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  • Nissan Silvia to return to the market in 2025 as a pure electric vehicle
  • Toyota Tundra top model official map released
  • Apple will complete the selection of major suppliers within the year
  • BMW tops luxury car sales, overtaking Mercedes for first time since 2015
  • BMW will have seven new energy models on sale in 2022
  • It is reported on the Internet that domestic Tesla "reduces distribution" and lacks knee airbags
  • Some lithium battery material quotations rose again today
  • BYD and U.S. technology startups release driverless delivery vehicles
  • BBS Japan signs four-year deal with F1
  • The Past and Future of BMW's "Double Kidney Grille"
  • Today's topic: Toyota Senna plus fixed price?

Nissan Silvia to return to the market in 2025 as a pure electric vehicle

▲ "Real Racing 3" players should be familiar with this yellow Silvia S15

According to Japanese car magazine Bestcar, the Nissan Silvia will return in 2025 as a pure electric vehicle.

It is reported that Nissan is advancing the Pure EV Silvia Revival plan, which was triggered by a rendering released by Matthew Weaver, vice president of Nissan Design Europe.

▲The original Silvia

The renderings of the electric version of the Silvia released by Weaver were inspired by the original Silvia, which made its world premiere at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show. "Silvia was ahead of its time in a very quiet, low-key way," Weaver said of the original Silvia.

While Bestcar didn't elaborate on its plans for the electric version of the Silvia, it released a new rendering to get a feel for it.

Toyota Tundra top model official map released

As an American-style pickup truck that benchmarks the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge RAM1500, Toyota Tundra has a very strong market in the United States. It not only has a normal version for pulling goods, but also meets the needs of high-end users.

Toyota recently introduced the all-new Tundra Capstone, a pickup truck that focuses on luxury.

The new car's air intake grille has been redesigned with a honeycomb shape, chrome logos have been added to the hood and sides, and the mirrors and rims are also shiny.

Compared with the exterior, its interior is the highlight of the highlights. The contrasting color design of brown and milky white is particularly advanced. The leather and walnut trimmings are matched with blue ambient lights, which brings a sense of luxury and futurism.

The power of this luxury pickup comes from a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine and an electric motor, with a peak torque of 790N·m. (cnBeta)

I feel like this seat can fit two of me.

Apple will complete the selection of major suppliers within the year

According to Sina Digital, the main manufacturer of Apple's car is expected to be selected by the end of 2022, and some companies in South Korea are scrambling to provide parts. But at the same time, Apple is also constantly strengthening its secrecy measures.

According to the Korea Information Technology News Agency, Apple will begin a full-scale development process after a major supplier is selected. It is said that on December 11, 2021, Apple executives visited the South Korean car company, which is the second time they have negotiated with the local company.

Apple is in talks with a major manufacturer, the report said, but has also said it wants to use a number of South Korean electronics companies as its suppliers.

The report, citing industry sources, said a number of companies have formed a "task force" to jointly gain business from Apple. However, Apple is planning increased secrecy measures that have made some companies reluctant to work with:

Businesses related to Apple Cars are conducted under secrecy. If the information is leaked to a company, that company could be removed from the vendor shortlist. This matter was handled very carefully.

It was these secrecy and security concerns that reportedly led Apple to abandon its production deal with Hyundai.

BMW tops luxury car sales, overtaking Mercedes for first time since 2015

According to Bloomberg, Mercedes-Benz has been the sales champion of the luxury car market since 2015, but in 2021, the situation has changed.

At a time when global car production is hampered by a semiconductor shortage, BMW is clearly more prepared – in 2021, BMW brand car sales will increase by 9% to a record 2.2 million vehicles, surpassing Mercedes' 2.1 million vehicles.

"We hope to continue to achieve profitable growth in 2022, and we will systematically expand the product scale of pure electric vehicles." Pieter Nota, who is in charge of BMW sales, said in the announcement yesterday.

Pure electric vehicles, see below.

BMW will have seven new energy models on sale in 2022

According to BMW officials, in 2021, the BMW Group's sales of new energy models in the Chinese market exceeded 48,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 69.6%.

By the end of 2021, BMW has connected 360,000 public charging piles in the Chinese market, and BMW's exclusive parking and charging integrated service has covered 9 airports in 5 major cities across the country and more than 10 popular business districts across the country.

In 2022, BMW will present seven new energy models in the Chinese market, including the newly launched BMW iX, the newly remodeled BMW iX3, the yet-to-be-launched BMW i4, BMW i3, and a pure electric flagship (i7) and 2. PHEV models. (new trip)

Low emotional intelligence: CLAR platform oil to electricity. High EQ: Compatible with pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel.

  • German researchers found Tesla software vulnerability, remotely hacked 25 Tesla cars, and communicated with Tesla
  • It is reported on the Internet that Tesla has reduced distribution and lacks knee airbags. Tesla customer service: the situation is true, but it can still ensure the safety of car owners
  • The all-new Ford Mondeo will be unveiled on the 17th of this month
  • Musk admits Tesla still faces 'a lot of challenges' in India
  • The quotations of some lithium battery materials rose again today, and lithium carbonate rose by 6,500 yuan / ton
  • Gaohe Automobile's cumulative sales in 2021 will reach 4,237 units
  • Volkswagen says 2021 electric car deliveries up 96% to 452,900
  • CATL applied for a patent for anode-free metal battery, with energy density exceeding 200Wh/kg

BYD and U.S. technology startups release driverless delivery vehicles

On January 12, the pure electric driverless delivery vehicle jointly developed by BYD and the American technology innovation company Nuro was officially released. The vehicle is scheduled to be put into mass production in 2023.

In this cooperation, BYD is responsible for vehicle development, vehicle testing and manufacturing, and provides core components such as Sanden. Nuro is responsible for providing autonomous driving, gateways, control modules and sensor technology.

So far, Nuro has successfully piloted automated deliveries in communities in Texas, Arizona and California.

The delivery car is also a pleasure to deliver food. If you really want to deliver food, you have to have a little brother in yellow. (manual dog head)

BBS Japan signs four-year deal with F1

According to Sportskeeda, BBS Japan has signed a four-year contract with F1 since the rim became a standard part of the F1 2022 season, becoming the official exclusive rim supplier of F1

I don't need to say more about the next set of rims, right?

The Past and Future of BMW's "Double Kidney Grille"

In order to congratulate BMW on winning the luxury car sales crown in 2021, Dong Chejun decided to talk about BMW's "Double Kidney Grille" today (in fact, I can't find the topic).


It can be found that new cars such as BMW i4, iX, and M3 have been replaced with vertical "double-kidney grilles", and many friends have expressed that they are not used to it.

▲BMW 303

In fact, BMW's original "double-kidney grille" was vertical.

At the beginning of the last century, most of the car's air intake grilles were of the same design. In order to distinguish them from other models, BMW applied the "double kidney grille" to the BMW 303 in 1933 for the first time.

▲BMW 502

Since then, the "double-kidney grille" has been with BMW. After World War II, the BMW 502, which carried BMW's top technology, pushed the "double-kidney grille" to the pinnacle of luxury.

▲BMW 1500

Since the late 1950s, due to the further application of aerodynamics in the car, the body has become lower and the front has become flatter, and the grille has naturally become smaller and smaller.

▲The BMW Z1 concept car built by BMW Technology in 1988

In 1985, BMW established BMW Technik GmbH to start exploring BMW's future models, and since then, BMW's grille has begun to flatten.

▲BMW i4 M50

Today, cars are entering the era of pure electric power, and the huge grille is no longer a necessity, but BMW, as a traditional car company, bears the brand image accumulated over the past century, and naturally retains the "double-kidney grille" This precious family symbol, this time may be the best time to return to the classic design.

Today's topic: Toyota Senna plus fixed price?

As Toyota's first domestically produced MPV model, Saina has already been popular before its launch. Sure enough, at the beginning of the listing, GAC Toyota's 4S store was arrogant, and the increase of 50,000-70,000 was a routine operation, which was staggering.

However, with the outbreak of independent MPVs such as GAC Trumpchi, SAIC Roewe and SAIC Maxus, Saina's life seems not to be easy. GAC Toyota has been silent on the sales of the Senna, and only announced the wholesale volume of the Senna in December – 2,791 units.

Today, Saina, which is underperforming in the market, seems to have increased its price.

According to a report from Kuai Technology, a few days ago, some netizens broke the news on the online platform, GAC Toyota 4S said to it, "Sena will have a car without increasing the price."

Dong Chejun was thinking that if everyone persisted for another half a year, there might be a "full-line discount". In other words, will you consider the Saina that does not increase the price?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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