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  • Chevrolet unveils official images of Trailblazer EV
  • Porsche will launch a new pure electric SUV, positioned higher than the Cayenne
  • In ten years, Tesla delivered nearly 3 million vehicles
  • Ford F-150 Raptor R Officially Released
  • Tesla gains momentum in Australia, expected to double by year-end
  • BYD discloses the latest achievements of the NVH team
  • Volkswagen's battery unit prepares for public offering
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Research on the issue of purchase tax exemption is being stepped up
  • Mass Creative Advertising: Amazing Movies
  • Volkswagen China CEO: Range-extended hybrid is a transitional technology and will not be pursued

Chevrolet unveils official images of Trailblazer EV

Chevrolet recently released the official image of the pure electric version of the Blazer EV, and revealed that the model will be launched in the summer of 2023, challenging the Model Y, the current best-selling pure electric SUV in the United States.

The Blazer EV will be produced based on the GM Autocan platform, and it is planned to launch four models: 1LT, 2LT, RS and SS.

Among them, the top model SS has 557 horsepower and 879 Nm of torque, 0-96 km/h acceleration time within 4 seconds, supports DC fast charging with power of 190 kW, and has a cruising range of 515 kilometers. The power parameters of other models are temporarily no data.

At the end of last month, BofA Securities analyst John Murphy said in his Car Wars report that by 2025 the three vehicles could allow GM to outsell all rivals, including Tesla, in electric vehicle sales.

It actually has an air conditioner knob, so touching!

Porsche will launch a new pure electric SUV, positioned higher than the Cayenne

Porsche announced its plans to launch a high-end electric SUV at an event at its Weissach R&D center in Germany.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said that this pure electric SUV will be positioned above the Cayenne. "The model will be produced on the production line in Leipzig, which will further expand our position in the luxury car segment."

He also said that Porsche is targeting higher-margin segments and that the brand plans to develop new sales opportunities in higher-end markets.

In the future, Porsche will mainly focus on expansion in the US and emerging markets. Currently, Europe, North America and China account for roughly the same proportion of total Porsche sales.

Porsche's decision to target the lucrative segment is not surprising, and the luxury segment is set to see strong growth in the coming years.

In ten years, Tesla delivered nearly 3 million vehicles

CleanTechnica released a report stating that from the third quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2022, Tesla has delivered a total of 2,899,877 vehicles and is expected to reach 3 million by the end of July.

Among them, the Model Y, which was launched in early 2020, has now sold more than 800,000 vehicles; while the Model 3, which was launched in 2017, has sold more than 1.5 million vehicles.

If nothing else, the Model Y should catch up to the Model 3 soon.

Ford F-150 Raptor R Officially Released

Ford officially released the F-150 Raptor R, a high-tech version of the F-150. The new car is equipped with the same 5.2L V8 supercharged engine as the Mustang Shelby GT500, with a maximum power of 710 horsepower.

In this era of pursuit of fuel economy and extreme environmental protection, it is not easy for manufacturers to launch models equipped with large-displacement V8 engines.

It is understood that the new car is priced at US$110,000 (about 739,000 yuan) in the North American market. At present, the environmental protection policies of various countries are becoming more and more stringent, and the Ford F-150 Raptor R is likely to be sold only in North America. (driving sight)

Ford: Environmental protection or something, let's talk about it.

Tesla gains momentum in Australia, expected to double by year-end

Tesla Chairman Robyn Denholm said at the Australian Clean Energy Summit on the 19th that Tesla's electric vehicle sales in the region are growing rapidly on a low basis and are expected to double by the end of this year.

Denholm revealed that there are currently more than 26,500 Teslas on Australian roads, accounting for about 1 per cent of Tesla's global sales.

That number doesn't look like much, doesn't it? It should be noted, however, that electric vehicles are a late starter in Australia and currently only account for 2 per cent of new car sales.

"Australia is in a very unique position from an energy standpoint because we have more Powerwalls in Australia than there are Teslas on the road," Denholm said.

In terms of the laying of fast charging stations, Australia has also made very slow progress.

BYD discloses the latest achievements of the NVH team

A few days ago, BYD held a BYD NVH active sound quality sharing meeting at its Shenzhen headquarters, and for the first time disclosed the NVH active sound design to the outside world.

The BYD NVH team has developed new NVH active sounds of different styles for the "Dynasty Series" and "Ocean Series" respectively, including functional prompt sounds such as shifting, steering, and double flashing, as well as sound effects such as startup, flameout, welcome, and sports sounds. .

Dong Chejun also listened to the scene and briefly described:

The "Dynasty Series" models are based on the Chinese pentatonic model, incorporating musical instruments from different dynasties into different models;

The active sound of the "Ocean Creature Series" models is young and stylish, with a little sound of waves, and at the same time, the bionic sounds of animals such as dolphins and seals can be heard;

The "Warship Series" model introduces the iconic sounds of ships such as the departure whistle, and there is a feeling of waves hitting the hull.

Automotive NVH covers three major fields of noise, vibration, and harshness, and is an important indicator to measure the comfort of vehicle driving.

BYD believes that quietness is one of the core goals pursued by NVH, but a good NVH is not absolute quietness, but gives drivers and passengers a comfortable auditory experience .

Volkswagen's battery unit prepares for public offering

In addition to spinning off its Porsche unit, Volkswagen is planning an initial corporate offering for its battery unit PowerCo to overcome supply chain headwinds, according to Bloomberg.

As part of Europe's attempt to build a homegrown battery industry to undercut the dominance of Asian battery suppliers, Volkswagen created PowerCo to cover a variety of battery production jobs. By 2030, PowerCo plans to invest more than 20 billion euros in five factories.

Last week, PowerCo broke ground on its first battery factory. The plant will produce 40GWh of batteries per year, enough to meet the needs of about 500,000 electric vehicles .

  • SAIC and Horizon have deepened cooperation, and the Chengcheng 5 chip model is expected to be mass-produced in 2023
  • Tesla plans to expand Texas Gigafactory
  • Extreme Krypton 001 ME version is on the market, priced from 349,000 yuan
  • He Xiaopeng's Weibo post on flying cars: precise control, where to hit
  • Sony to develop self-driving sensors to improve car battery life by reducing energy consumption
  • FAW's first Hongqi H5 fuel cell vehicle rolls off the trial production line

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Research on the issue of purchase tax exemption is being stepped up

On July 19, Tian Yulong, spokesperson and chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that since the beginning of this year, the development of the new energy vehicle industry has received attention from all parties, and the country's new energy vehicles have achieved stable and rapid development, which is also a global phenomenon. striking.

Regarding the extension of the new energy vehicle purchase tax, Tian Yulong said that the State Council attaches great importance to it, and relevant departments are currently stepping up research and releasing relevant results as soon as possible.

The subsidy is gone, I hope the purchase tax exemption can still be retained.

Mass Creative Advertising: Amazing Movies

British advertising agency adam&eveDDB has recently launched a series of interesting new advertisements for Volkswagen. These ads are inspired by classic scenes from Hollywood movies, but the endings are a bit surprising…

Volkswagen China CEO: Range-extended hybrid is a transitional technology and will not be pursued

According to the Financial Associated Press, Volkswagen China CEO Feng Sihan reiterated on the 15th:

From a customer value standpoint, range-extended hybrid is a transitional technology that the Volkswagen Group will not pursue.

Why reiterate it? As early as September 2020, Feng Sihan said when talking about the technical route of electric vehicles, "Extended-range electric vehicles have certain value from the perspective of bicycles, but from the perspective of the entire country and the earth, it is the worst solution."

Li Xiang obviously took Feng Sihan's remarks in his heart.

At the end of 2021, Li Xiang wrote on Weibo, "Thank you for the encouragement and continue to work hard", and attached the sales comparison between Volkswagen brand medium and large SUVs and Ideal ONE from 2019 to 2021.

Although this does not justify the technological backwardness of the Zeng program, Li Xiang can be considered to have regained a city in sales.

Recently, with the CEO of Wei Pai tearing up Yu Chengdong, the topic of adding programs and mixing backward has attracted everyone's attention. We will not discuss the pros and cons of this power form for the time being, but for now, many manufacturers are ready to launch related models.

I wonder if you will consider the extended-range model represented by the ideal and the question world?

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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