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  • GMC releases trailer for Sierra Denali electric pickup truck
  • Mercedes preview Vision EQXX: will be unveiled at CES
  • New Toyota Asia Dragon interior exposure: cancel physical buttons
  • Ford CEO: Confident to surpass GM and then Tesla
  • The New York Police Department is considering purchasing 250 Model 3s
  • Musk is optimistic about Chinese car companies: will do things well
  • New energy vehicles will enter the era of exclusive auto insurance
  • The Mercedes team announces the cancellation of its appeal to the FIA
  • The birth and development of car rearview mirror
  • Today's topic: Will you spend four thousand yuan to drive a Ferrari for a day?

GMC releases trailer for Sierra Denali electric pickup truck

GMC today released a preview of its new electric pickup truck Sierra Denali EV.

Judging from the preview picture, the front face of the electric Sierra Denali is equipped with a huge closed grille, surrounded by LED lights, and the center is a self-luminous GMC logo. The entire front face is full of strong mechanical wind.

Like the GMC Hummer EV, the car will be built on the Ultium platform and will use GM's next-generation battery architecture. The cruising range may exceed 400 miles (643 kilometers). It will also be equipped with four-wheel steering and panoramic views. Glass roof. (Electrek)

The new car may be unveiled together with Chevrolet Silverado EV in 2022 and will be put into production in early 2023.

Mercedes preview Vision EQXX: will be unveiled at CES

Mercedes-Benz today released the latest preview of the Vision EQXX concept car and stated that the new car will be officially unveiled on January 3, 2022.

The biggest highlight of the new car is that it has a pure electric cruising range of over 1200km.

The head of the car, Markus Schafer, previously stated that Mercedes-Benz will set up a team of engineers to manufacture the world's longest endurance and most efficient electric car. Under the advanced aerodynamic design, it can or will be as low as 9.65km/kWh.

As you can see in the trailer, the new car has a large curvature front and a longer rear design, which can effectively reduce wind resistance and reduce the impact of turbulence on battery life. (New trip)

It’s hard to say that the battery life is not long, the tail box must be very large.

New Toyota Asia Dragon interior exposure: cancel physical buttons

The interior of FAW-Toyota’s new Asian Dragon has also recently been exposed for the first time. Unexpectedly, Toyota, which has always been conservative, directly cancelled the physical buttons and knobs on both sides of the center control screen.

However, Toyota still retains the physical buttons in the air conditioning control area under the screen. After all, if these commonly used functions also require touch operation, it will increase the cost of learning and is not conducive to driving safety.

In addition, some models will also provide a full LCD instrument panel, further enhancing the sense of technology.

In terms of power, the new Asian Dragon will continue to be equipped with 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid systems. (CnBeta)

Is this air outlet serious? Vaguely you can still see the big black edges of the screen.

Ford CEO: Confident to surpass GM and then Tesla

Ford CEO Jim Farley (Jim Farley) recently released a "ruthless remark" in an interview with Bloomberg:

We are confident to surpass Tesla in the US electric vehicle market, but first of all, we must surpass GM. In order to accomplish this goal, we will increase the production capacity of electric vehicles to 600,000 vehicles per year within two years and become the world's second largest electric vehicle. automobile manufacturer.

According to the plan, Ford will allocate the annual production capacity of 600,000 vehicles to its three pure electric vehicles: Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and E-Transit.

Farley said that consumer demand for F-150 Lightning is currently on the rise, with cumulative orders reaching close to 200,000 units; Mustang Mach-E also achieved sales of 22,000 units this year, becoming the second best-selling pure electric vehicle in the United States. SUV, second only to Model Y. (Quick Technology)

At present, Ford's share of the US electric vehicle market is 10%, a significant increase from last year's 5.4%. Maybe this century-old brand can really shine in the electrification wave.

The New York Police Department is considering purchasing 250 Model 3s

According to Bloomberg News, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is considering buying 250 Model 3s. The draft procurement contract shows that NYPD will pay US$51,940 (approximately RMB 330,000) for each Model 3.

NYPD is the largest police department in the United States, with nearly 36,000 police officers and 9,000 vehicles. This market was once dominated by Ford. But just in July of this year, NYPD bought a Tesla Model 3 and turned it into a patrol car.

In 2020, the Bagsville Police Department in Indiana also included the Model 3 in their fleet. Commissioner Todd Bertram commented at the time:

The two major factors we consider when buying a car are obviously cost and performance. Tesla's performance is better than the car we currently drive (Dodge Charger).

In terms of cost, he bought the Model 3 for $41,000 each, which was slightly more expensive than the Dodge Charger. But considering the mileage of the patrol car, a Model 3 can save about $6,000 in fuel costs in one year.

Nowadays, some places in the country have purchased pure electric police cars.

Musk is optimistic about Chinese car companies: will do things well

On December 15th, local time, after being elected Man of the Year by "Time", Musk was named "Man of the Year" by the British "Financial Times" for promoting the electric transformation of the automobile industry.

In an interview with the British "Financial Times" , Musk mentioned that China will become a force that cannot be ignored in the world's auto industry.

"I think people have overlooked the great achievements China has made. It is incredible." He said, "The sheer number of professionalism, hardworking and smart people in China is amazing. At the same time, With a little more fear, they will do things well."

As China's first wholly foreign-owned automobile factory, since the completion of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory in 2019, Tesla's production capacity and market scale in China have been continuously increasing. (The Paper)

Musk's attitude towards China is not unrelated to Tesla's rapid growth in China.

New energy vehicles will enter the era of exclusive auto insurance

After soliciting opinions for many times, the long-awaited new energy vehicle insurance clauses and benchmark premium tables in the industry have finally landed.

On December 14, the Insurance Association of China formally issued the "Exclusive Provisions for Commercial Insurance of New Energy Vehicles (Trial)." On the same day, the China Association of Actuaries released the "New Energy Vehicle Commercial Insurance Benchmark Pure Risk Premium Table (Trial)". At this point, new energy vehicles will officially enter the era of exclusive auto insurance.

In the past, new energy vehicles with steadily increasing inventory did not have exclusive auto insurance products, but continued to use fuel vehicle auto insurance clauses, which often caused disputes in claims.

The exclusive clauses this time include all the three-electric systems of new energy vehicles, and clearly stipulate the use status of new energy vehicles, including parking and charging status in addition to driving. In addition, in view of the risk of battery fire, fire and burning are also specifically emphasized in accidents of insurance liability.

The Mercedes team announces the cancellation of its appeal to the FIA

This afternoon, the Mercedes-AMG team stated in a statement that although it does not recognize the safety car procedures implemented by the FIA, it will accept the results of the race, as well as the investigation and rectification plan proposed by the FIA.

The Mercedes team believes that in the final race of F1 this season, FIA race director Michael Massi restarted the race without fully untiring the ring car, which directly caused Hamilton to lose the annual championship.

After the race, the Mercedes team protested this and missed the FIA ​​year-end awards ceremony on Tuesday.

The FIA ​​issued a statement yesterday that President Jean Todd proposed to the World Motorsport Council to conduct in-depth analysis and clarification of the incident with all relevant parties. The relevant analysis report will be announced before the start of the 2022 season.

The battle for the 2021 F1 championship is settled.

The birth and development of car rearview mirror

At first, cars did not have rearview mirrors, and drivers had to turn their heads to observe the rear conditions when turning.

▲ Dorothy Levy

It was not until 1906 that the legendary British female driver Dorothy Levitt put forward the idea that "the mirror can be used to observe the car behind", but it did not attract attention.

But on the racing track, someone discovered the value of this mirror.

▲The first Indy 500

In the early racing car, in addition to the driver, there is usually an assistant who is responsible for observing the car behind to ensure the safety of the race, but this will undoubtedly affect the speed of the car.

In the first Indy 500 in 1911, Ray Haroun, an engineer and racer of the American Marmon Company, installed a simple rear-view device on his car and won the championship.

It was not until 1921 that an inventor named Elmer Berger obtained a patent for a car rearview mirror, named it "COP-SPOTTER", and mass-produced it in his own company.

Early rearview mirrors were mostly round flat mirrors, and they were only available on the driver's side. Nowadays, our rear-view mirrors are symmetrical, and the application of curved mirrors makes the field of view of the rear-view mirrors continue to increase.

In modern car models, rearview mirrors have more and more functions, including automatic folding, heating of the rearview mirror, and automatic downturning when reversing.

Now, many automakers are trying to bring streaming media rearview mirrors into the car, using cameras to replace traditional rearview mirrors. However, this approach will inevitably lead to increased costs, and reliability remains to be tested.

Today's topic: Will you spend four thousand yuan to drive a Ferrari for a day?

Today, Haro Travel announced the launch of its self-driving car rental business. According to reports, a deposit of 550 points or more for Zhima Credit can be waived.

Dong Chejun probably understood that the rental fee for a Hello trip includes the basic car rental fee, basic security service fee and car dealer handling fee. If you rent a Santana for one day, it's about 80, a Porsche 718 for a day is about 1,258 yuan, and a Ferrari 458 for a day costs 4,325 yuan.

▲Unconsciously, Ferrari 458 is already 11 years ago models

Would you spend four thousand dollars to drive a Ferrari for one day? Anyway, it’s enough for me to ride a hello bike hahaha.

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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