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  • Tesla shortens delivery time again, as fast as 1 week
  • China Automobile Dealers Association released the list of pure electric vehicle value preservation rate
  • Jiangling Ford to make Bronco in 2023
  • Lynk & Co 09 EM-P official image released
  • AITO prospective car owner unexpectedly received the "Order Invalidation Notification Letter"
  • Opel suspends plan to enter China
  • Luxury car market in August: BBA still tops the list, Tesla sees biggest growth
  • Dacia Manifesto concept car or Paris Motor Show debut
  • 95% of the traffic lights in the central urban area of ​​Beijing are networked and controlled
  • Fire Department Announces Huawei Store Fire Accident Certificate

Tesla shortens delivery time again, as fast as 1 week

On September 19, Tesla further reduced its estimated delivery time in China. Currently, the expected delivery time for the Model 3 produced at Tesla's Shanghai factory is 1-8 weeks, and the Model Y is faster at 1-4 weeks.

On the other hand, the production line optimization project of the second phase of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory (Phase I) was completed and commissioned on September 1. The expected acceptance period is from September 1 to November 30. This optimization further expands the production capacity of the Shanghai plant.

In addition, the Berlin factory is also increasing the production of Model Y, reducing the export pressure of the Shanghai factory.

China Automobile Dealers Association released the list of pure electric vehicle value preservation rate

Recently, the China Automobile Dealers Association jointly released the "Research Report on China's Auto Value Retention Rate in the First Half of 2022", of which the most concerned is the pure electric vehicle value retention rate ranking.

The top three models on the list are Tesla Model Y, Porsche Taycan and Wuling Hongguang MINI EV.

It is worth noting that in this list, except for Tesla Model Y, Model X, Model 3 and Porsche Taycan, other car series are from independent brands.

Jiangling Ford to make Bronco in 2023

Recently, Jiangling Ford officially stated that the Ford Ranger pickup will be officially unveiled at the 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show and will be domestically produced in 2023.

At the same time, the official also said that the Ford Bronco will also be introduced and domestically produced in 2023, but it is still uncertain whether it is a Bronco or a Bronco sport model.

The Great Wall is in danger.

Lynk & Co 09 EM-P official image released

Lynk & Co recently released a set of official pictures of Lynk & Co 09 EM-P models. The new car adopts the design of the fuel version as a whole. It is equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system. to 180km.

If you look closely, you can find that some changes have taken place in the internal layout of the front grille of the new car, which is officially called "Lingguang Battle Armor", and the visual experience is more sci-fi.

In terms of interior, the new car has added a morning fog gray color scheme, which is more textured. It is expected to continue to provide 6-seat and 7-seat versions.

To briefly introduce, Lynk E-Motive is a new system launched this year, which is divided into EM-F and EM-P.

AITO prospective car owner unexpectedly received the "Order Invalidation Notification Letter"

According to Jiemian News, an AITO M5 prospective car owner who paid a deposit of 10,000 yuan was temporarily unable to complete the car selection due to the impact of the Shanghai epidemic, registration and continuous high temperature. Therefore, the store sales helped him dormant the order. Discuss car purchases. But at the beginning of this month, the prospective car owner suddenly received an "Order Invalidation Notification Letter" from AITO Auto.

This notification letter pointed out that it has been more than 10 working days since the consumer was notified to pick up the car, and the remaining car payment has not been received so far. According to the "AITO Car Subscription Agreement", it is deemed to have given up the car purchase.

In this regard, the prospective car owner stated in the reply letter that he had not signed this agreement and had not received a notice of car pickup from AITO.

Even the car purchase contract has not been signed, which model has not been determined, the production of the vehicle has not been scheduled, and it has not been delivered.

▲When paying the deposit on the APP, you need to check "I have read and agreed to the "AITO Car Subscription Agreement""

According to the "AITO Auto Subscription Agreement", within 72 hours of paying the subscription deposit, it is a hesitation period. During the hesitation period, the subscription agreement can be terminated by unilateral notice. Exceeding the hesitation period is deemed to have not exercised or waived the exercise of the unilateral termination right, and the subscription deposit will not be refunded.

Zhang Xiang, a specially-appointed expert from the China Bolian Think Tank, believes that the AITO brand has a long time to refund the deposit.

The contract does not clearly state the refund time requirement, and the car seller will naturally delay, which means that the bank's cash flow will also be more abundant.

With the increase in the number of orders, the deposit disputes between AITO and consumers have begun to increase. On the relevant complaint platforms, most of AITO's complaints are related to deposits, and they focus on non-refundable deposits and sales concealment to induce orders.

Opel suspends plan to enter China

According to Jiemian News, citing Germany’s Handelsblatt, the German automaker Opel, a subsidiary of Stellantis, has suspended expansion plans in the Chinese market.

Opel believes that this decision is in line with Stellantis' "asset-light" strategy in China. On July 18, due to the collapse of GAC FCA, Stellantis decided to adopt an asset-light approach to develop the Jeep brand in China, focusing on the distribution of imported cars.

At the Stellantis Group EV Day held in July 2021, Opel proposed a plan to develop pure electric models in China.

In addition to the business contraction, Opel has been laying off a lot of jobs recently.

Luxury car market in August: BBA still tops the list, Tesla sees biggest growth

According to data from the my country Insurance Regulatory Commission, in August, the total number of luxury car insurance in China was 350,000, a year-on-year increase of 14.6% and a month-on-month increase of 9.2%.

Among the top 10 luxury brands in terms of insurance coverage, only Hongqi and Lexus experienced single-digit declines, while the remaining 80 percent of luxury brands experienced positive year-on-year growth in insurance coverage.

Specifically, Mercedes-Benz had 71,192 vehicles insured in August, up 3% year-on-year; BMW followed with 66,095 vehicles, up 9.6% year-on-year; Audi had 64,569 vehicles insured, up 22.6% year-on-year.

The fastest-growing brand is Tesla, which ranks fourth, with 35,647 vehicles insured, a year-on-year increase of 174%. However, affected by the transformation of production lines and export strategies, there are certain particularities in the growth of Tesla's insurance coverage.

Dacia Manifesto concept car or Paris Motor Show debut

Dacia recently released the official image of the Manifesto concept car, which is an Off-road model with a mecha technology style, mainly for those who like outdoor activities.

Dacia emphasizes the off-road capability of this concept car, it has four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, great approach angle and departure angle, in addition, it also uses airless tires, which does not need to be used in the wild. Worry about punctured tires.

To further enhance its versatility, Dacia has also designed a modular roof. In addition, the LED light on the hood can also be taken out and used as a flashlight.

Even more interesting, the Manifesto's seat cover can be removed and turned into a sleeping bag.

According to the plan, the new car is expected to be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2022. (Auto Home)

95% of the traffic lights in the central urban area of ​​Beijing are networked and controlled

According to CCTV news reports, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau will start the standardization, upgrading, transformation and networking of signal lights from 2021. At present, the networked joint control rate in the central urban area has reached 95%.

In the traffic signal timing center in the Beijing Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, the police can remotely manage and control the signal lights in a unified manner. After the data is collected by the traffic detector at the intersection and sent back to the timing center, it is processed in the background, allowing the signal lights to independently optimize the release time and improve the traffic efficiency.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of June 2022, the number of motor vehicles in the country reached 406 million, including 310 million automobiles and 10.01 million new energy vehicles.

Fire Department Announces Huawei Store Fire Accident Certificate

Remember the fire accident in a Huawei mobile phone store in Ordos in mid-June? The accident killed 2 people, and the M5 in the store was burnt down to only the frame.

At first, there were many voices of "M5 spontaneous combustion" on the Internet, but the AITO brand later issued a statement saying that after analyzing the background data of the on-site vehicle, it can be preliminarily confirmed that the source of the fire did not come from the vehicle.

On September 16, the Ordos City Fire Rescue Detachment announced the fire accident certificate for this accident.

According to the certificate, the ignition point of the fire was located at the top, which was caused by the short-circuit of the cable and the ignition of the surrounding flame-retardant plywood and electrical circuits.

In the face of such accidents, netizens should not rush to a conclusion.

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