Dong Che Daily | Mercedes-Benz releases EQXX with a battery life of 1000 km / BMW iX M60 will be released / “Wei Xiaoli” announces annual delivery results

It is already 2022, and happy new year everyone.


  • Mercedes releases EQXX, the drag coefficient is as low as 0.17
  • BMW iX M60 released: 3.8 seconds over 100
  • BYD Yuan PLUS EV starts pre-sale
  • The new BMW X1 is on the market, the three-cylinder engine is still in
  • Tesla delivers more than 930,000 vehicles worldwide in 2021
  • "Wei Xiaoli" announced the annual report card, Xiaopeng won first place in the year
  • Free return or exchange within 7 days? Car "Three Guarantees" began to be implemented
  • Nmoto builds retro body kit for BMW C400X
  • Tesla's first high-speed service area in Guangdong starts overcharging
  • Ma Zeping is ready for the "midstream competition"
  • Scalping orders need to be rectified, and raising the deposit may be an effective method
  • Today's topic: Will you choose "add money"?

Mercedes releases EQXX, the drag coefficient is as low as 0.17

At the beginning of the new year, Mercedes-Benz brought us a brand new concept car-VISION EQXX.

The EQXX has a very beautiful body line, and the rearward extension of the tail compartment is a major feature of it. It can be seen that Mercedes-Benz is on the air resistance bar this time. Mercedes-Benz claims that this EQXX achieves a drag coefficient as low as 0.17.

On the other hand, under the support of lightweight magnesium alloy wheels, doors made of a variety of materials, and batteries that are 30% lighter than EQS, the weight of EQXX is only 1750 kg, which is equivalent to a compact SUV. .

It is worthy of praise that although the weight of this battery has been reduced and its volume is only 50% of the EQS battery, its capacity still reaches 100 kWh.

On the other hand, with the accumulation of Mercedes-AMG in F1 and FE competitions, they achieved 95% transmission efficiency on this EQXX.

Mercedes said that through dedicated efforts in transmission efficiency, energy density, aerodynamics and lightweight design, the actual cruising range of the EQXX can reach 1,000 km.

Of course, in order to extend the cruising range as much as possible, the output power of the EQXX motor is also limited to 150 kW, so far.

BMW iX M60 released: 3.8 seconds over 100

BMW confirmed that the more powerful iX M60 will be unveiled at the 2022 CES show, with a maximum power of over 610 horsepower and a peak torque of 1100 N·m.

The BMW iX M60 adds a series of sports kits to the iX, such as front and rear surrounds, side skirts, diffusers, etc., and adds a more sporty cement gray car paint.

The iX M60 is equipped with a four-wheel drive system composed of front and rear dual motors. The acceleration from 100 km/h is 3.8 seconds, and the WLTP cruising range is 575 km. (IT House)

M-Power in the tram, are you looking forward to it?

BYD Yuan PLUS EV starts pre-sale

During the New Year's Day holiday, BYD also gave a big gift. The first SUV Yuan PLUS EV of BYD e-platform 3.0 officially started pre-sale.

The new car has a range of 430 km and 510 km, a total of four models, the pre-sale price range of 132,800 to 152,800 yuan.

In appearance, Yuan PLUS EV adopts BYD's brand-new Dragon Face3.0 design, which integrates the headlights and the net well, and the tail shape is not bloated.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts a new interior design language, with a unique and bold style, and the overall look is more innovative and youthful. (New trip)

The fly in the ointment is that the Yuan PLUS EV's car machine has not improved too much, and there is a certain gap between the experience and UI design and the new power car companies.

The new BMW X1 is on the market, the three-cylinder engine is still in

Recently, the 2022 BMW X1 was officially launched. The appearance of the new car has not changed much. Silver panels have been added to the front and rear surrounds and side skirts, which slightly makes the X1 more refined.

In addition, silver rearview mirrors and 18-inch Y-shaped aluminum alloy wheels also accentuate the X1's sporty style.

In the interior, the new X1 still uses a 10.25-inch central control screen, and features such as wireless CarPlay, Baidu CarLife, and voice recognition are not absent.

The new car is still equipped with 1.5T three-cylinder and 2.0T four-cylinder engines, the maximum power of the two is 138 horsepower and 189 horsepower respectively. (Quick Technology)

Of course, it doesn't mean that the 1.5T version cannot be bought, maybe you can copy the bottom line.

Tesla delivers more than 930,000 vehicles worldwide in 2021

On January 2, local time, Tesla released the 2021 car production and delivery report.

The report shows that for the entire year of 2021, Tesla delivered more than 930,000 vehicles globally, an increase of approximately 87.4% year-on-year, and delivered more than 300,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter. As of November 30, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory has delivered more than 400,000 vehicles in 2021.

Tesla said that thanks to a high degree of intelligence, digitization, and a part localization rate of up to 86%, the Shanghai Super Factory's production capacity has been further increased. In the third quarter of 2021, the Shanghai Super Factory's Model 3 and Model Y quarterly output exceeded the Fremont factory for the first time, increasing Tesla's global delivery speed.

According to data released by Tesla, there are currently more than 500,000 Tesla owners in China, with a total mileage of 3,721,200,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to 33 trips between Earth and Mars.

"Wei Xiaoli" announced the annual report card, Xiaopeng won first place in the year

On the first day of 2022, the leading companies of new car manufacturers, Weilai Automobile, Ideal Automobile, and Xiaopeng Automobile successively announced the delivery data for December 2021.

Among them, Xiaopeng Automobile delivered 16,000 vehicles, an increase of 181% year-on-year; Ideal Automobile ranked second with 14,087 vehicles, an increase of 130% year-on-year; Weilai Automobile ranked third with deliveries of 10,489 vehicles, an increase of 44.3% year-on-year.

From the perspective of the delivery volume in 2021, Xiaopeng Automobile won the championship with 98,155 vehicles, an increase of 260% year-on-year; Weilai Automobile delivered a total of 91,429 vehicles, an increase of 109% year-on-year; Ideal cars ranked with a slight gap Third-90,491 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 177%.

With the increase in sales, the sales network and energy supplement network of "Wei Xiaoli" are also steadily expanding.

Free return or exchange within 7 days? Car "Three Guarantees" began to be implemented

Although production capacity problems still exist and cars are becoming more and more expensive, there is actually good news in 2022.

From January 1, 2022, the "Regulations on Responsibility for the Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Auto Products" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") have officially come into effect.

It is understood that in response to disputes over return and exchange caused by serious quality problems of new cars immediately after leaving the store, the "Regulations" added a provision that free replacement or return of goods due to quality problems within 7 days.

In addition, it is clear that due to quality problems, the cumulative repair time exceeds 30 days, and the cumulative number of repairs exceeds 4, and the vehicle can be returned.

For new energy vehicles, household vehicles that have a driving distance of 60 days from the date of delivery or within 3,000 kilometers, and the battery catches fire due to quality problems, can be returned and exchanged free of charge.

During the validity period of the three guarantees, the power battery and driving motor have been replaced twice due to quality problems, and the vehicle cannot be used normally, but the vehicle can be returned.

  • BYD announced December sales: 92823 units
  • AIWAYS completes a new round of financing, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars
  • In 2022, the new energy national subsidy will decline by 30%, and many car companies have increased their prices
  • Toyota may launch an automotive software platform in 2025
  • The CEO of Volkswagen said that it may launch an electric Beetle in China
  • Model 3 becomes Europe's best-selling electric car in 2021
  • Weilai Li Bin: Apple making cars is a meaningful thing for users and the industry

Nmoto builds retro body kit for BMW C400X

Recently, Miami custom shop Nmoto created a 1930s-style retro kit called "Golden Age" for the BMW C400X.

The kit is equipped with carbon fiber fairing kit, powder-coated front and rear subframes, exhaust pipe repositioning kit, kidney grille, side mold, rear lower grille, headlights, headlight cover, turn signal, turn signal cover, New badge and a set of mirrors.

The BMW C400X, which is blessed with this kit, looks retro, but its functions are very modern. It is equipped with ABS, stability control, Bluetooth, keyless ignition, heating handle and other functions. It is reported that this C400X is priced at US$6,795, and the "Golden Age" kit requires an additional payment of US$12,490.

This air intake really feels like a BMW 502.

Tesla's first high-speed service area in Guangdong starts overcharging

A few days ago, a car owner discovered a new Tesla super charging station in the "Dahuai Service Area" in the direction of Shenhai Expressway in Zhanjiang.

The Dahuai service area is located in Enping, Jiangmen, and is the preferred service area for taking breaks between Guangzhou and Zhanjiang. Tesla has set up an overcharge in this service area to facilitate Tesla owners traveling between the two places.

The new site uses Tesla V3 charging piles with a current of up to 250A, and the charging speed of some models can exceed 1600 km/h.

▲The picture comes from:

This is the first service area overcharge station established by Tesla in Guangdong Province, and I believe we will see more soon.

Ma Zeping is ready for the "midstream competition"

Nikita Mazeping said that he is 100% ready to participate in the battle of the midstream group. The premise is that the Haas team can give him a substantially improved car.

Although Ma Zeping made some mistakes in his 2021 rookie season, he feels he has learned a lot during this period.

For me, mainly in the fight, I need to accurately know the boundary between the rear wing and the front wing, so that I can accurately control the distance of the car.

He said that a car with better balance and predictability would be "more pleasant."

Dong Chejun only hopes that Ma Zeping will not hit Zhou Guanyu this year (manual dog head).

Scalping orders need to be rectified, and raising the deposit may be an effective method

In 2021, sales of new energy vehicles have doubled, but production capacity has not been able to keep up. "Premises for the Spring Festival" has become a major problem at this stage. This environment "breeds" an alternative way of making money: selling orders at high prices.

In fact, after most models are ordered by users, the order agreement mentions that "orders are not transferable", but "scalpers" are still everywhere. If the date of picking up the car is earlier, the order for some popular models can even be sold for tens of thousands of yuan.

I personally think that the emergence of "scalpers" is not directly related to the sales model of car companies, but is mainly related to the degree of tightness of the products. This kind of speculation has also appeared in traditional car companies, such as tanks.

Lang Xuehong, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said that the industry does not yet have a good solution and can only remind the OEMs to make the car conditions more transparent.

Speaking of countermeasures, Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Federation of Travel Services, believes that the increase in the order amount is one of the methods to effectively curb the spread of the scalping phenomenon:

The Tesla deposit only needs 1,000 yuan, even if the order cannot be transferred, the scalpers will bear less loss. If the amount is large, the scalpers may consider the risk to reduce the hoarding, and the orders circulating in the market will be reduced accordingly.

Today's topic: Will you choose "add money"?

Affected by the epidemic and the shortage of chips, "increasing prices and raising cars" has become a norm, not only in our country, but also abroad.

Recently, Twitter user @Jon Rettinger wanted to buy Mercedes-Benz’s new car EQS, but the dealer indicated that he would increase the price by USD 50,000. However, the price of the car was only USD 102,300 to 255,300, which means that the price increase is close to the price of the car. half.

Even if it is not a luxury car, Ford's electric pickup truck F-150 Lightning will have to increase the price by about 30,000 US dollars, which is also close to half the price of the car.

In contrast, the high-priced transfer orders mentioned earlier do not seem to be so exaggerated.

The new year is approaching, if it were you, would you be willing to use the method of "adding money" to pick up the car in advance?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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