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  • The third-generation BMW X1 spy photos exposed, or push pure electric derivative models
  • Hyundai IONIQ 5 N high-performance version of spy photos exposed
  • Kia SPORTAGE GT-line official image released
  • U.S. regulators send letter to Tesla regarding autonomous driving system
  • Hengda car hits the road, Hengchi 7 road test spy photos exposed
  • NIO announces OTA upgrade, adding driver emergency assistance function
  • Tesla Roadster delivery time pushed to 2023
  • Smart's first pure electric SUV will be unveiled at the IAA Auto Show
  • Genesis announced: Only electric cars will be launched from 2025
  • Qoros Auto’s July output was 0, Baoneng’s funding problem was exposed
  • New rainbow ring material makes it easier for self-driving cars to recognize road signs
  • Cars can also be designed like this: Rolls-Royce floating shadow

New Car Information Bureau

The third-generation BMW X1 spy photos exposed, or push pure electric derivative models

The time when the third-generation BMW X1 was unveiled is getting closer and closer, and Carscoops also recently exposed spy photos of this X1.

The new car uses a larger size air intake grille, and the shape is similar to that on the BMW X5. At the same time, the shape of the headlights is more radical.

The latest spy photos show that the new X1 uses a digital cockpit design, with a panel integrated with digital instruments and a central control screen in front of the cockpit.

It can also be seen that the new car uses a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, and a single air-conditioning outlet is designed under the center control screen.

The new X1 is expected to be unveiled in 2022, based on the evolution of the UKL/FAAR platform.

The two chubby buttons on the steering wheel have a Tesla feel.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 N high-performance version of spy photos exposed

Recently, foreign media exposed a set of undisguised spy photos of Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. As a representative of the performance of the "N" series models, its acceleration performance is close to the Porsche Taycan Turbo level.

From the spy photos, the appearance of the IONIQ 5 N is not much different from that of the normal version, but it has larger wheels and brake calipers. In addition, its tires have also been replaced by Pirelli P Zero.

It is reported that IONIQ 5 N will have 447kW of power, which is almost twice that of the IONIQ 5 four-wheel drive version (225kW), and it may only take 3.5 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers. (Via electric state)

The regular version of IONIQ 5 has just begun to be delivered, and this IONIQ 5 N is expected to be seen next year.

Kia SPORTAGE GT-line official image released, will be unveiled at the Munich Motor Show

A few days ago, the new Kia SPORTAGE GT-line European version of the official map was released. The new car is based on the new Kia SPORTAGE and has a more sporty exterior design.

Compared with the regular version, the new car uses a more radical honeycomb front grille, and has been blackened, and is equipped with GT-line exclusive logo, and the rear surround has also been re-adjusted.

In the interior, the new Kia SPORTAGE GT-line uses a through-type instrument panel, the bottom of the three-spoke steering wheel has a unique GT logo, and the knob shift is used.

In terms of power, the new car offers a variety of power combinations, with 1.6T turbocharged engine, 2.0T diesel engine, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. (Via car home)

The wheelbase of this European SPORTAGE is 75mm shorter than other versions, and it should be more dexterous to drive.

New forces in car-making

U.S. regulators send letter to Tesla regarding autonomous driving system

According to the Associated Press, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sent an 11-page letter to Tesla.

The former asked Tesla in the letter how its automated driving assistance system responds to the collision scene and low-light conditions. The information requested by Tesla includes: how to ensure that the driver stays attentive, how to test before the product is released, and renew.

In addition, NHTSA also hopes that Tesla will provide all consumer complaints, litigation and arbitration cases involving autonomous vehicles.

On August 16, the US government launched a formal investigation into Tesla's autopilot system. The investigation covered all Tesla's current models.

At that time, NHTSA stated that since 2018, a total of 11 car accidents have been determined to be related to Tesla. (Via Pinwan)

Shenzhen today also made it clear in its regulations that if driverless cars violate the law, the owners and managers of the vehicles will be held responsible.

Hengda car hits the road, Hengchi 7 road test spy photos exposed

Although it was reported some time ago that Evergrande Motors will be packaged and resold, the mass production of Evergrande Motors is still in progress.

A few days ago, some netizens uploaded a set of undisguised photos of Hengchi 7 on the road test. The car has been exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show before, and this is the first time that its authentic car has appeared in the public eye.

In contrast, there is a slight difference in appearance between the actual car and the show car. The diamond texture in the middle of the front face has been moved to the left and right sides, and the rearview mirror has also changed from an electronic type to a traditional shape.

According to the previously announced model layout plan of Evergrande, Hengchi 7 is a B-class sedan with a price range of 200,000 to 350,000 yuan, which is benchmarked against Mercedes-Benz C-class, Audi A4L, BMW 3 series and other models. (via Fast Technology)

Nowadays, Evergrande Auto is facing a situation of being sold, and the product is facing financial difficulties before mass production.

NIO announces OTA upgrade, adding driver emergency assistance function

Yesterday, NIO announced the OTA upgrade-Aspen 3.0.0 version has been officially released on August 31, and the current version is 2.9.0 and above vehicles have been pushed in batches.

This level of upgrade involves the update of NIO Pilot, the new driver emergency assistance (EDA) function, that is, in the Pilot/NOP state, the driver's ability to control the vehicle will be continuously tested to ensure driving safety as comprehensively and effectively as possible.

In addition, Xiaopeng Motors also opened DSM fatigue detection to users of the Zhixiang version in August. When the auto-assisted driving function of XPILOT 2.5 is turned on, it can determine whether the driver is fatigued in real time.

When auto-assisted driving is turned on, it is necessary for the vehicle to detect the driver, and an appropriate "punishment mechanism" should even be set up.

Tesla Roadster delivery time pushed to 2023

Tesla CEO Musk announced yesterday that supply chain shortages continue to put pressure on the auto industry, so the delivery of the new Roadster will be delayed until 2023 at the earliest.

The new Roadster is a high-performance electric car that was originally expected to be launched in 2020.

According to Tesla's previous statement, a Roadster equipped with a 200kWh battery can reach a speed of at least 400km/h and a range of more than 1,000 kilometers.

Although it is indeed the "jumping king", there is no other way. Tesla's Shanghai factory had been suspended for four days a while ago.

The crossroads of “oil and electricity''

Smart's first pure electric SUV will be unveiled at the IAA Auto Show

A few days ago, smart officially announced that the new smart wizard #1 concept car will be officially unveiled at the IAA Munich Motor Show.

The new car is built on a pure electric platform and is designed by the Mercedes-Benz global design department. The Geely Global R&D Center supports engineering research and development.

Judging from the official preview map, the front face of the new car uses a dot matrix grille, with through-type daytime running lights connected to the headlights on both sides, which visually stretches the width of the body.

In addition, the production model will also use hidden door handles, equipped with a large-size panoramic sunroof, and add golden rectangular elements as an embellishment.

It is understood that the new car is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV based on Geely's vast SEA structure. After the new car is launched, it will become the first pure electric SUV under the smart brand. (Via electric state)

This "large smart" looks pretty good.

Genesis announced: Only electric cars will be launched from 2025

Yonhap News, Hyundai Motor's luxury brand Genesis today released its latest plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

To this end, the company plans to launch only hydrogen and pure electric vehicle models after 2025; by 2030, it will launch 8 zero-emission new vehicles to seize the luxury brand electric vehicle market.

According to the plan, Genesis will establish two electrification strategies for hydrogen fuel and batteries, and focus on the development of high-performance new fuel cell systems and new generation lithium batteries.

Genesis today also released the GV60, the first model based on the E-GMP pure electric platform. The car is expected to be officially launched in the second half of the year.

Qoros Auto’s July output was 0, Baoneng’s funding problem was exposed

According to data from the Travel Association, the production of Qoros under Baoneng was 0 in July, and the cumulative production of Qoros from January to July 2021 was 1927.

▲Qoros 3

It is worth noting that as early as the beginning of this year, Baoneng Auto was exposed to layoffs, delays in salaries, and withdrawal of social security. At the end of July, Baoneng Automobile was exposed to layoffs again, and the scale of layoffs increased from 35-40% to about 70%.

Qoros Auto was established in 2007 and is a high-end brand under Chery Automobile, but the subsequent development of the brand has not been smooth.

▲Qoros 3

After Qoros was transferred by Chery, Baoneng, who took over, had high hopes for it, but due to product strength and slow iteration, it did not improve.

At the same time Baoneng was also exposed to deep funding problems. In response, Yao Zhenhua, chairman of Baoneng Group, said in an interview that he would resolutely pay every penny. (Via Fast Technology)

▲Qoros 5

At first, Qoros 3 was quite competitive when it first came out, but it's a pity.

Tomorrow sunrise

New rainbow ring material makes it easier for self-driving cars to recognize road signs

Self-driving cars want to drive normally in a complex road environment, and accurate recognition of traffic signs is a skill they should have.

In order to allow self-driving cars to recognize traffic signs more accurately, researchers have developed a new type of reflective material that can make it easier for computer vision systems to recognize traffic signs.

Under normal circumstances, the computer recognizes road signs by their color and shape, which may be affected by light, weather, etc., and cannot accurately recognize road signs.

The new material used this time is called Micro-scale Concave (MCI), which consists of a film of tiny polymer spheres embedded in tape.

When light hits the surface, these microspheres reflect it into a series of concentric circles. Traffic signs made of this material can provide more signals for future self-driving cars. (Via cnBeta)

It is even more perfect with the high-precision map.

Guangzhou plans to launch 50 self-driving buses

This morning, Guangzhou Mayor Wen Guohui presided over an executive meeting of the municipal government.

The meeting passed the "Guangzhou Public Transport Group Autonomous Driving Convenience Line Project Operation Plan", and plans to open the Yuzhu Software CBD headquarters and Guangzhou Tower Scenic Area during the trial operation phase, and increase the Pazhou digital economy test based on the line's operating conditions District, International Biomedical Value Innovation Park and other 4 routes.

According to the plan, Guangzhou will put in 50 5.5-meter self-driving vehicles, and put forward operational safety guarantee measures and work requirements. (Via Securities Times Network)

Friends who drop by, go to experience it quickly, and those who don't drop by (manual dog head).

Cars can also be designed like this: Rolls-Royce floating shadow

It seems that I haven't watched luxury cars with everyone for a while. Today we will "pay respect" to this Rolls Royce floating image.

The length of the new car is nearly 5.9 meters. Rolls-Royce has redesigned the iconic Parthenon’s grille and lights.

This air intake grille is made of a single piece of aluminum billet instead of embedding. Such a high degree of freedom design can only be presented on the exclusive customized car body.

It is worth mentioning that Floating Shadow is the first Rolls-Royce model to adopt a hand-painted gradient bonnet. From the grille to the windshield, the dark blue gradually changes from dark blue to the body color.

The most special is its "hospitality kit".

After getting off the car, the cover at the rear of the car is telescopic and moved, and the beautiful and handy parasol can be easily opened. On both sides are the cocktail tables connected by piano hinges. Below the wine table are two pieces designed by Rolls-Royce and an Italian furniture brand. Promemoria's carefully crafted cocktail stool.

In addition, the interior of the car adopts a blue tone as a whole, while the details are supplemented by metal and crystal fragments. It not only echoes the nautical theme again, but also shows low-key luxury in the dark.

It is reported that during the development of Fuying, Rolls-Royce has overcome great challenges in vehicle engineering. 1813 brand new parts were created specifically for this floating shadow. (Via cnBeta)

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