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  • Lynk & Co unveils The Next Day concept car
  • Qiantu K20 starts pre-sale, pre-sale price starts from 86,800 yuan
  • Toyota unveils official 2023 Corolla images
  • Zhu Jiang, vice president of Jidu Automobile, left after joining for less than half a year
  • Several car companies say the chip crisis is easing
  • BYD's response to replacement parts affects "three power warranty"
  • BMW and Ford may usher in the first solid-state battery cells
  • Toyota unveils O-Uchi Kyuden home battery system
  • Acura teases new prototype racing ARX-06 LMDh
  • Volvo creative ad: looking at the car through the power jack
  • Apple unveils next-generation CarPlay

Lynk & Co unveils The Next Day concept car

On June 6, Lynk & Co released The Next Day, a concept car representing the future design direction of the Lynk & Co brand.

The Next Day is a hybrid four-door GT model, which Lynk & Co regards as a new interpretation of the design language of "Lynk & Co's urban opposite aesthetics".

This concept car is painted with gradient, showing the changes of urban light and shadow from dawn to early morning. Lynk & Co's usual sharp lines also reflect a certain power and beauty.

The top line of The Next Day is very special. It is made of a single piece of integrated glass. Lynk & Co calls it a "black diamond edge-cut dome." The interior of this concept car is very "concept", with a wood grain suspended instrument panel made of denim, velvet zero-gravity seats and other configurations, full of futuristic feel.

After all, it is a concept car, and these virtual things will not be introduced too much. Let's take a look at another thing released by Lynk & Co – LYNKE-MOTIVE Smart Electric Hybrid Technology.

Specifically, this system covers 3 high-efficiency, high-performance hybrid engines, 2 high-efficiency hybrid transmissions, which can match a variety of power batteries of different specifications and 2 rear-drive motors, providing HEV and PHEV power. drive.

In terms of product adaptation, Lynk & Co said it will launch 4 smart electric hybrid products this year, and will launch 3 more within two years; by 2025, all Lynk & Co products will be equipped with Lynk & Co smart electric hybrid technology.

Can Lynk and Co study the car by the way?

Qiantu K20 starts pre-sale, pre-sale price starts from 86,800 yuan

Remember this car?

That's right, this is the future K50 with an official price of nearly 700,000 yuan. Dong Chehui also participated in the public road test of this K50 that year. Now, this new car-making force that almost fell has released a new car.

On the evening of June 6, Qiantu Motor officially released the production version of the Qiantu K20, and announced the pre-sale price of the new car – 86,800-149,800 yuan.

In fact, Qiantu Motor released the prototype of this K20 as early as 2019, and the current production version is not much different from the prototype at that time.

The Qiantu K20 has a simple shape and looks like a "small K50" as a whole. The whole system comes standard with frameless doors, and a convertible version is also available.

The Qiantu K20 adopts an all-aluminum alloy suspension with front and rear double wishbones, and is equipped with a four-wheel drive system with intelligent torque distribution. At the same time, it is equipped with front and rear dual motors with a maximum power of 217 horsepower, and its official acceleration time to 100 kilometers is 4.7 seconds.

This K20 is a two-seater car with a wheelbase of 2360mm, which looks a bit fun.

Toyota unveils official 2023 Corolla images

Toyota recently officially released the official map of the 2023 Corolla family in Europe. The new car still offers three models: sedan, hatchback and wagon.

The 2023 Corolla has been replaced with a new mesh grille and fog light group, and the bumper area has also been optimized and upgraded. At the same time, it is equipped with a newly designed alloy rim, which is more sporty. Models with the GR SPORT package are also blackened

In terms of interior, the new car will provide LCD instrumentation, suspended central control screen, and support Apple Carplay. In addition, the new car can also be equipped with optional wireless charging, ambient lighting, leather interior, etc., to improve comfort and ease of use.

In terms of power, the new Corolla only offers 1.8L and 2.0L hybrid options. Among them, the 1.8L hybrid system can output a maximum of 138 horsepower, which is 18 horsepower higher than the old model. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 9.2s, which is 1.7s faster than the old model.

The 2.0L hybrid version can output a maximum of 193 horsepower, which is 15 horsepower higher than the old model. The 0-100km/h acceleration time is 7.5 seconds, which is 0.5 seconds faster than the old model. (Driving Sight & Fast Technology)

In general, it is: strong power and high appearance.

Zhu Jiang, vice president of Jidu Automobile, left after joining for less than half a year

According to Sina Technology, Zhu Jiang (Izzy), vice president of Jidu Auto, who is in charge of user development and operation, has resigned. The departure time is mid-April, less than half a year before he joined Jidu Auto.

In response, Jidu Automobile replied that Zhu Jiang resigned from Jidu Automobile in mid-April 2022 for personal reasons.

Before joining Jidu Automobile, Zhu Jiang worked for Ford Motor (China) Electric Vehicle Division and was appointed as Chief Operating Officer. Earlier, he served as Deputy General Manager of Lexus China, Vice President of China Brand Management, and Vice President of BMW China, and has extensive experience in brand management and marketing.

Will the next stop be the Krypton Krypton that was previously rumored?

Several car companies say the chip crisis is easing

The global semiconductor shortage that has plagued the auto industry for nearly two years is showing signs of easing, at least for now.

Automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Trucks and BMW have now secured enough chips to run at full capacity after months of production challenges.

Joerg Burzer, head of Mercedes production and supply chain management, said: "We are still monitoring week-by-week, but so far, basically globally, we have had no problems with our production operations."

He also said that while "supply problems still occur at times, the current problems are nothing compared to last year's situation". (Gasgo Auto)

As chip supply improves, automakers are struggling to digest their backlogs and turning their focus to "how to maintain consumer demand."

BYD's response to replacement parts affects "three power warranty"

Recently, a BYD owner said that after replacing the wipers, tires and screws of a BYD new energy vehicle, since the accessories are not genuine spare parts from the original factory, the vehicle cannot continue to enjoy the "three power warranty".

On the evening of June 6, BYD Auto responded through its official Weibo that the matter was misinterpreted. Because the "three power system" involves high-voltage safety, maintenance without the certification of the OEM and the use of non-original parts will bring serious safety hazards. However, the replacement of parts that have no technical causal relationship with the "Three Power System" will not affect the customer's "Three Power System" lifetime warranty rights.

In addition, according to the latest global car company market value ranking, BYD's current total market value is 128.81 billion US dollars, surpassing Volkswagen Group to become the third in the world, and the only Chinese car company in the top ten list. (Interface News & Sky Eye Check)

Staff training needs to be strengthened.

BMW and Ford may usher in the first solid-state battery cells

Solid Power, developer of solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, said on Monday that it aims to begin shipping pre-production cells by the end of the year for demonstrative testing by partners BMW and Ford.

Solid Power has built a pilot production line to provide validation samples to automakers and is looking for a manufacturing partner to start producing its batteries as early as 2026, according to Doug Campbell, co-founder and CEO of Solid Power. .

At the same time, he said, South Korea's SK Innovation is also a potential partner, the company is building joint venture battery plants with Ford in Tennessee and Kentucky. (interface)

They have now completed the installation of the pilot production line, with an annual output of about 15,000 pieces at full capacity.

Toyota unveils O-Uchi Kyuden home battery system

As early as 2015, Tesla announced their Powerwall battery energy storage system, and now, Toyota has brought a similar system – O-Uchi Kyuden.

The system, which is installed outside the home, can be charged from the grid, third-party solar panels or the user's own EV battery and has a rated capacity of 8.7kWh.

The O-Uchi Kyuden system will first go on sale in Japan, with sales to homebuilders and construction companies expected to begin in August. Right now, its price has not been announced.

Like me, there is no chance to use it.

Acura teases new prototype racing ARX-06 LMDh

Recently, Acura officially released a set of preview images of the racing prototype called "ARX-06 LMDh". The model name "ARX" stands for "Acura Racing eXperimental" and "06" stands for the sixth generation.

The car will participate in the LMDh category of the World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2023. At present, the factory teams in the LMDh category include Audi, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, Acura, Lamborghini and other manufacturers.

The teaser image released this time is shown in the form of a camouflaged car, but some basic aerodynamic design can still be seen.

Interestingly, the design of the car was also carried out by Acura's production-model design department, who turned to Honda's performance development team for help after aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing.

However, Acura has yet to announce the performance and parameters of the new car.

Volvo creative ad: looking at the car through the power jack

New York's Grey ad agency launched this somewhat odd campaign for Volvo Cars: Let users explore the Volvo C40's charms through the power jack.

"To experience Volvo's all-electric C40 Recharge, just point your phone's camera at any power outlet in the world."

Apple unveils next-generation CarPlay

Did you watch WWDC last night? Dong Chejun likes the new MacBook Air very much. If you want to know more about WWDC 2022, you can follow the WeChat public account Ai Faner. Today we are mainly talking about the new generation of CarPlay.

"The next generation of CarPlay brings an immersive iPhone experience fully integrated into your car."

The new generation of CarPlay not only brings the new UI and new interaction of the central control screen, but also extends to our dashboard, and will also be compatible with different specifications of the car screen.

In addition to the previous functions, we can also control the vehicle's air conditioning, seat ventilation/heating and other functions directly through the new CarPlay.

But the current problem is that most new energy car companies are reluctant to provide support for CarPlay, and are more willing to use their own systems.

Dong Chejun is curious, do you usually use CarPlay? Or do you prefer to use your own car?

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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