Dongche Daily | Domestic Model 3 will soon be replaced with new batteries / BMW will launch four-motor i4 M50 / Evergrande Auto responds to rumors of mergers and acquisitions

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  • Domestic Tesla Model 3 is about to be replaced with a new battery
  • BMW M division to revamp i4, quad-motor performance monster
  • Jeep shows off the electric version of the Wrangler, 0-95km/h in just two seconds
  • Lamborghini Revuelto renderings exposed, positioning electric crossover
  • Ideal L9 is officially off the assembly line, and will start nationwide delivery soon
  • Evergrande Auto Responds to M&A Rumors
  • Li Auto will build a parts industrial park in Changzhou
  • Jikr’s annual delivery target of 70,000 units remains unchanged
  • Tesla will announce the progress of self-developed AI chips
  • Chengdu high temperature power limit calls Tesla, Weilai to suspend charging services

Domestic Tesla Model 3 is about to be replaced with a new battery

According to Sina Technology, sources revealed that Tesla will launch the new Model 3. The biggest change is to replace the entire system with the Ningde era M3P battery, which is expected to increase the battery life by at least 10%.

On the other hand, LatePost reported earlier that the domestic Model Y will be replaced with the M3P battery that CATL supplied to the Shanghai factory in the fourth quarter and will be launched early next year.

The cost of Ningde era M3P battery is similar to that of lithium iron phosphate battery, but the energy density of M3P is increased by about 15%.

The point is, will the price of this thing increase in the future?

BMW M division to revamp i4 to create quad-motor performance monster

BMW's M division has announced that it has begun testing new powertrain and chassis control systems, including a four-motor powertrain, in the rebuilt model based on the i4 M50, reports motor1.

Each motor powers one wheel, giving the i4 test vehicle precise control of all-wheel drive and torque delivery.

BMW says the M xDrive four-motor powertrain will allow drivers to experience "all-new performance characteristics".

As can be seen from the short film released by BMW, the new car still adopts a family-style design with the iconic double-kidney grille.

The M4C four-wheel drive version is 1.8 tons, which is how much heavier the i4 M50 is.

Jeep shows the electric version of the Wrangler, 0-95km/h acceleration in only two seconds

At this year's off-road festival, Jeep showed the Magneto 2.0, which is a concept version of the electric Wrangler.

Magneto 2.0 uses an all-wheel drive system, with a power output of 625 horsepower, 1156 Nm, and an acceleration of 0 – 60mph (about 95km/h) in only two seconds. Built-in 70 kWh battery paired with an 800V high voltage platform for faster charging.

It is unimaginable for a Wrangler to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 2 seconds.

Lamborghini Revuelto renderings exposed, positioning electric crossover

In an interview with Autocar at the beginning of the year, Lamborghini CEO announced that Lamborghini's first electric car will be launched in 2028 with a 2+2 seat configuration. British media speculate that this is a smaller crossover than the Urus, and recently motor1 released a rendering of this car.

Lamborghini has applied for the trademark "Revuelto" for the brand-new model, which is seen as Lamborghini's first electric model, while future Urus, Huracan and Aventador facelifts will only be hybrids.

This time, Dong Chejun thinks that it is not as good-looking as the Urus, and the rear space should be relatively small, but Lamborghini owners may not care about this, right?

Ideal L9 is officially off the assembly line, and will start nationwide delivery soon

On August 18, 2022, the Lili L9, the flagship smart home SUV, officially rolled off the production line at Lili Auto's Changzhou base, and will soon start nationwide delivery.

Ideal Motors said that in order to ensure product quality, Ideal Motors has comprehensively upgraded the Ideal Motors Changzhou base and introduced more advanced production processes and stricter testing procedures.

In addition, Li Auto said that the production of Li Li L9 will increase rapidly, and it is expected to deliver more than 10,000 units in September.

Do you have friends who are ready to pick up the car? Looking forward to user feedback.

Regarding the rumor that Evergrande Auto was acquired, the official responded

According to information from Jiemian News, people familiar with the matter revealed that Evergrande may be acquired by other auto companies, and the merger will be led by the government, but the parties are still deadlocked.

▲ Xu Jiayin experienced Evergrande cars in April this year. Picture from: Evergrande official website

Regarding the rumors, Liu Yongzhuo, President of Evergrande Automobile, responded to the Securities News Agency, "The company has been actively introducing strategic investors. Up to now, both local governments and many powerful companies have expressed investment intentions in Hengchi Automobile, and there is no merger or acquisition. ".

In addition, Liu Yongzhuo also denied the rumors that the Tianjin factory was shut down, ensuring mass production in September and delivery in October.

Oh? Investment intention?

Li Auto will build a parts industrial park in Changzhou

According to, the Ideal Auto Parts Industrial Park project has been signed and settled in Changzhou.

According to reports, Ideal Auto will build a parts industrial park in Wujin National High-tech Zone to further promote Li Auto's supply chain enterprises to provide supporting facilities nearby, reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve supply chain support capabilities.

Changzhou Daily reported that in recent years, Changzhou has successively introduced a number of manufacturers of complete vehicles and core components, and has become a highland for China's new energy vehicle industry.

Since delivery, Li Li Changzhou plant has built 195,000 Li Li ONE.

Jikr’s annual delivery target of 70,000 units remains unchanged

On August 18, Geely Automobile released its 2022 interim financial report.

In the first half of the year, Geely Automobile achieved an operating income of 58.184 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29%; the total sales volume was 613,800 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 3%.

Regarding the sales performance in the first half of the year, Geely Auto believes that the worse than the management expected, mainly due to the epidemic prevention and control measures in some domestic cities and the global chip shortage hindering production and sales.

In terms of Jikr, in the first half of this year, Jikr delivered a total of 19,013 Jikr 001s; as of the end of July, Jikr had built 396 self-built charging stations, 66% of the annual target of 600.

However, at the performance communication meeting, An Conghui, chairman of Geely Automobile Group, revealed that the company is confident that the company will achieve the goal of delivering 70,000 units throughout the year, and will maintain the goal unchanged.​​​​

Next to the charging station that Dong Chejun often goes to, there is a supercharger station, although I have not seen a supercharger there.

Tesla will announce the progress of self-developed AI chips for training its fully autonomous driving

▲ In August 2021, Tesla showed the Dojo project

According to, the Silicon Valley chip technology seminar will be held next week, and the agenda shows that Tesla engineers will deliver multiple speeches, involving the self-developed AI chip Dojo project.

The projects of the two speeches are "Dojo, the micro-architecture of Tesla's E-class supercomputing" and "Dojo, supercomputing system scaling for machine learning training".

In August 2021, the Dojo project exposed the AI ​​chip product code-named D1, and I believe that next week's seminar will reveal more information. For Tesla, the Dojo project is used to train its fully autonomous driving and accelerate the evolution of FSD.

Chengdu high temperature power limit calls Tesla, Weilai to suspend charging services

A NIO staff member revealed that due to the power cuts in Sichuan and Chongqing, NIO’s service centers and charging stations in Chengdu have stopped serving.

Tesla’s official announcement stated that as of August 17, only two of the 14 overcharge stations in the Chengdu area remained open, and the rest were in a state of limited service or temporary closure.

Not only users are affected, but some car companies are also facing the problem of blocked production.

A document from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology shows that under the power cuts, 16 parts suppliers in Sichuan Province cannot produce enough parts, which will lead to parts shortages in OEMs such as SAIC and Tesla, affecting the whole process. Car off the line.

In order to ensure the stability of the supply chain, the unit requested the relevant departments of Sichuan Province in the letter to give power resources to the affected enterprises to meet production needs.

Tram and tram, running out of electricity is a big problem. By the way, are the friends in Sichuan and Chongqing still running the air conditioner?

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