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  • DS unveils E-Tense Performance concept car
  • Alfa Romeo unveils official image of Tonale PHEV
  • Lexus Electrified Sedan official map released
  • Shaped like Passat, mid-term facelift Volkswagen Lavida released
  • Ferrari and Qualcomm reach strategic technology cooperation
  • Volvo plans to invest 10 billion in electric car production
  • After 13 years, Hyundai Motor re-enters the Japanese market
  • Audi won't develop next-gen A1 and Q2
  • Jeep releases joint electric off-road scooter
  • 'Leg cramps' nearly cost Verstappen the world championship
  • Passenger Federation: It is recommended to allow replacement of new energy vehicles to retain the original license plate
  • Today's topic: What should I do if the supercharged cable is stolen?

DS unveils E-Tense Performance concept car

DS, who won the FE Formula E Championship for two consecutive seasons, decided to pack the powertrain of an FE car into a sports car.

This DS E-Tense Performance concept car is a pure electric sports car built by the DS high-performance department. It has a lightweight carbon fiber body and is also very bold in the use of LED light sources.

The car adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive layout. The maximum power of the front axle motor is the same as that of the second-generation FE racing car, which is 250kW; the rear axle motor is 350kW, which has reached the level of the third-generation FE racing car. Torque up to 8000N m.

Not only that, but the car also has the battery technology, thermal management system and energy recovery system that DS has accumulated in FE.

DS TECHEETAH's two FE champions, Jean-Éric Vergne and Antonio Felix da Costa, will be road-testing the special new car this month, DS said.

Another example of motorsports driving the development of civilian vehicles.

Alfa Romeo unveils official image of Tonale PHEV

A few days ago, Alfa Romeo released the official picture of the brand's first plug-in hybrid model Tonale. The new car is positioned as a compact SUV, which is also the brand's second SUV model.

The new car adopts a power combination of a 1.3T engine and a motor. The power of the rear motor can reach 121 horsepower, and the comprehensive power of the system is 272 horsepower. The 15.5kWh battery pack can provide a pure electric range of about 48km. (new trip)

The straight headlights have a bit of an Alfa Romeo 155 feel to them.

Lexus Electrified Sedan official map released

▲Electrified Sedan

The official picture of Lexus is here again.

This Electrified Sedan is one of the products released at Toyota's electric strategy conference on December 14 last year, representing Lexus' product direction in the pure electric sedan market.

▲Electrified Sedan

Unlike the two SUVs mentioned yesterday, we can no longer find the classic spindle-shaped grille on this sedan. Its front face presents a sharp "X"-shaped layout, the side lines are very rich, and the tail is even a little bit. Shadow of the classic Lexus sports car LFA. (Auto Home)

▲Electrified Sport

Of course, what Dong Chejun is most looking forward to is the sports car, Electrified Sport.

Shaped like Passat, mid-term facelift Volkswagen Lavida released

Yesterday, SAIC Volkswagen released the new Lavida. As a mid-term facelift model, the new car provides two different styles of front faces.

Among them, the "Starry Sky Edition" adopts a more avant-garde design language, and the star diamond shape presents a visual effect of outward diffusion. At the same time, the black rear-view mirror and rear spoiler also bring a little sportiness, and the rim shape is also more youthful.

The ordinary version of Lavida adopts the common horizontal chrome trim strip, which is stable and atmospheric, and the multi-spoke wheels are more business-like.

The interior is the same as the Tiguan L, the central control screen has been changed from the original embedded to the floating type, and the new multi-function steering wheel has a novel visual effect. (Fast Technology)

In terms of power, it is still the same set, EA211+7DCT gearbox.

Ferrari and Qualcomm reach strategic technology cooperation

Today, Ferrari announced a strategic technology partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, which will act as a system solutions provider to help Ferrari in its digital transformation.

The next-generation Ferrari sports car will use the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, which not only includes in-vehicle networking and connectivity technology, digital cockpit and driver assistance systems, but also supports full-lifecycle feature upgrades.

In addition to civilian models, Qualcomm has also become a senior partner of the Ferrari Formula 1 team, and we will see the Snapdragon logo on the new Ferrari F1-75 car.

Ferrari's new car will be released on February 17, think a little excited.

Volvo plans to invest 10 billion in electric car production

Volvo recently announced that it will invest 10 billion Swedish kronor (about 6.96 billion yuan) in its Torslanda manufacturing plant in Sweden to prepare for the production of the next generation of pure electric models.

As part of the planned investment, the Torslanda manufacturing facility will introduce a range of new, more sustainable technologies and manufacturing processes. These include an aluminium one-piece casting process, a new battery assembly plant and a fully refurbished paint and final assembly shop.

Earlier, Volvo and battery cell company Northvolt jointly announced that they would invest 30 billion Swedish kronor (about 20.88 billion yuan) to develop and manufacture high-quality batteries that will be tailored for the next generation of pure electric Volvo models.

This factory also has a long history. It was opened in April 1964 by King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden.

After 13 years, Hyundai Motor re-enters the Japanese market

▲Ioniq 5

According to Bloomberg, Hyundai Motor announced on the 8th that it will start selling the Ioniq 5 electric car and the fuel cell Nexo in Japan this year.

Shigeaki Kato, general manager of Hyundai Motor Japan, said it plans to start accepting online orders in May.

Previously, Hyundai Motor entered the Japanese market in 2001, but due to unsatisfactory performance, it stopped most of its business in Japan in 2009, and only retained the commercial vehicle business such as buses. Therefore, this will be the first time Hyundai Motor has entered the Japanese passenger car market after a lapse of 13 years.


There are still relatively few pure electric models that the Japanese people can choose from, and it is a good thing to arrange them earlier.

Audi won't develop next-gen A1 and Q2

A few days ago, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann (Markus Duesmann) said that the Audi A1 and Audi Q2 will not have next-generation models.

While these two models are still available for purchase, and there is no definite end date, Audi will focus more on high-end luxury models in the future.

As part of the Volkswagen Group, Audi's move to cut off entry-level small cars is not just to improve product profits, but more importantly, to improve its brand image. (Fast Technology)

150,000 to buy a "luxury car" will become history.

  • Xiaopeng Motors was officially included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect
  • Ford begins deliveries of E-Transit electric van
  • Toyota cuts production target for current fiscal year to 8.5 million vehicles
  • Mazda's first plug-in hybrid, the CX-60 European version, will be released in March
  • AutoX builds China's largest RoboTaxi fleet, exceeding 1,000 units
  • Tesla's U.S. factory allowed to reopen
  • Daimler AG officially changes its name to Mercedes-Benz Group AG
  • Apple gets new patent: sunroof system with adjustable transparency
  • Sokon shares announced January sales of new energy vehicles: 3,520 units
  • Extreme Krypton 001 reaches the 10,000th delivery

Jeep releases joint electric off-road scooter

Jeep, the big brother in the field of off-road vehicles, recently released a joint version of the RX200 electric off-road scooter with the scooter brand Razor.

In appearance, this scooter adopts a color similar to army green, with a rough style and a tough guy atmosphere. There are also two headlights above the riser handlebars, which look a little more cute.

Unlike ordinary electric scooters, this co-branded skateboard is equipped with 8-inch pneumatic tires to support off-road environments.

Paradoxically, its maximum load limit is only 154 pounds (about 70kg). (Fast Technology)

Cross country (✕), go to work (√).

'Leg cramps' nearly cost Verstappen the world championship

In an interview published by the Guardian on Tuesday, Verstappen revealed that he suffered a leg cramp in the final moments of the game, which was very painful.

"If you look at the telemetry data, you'll see that my throttle data was very non-linear at the time. My legs were like that (cramps) on the last lap," Verstappen said. "If there were more races, One lap and I might not finish the race.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen doesn't think it has tarnished his title. "People always remember the last game, but if you look back at the entire 2021 season, the world champion should have been decided long ago."

On the last lap, I was nervous too. (manual dog head)

Passenger Federation: It is recommended to allow replacement of new energy vehicles to retain the original license plate

At present, consumers need to replace new energy license plates when purchasing new energy vehicles, but some consumers are concerned about the scarcity of fuel vehicle license plates and their preference for the original license plates. In this regard, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Passenger Federation, said: "The policy of requiring that the purchase of new energy vehicles must be changed should be relaxed."

Retaining the qualification for a fuel vehicle is the psychological guarantee for everyone to change to an electric vehicle after taking a fuel license.

This move may help more fuel vehicle users to take the initiative to try and experience new energy vehicles. Even if you don't like it after the experience, you can change it back to the license plate of the fuel car.

Cui Dongshu said that how fuel vehicles can accelerate the replacement of new energy vehicles, promote the development of green transportation, and take care of consumer demands is also an important policy consideration. (interface)

Today's topic: What should I do if the supercharged cable is stolen?

For Tesla, the safety of overcharged piles is also worth considering now. Charging cables are frequently stolen, causing a lot of trouble for both car owners and Tesla.

In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, Tesla also released a "trick" and built a solar-powered version of "security device" next to the charging pile.

The "security device" is equipped with surveillance cameras, as well as horns and sirens for shouting. If someone is found to have stolen the cable, Tesla will warn the thief.

Good guy, what if the security device is smashed, it is recommended to add another security device to the security device.

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