Dong Che Daily | Xiaopeng launches NPG rear-end trailer / Musk: Chinese business data will be stored in China / Changan Ford Mach-E delivered at the end of the year


  • Xiaopeng P7 highway opens NPG, rear-end rear-end trailer
  • Mustang Mach-E will be delivered to Chinese customers in December
  • Porsche will launch an electric version of the 718 in 2025
  • The new generation of Civic officially went on the market. Tomoto continues the myth of buying a vegetable cart?
  • GAC Toyota's new SUV named "Fenglanda"
  • SAIC Audi A7L officially puts into production, will be equipped with V6 engine
  • Geely and Baidu jointly create, Jidu Automobile's first product is exposed
  • Mercedes-Benz acquires a stake in European battery joint venture ACC
  • Musk: China business data will be stored in China
  • General Motors will invest US$300 million in China's autonomous driving company
  • At present, the number of charging piles in the high-speed service area has reached 10,836
  • Unagi launches "No. 11" smart electric scooter
  • Russian Grand Prix qualifying: Norris takes the first shot
  • Today's topic: New and old Civic, which one do you choose?

Xiaopeng P7 highway opens NPG, rear-end rear-end trailer

Recently, a Xiaopeng P7 rear-end trailer at high speed has attracted attention.

It is understood that the car was driving at a speed of 120km/h with the NGP automatic navigation assisted driving system activated before the accident. When a trailer appeared in front of the vehicle, the vehicle failed to slow down in time and directly rammed the trailer in front. At present, the owner of the P7 car has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Regarding the accident, another Xiaopeng P7 owner @byjonathan spoke on Weibo, expressing dissatisfaction with Xiaopeng’s handling attitude, saying that Xiaopeng has never been able to take the initiative to offer phone condolences and questioned the NGP system:

We think the NGP function of Xiaopeng P7 has a fatal flaw! The owner brother asked to return the car and stopped touching Xiaopeng.

Regardless of the brand, you must be careful and careful when using the current automatic assisted driving, and don't trust it too much.

Mustang Mach-E will be delivered to Chinese customers in December

Yesterday, Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley stated at the 2021 World Intelligent Connected Cars Conference that Mustang Mach-E will be delivered to Chinese customers in December.

From the appearance of Changan Ford Mustang Mach-E, it can be seen that Ford attaches great importance to the Chinese market-all series have adopted the appearance design of GT high-performance version, which is also the biggest difference from the overseas version.

The car was launched in April and is divided into four models: standard rear-wheel drive, long-term rear-wheel drive, long-term all-wheel drive, and GT First Edition. The price range is between RMB 265,000 and RMB 379,900.

This car will become the strongest rival of Model Y.

Porsche will launch an electric version of the 718 in 2025

Recently, overseas media Car and Driver reported that Cayman and Boxster will usher in their electric models in 2025.

▲Porsche 718 Boxster, picture from: Top Gear

It is understood that the electric version of the 718 will continue to use the existing name, and its pricing will be slightly higher than that of the fuel version.

In terms of weight, Porsche is determined to maintain the weight of the electric version of the 718 at 3650 pounds (1655 kg), which is nearly 1,000 pounds lighter than the Taycan. Of course, this may have a certain impact on its battery life-it is said that it will not be less than 250 miles (400 kilometers).

▲Porsche Mission R, picture from: Porsche

In the Mission R concept car that Porsche just released, we may be able to see the figure of the future 718. Compared with current models, the design of the electric 718 will be more modern. Porsche has always kept in mind the target group of the 718:

In China, the most important market, the average age of 718 buyers is only 31 years old.

31 years old, there is still a chance (manual dog head).

The new generation of Civic officially went on the market. Tomoto continues the myth of buying a vegetable cart?

It's coming, it's coming, the 11th generation Civic is on the market.

There are six models of the new car. Two low-power versions are priced at RMB 129,900 to 136,900, and four high-power models are priced at RMB 149,900 to 163,900. There are 6 colors.

It can be seen that the entry-level model is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the previous generation, but Honda abandoned the 1.0T three-cylinder engine on the tenth-generation Civic and directly stuffed the new car with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine. However, this low-power 1.5T has only 129 horsepower.

You might say: There is a high-power version, 182 horsepower. However, subject to the national 6B emission standard, the tenth generation Civic of the national 5 really runs faster. This generation of the sedan Civic has also cancelled the manual transmission version, all equipped with CVT gearboxes.

So apart from the changes in appearance and interior, where are the improvements of the new generation of Civic?

The first is the Internet of Vehicles. The new Civic is equipped with the Honda CONNECT 3.0 system, which supports modern functions such as online maps, weather, music, home appliance control, and remote air conditioning.

In terms of safety configuration, it has the blessing of Honda SENSING safety super-sensing system, which can provide active cruise, lane keeping, traffic jam assistance, collision mitigation braking and other functions to ensure driving safety.

This time, it's a teenager who has grown up.

GAC Toyota's new SUV named "Fenglanda"

GAC Toyota officially released the Chinese name of the new SUV model-Fenglanda yesterday.

It is worth noting that this model is not the rumored sister model of FAW Toyota Lingfang Harrier. At present, the Venza declared by GAC Toyota is expected to have a new Chinese name.

It is understood that the new car is positioned as a compact SUV. Judging from the published preview, the new car is likely to be an overseas version of the Corolla CROSS model.

The new car will adopt a new front face design with complex lines, a strong overall three-dimensional effect, and a black wavy air intake grille.

Although the specific dimensions of the new car have not yet been announced, the new car will compete with the current Wilanda models. In addition, the car will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. (Sina Motors)

If it is said that Highlander is a normal replacement, Sina is to make up for the gap in the MPV market, then Fenglanda will further subdivide the SUV market and gain more market share.

SAIC Audi A7L officially puts into production, will be equipped with V6 engine

This morning, as a new Galaxy blue Audi A7L rolled off the production line of SAIC Volkswagen Anting, SAIC Audi's first model was officially put into production.

The new Audi A7L has a total of 7 models, including two advanced versions, one foresight version and four 55TFSI models, with a price range of RMB 599.7-7777.

As a crucial model for SAIC Audi, officials have stated that the A7L will be positioned higher than the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series.

The car is built on the MLB EVO platform. The first version will be equipped with a 3.0TFSI V6 engine, matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a quattro four-wheel drive system. (Sina Motors)

The 2.0T model is yet to come.

Geely and Baidu jointly create, Jidu Automobile's first product is exposed

A few days ago, some netizens photographed the first camouflage car of Jidu Automobile. Judging from the outline of the body, the car may be positioned as a crossover SUV, with two bulges on the roof, or lidar.

In addition, Jidu Automobile CEO Xia Yiping also recently announced the latest news of Jidu's first model on social platforms and exposed pictures of mock prototypes.

He said that Jidu has already carried out software-level development in September, and has advanced the development of smart cockpits and smart driving to improve R&D efficiency. (Quick Technology)

According to previously officially announced information, the price of Jidu's first model will not be less than 200,000 yuan and will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show next year.

Mercedes-Benz acquires a stake in European battery joint venture ACC

Daimler officially announced on Friday that Mercedes-Benz will acquire a 33% stake in European battery manufacturer Automotive Cells Company (ACC), and will become equal shareholders of ACC together with Stellattis and Total Energy.

▲Kang Songlin, CEO of Daimler, picture from: Financial Times

Daimler CEO Ola Kaellenius said in a statement that the purpose of the cooperation is to develop batteries and battery modules and "ensure that Europe will remain the core of the automotive industry-even in the electric age."

With the addition of Mercedes-Benz, ACC's battery production capacity is expected to increase to at least 120GWh by 2030. (The Paper)

ACC will provide battery technology for Mercedes-Benz starting in 2025.

Next year alone, Mercedes will invest hundreds of millions of euros in the company, which is expected to be less than one billion euros.

Musk: China business data will be stored in China

At the 2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit held on September 26, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the summit and delivered a video speech:

Artificial intelligence and human beings will be a two-way service symbiotic relationship. I hope that this symbiotic relationship will benefit both digital intelligence and biological intelligence.

In addition, Musk also showed Tesla's data architecture and data security settings, clarifying that Tesla's cars will generate 4 types of data during use:

  • Vehicle data related to vehicle usage, operation and condition
  • Infotainment system data used by in-vehicle touch screens
  • Diagnostic data
  • Autopilot automatic assisted driving data

He mentioned that Tesla has established a data center in China. All data generated by China’s business, including production data, sales data, service data, and charging data, are completely stored in China. At the same time, it is through data encryption, authentication, Technical means such as access control ensure storage security.

It seems that Musk has a very thorough understanding of domestic policies (manually dogged).

General Motors will invest US$300 million in China's autonomous driving company

General Motors today announced that it will invest US$300 million in Chinese autonomous driving company Momenta to accelerate the development of next-generation autonomous driving technology for future Chinese models.

Bai Li, Executive Vice President of General Motors and President of General Motors China, said:

China has the world's fastest consumer group to adopt car electrification and autonomous driving technology. The agreement with Momenta will support General Motors in accelerating the customization and application of next-generation solutions for Chinese consumers.

Here comes the question: GM said before that it would invest 35 billion U.S. dollars in the field of electric vehicles and autonomous driving, but now it has to invest 300 million U.S. dollars, so… Is Dong Che Junshu handsome?

At present, the number of charging piles in the high-speed service area has reached 10,836

This morning, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure in the transportation sector.

Sun Wenjian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport and head of the Policy Research Office, said at the meeting that 439 new charging piles have been added to the expressway service area, and the number has reached 10,836. 95 new charging pile service areas are equipped with charging stations. The number of pile service areas reached 2,318.

In addition, roads and water and land passenger transport hubs are also accelerating the construction of charging piles to facilitate green travel for users of new energy electric vehicles. (CCTV Network)

Last time Dong Chejun asked, many readers of Dong Chehui seem not to choose to drive a tram to travel by car hahaha.

Unagi launches "No. 11" smart electric scooter

Unagi, an electric scooter manufacturer known to many consumers for launching Iggy Pop, recently launched their second product-Model Eleven.

As a high-tech electric scooter, it not only uses a replaceable battery design, it is also equipped with a motion detection alert system, camera-based "advanced driving assistance", and a unique front and rear suspension that helps smooth the impact of road potholes .

This unique electric scooter supports five different riding modes, with a motor power of 250W, a maximum speed of 30km/h, and a cruising range of 24 kilometers.

Such a wealth of technical features has also allowed the starting price of Model Eleven to reach US$2,440 (approximately 15,800 yuan), and the advanced version that supports object detection is US$2860 (approximately 18,500 yuan). (CnBeta)

At this price, isn't certain rice's electric skateboard fragrant?

Russian Grand Prix qualifying: Norris takes the first shot

Friends, did you watch the qualifying match last night?

The two Mercedes drivers successfully entered Q3 in the rain battle. Hamilton first made 1:44:050 with semi-rain tires, ranking first. At the time, Lando Norris ranked second with a gap of 0.6 seconds, ahead of Bottas.

▲Picture from: motorsport

Among the ten drivers who entered Q3, except for Russell, all the other drivers made a result with semi-rain tires.

That's right, Russell is in Q3 again. This is the fourth time he drove Williams into Q3 this season, and was the first to put on a soft tire.

▲Picture from: motorsport

Hamilton had his first accident at this time. He went up to the wall while returning to the pit lane, causing his nose to break. Mercedes had to replace his nose urgently.

▲Picture from: motorsport

At this time, Ferrari's Sainz ran first in 1 minute, 42 seconds and 510 seconds, rising to the first place. Then, Norris also started his second speeding lap, and made a score of 1:41.993, squeezing Sainz. At the same time, Russell also made achievements, ranking third.

After replacing the damaged front wing, Hamilton reported to the team that the tires could not reach the temperature after leaving the field. In the end, he turned to the wall after turning 16 and ranked fourth.

▲Picture from: motorsport

In addition, Verstappen, Bottas, and Leclerc will start in the pit lane because they have replaced their power units.

Today's topic: New and old Civic, which one do you choose?

In the last issue, our topic was: Will you choose an electric car for driving?

Dong Chejun found that the opinions of his friends were surprisingly unified: no.

Reader @晴 said:

If the problem of battery life and charging is not solved, electric vehicles will not be chosen.

Reader @Joe.L also believes that driving an electric car is better than renting a petrol car. this is a good idea.

▲Car rental is also a good choice

In addition, @Black Bean is also worried that charging piles will be insufficient during peak travel periods and may have to queue for a long time.

However, according to Dong Chejun's experience, it is still feasible to drive an electric car out for self-driving tours, but there is a major prerequisite, which is to plan the route and find the charging station in advance.

As for the question of whether there are any piles during the peak travel period, Dong Chejun will give you a test in the Golden Week of November.

Topics in this issue:

Do you think the new Civic fragrance? Will you choose to rush to the new Civic, or to buy the old Civic?

Come and talk about this car with Dong Chejun.

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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