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  • Nezha's new model exposed, expected to be released in 2023
  • Polestar 5 prototype unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Gaohe HiPhi Z More Details Exposure
  • Musk says Texas and Berlin factories are losing billions
  • BMW Brilliance Rida plant opens
  • CATL confirms Hyundai-Kia will ditch LG
  • Ningde era Kirin battery officially released
  • The Pearl River Delta removes the five immigration restrictions
  • Seoul to install 'swap stations' at 150 public phone booths
  • NIO crashed, two test drivers killed

Nezha's new model exposed, expected to be released in 2023

On June 22, Nezha Auto released a micro-movie about its first flagship coupe, the Nezha S. At the end of the film, there is a new car that has not been seen before.

It is reported that this is the second model of Shanhai platform, which adopts a new design language and is expected to be launched in 2023.

At the previous communication meeting, Nezha said that he would not adopt a family design. Nezha believes that family design is not a user requirement, and each model of Nezha in the future will have a unique design style.

Zhang Yong, CEO of Nezha Automobile, also disclosed on social platforms, "This is the next car from the Shanhai platform of Nezha S, a cool car", "Users of Nezha S don't have to worry, it's not the same type of car at all. , there is no substitution relationship.” (New trip)

Judging by the pictures, this is likely to be a coupe.

Polestar 5 prototype unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed

On June 23, Polestar made its first public demonstration of the Polestar 5 prototype at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It is reported that the Polestar 5 is positioned as a high-performance pure electric 4-door GT coupe, which evolved from the Polestar Precept concept car that debuted in 2020.

The Polestar UK R&D team designed and developed a unique all-aluminum bonded body for the Polestar 5. Pete Allen, the head of the R&D team, said that the Polestar 5 applies the latest forward-looking engineering technology and is a model that can represent the core of the Polestar brand. 's model.

At the same time, in Sweden, Polestar's new pure electric power system is also under development. The new system is based on an 800-volt electrical architecture and aims to provide a maximum output of 650kW (871 horsepower) and a peak torque of 900N m. (easy car)

If it is not easy to drive, it is not called Polestar.

Gaohe HiPhi Z More Details Exposure

On June 23, Gaohe Automobile released the latest promotional video of its new flagship model HiPhi Z.

In the latest video, Gaohe showed the active air intake grille of the HiPhi Z, which effectively reduces wind resistance. At the same time, the rear of the new car is also equipped with an electric rear wing, which further enhances the sense of technology.

The new car also retains the sci-fi 22-inch "flexible armor" wheel design on the concept car. The logo in the middle of the wheel will remain stationary when driving, and the purple side skirts also enhance the visual effect of the whole car.

At the same time, Gaohe announced that the new car will be launched in 11 major cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Ningbo and Qingdao.

Gaohe's design has always been controversial, do you like it?

Musk says Texas and Berlin factories are losing billions

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in an interview with the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Club that the company's new auto plants in Texas and Berlin are struggling to increase production due to issues such as battery shortages. Lost billions of dollars.

Musk said: "Berlin and Austin factories are huge 'money burning furnaces' now. They are really making a huge roar, that is the sound of money burning."

It was the sound of a steel peg falling to the ground. (manual dog head)

BMW Brilliance Rida plant opens

On June 23, the large-scale upgrading project of the Lida Plant of BMW Brilliance Production Base officially opened. It is reported that. With a total investment of 15 billion yuan, the project has set the highest single investment in BMW's history in China, and can achieve 100% production of electric vehicles. At present, BMW Brilliance i3 has been put into production here.

By 2023, BMW will launch 13 pure electric models in China. With the gradual increase in the production capacity of the Rida plant, the annual production capacity of BMW Brilliance will increase to 830,000 vehicles.

The Rida factory is the first factory in the BMW Group that has been planned and simulated in a virtual environment from the very beginning. From factory planning, architectural design, production line layout to equipment debugging, all digital twin models are created on the Epic Games Unreal Engine 3D creation platform. and simulate.

The Shenyang Lida plant is BMW's third vehicle assembly plant in China.

CATL confirms Hyundai-Kia will ditch LG reported that Kia Motors, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, has selected CATL batteries for its NIRO crossover pure electric SUV and will sell it in South Korea.

Electric vehicles sold by Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors in the South Korean market have previously used batteries produced by South Korean companies, including LG New Energy and SK On, a subsidiary of SK Innovation. After the introduction of CATL batteries in the local market for the first time, this supply relationship will be broken.

In March last year, Hyundai Motor announced a global recall of 81,701 related electric vehicles, including KONA and IONIQ electric versions, due to fire accidents.

The cause of the vehicle fire is that some high-voltage battery system components are defective, and the battery supplier is South Korea's LG Chem (now LG New Energy), which will also bear 70% of the cost of the recall.

Because of this recall incident, Hyundai Motor has some doubts about the battery supply capability and safety guarantee of South Korea's LG New Energy.

According to public data, the top five global power battery installed capacity in 2021 are: CATL, LG New Energy, Panasonic, BYD, and SK On.

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  • Musk's Boring company wants to dig a tunnel under Tesla's Texas Gigafactory
  • Volkswagen CEO is skeptical about the existence of Apple Cars
  • Ford promises to build electric cars in Spain and Germany
  • Toyota recalls new electric vehicle bZ4X due to possible loose bolts

Ningde era Kirin battery officially released

On June 23, CATL officially released the Kirin battery. The battery pack uses the third-generation CTP technology, and CATL said that the battery will be mass-produced in 2023.

At the technical level, Kirin Battery has pioneered the cancellation of the original independent design of the horizontal beam, the water-cooling plate and the thermal insulation pad, and integrated it into a multi-functional elastic interlayer, which makes the volume utilization rate reach 72% and the energy density reaches 250wh/kg. .

Under the same chemical system and the same battery pack size, the power of the Kirin battery pack is 13% higher than that of the Tesla 4680 battery system.

In terms of safety, Kirin battery places the traditional water-cooling function at the bottom between the cells, which quadruples the heat exchange area and shortens the temperature control time of the cells to half of the original. In extreme cases, the cells can be rapidly cooled, effectively blocking the abnormal heat conduction between the cells, and effectively avoiding irreversible damage caused by the abnormal working temperature of the battery. (new trip)

Li Xiang said on Weibo: "See you next year." Got it?

The Pearl River Delta removes the five immigration restrictions

According to CCTV, on June 22, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to increase the support for auto consumption, emphasizing the further release of auto consumption potential.

For small non-operating used cars, the move-in restrictions will be completely lifted from August 1, and the transfer registration will be separately endorsed and temporary license plates will be issued from October 1.

The Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment also issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Transfer Registration of Small Used Cars with National V Emission Standards" on the 22nd.

The "Notice" shows that the Pearl River Delta will cancel the restriction on the relocation of small, non-operating second-hand vehicles that meet the National V emission standards from now on, and light-duty vehicles with the National V emission standards in the Pearl River Delta region can continue to move to each other.

Friends from Guangshen, it's time to buy a car.

Seoul to install 'swap stations' at 150 public phone booths

According to South Korea's "Dong-A Ilbo" report on the 22nd, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said on the 21st that it will install "exchange-type charging stations" that can replace electric motorcycle batteries in 150 public phone booths this year.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government stated that people can directly replace the battery at the battery-exchange-type charging station converted from the existing public telephone booth, which greatly shortens the charging time. The city of Seoul plans to set up 150 charging stations in some areas this year. In May, Seoul City has set up 30 in Guro, Dongjak, Songpa and other places.

In addition, the city of Seoul plans to replace 100% (35,000) of its full-time delivery motorcycles with electric motorcycles by 2025 to reduce air pollution and noise. (Global Times)

It turns out that there are phone booths in Korea.

NIO crashed, two test drivers killed

The surging news reporter learned from relevant departments that at about 17:22 on June 22, on the 3rd floor of Building 8, Shanghai Automotive Innovation Port, Lane 56, Antuo Road, Anting Town, a Weilai test car fell from a height, causing Du Two test drivers, Mou and Zhang, were injured. After 120 arrived, they were sent to Anting Oriental Hepatobiliary Hospital for treatment. Among them, Du died due to ineffective rescue, and Zhang was declared dead in the early morning of the 23rd due to poor results after the hospital operation.

In response, NIO responded: "One of the (victims) was a company colleague and the other was a partner employee. After the accident, the company immediately cooperated with the public security department to initiate an investigation and analysis program for the cause of the accident. The analysis of the situation can preliminarily confirm that this was an accident (not caused by the vehicle).” At the same time, Weilai also said, “I am very saddened by this accident and express my deep condolences to the deceased colleagues and partner employees. The company has been established. A special team to help families deal with the aftermath.”

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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