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  • Subaru Forester Wilderness official map released, expected to be listed by the end of the year
  • "The strongest AMG GT in history" lightly camouflaged car appeared in the Nurburgring
  • Genesis launches 6-seater model GV80
  • "Wei Xiaoli" announces August delivery data
  • Xiaomi announced: the establishment of Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • Xiaopeng medium and large SUV exposure: equipped with lidar, air suspension
  • Subaru's first pure electric model Solterra will be released soon
  • The latest spy photos of the 2022 Renault Megane electric version exposed
  • Volkswagen plans to phase out manual transmissions by 2030
  • Autonomous taxis operated by Lyft will be on the roads in 2023
  • Shell plans to install 50,000 Ubitricity street charging points in the UK
  • The old driver said: Bosch executives sounded the supply chain alarm

Subaru Forester Wilderness official map released, expected to be listed by the end of the year

Subaru recently announced the official map of the Forester Wilderness. The new car has undergone a number of upgrades as a whole, and its body size is larger than the regular version.

Subaru has improved the Forester's off-road attributes by adding body cladding, 17-inch all-terrain tires, and improving the suspension.

The interior is basically the same as the current Forester, but the Wilderness logo on the headrest of the front seat indicates its identity.

In addition, things like rubber floor mats, a unique instrument panel and an 8-inch infotainment display will also be equipped.

In terms of power, the new car will continue to be equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 184 horsepower and a peak torque of 239N·m. (Via Netcom)

This is what the forest people should look like.

"The strongest AMG GT in history" lightly camouflaged car appeared in the Nurburgring

Mercedes-Benz has decided to bring this four-door AMG GT to the market, and the new car will be officially released at the Munich Motor Show.

Mei Ben has announced the details of this AMG GT before, but the specific data of the production version of the model may be changed-800 horsepower may be a bit conservative.

But considering the weight gain brought about by the newly-arranged battery pack, it is almost certain that the new car will be more substantial than the 2.1-ton GT63 S.

However, the 6.1kWh battery in the car allows the new flagship to achieve a pure electric speed of up to 130km/h. The 204 horsepower, 320 Nm electric motor can also help the new car easily shake off the previous 63 S during static acceleration. (Via interface news)

The discussion on the naming of this plug-in hybrid model is also quite interesting. The Mercedes-Benz is likely to resurrect the legendary No. 73 on this new flagship.

Genesis launches 6-seater model GV80

According to Netcom news, Genesis has launched a six-seater version of the GV80 in South Korea. In addition, there are currently five and seven versions of the Genesis GV80.

The front seats of the GV80 six-seater version have not changed, but there are two independent seats in the rear row. There is a huge center console in the middle, with audio control, cup holder (with heating and cooling function), and wireless charging device .

In addition, the car has an innovative feature. After the air conditioner is turned off, the fan will continue to run for 30 minutes to dry the inside of the air conditioner and remove moisture. (Via Netcom)

It looks very comfortable.

"Wei Xiaoli" announces August delivery data

The three "new forces" of Xiaopeng, Weilai, and Ideal all announced their August delivery results today. Among them, Xiaopeng delivered a total of 7,214 units, a year-on-year increase of 172%.

Xiaopeng P7 also continued its relatively strong trend, with delivery volume hitting a record high for four consecutive months, reaching 6,165 units, a year-on-year increase of 209%.

▲Xiaopeng P7

Now entering September, car sales will also usher in the peak season, and Xiaopeng Motors has also stepped up its market share expansion speed, increasing the target of this year's sales stores to 350.

In terms of ideal cars, the total delivery volume of Ideal ONE in August was 9,433, a year-on-year increase of 248% in August last year.

NIO delivered 5880 vehicles in August, a year-on-year increase of 48.3%.

The car sales season is coming, and their performance in the second half of the year should improve even faster.

Xiaomi announced: the establishment of Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd.

At 10 o'clock this morning, Xiaomi Group officially announced: Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. has officially completed the industrial and commercial registration with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan. Xiaomi Group CEO Lei Jun will be the legal representative.

Lei Jun said in March this year that he would invest US$10 billion in the Xiaomi car project in the next ten years.

Last week, Xiaomi spent about 499 million yuan to acquire Deepmotion, an autonomous driving technology company, and future Xiaomi cars may support high-level autonomous driving functions.

When announcing the establishment of the subsidiary, Lei Jun also released a photo of him with some of the backbone of the car-building team, a total of 17 people. This is the first time Xiaomi has disclosed the car team members to the public. The front rows are:

  • Lin Shiwei, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Xiaomi Group;
  • Zhang Feng, partner and senior vice president of Xiaomi;
  • Liu De, co-founder, executive director, senior vice president, and head of the organization department of Xiaomi;
  • Wang Xiang, partner and president of Xiaomi, joined Xiaomi in 2015;
  • Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi;
  • Hong Feng, co-founder of Xiaomi, senior vice president, and chairman of Tianxing Digital;
  • Lu Weibing, partner and senior vice president of Xiaomi;
  • And two people in charge of Xiaomi's government relations.

I could smell the millet porridge in the rice cooker next to me through the screen.

Xiaopeng medium and large SUV exposure: equipped with lidar, air suspension

A few days ago, netizen @包子狸 exposed a set of spy photos of the interior of a new medium and large SUV, which is likely to be the fourth production model of Xiaopeng Motors.

From the spy photos, the steering wheel of the new car adopts a design that is almost the same as that of the Xiaopeng P7. There is a Dalian screen that runs through the entire instrument panel behind the steering wheel.

In appearance, this SUV still uses a split headlight design similar to the P7 and G3i. There is no camera at the body fender, and there are two irregular openings above the front windshield, which may be reserved for lidar.

Xiaopeng once stated that the car will be built on the Edward platform of the Xiaopeng P7, with a maximum wheelbase of 3100mm and air suspension. It is expected to be launched in 2022. (Via Fast Technology)

This interior looks a bit more pleasing to the eye than the P7.

Subaru's first pure electric model Solterra will be released soon

Subaru finally moved.

According to Carscoops, Subaru is actively preparing to launch its first pure electric model. The car may appear in the US market in 2022.

It is worth mentioning that the car is almost identical in appearance to the Toyota bZ4X concept car, which was just released earlier this year.

Subaru's upcoming model is called Solterra, which is a five-seater SUV.

The car was jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota, and its appearance is similar to the Toyota bZ4X concept car, which was released earlier this year.

Looking at the interior of the car, there is a very high center console inside the cockpit, and a very front LCD instrument behind the steering wheel, which can almost be regarded as a head-up display.

The design of this dashboard reminds me of Peugeot’s "i-Cockpit cockpit."

The latest spy photos of the 2022 Renault Megane electric version exposed

According to Motor1, Renault’s new electric car, the Megan E, will be released at the Munich Motor Show next month.

At the same time, a prototype car close to production was exposed to the final stage of testing in southern Europe.

The front face of this car has a huge Renault logo, on both sides are the recently popular slender headlights, and uses independent daytime running lights.

The short front and rear suspension is a sign of a dedicated EV platform. Similar to many new electric vehicles, Megane E is also equipped with electric pop-up door handles to reduce wind resistance.

Some people point out that, not so much as a crossover, the Megane E is more in line with the characteristics of a large-size hatchback. The roof line is obviously inclined and intersects with the thick spoiler, and the headroom in the rear row may be affected.

Let's take a look. Megane E's rear wheel uses disc brakes. (Manual dog head)

Volkswagen plans to phase out manual transmissions by 2030

Friends who have driven Volkswagen manual transmission models must know that the silky and inhaled feeling of Volkswagen manual transmission is difficult to experience on other brands.

However, the elimination of manual transmissions is already the general trend, and Volkswagen has also taken the lead in imposing a "death penalty" on manual transmissions-Volkswagen plans to phase out manual transmissions from 2023.

According to reports, Volkswagen believes that manual gearboxes and clutch pedals will no longer be required for the next new cars. The new Tiguan and Passat launched in 2023 will not provide manual transmission models. (Via Fast Technology)

Those fans who like Volkswagen's manual transmission can only talk about it and cherish it.

Autonomous taxis operated by Lyft will be on the roads in 2023

Recently, Motional, a self-driving car company between Hyundai Motor and Aptiv, revealed more details about its self-driving taxis.

Motional first announced earlier this year that it will use Hyundai IONIQ 5 as its first vehicle.

The self-driving taxi is equipped with a variety of sensors, such as cameras, millimeter wave radar and lidar. These sensors are installed in conspicuous locations outside the car to help people recognize that it is an autonomous vehicle.

The car will be equipped with the hardware and software required for L4 autonomous driving, which means the car can run without anyone holding the steering wheel under certain conditions.

In addition, the company is also cooperating with Lyft and said that by 2023, customers in certain cities will be able to use the Lyft app to call the car. (Via cnBeta)

In fact, Lyft also studied its own autonomous driving technology before, but recently sold it to Toyota for $550 million.

Shell plans to install 50,000 Ubitricity street charging points in the UK

In January of this year, Shell announced the acquisition of Ubitricity, a British electric vehicle street charging network service provider, which successfully turned street lights and other facilities on the road into charging piles for electric vehicles.

Shell recently stated that Ubitricity plans to install 50,000 street charging points in the UK by 2025.

This can make electric car charging cheaper and more convenient, and it is convenient for car owners who don't have private parking spaces but want to charge overnight.

At present, the United Kingdom has set a goal of banning the sale of fuel vehicles by 2030. Therefore, the rapid construction of a charging network is currently the top priority. (Via Sina Technology)

According to the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom, currently about two-thirds of households in British cities do not have private parking spaces.

The old driver said: Bosch executives sounded the supply chain alarm

Is the new crown epidemic the culprit leading to the chip shortage? Yes, it is not.

On August 24, local time, CNBC published a report in which Harald Kroeger, a member of the board of directors of Bosch, stated in an interview that the semiconductor supply chain system in the automotive industry was "unoperable."

▲ Harald Kroeger

After the new crown epidemic has swept the world, large-scale shutdowns of work and production have continued, and chip shortages have also erupted. For people in 2021, it is not surprising that cars are “lack of cores”.

Kroeger's attitude is very clear. He does not want to prove from the data level how serious the current shortage of cores in the automotive industry is. He sees further than the average person. He found that the existing automotive semiconductor supply system is unable to withstand the impact of the new crown epidemic.

Kroeger said that in his opinion, there are several key events that have a great impact on automobile production capacity:

  • The severe cold in the southern United States in early February of this year;
  • The fire at the Ibaraki factory of Renesas Electronics Japan in March of this year;
  • Suspension of production in large production countries represented by Malaysia.

▲Renesas Electronics Japan Ibaraki factory fire

For semiconductor manufacturers, Bosch is basically the largest customer in the automotive field. If even the largest customer and the highest-priority orders cannot be met, the situation faced by other car companies or suppliers can be imagined.

If the existing supply system is not adjusted, even if there is no new crown epidemic in the future, the chip shortage is likely to reappear due to other reasons. (Via car stuff)

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