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  • The official real shot video of 极氪001 EC light sensor canopy released
  • Hertz orders 100,000 Teslas, valued at $4.2 billion
  • Toyota provides fuel cell systems to the domestic market
  • Honda Civic HATCHBACK hybrid version of spy photos exposed
  • The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG is exposed and continues to be powered by V8
  • Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory data center completed
  • 360 formally bought a stake in Nezha Automobile
  • The logic behind the hot sale of micro electric vehicles
  • Brembo releases smart braking system
  • Beidou system landed in civilian use, applied to lane-level navigation
  • How does the F1 team take care of employees' mental health
  • French Skoda electric car humorous advertisement: if I knew
  • Today's topic: Will girls pay for pink?

The official real shot video of 极氪001 EC light sensor canopy released

Yesterday Dong Chejun talked about a group of extremely krypton EC canopy car owners who expressed their doubts about the EC canopy in the form of a "joint statement."

In response, Jikrypton officially released a live video about this feature today:

▲ Before the opening of the EC canopy

▲After the EC canopy is opened

Polar Krypton officially announced that the EC light-sensitive sky screen equipped with Polar Krypton 001 is transparent under normal conditions. When it changes color, the glass is blue, and the UV blocking rate is as high as 99.9%. (New trip)

▲Previous renderings of extremely krypton

This effect is indeed a little bit different from the previous official renderings. I wonder if everyone is satisfied?

Hertz orders 100,000 Teslas, valued at $4.2 billion

Car rental giant Hertz recently ordered 100,000 Model 3s from Tesla for car rental services.

It is reported that this largest new energy vehicle order in history will bring about 4.2 billion US dollars in revenue to Tesla (26.8 billion yuan)

Hertz said that customers can use Tesla overcharge for charging, and Hertz will also build its own charging infrastructure.

In addition, Musk said on the social platform that there is no discount for the Model 3 sold to Hertz, and the price is the same as that of ordinary consumers.

Toyota provides fuel cell systems to the domestic market

Today, United Fuel Cell System Research and Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Huafeng Fuel Cell Co., Ltd., funded by Toyota Motor Corporation, will begin to sell the first fuel cell system "TL Power 100" for the development and production of commercial vehicles in China.

This system is based on Toyota's second-generation Mirai fuel cell system. It consists of 330 series-connected fuel cell power generation units, with a peak power of 128kW, a volume power of 4.4kW/L, and a battery life of 850 kilometers.

It is said that recently a batch of Toyota's second-generation hydrogen energy vehicles Mirai have been imported in China, which will provide services for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

New Honda Civic HATCHBACK hybrid version of spy photos exposed

Motor1 recently exposed the road test spy photos of the new Honda Civic HATCHBACK hybrid version. The new car will be equipped with an i-MMD hybrid system composed of a 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine and dual motors.

From the spy photos, the new car adopts a new design in appearance, the elongated headlights are more sharp, the tail adopts through-type taillights, and the taillights on both sides are also very family-like. In addition, it is also equipped with blackened wheels for a more sporty feel. Enhanced.

The new car only camouflages the front face, side skirts and rear bumper area, which also heralds the upgrade of these three.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG is exposed and continues to be powered by V8

After exposing the new Mercedes-Benz AMG S-Class in June, Carscoops recently exposed the test spy photos of this car at the Nürburgring.

From the photos, we can confirm that this is an AMG model, with a straight waterfall-style grille, with large air intakes, large brake calipers, and bilateral four-outlet exhaust. At the same time, the design of the front and rear surrounds has also been adjusted.

However, no reserved port for charging was found in the spy photos. It is reported that the car will be equipped with the same power system as the AMG GT 63 SE Performance, and the highest output power of the 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 plus electric motor. It will reach 843 horsepower and a peak torque of 1400N·m.

AMG S with V12 is gone, how long can V8 last?

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory data center completed

Yesterday, Tesla’s Shanghai R&D and Innovation Center and Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory Data Center were both completed, which will be used to store data on Chinese operations such as factory production.

The Shanghai R&D Innovation Center is Tesla's first overseas R&D center based on vehicle development, including software, hardware, electronics, materials, power and energy engineering teams.

It is understood that the R&D center has a total of 28 laboratories. At this stage, it is focusing on the development of Tesla's software, hardware, processes and technologies in China. It also undertakes application adaptation and standard testing for the Chinese market, and participates in global AI machine learning. Related research and development work.

In the future, Tesla's Shanghai R&D Innovation Center will also carry out more original development work on complete vehicles, charging equipment and energy products, and develop into a comprehensive R&D center on the same scale as the US R&D center.

At the same time, Tesla's market value officially exceeded the $1 trillion mark, surpassing Facebook to become the fifth largest company in the US stock market by value.

360 formally bought a stake in Nezha Automobile

Yesterday, 360 Main Body 360 Safety Technology Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the progress of foreign investment, which revealed the latest progress on the shareholding of Nezha Automobile.

The announcement pointed out that 360 has previously disclosed that it intends to invest in Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. with its own funds totaling RMB 2.9 billion. It has now fulfilled the procedures required by relevant government authorities, and the relevant agreement for this investment has been completed. The signing is complete.

Another Internet company entered the bureau to build a car.

The logic behind the hot sale of micro electric vehicles

Since SAIC-GM-Wuling launched the Hongguang MINI EV, micro pure electric vehicles have ushered in sales growth. The Hongguang MINI EV even surpassed the Tesla Model 3 and topped the sales list.

Many car companies are also very jealous of this market segment, and have launched products of the same level.

With a battery life of more than 100 kilometers, only slow charging is supported, there is no central control screen, and some do not even have air conditioning and airbags. Why are the mini-electric vehicles with discounted configuration selling well?

1. Demand exists

The daily travel in many third- and fourth-tier cities is dominated by "Old Tou Le". In Shandong alone, the production and sales scale of low-speed electric vehicles has reached 700,000. The entry of mini-electric vehicles headed by Hongguang MINI EV into this market is undoubtedly a dimensionality reduction blow for "Old Tou Le".

2. Price advantage

Micro-electric vehicles have become the best solution in the travel market due to their low-cost advantages, and their prices are basically around 25,000 yuan.

3. Favorable policies

Relevant favorable policies have greatly promoted the rapid iteration of the micro-electric vehicle market. For example, the "Liuzhou Model" developed by Guangxi Liuzhou and SAIC-GM-Wuling is a typical representative.

Brembo releases smart braking system

Recently, the high-performance braking brand Brembo launched a new revolutionary electronic braking system Sensify, this system will be combined with artificial intelligence to provide individual braking force for each wheel.

In this system, an electronic control unit is installed on each wheel to detect all parameters that affect braking performance, including road friction, vehicle mass, weight distribution, speed, steering angle, and so on.

When the driver takes the brake action, two ECU controllers send instructions to the electronic control unit one after the other. After receiving the instruction, the electronic control unit calculates the force required by each wheel within milliseconds based on the parameter information, and then executes precise braking force to each wheel. (New trip)

The maximum load of this brake system can reach 3 tons, which is very suitable for new energy vehicles.

Beidou system landed in civilian use, applied to lane-level navigation

"Lane-level navigation" is an innovative service of Beidou's high-precision technology for civilian use. It uses high-definition rendering technology to restore the real road scene to the greatest extent, including the number of lanes, ground markings, entrances and exits, etc.

It applies the sub-meter-level high-precision positioning of the Beidou system, and the positioning accuracy has evolved from 5-10 meters road level to sub-meter lane level, so as to achieve high-precision guidance at complex intersections.

Dong Chejun, who always missed the ramp, was saved.

How does the F1 team take care of employees' mental health

With the number of games in the season increasing to 23 games, F1 faces the most tiring schedule to date. Working away from home for a long time can have an impact on the mental health of team members.

F1 drivers and team executives can enjoy luxurious private jets, high-end hotels and relatively streamlined schedules, but for mechanics and other team personnel, working 12 hours a day during the race week has become the norm.

McLaren’s collaboration with the charity Mind is an important example of the F1 team’s direct and open response to mental health issues.

Their team has 8 well-trained mental health first responders to ensure that employees on business trips can get support when needed, and a sports psychologist also participates in several grand prix races a year to integrate into the team and help supervise Internal health of the team.

French Skoda electric car humorous advertisement: if I knew

Skoda launched its first electric car, the Enyaq iV, which has become a product leap for the brand with its top-of-the-line interior, advanced technology and 534 kilometers of endurance.

In this creative advertisement for Skoda Enyaq iV, a man drove his newly bought car. He was very happy at first, but he didn’t expect the Enyaq iV that was galloping across, so his mood instantly dropped to a freezing point, because of this Enyaq. iV is the right choice.

Gilles Fichteberg, Chief Creative Officer of Rosa Advertising in Paris, who produced this ad, explained:

We want to show this very proud guy's transformation from laughter to tears.

Take a look at the original video:

Today's topic: Will female users pay for pink?

Yesterday, Dong Chejun asked friends about their views on flying cars.

@艾格西 mentioned:

How to delimit the driving area after the flying car? Even big cities like Beijing have no-fly zones and height restrictions for drones.

Regulations are indeed a problem, but Dong Chejun feels that this requires a good product to advance, and something must be done first, right?

In the past, the main buyers of automobiles have always been men, but today, when new energy automobiles are popular, the situation has changed a bit.

At this year's Chengdu Auto Show, Chery, Euler, Roewe, Nezha and many other car companies have launched new models specifically for women. Their biggest feature: all of them use pink color.

But can you capture female users just by spraying the car in pink? what do y'all think?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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