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  • Mercedes-Benz EQC faces stoppage overseas due to poor sales
  • Extremely Krypton will launch its first MPV model, Extremely Krypton 009
  • Geely's new SUV official map released
  • BYD Seals will be launched on July 29, with a pre-sale price of 212,800
  • China-specific Audi Q6 to be released, bigger than Q7
  • Chairman of GAC: GAC is also working for the Ningde era
  • CATL and Ford announce global strategic cooperation
  • To help people with disabilities, Ford is testing autonomous charging stations
  • ZF unveils new front overhang that drastically reduces turning radius
  • Why do car manufacturers need to develop their own batteries?

Mercedes-Benz EQC faces stoppage overseas due to poor sales

According to Business Insider, Mercedes-Benz plans to discontinue production of its first all-electric model, the EQC, in May 2023.

A Mercedes spokesman said they did not comment on "speculation about future model planning."

But one thing is clear, EQC sales fell short of Mercedes' expectations. Even in its best year of sales, the EQC registered fewer than 4,000 registrations in Germany. By the first half of 2022, the number was only 1,147. The model's planned launch in the United States also did not materialize.

The domestic sales of Beijing Benz EQC are also very bleak, with only 406 units sold in June this year.

Beijing Benz EQC may also be affected. I wonder when the EQC based on the EVA2 platform will come?

Extremely Krypton will launch its first MPV model, Extremely Krypton 009

This Friday, JKR announced the official name of its first medium and large MPV – JK 009.

As you can see from the preview image, the front face design of JK 009 is quite different from that of JK 001. The new car has abandoned Lynk & Co's family-oriented front face design and replaced it with a more atmospheric straight waterfall grille, which is more in line with the positioning of medium and large MPVs.

Extremely Krypton 009 uses the iconic split headlights of Extremely Krypton, but the shape of the daytime running lights has changed.

Judging from the previously exposed spy photos, the taillights of the JK 009 are similar to those of the JK 001, but more square.

The Extreme Krypton 009 is also built on the vast architecture platform of SEA. The overall size is expected to exceed 5.1 meters, and the wheelbase will be 3.1-3.3 meters.

Even though MPV is a niche market, maybe it's a good way for a brand to grow?

Geely's new SUV official map released

On July 22, Geely officially released the official image of its new SUV, the new car codenamed FX11, which is based on the CMA architecture.

The overall appearance of the new car continues the design of the Vision Starburst concept car. The penetrating light strip on the front face is integrated with the luminous Geely logo, and the grille is still designed as an energy storm, which is quite recognizable.

The side of the car adopts more straight line design, and the waistline is raised. With the suspended roof, the unique profile design brings a good light and shadow effect.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, with maximum power of 218 horsepower and 181 horsepower respectively, and peak torque of 325 Nm and 290 Nm respectively.

A friend said last night that this car looks a lot like the GAC Trumpchi Yingku. They are indeed the same in appearance. However, the FX11 equipped with the Thor hybrid system may not be launched until later this year.

BYD Seals will be launched on July 29, with a pre-sale price of 212,800

On July 22, BYD officially announced that the seal model will be launched on July 29, and according to the previously announced pre-sale price, the range is 212,800-289,800, and there are four models in total.

This time, the low-lying appearance of the seal looks dynamic, which is more pleasing to young users. The body size is 4800 x 1875 x 1460mm, the wheelbase is 2920mm, and the drag coefficient is 0.219.

On the other hand, the seal comes standard with a front double wishbone + rear five-link suspension, and the four-wheel drive version is also equipped with FSD variable damping shock absorbers. There are differences in battery life and power. The long battery life version is 700km, and the four-wheel drive version has the fastest acceleration time to 100 kilometers, which only takes 3.8s.

Dong Chejun thinks this seal looks better than Han, what do you think?

China-specific Audi Q6 to be released, bigger than Q7

On July 22, SAIC Audi preheated on the official Weibo that the Q6 will be released at 18:00 on July 24. According to outside sources, the starting price of the Q6 is about 550,000. This is a Chinese special car and the largest SUV in Audi history.

Based on the MQB Evo platform, the Audi Q6 measures 5099 x 2014 x 1784 mm and has a wheelbase of 2980 mm. In addition to the wheelbase, the overall size is larger than that of the Q7.

The interior is equipped with Audi's triple-screen virtual cockpit, which has a leading sense of technology compared to traditional luxury brands, but it is no longer comparable to some new power brands.

The fourth-generation EA888 EVO4 2.0T engine was installed on domestic Audi models for the first time. The power of the high-power and low-power versions was 265 hp and 231 hp respectively.

Regarding Audi, Dong Chejun's dream car is RS6 Avant, which one do you like?

Chairman of GAC: GAC is also working for the Ningde era

In recent years, power battery raw materials have skyrocketed under the influence of supply and demand, and price pressure has also come to OEMs.

At the 2022 World Power Battery Conference held on the 21st, Zeng Qinghong, chairman of GAC, said that the current price of automotive power batteries is too high, "the cost of power batteries has accounted for 40%-50%, or even 60% of new energy vehicles."

He complained that the rising cost of upstream has brought huge pressure on the complete machine manufacturers, "Then am I not working for the Ningde era now?"

GAC is also trying to figure out a way.

The Financial Associated Press reported that a person familiar with the matter revealed that GAC Aian is currently preparing to build a power battery company and a power battery mass production line, which means that GAC Aian will promote the layout of battery self-research and production.

In addition, Zeng Qinghong also revealed that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, GAC Group plans to invest 85-100 billion yuan to challenge the production and sales of 3.5 million vehicles, with a revenue of 600 billion yuan.

Musk: Fortunately, I bought mine a long time ago.

CATL and Ford announce global strategic cooperation

On July 21, CATL established a global strategic partnership with Ford Motor, covering the supply of power batteries in China, Europe and North America.

According to a separate agreement signed by the two parties, CATL will also supply lithium iron phosphate battery packs for the Ford Mustang Mach-E in North America from next year, and supply phosphoric acid for the Ford pure electric pickup F-150 Lightning in North America from the beginning of 2024. Iron-lithium battery packs will further increase the production capacity of Ford's hot-selling electric models.

In addition to providing Ford with lithium iron phosphate batteries based on CTP technology, CATL will also actively cooperate with Ford in other battery technologies.

Ford vice president Lisa Drake said the company plans to build a new 40GWh iron-lithium battery plant in North America starting in 2026, but she would not say whether the plant would be built by CATL.

After the market value experienced a sharp correction, CATL is accelerating its layout in overseas markets.

To help people with disabilities, Ford is testing autonomous charging stations

Ford is developing a charging station with a robotic arm that can be used to charge the vehicle using a mobile app when the car is parked in a designated location. When fully charged, the robotic arm will automatically retract.

Ford said the charging station, which has passed the initial trial phase, can be used today to help people with disabilities, facilitate fleets, and in the future, to self-driving vehicles and garages with automatic parking.

Until wireless charging is perfect, this is a compromise solution.

ZF unveils new front overhang that drastically reduces turning radius

I believe that many people know ZF because of their gearboxes. In fact, this top parts supplier does other things besides gearboxes.

such as suspension.

They recently released a set of front overhangs called EasyTurn, which, as the name suggests, helps the driver steer more nimbly.

Specifically, this set of front suspension can deflect the front wheels by 80°, allowing the driver to easily complete side parking in extremely narrow places.

How exaggerated is 80°? Check out this BMW i3 with EasyTurn.

What Dong Chejun is curious about is how many turns of the steering wheel have to be turned?

Why do car manufacturers need to develop their own batteries?

There has been some special news about the battery industry in the past two days. Ford said that it will cooperate with Ningde era to purchase lower-priced lithium iron phosphate batteries, while GAC on the other side does not want to work for Ningde era and plans to make batteries by itself.

Interestingly, Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said on the 22nd that although the company is currently not losing money, it is struggling on the edge of profitability. According to the data of the Q1 report of CATL this year, the company's revenue increased but profit decreased due to the increase in the price of some upstream materials.

However, is it the right way for manufacturers to make their own batteries? Dong Chejun feels that there is no absolute good or bad, it depends on whether the manufacturer focuses on short-term interests or long-term interests.

The advantages of self-made batteries: In the long run, it is beneficial to reduce the cost of vehicles, and has a higher anti-risk ability in the supply chain. It can even do business in the To B market like BYD, and export batteries to Toyota, Tesla and other manufacturers. In addition to GAC, NIO, Volkswagen and other companies have announced plans to develop self-developed batteries.

Disadvantages of self-made batteries: It consumes a lot of R&D manpower and funds, and the R&D cost will not be rewarded in the short term, and it needs to be shared in the long run. It may also face the risk that the technology is not as good as that of the first-tier suppliers, and even eventually forced to give up.

I hope you can tell me in the comment area, are you optimistic about the self-developed batteries of car companies?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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