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  • BYD seals open for pre-sale, starting at 212,800
  • Mercedes unveils pure electric concept car Vision AMG
  • Ora Ballet Cat opens pre-sale, and the general manager responds to questions
  • Avita 11 interior announced and pre-sale opened
  • Honda releases Prologue renderings
  • Hyundai Motor Group plans to expand electric vehicle business in Korea
  • Ford recalls 39,000 SUVs due to engine fire
  • NIO is listed on the Singapore Exchange
  • Renault unveils hydrogen-powered concept car Scenic Vision
  • Chengdu to launch "Hot Pot Bus"
  • Sainz says 'dolphin jump' threatens drivers' health
  • 135 million euros, the world's most expensive car was born
  • Xiaopeng Motors ruined more than 20 fresh school enrollments

BYD seals open for pre-sale, starting at 212,800

Today (May 20) afternoon, BYD Seals officially opened for pre-sale.

Let's talk about the price first. There are 4 models of Seal, and the pre-sale price is 212,800-289,800 yuan.

Everyone is already familiar with the appearance of the seal. This time, let's talk about BYD's CTB battery technology.

CTB, that is, battery body integration technology, BYD changed the "battery sandwich structure" of the CTP solution into a "vehicle sandwich structure". The seal's floor has an integrated battery cover, leaving more space for the battery.

In addition, BYD said that the battery cover and tray of the seal are made of honeycomb aluminum structure, and the torsional rigidity of the body is 40500N m/°, reaching the level of ultra-luxury models.

At the press conference, BYD also focused on the iTAC intelligent torque control system equipped with the four-wheel-drive version, which, in conjunction with the standard front double wishbone + rear five-link independent suspension system, can provide drivers with stable driving. control experience.

In terms of power, Seal provides two types of drive: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The standard battery life version of the rear-wheel drive is equipped with a 150kW (240 horsepower) motor, the battery capacity is 61.4kWh, and the CLTC battery life is 550km; the output power of the four-wheel drive performance version is 390kW (539 horsepower), equipped with an 82.5kWh battery, and the CLTC has a range of 650km.

In addition, there is a long-range rear-drive version, which is replaced by an 82.5kWh battery, and the CLTC battery life reaches 700km.

The pricing is very competitive.

Mercedes unveils pure electric concept car Vision AMG

On May 19, Mercedes-Benz held a strategic upgrade conference on the French Riviera. Mercedes said at the meeting that it will be fully electric by 2030 if market conditions permit.

At the same time, Mercedes-AMG has also made some moves. The Vision AMG concept car based on the AMG.EA pure electric architecture platform ushered in its world premiere.

Mercedes-AMG CEO Philipp Schiemer said that the concept car shows the company's design direction for future pure electric performance cars.

In addition, for the Chinese market, Mercedes-Benz will build a new pure electric model specifically for the Chinese market next year based on the EVA2, a medium-to-large pure electric vehicle architecture platform.

This is actually the AMG version of the previous VISION EQXX.

Ora Ballet Cat opens pre-sale, and the general manager responds to questions

With its retro appearance and clear positioning, ORA Ballet Cat has always been a hot topic model, and ORA has gained a lot of attention by virtue of "a car brand that loves women more".

Just now, Ora Ballet Cat officially opened the pre-sale – yes, how could Ora miss such an important marketing node of "520"?

The Ora Ballet cat is divided into 401km and 500km battery life, a total of 4 models, and the pre-sale price is 193,000-223,000 yuan.

Ballet Cat adopts a large number of designs based on female ergonomics. By analyzing the big data of women's physical characteristics, Euler Ballet Cat has developed a female-only seat to better fit the sitting posture of women and improve wrapping and comfort. The women's-specific steering wheel is also made for women's palm size and shoulder width.

In response to the actual needs of women to maintain a sense of sophistication, Ora Ballet has brought a mobile dressing room. After the main driver's sun visor is opened, there is an oversized flat makeup mirror, which is convenient for makeup repairs at any time.

At the same time, the armrest box in the central control area of ​​Ballet Cat is equipped with a one-button open armrest makeup box, which can be used to store common cosmetics in different areas, which is very convenient to use.

At the press conference tonight, Dong Yudong, general manager of ORA Automobile, said, "Fashion is a kind of reincarnation."

The so-called "retro", of course, is far more than a simple revival of elements, but the reuse of classic styles; classics never belong to a certain product, but belong to an era or even more eras.

Can you accept the ballet cat look?

Avita 11 interior announced and pre-sale opened

On May 20, Avita officially announced the interior of the Avita 11. The interior of the Avita 11 is available in two colours, turquoise grey and burgundy red. In addition, the pre-sale of the new car also started simultaneously today.

Avita's interior design is quite different from those brands that focus on "technology" or "temperature", giving people a feeling of French luxury as a whole.

Especially the design of the dashboard. Avita 11 adopts a three-screen design. Although they are not connected, there is no sense of separation. The three screens are well integrated into the left, middle and right parts of the instrument panel. The buttons and stitching on the door panels are also very delicate.

In terms of configuration, Avita 11 is equipped with RNC active noise reduction technology, which can actively reduce the road noise of 40-500Hz in the car, and the total sound pressure level can be reduced by 3dB.

Avita 11 comes standard with 14 speakers and a 12-channel external power amplifier, supporting 4-zone sound source localization in the front and rear rows. There are also optional rear massage seats with adjustable angles, rear wireless fast charging, and a car refrigerator.

This interior successfully pokes me.

Honda releases Prologue renderings

On May 19, Honda released a rendering of the Prologue, which will be the brand's first electric car sold in the United States and its first car designed primarily using virtual reality visualization technology, positioned as a pure electric SUV.

The Prologue was designed by the Los Angeles-based Honda Design Studio and the Honda Japan Design Team. It can be seen that its overall shape is relatively square, and it is closer to the mainstream design of the electrification era.

In North America, Honda also shared a timeline of their EV strategy to 2030:

  • Honda will launch Prologue in 2024;
  • In 2026, Honda will start selling Honda models based on the new e:Architecture;
  • In 2027, Honda will begin selling an economical electric vehicle based on a joint development with General Motors.

Honda's goal is to sell 500,000 electric vehicles in North America by 2030.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to expand electric vehicle business in Korea

On May 18, Hyundai Motor Group said it plans to invest 21 trillion won ($16.54 billion) by 2030 to expand its electric vehicle business in South Korea.

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors will spend the bulk of their investment on expanding existing EV production lines, developing future mobility technologies and components, building EV infrastructure, and exploring new EV business opportunities.

Hyundai Motor Group said in a statement that it plans to increase its annual production of electric vehicles in South Korea to 1.44 million units by 2030, up from about 350,000 this year.

Among these investments, Kia Motors plans to invest hundreds of billions of won in the Hwaseong plant in southern Seoul to build a special-purpose vehicle plant with an annual output of 150,000 vehicles. (new trip)

Today, Korean brands do not have a high sense of presence in China, but the electrification of South Korea is higher than we thought.

Ford recalls 39,000 SUVs due to engine fire

Ford U.S. said Thursday it is recalling 39,000 SUVs after 16 reports of engine fires and advising owners to park their vehicles outside and away from buildings until repairs are complete.

The recall, which covers some 2021 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators, could cause engine compartment fires when the vehicle is parked or in motion, even with the ignition turned off, Ford said. (Fast Technology)

At present, it is not known whether domestic users will be affected, and car owners should be careful.

NIO is listed on the Singapore Exchange

On May 20, NIO was successfully listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange and officially started trading under the stock code "NIO".

This marks that NIO has become the world's first car company to be listed in three places, and it is also the first Chinese company to be listed in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore at the same time.

Li Bin, founder and CEO of NIO, said that listing in Singapore is of great significance to NIO’s global business development plan. With the help of Singapore's important strategic position in the global capital market, NIO has further improved the layout of the global capital market.

Li Bin said that NIO will carry out in-depth cooperation with local scientific research institutions in Singapore to establish an artificial intelligence and autonomous driving R&D center in Singapore to further improve NIO's global R&D and business layout.

  • Biden to meet Hyundai CEO
  • Tesla to build world's largest supercharger station in Mojave Desert
  • Musk responds to allegations of sexual harassment of flight attendants: This is the standard playbook of political frame-up
  • US House passes bill to ban 'excessive' gasoline prices
  • Hainan's public sector has basically achieved clean energy
  • It is reported that Tesla plans to let Shanghai factory employees work in a closed loop until mid-June

Renault unveils hydrogen-powered concept car Scenic Vision

Renault has unveiled a hydrogen-powered concept car, the Scenic Vision, whose production version will be released in 2024.

The development of the new car is mainly carried out around three aspects, namely environment (hydrogen powertrain, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials), safety (vehicle technology innovation) and inclusivity (diversity and accessibility of the development team).

The overall design of the Scenic Vision adopts Renault's latest family design style, and with the all-black body color scheme, it has a strong sense of technology.

Open the side door of Scenic Vision and you will find its interior is quite interesting.

In front of the instrument panel, there is an extra-long through-screen screen that can display information such as speed and time, and there are streaming rear-view mirrors on both sides. In addition to this large penetrating screen, the car is also equipped with multiple small square screens for interaction.

In terms of power, the car uses hydrogen fuel as the power source of the internal combustion engine, equipped with a 40kWh battery pack, and a 15kWh hydrogen fuel cell under the floor, which can charge the battery. (new trip)

These small screens remind me of the sixth-generation iPod nano.

Chengdu to launch "Hot Pot Bus"

The country's first hotpot-themed sightseeing bus will be officially launched in Chengdu tonight.

The sightseeing bus is jointly launched by Chengdu Public Transport Group and other companies in conjunction with Dalong Yi Hotpot. Tourists can eat hotpot while visiting Taikoo Li, Wangping Street, 339 TV Tower, Tianfu Square and other Chengdu night tour landmarks.

The bus will run for a limited time from May 20th to June 19th, leaving on time every night at 19:00. The ticket price is 89 yuan, each ticket supports 2-3 consumers to dine, and the whole journey takes about 90 minutes. (Chengdu Business Daily)

What if you suddenly brake suddenly? (manual dog head)

Sainz says 'dolphin jump' threatens drivers' health

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz said that the current 2022 car has a more serious bouncing problem, which may have long-term effects on the back and neck of drivers.

"I had a routine back and neck check-up, and this year I've had more tension in all parts of my body. Without waiting for expert advice, I knew that running like this for 10 years would be very tough, and it would take a long time to maintain it. A lot of effort goes into physical flexibility.”

Does it look like you who replaced the short spring? (manual dog head)

135 million euros, the world's most expensive car was born

Recently, a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe was sold for 135 million euros (about 958 million yuan), breaking the previous record held by the Ferrari 250 GTO and becoming "the most expensive car in the world".

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe was auctioned at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart by Sotheby's, the buyer was anonymous, and the proceeds of the auction will be used for the Mercedes-Benz Foundation Global Scholarship Program.

In 1955, Mercedes-Benz built a 300 SLR Coupe for the following year's Le Mans event, but due to the catastrophic accident at Le Mans that year, Mercedes-Benz decided to withdraw, and only two 300 SLR Coupe were built.

Xiaopeng Motors ruined more than 20 fresh school enrollments

Recently, a number of 2022 graduates said that they were unilaterally terminated after receiving the school recruitment offer from Xiaopeng Motors. When contacting one of the students, Xiaopeng Motors HR said that it was unable to provide jobs due to business adjustments, and would provide 5,000 yuan as compensation for the students who terminated their contracts.

At present, a total of more than 20 fresh graduates have expressed that their contracts have been broken. In response, Xiaopeng Motors responded that recently, due to the adjustment of positions and performance optimization of some departments, a small number of fresh graduates and related employees have been adjusted, and they will continue to communicate and properly. deal with.

Previously, Li Auto was also exposed in May that it had broken the contract to recruit new students, and later stated that it would provide relevant students with job transfer options and contract termination compensation plans.

This group of students is too difficult, the spring recruitment is over, I can only say come on! We all have a bright future~

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