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  • Mercedes-Benz releases the latest EQE teaser video
  • Wuling's new NANOEV will be unveiled on the 29th
  • New interior design, AION LX test spy photos exposure
  • Apple cars may be released in 2024
  • Musk considers canceling Model 2 steering wheel and pedals
  • Evergrande Group announces: Hengchi summer test ends
  • The luxury cockpit from the future, Audi grandsphere released
  • BMW's carbon emissions in 2030 will be reduced by 40% compared to 2019
  • Ford Explorer pure electric version may debut in 2023
  • Shenzhen: Unmanned vehicles violate regulations, administrators are responsible
  • Mercedes-Benz announced the use of "hydrogen steel" green materials to make cars
  • Appreciation of God Cars: Domestically-made "Old Man Music" that successfully went to sea

Mercedes-Benz releases the latest EQE teaser video

Last night, Mercedes-Benz officially released a preview video of the EQE model, which is an electric car that is slightly smaller than the EQS.

From the preview video, EQE continues the design style of EQS in appearance. Like EQS, EQE is also equipped with Mercedes-Benz Digital Light headlights, but the shape is slightly different.

In the interior, the instrument layout of the two cars is almost the same, consisting of a digital instrument panel and a large touch screen, which is also integrated into the Mercedes-Benz MBUX system.

EQE is based on the same EVA architecture as EQS. It is understood that EQE will launch two models, the EQE 450 with rear electric motors and the EQE 580 4Matic with dual electric motors. (Via new trip)

You will be able to see this car in Munich soon.

Wuling's new NANOEV will be unveiled on the 29th

At the Wuling Fashion Makeup Party held a few days ago, officials stated that Wuling's first two-seater mini-electric car NANO EV will be officially released on the 29th of this month.

According to the previously exposed declaration map, the overall outline of the new car is similar to that of the Baojun E200, but the shape is more agile. The front face adopts a fully enclosed design and is matched with the black trim of the front bumper.

It is understood that the new car will be equipped with a single motor with a maximum power of 33 horsepower and a lithium iron phosphate battery with a battery capacity of 230Ah. (Via electric state)

MINI EV sold for 28,800, so does this NANO EV only cost 20,000?

New interior design, AION LX test spy photos exposure

This afternoon, a group of spy photos of AION LX were exposed.

The new GAC AION LX has undergone a series of adjustments to the front face. It is replaced with a new closed front face of the Aion family. The overall shape is more square, and the tail is not much different from the current model.

▲Picture from: New Travel

In the interior part, the real-shot vehicle adopts a design similar to the AION S Plus, from a through screen to a split screen design, and other details need to be further announced by the official.

▲Picture from: New Travel

In terms of power and endurance, according to the previous catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the single-motor version is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a peak power of 180kW and is driven by a ternary lithium battery. The NEDC endurance is 650km. (Via new trip)

▲Interior of AION S Plus, the picture comes from: New Travel

In addition, this car also has a 1000km endurance version, with a comprehensive cruising range of up to 904km.

Apple cars may be released in 2024

A new report points out that Apple plans to launch Apple Car in 2024, and Apple is also visiting automakers in South Korea and Japan. The important topic of these visits is how to produce Apple Car under the background of global chip shortage.

Earlier, there were rumors that Apple would launch car products in 2024 ahead of schedule, instead of 2027 as mentioned in earlier information. Now this report also supports this statement. (Apple Insider)

According to the patent filed by Apple, the front face of the Apple car may also have a screen.

The content of Tesla's internal meeting was leaked

Elon Musk held a quarterly conference call for Tesla employees last night. Investor Sawyer Merritt leaked a lot of the conference content on Twitter this morning:

  • The Berlin plant is expected to start construction in October;
  • Tesla plans to build an apron with the word Tesla for the Texas factory;
  • Musk said that FSD Beta V10 is very powerful;
  • The rumored "Model 2" will not be named in this way;
  • Musk is considering making the “Model 2'' a purely autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel and pedals
  • Tesla's overcharge network will be opened soon and will be the first to launch in the European market;
  • The Cybertruck electric pickup truck will be postponed to mass production in 2022, and deliveries will begin in 2023;
  • Musk expects Tesla to have huge growth in the next few years;
  • Tesla may develop unmanned minibuses in the future, focusing on solving the mobility of people with disabilities.

Among them, how many are smoke bombs?

Evergrande Group announces: Hengchi summer test ends

Yesterday, Hengchi 7-Road test spy photos were exposed on the Internet. From the photos, the actual car is slightly different from the Shanghai Auto Show car. It should be preparing for mass production.

Today, Evergrande Group announced that the summer test of Hengchi 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 has successfully concluded, and said that Evergrande’s car manufacturing "has entered a new stage."

According to reports, Hengchi's summer test was conducted in Turpan, where the surface temperature is as high as 80℃, and Qionghai, where the average relative humidity is 90%. A total of 53 vehicles of the five models were tested simultaneously.

Officials said that the test lasted 70 days, with a cumulative test duration of over 20,000 hours and a mileage of over 500,000 kilometers. (Via Fast Technology)

It should be noted that Evergrande Motor stated in its financial report that if there is no further capital investment in the short term, the timetable for mass production of new energy vehicles may need to be postponed.

The luxury cockpit from the future, Audi grandsphere released

Following the skysphere concept sports car, Audi has released the grandsphere concept car, which is the second of three future-oriented sphere series luxury pure electric vehicles.

Audi elaborated the design concept of Dynamic Monolith on this concept car, and added a swooping fast hatchback design to this concept car.

In terms of interior, the car uses a reduced-design interior (simple design style), without a common display screen, and instead uses a high-definition projection design.

When the grandsphere enters the autopilot mode, the steering wheel and pedals will be hidden, and passengers can enjoy the convenience brought by the "digital ecosystem" and can use streaming media services at will.

The car will be built on the Volkswagen PPE platform and will share 800-volt charging technology with the Audi e-tron GT. The official estimated cruising range can reach 750 kilometers.

The design of this car is likely to affect the successor model of the Audi A8.

BMW's carbon emissions in 2030 will be reduced by 40% compared to 2019

In 2030, the carbon emissions of the entire life cycle of its vehicles will be reduced by at least 40% from 2019.

In order to achieve the above goals, BMW plans to increase its use of recyclable materials from 30% to 50% in the vehicle production process.

BMW CEO Chiptzer mentioned the Paris Climate Agreement in his statement. He said:

We have developed a clear course of action to achieve the goal of lowering the temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

This time, the new target proposed by BMW is one-third higher than before.

Ford Explorer pure electric version may debut in 2023

A few days ago, Ford officially announced that it will develop in the fields of electrification and intelligent networked services in the future. The company's best-selling SUV, Explorer, is also expected to launch a pure electric version in 2023.

According to foreign media reports, the Explorer EV will be produced based on the GE2 electric vehicle platform, which is expected to make its debut in the middle of 2023.

In addition, Automotive News stated that the production of Explorer EV will be in charge of the Cuautitlan assembly plant in Mexico, which is currently producing Mustang Mach-E.

Almost all traditional car manufacturers have announced electrification strategies, but there are not many manufacturers capable of investing 30 billion US dollars.

Shenzhen: Unmanned vehicles violate regulations, administrators are responsible

According to Nandu reports, the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress recently reviewed the "Regulations on the Management of Intelligent Connected Vehicles in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Draft Revised Second Draft)."

The "Regulations" stipulate that when an intelligent networked car without a driver breaks the law, the owner and manager of the vehicle shall bear the responsibility for the violation, but when penalizing them, the regulations on driver scoring are not applicable.

In order to eliminate potential safety hazards, the "Regulations" clearly stipulate that the temporary driving license plate issued by the traffic management department of the municipal public security organ must be obtained before road testing and demonstration applications in Shenzhen can be carried out. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of relevant enterprises, special provisions are provided to encourage qualified intelligent networked car-related enterprises to build road and traffic scene simulation simulation platforms, and carry out simulation tests and technical verifications.

Self-driving cars still have certain particularities in traffic management.

Mercedes-Benz announced the use of "hydrogen steel" green materials to make cars

According to Feber, Mercedes-Benz plans to be carbon neutral by 2039.

To this end, the company announced this week that it has reached a partnership with the steel production giant Swedish Steel Group (SSAB) to purchase steel produced from green hydrogen energy instead of coking coal. This technology is called "hydrogen steel". "technology.

At present, steel production is still very dependent on fossil fuels, and the Swedish Steel Group stated that "hydrogen steel" can substantially eliminate carbon dioxide emissions during the production process.

Just last month, the Swedish Steel Group delivered the first batch of "hydrogen steel" to Volvo, which will use it to produce concept cars.

Appreciation of God Cars: Domestically-made "Old Man Music" that successfully went to sea

Today's "Appreciation of God Cars" is a little bit different from usual.

I accidentally read a report published by an Indian counterpart, saying that only the money of an iPhone 12 Pro Max is needed to buy the cheapest electric car in the world today.

Click inside and have a look. This small car named electricKar K5 (model K5M-2500) is made in China and named Regal Raptor Motors.

This small car uses a two-seater design, with front and rear bumpers, light sets, rearview mirrors, wipers, etc., and the price is 2,100 US dollars (approximately RMB 13,500). Buy 10 cars and enjoy the wholesale price, 1,800 dollars per car.

In terms of basic parameters, this "Old Tou Le" is 2.2 meters long, 1.09 meters wide, and 1.62 meters high. It is equipped with a 2.7kWh battery pack and an 800W motor. It has a maximum speed of 40km/h and a range of up to 66 kilometers. (Via Fast Technology)

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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