten years ago, accounting for the world's renewable energy. more than 30% of the total installed energy capacity. The installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic, biomass power generation and the scale of nuclear power under construction rank first in the world.

At present, my country has built about 4 million charging infrastructure, and has built more than 270 hydrogen refueling stations, accounting for about 40% of the global total, ranking first in the world. Non-fossil energy consumption accounts for nearly a quarter of the world's total, ranking first in the world.

Manner and Tesla launch co-branded coffee

On September 26, Manner Coffee and Tesla launched the Autumn Rose Latte. Choose the Essiyah Sheffield Gugui coffee, complemented by citrus orange to bring out the fruity sweetness.

The brand launched five related activities, including Tesla owners forwarding and pushing them to the circle of friends, and showing the charging Tesla app interface to the store to get a cup of new products.

At the same time, Manner launched a promotional video, playing the selling point of "In Shanghai, you can reach a Manner store every 15 minutes on foot", which is not long ago. "Station" has the same purpose, perhaps this is the opportunity for the cooperation of these two brands.

F1 driver Zhou Guanyu renews contract with Alfa Romeo

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Alfa Romeo F1 team ORLEN officially announced that Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu will renew his contract with the team until the 2023 season.

Zhou Guanyu, who was born in 1999, participated in this season's race as the first official F1 driver in China, and has scored 6 points in the past 16 races, which is a gratifying achievement.

Will I be an Audi driver in 2024?

McLaren Racing unveils special edition racing livery

McLaren Racing today released the Singapore Grand Prix and the Japanese Grand Prix special edition Future Mode racing livery, this new livery has a bit of cyberpunk feel.

Do you think it looks good?

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