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  • The production version of Jidu ROBO-01 will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show
  • Porsche Taycan OTA upgrade, some models have improved battery life
  • Volkswagen will launch a new 1.5T TSI Evo2 engine
  • Affected by the epidemic, Toyota cuts global production
  • Users who agree to be "tracked" can get big discounts
  • The world's first pure electric production model is about to retire from the stage of history
  • UK government scraps EV subsidies
  • The new BMW 7 Series is self-driving in the factory
  • Hyundai wants to go to heaven, will cooperate with Rolls-Royce to develop hydrogen-powered aircraft
  • This peculiarly shaped solar car has a range of 1,600 kilometers
  • Tesla V4 supercharged pile is about to be released, but it is difficult to fully roll out in China

The production version of Jidu ROBO-01 will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show

Jidu Automobile recently announced that the production version of ROBO-01 is scheduled to be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November this year, and will also announce the shape of the second production car.

At present, the liftable lidar on the ROBO-01 concept car is quite controversial. Li Xiang, the CEO of Ideal, said on Weibo that the production version of the lidar will not be placed on the hood, and this design does not comply with pedestrian collision regulations. .

Regarding the appearance of the second production car, Jidu said that it will inherit the element style of 01. But in any case, Dong Chejun only hopes that Jidu will not hold the so-called "metaverse conference" anymore .

Porsche Taycan OTA upgrade, some models have improved battery life

Porsche officials said that the Taycan will usher in a round of OTA upgrades in the near future, and this round of OTA will cover all Taycan and its derivative models.

It is reported that the upgrade will include powertrain efficiency, communication management system, Porsche Connect, auxiliary systems and more. Depending on the specific conditions of the vehicle, the older the model, the greater the improvement.

Taking battery life as an example, frictional resistance can be further reduced in Normal and Range driving modes. At the same time, the thermal management system has also been optimized.

For the 2020 and 2021 models, not only can the charging time be shortened, but the range can be increased by up to 31 miles (about 50 kilometers).

When I woke up, the cruising range was 50 kilometers longer.

Volkswagen will launch a new 1.5T TSI Evo2 engine

Volkswagen Group recently announced that it will launch a new EA211 1.5 TSI Evo2 four-cylinder engine, which will have higher efficiency and lower emissions.

On the new engine, Volkswagen moved the three-way catalytic converter and particle trap to a single emission control module closer to the engine, which improved the efficiency of emission control while reducing the use of precious metals and production costs.

The new engine also features cylinder shut-off technology, which shuts down cylinders 2 and 3 under light loads to save fuel.

This optimized engine, with a maximum power of 150 horsepower, achieved fuel consumption of 6.2-6.8L/100km in urban areas and 4.4L in suburban vehicles in the test of the Volkswagen T-ROC (that is, domestic FAW-Volkswagen Tange). /100km excellent results.

According to reports, this engine can also form a plug-in hybrid system with an electric motor, which can output a maximum of 272 horsepower.

The new engine will be the first to be installed on the Volkswagen T-ROC and Passat models, and domestic users may have to wait until next year.

Users agree to get big discounts if they are "tracked"

As Cadillac's first electric vehicle, the Lyriq has high expectations from Cadillac, and the brand has not taken the unusual path in user research.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Cadillac is offering some customers a $5,500 discount as long as users agree to share their vehicle information and user behavior.

Cadillac officially revealed that the program has a total of 20 places, most of them from New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

This plan has been praised by many people in the industry. It collects more real data through customers, which is more helpful to find possible problems in vehicles.

On the other hand, GM trades actual discounts for user data instead of collecting it secretly, which reflects the brand's respect for users and plays a good role in setting an example.

Privacy and benefits, how do you choose?

Affected by the epidemic, Toyota cuts global production

On July 19, Toyota announced that the global car production in August 2022 will be about 700,000 units, with Japan’s domestic and overseas markets accounting for 200,000 and 500,000 units respectively. .

During August, Toyota will temporarily suspend production at 9 production lines in 6 of its 6 plants in Japan, and the shutdown time will range from 2 to 18 days.

On the other hand, according to information provided by the media MoneyDJ, Toyota's Japanese electric vehicle production line will also be suspended for a month due to the impact of chips and the epidemic. (IT House)

At present, there are not many models imported from Toyota's official channels to mainland China, but consumers who buy imported Toyotas may change the time to pick up the car.

The world's first pure electric production model is about to retire from the stage of history

The all-electric Nissan Leaf, unveiled in December 2010, may end production in 2025.

As the world's first pure electric production model, its NEDC range has reached 175 kilometers and the maximum torque is 280 Nm. Five years after its launch, it has sold a total of 35,000 units in Europe, making it an "electric pioneer".

Although the LEAF successfully broke the ice, under the offensive of Tesla and "Wei Xiaoli", the LEAF lacked stamina and gradually lost. But its mission has been completed. In the first half of 2022, a total of 4.285 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide, and traditional car companies have also fully embraced electrification.

In the face of this megatrend, the Nissan Leaf deserves to be written into history.

UK government scraps EV subsidies

Recently, the British government officially cancelled the "Plug-in car grant" (Plug-in car grant) for electric vehicles. The British government has issued this subsidy since 2011, aiming to complete the transformation of the automobile market from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

According to official documents of the British Department of Transport, the British electric vehicle market continues to expand, and new energy vehicles have accounted for more than half of new car sales. Last year, the sales of pure electric vehicles increased by 70%. Therefore, the British government believes that relevant policies should also be adjusted simultaneously.

Earlier this year, the country's electric car subsidy was cut from £5,000 to £2,500 and only applies to new cars priced below £32,000.

However, the move to remove the subsidy has been questioned a lot. Some people think that this policy is eager for success and has caused injustice. The removal of the subsidy has little impact on business owners or the more affluent middle class, but it hits the low and middle class. Car buying confidence among income groups. (Phoenix Network Technology)

  • Following in Tesla's footsteps, Rimac has also begun to develop 46mm cells
  • Nissan releases official image of X-Trail e-POWER model, will launch dual-motor four-wheel drive model
  • Tesla's Fremont factory has reached 2 million cumulative production
  • The number of pre-sale orders for Hengchi 5 exceeds 37,000
  • Volkswagen appoints Scott Keogh as Scout brand CEO
  • Xiaopeng Motors and eHi Mobility reach strategic cooperation
  • New Lexus UX 260h launched, starting from 267,800 yuan

The new BMW 7 Series is self-driving in the factory

The new BMW 7 Series recently achieved AFW in-plant autonomous driving (Automatisiertes Fahren im Werk) at the BMW Dingolfing plant.

AFW, a pilot project jointly implemented by the BMW Group and Seoul robotics and software startup Embotech, aims to improve the efficiency of new vehicle logistics in factories and distribution centers.

Unlike autonomous driving on open roads, the project will rely on vehicle positioning, sensor detection of the factory environment, and software that sends control commands to the vehicle.

Factory vehicles can move around the assembly and logistics areas of the production line without a human driver. The pilot project will begin in July 2022.

Dong Chejun feels that the most critical information of this news is not autonomous driving, but a substantial increase in production efficiency.

Hyundai wants to go to heaven, will cooperate with Rolls-Royce to develop hydrogen-powered aircraft

On July 20, Hyundai Motor Group announced that it will partner with aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce to jointly develop hydrogen-powered aircraft.

At present, Hyundai Motor has provided hydrogen fuel cell systems in the automotive market, while Rolls-Royce has industry-recognized expertise in the aviation field. The cooperation between the two parties will conduct in-depth research on hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems.

Hyundai Motor's CEO expressed hope that this key technology can help the aviation industry achieve the goal of net-zero carbon flight by 2050.

The Airbus A380 that China Southern is about to retire is equipped with four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines, and in the future we may be able to see hydrogen-powered aircraft bearing the RR logo.

Dong Chejun misses the days when he took CZ3099 to Beijing on business before the epidemic.

This peculiarly shaped solar car has a range of 1,600 kilometers

Although the three-wheeled Aptera looks sci-fi, it is a real solar car.

Official data shows that Aptera's solar kit can provide it with a range of 64km per day. Of course, it can also be plugged in, with a "fully upgraded battery pack", its battery life can reach 1,609 kilometers, and a "basic battery pack" is used for 402 kilometers.

Aptera also has a camping form, where the trunk can be turned into a tent and the vehicle itself acts as a solar charging station. In terms of selling price, Apteras starts at $25,900 (about 174,700 yuan) and can be booked through its official website.

This thing runs on the road, it's a bit windy, and the rate of return is full.

Tesla V4 supercharged pile is about to be released, but it is difficult to fully roll out in China

Some time ago, Tesla said in its earnings call that it is currently upgrading its fast charging technology, with a theoretical peak charging rate of 300 to 350 kw. Recently, foreign media electrek exposed the design of Tesla V4 supercharged pile.

As you can see from the design drawings, the Tesla supercharged pile, which has not changed in appearance for many years, has some freshness on the V4 version. The piles of the V4 are taller and the cables are longer.

▲The left is V4, the right is V3

However, Dong Chejun feels that it is extremely difficult for Tesla to fully roll out V4 supercharging piles in China. The reasons are as follows:

1. Competition for site resources

The usage scenarios of charging piles consist of residential parking lots, shopping malls and office buildings, hotel scenic spots, and high-speed service areas. In the high-speed service area, most car owners do not stay for a long time and have strong demand for V4 charging piles.

However, the layout of supercharger stations in the high-speed service area is very limited, and it will face the problem of resource competition with companies such as State Grid, China Southern Network, Xiaopeng, Weilai and other companies. Therefore, some manufacturers will arrange supercharger stations near high-speed intersections.

2. The use of V4 piles is limited

When enterprises roll out supercharged piles, it also involves the issue of cost recovery. However, do you really need such fast supercharged piles? Not really.

For example, in hotels and scenic spots, we can see that general manufacturers deploy destination charging piles, because users in these areas stay for a long time, and after arriving at the destination to start charging, in most cases, there is no need to rush to fully charge the battery.

3. Facing competition from third-party charging stations

Many Tesla owners around Dong Chejun often go to third-party charging stations with lower costs to charge. Although the probability of bad piles at third-party charging stations is currently higher than that of self-operated charging stations by car companies, the number of third-party charging stations in recent years has increased. The experience has gradually improved.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Transport previously stated that it would review the Action Plan for Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure along the Highway, which means that the country will create more favorable conditions to promote the development of third-party charging stations.

Finally, I look forward to everyone telling Dong Chejun in the comment area whether you have a strong demand for high-power charging stations? Do you usually go to a third-party charging station or a charging station operated by the car company?

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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