Dong Che Daily | Mercedes-Benz announces a comprehensive electrification strategy / Jia Yueting says FF will disrupt the luxury car market / Toyota announces a recall of 220,000 vehicles


  • New BMW X7 road test spy photos exposed, using split headlights
  • MG announced the new car MG ONE partial map
  • The appearance of Geely's new SUV has been greatly changed, or named Boyue X
  • New energy vehicle quality results announced, Xiaopeng G3 ranked first
  • Jia Yueting: Faraday will overturn Ferrari and Bentley in the future
  • Joyson Electronics will cooperate with Huawei in the field of smart cockpits
  • Toyota announced its recall plan, involving more than 220,000 vehicles
  • Fully electric, Mercedes-Benz's electrification strategy is upgraded
  • Volkswagen expects sales of electric vehicles in China to rise sharply in the second half of the year
  • After the chip crisis, the next test of the automotive industry is battery shortage
  • Researchers are improving computer vision and deep learning capabilities
  • God car appreciation: Porsche 911 Turbo S "Off-Road Custom Edition"

New BMW X7 road test spy photos exposed, using split headlights

A few days ago, foreign media exposed a set of road test spy photos of the new BMW X7. Although it is a camouflage car, it can still be seen that it uses a large-size double kidney grille with great visual impact. In addition, the headlights of the new X7 use the same split design as the new 7 Series.

The lines at the rear of the new car are also very full, the convex lines in the middle of the tail box stretch the horizontal visual width, and the lighting effects of the tail lights on both sides are also very eye-catching. At the same time, the two sides are equipped with large-size bilateral single-outlet rectangular exhaust, the overall movement is full.

It is understood that this car will be equipped with a new power system, including plug-in hybrid models. (Via Netcom)

The level of BMW playing with lights gradually moved closer to Audi.

MG announced the new car MG ONE partial map

A partial map of a new SUV from MG was exposed, and the new car was officially named MG ONE. The car is based on SAIC's new platform architecture SIGMA. It is reported that the new car will be released on the 30th of this month.

The design language of MG ONE follows a sporty tone, with a wide and flat body proportion and a down-pressing posture, giving the whole car a more sporty and youthful impression. At the same time, the LED headlights in the shape of the sprint flag are also highly recognizable.

According to the previous declaration information, the body size of MG ONE is 4579/1866/1601 (1617) mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase reaches 2670mm. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 181 horsepower. (Via Sina Auto)

The appearance is sporty, and it would be great if the power can keep up.

The appearance of Geely's new SUV has been greatly changed, or named Boyue X

Recently, Geely's new SUV has also been exposed. From the appearance point of view, the design of the car is completely different from Geely's current models. This new SUV may be named "Boyue X".

The front face design of this new car is very radical. The size of the air intake grille is the same as that of Lexus. The headlights on both sides adopt the design style of Boyue Pro. It is expected to be equipped with LED light source and have functions such as adaptive high beam. .

In terms of power, Geely's new SUV is expected to continue to be equipped with a 1.8T engine with a maximum power of 183 horsepower and a peak torque of 300N·m. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. (Via love card car)

Relatively speaking, the exaggerated front face may be more attractive to young people.

New energy vehicle quality results announced, Xiaopeng G3 ranked first

Yesterday, the 2021 JDPower China New Energy Vehicle New Vehicle Quality Study (NEV-IQS) test results were announced. The Xiaopeng G3 was selected by consumers to rank first in the quality of new energy vehicle compact models. Among them, Xiaopeng G3 ranked first in consumer satisfaction ratings in terms of driving experience, infotainment system, and seats.

The research mainly counts the quality problems of new cars within 2-6 months. This year, the study aimed at 3976 car owners in 53 mainstream cities across the country to conduct 236 problems such as driving experience, infotainment systems, seats, and batteries, covering a total of 50 models from 28 brands.

Quality is indeed a point to be focused on for new power car companies.

Jia Yueting: Faraday will overturn Ferrari and Bentley in the future

Faraday Future went public on the US stock market yesterday. Faraday Future CEO Bi Fukang said: The company will produce the first batch of 300 electric vehicles in the next 12 months.

Faraday Future has two advantages that enable it to outperform the aforementioned competitors. One is the product itself; second, from the perspective of market layout, our goal is to become a top luxury car brand, and there is no competition in this field.

In addition, Jia Yueting also stated that it is necessary to deliver its FF 91 Futurist Alliance Edition to global spire users on time, with high quality, and high product strength within 12 months, and to achieve support for traditional luxury car brands such as Maybach, Ferrari, and Bentley. Of subversion. (Via Brokerage China)

It's good to be confident, but deliver it first.

Joyson Electronics will cooperate with Huawei in the field of smart cockpits

A few days ago, it was learned from relevant channels that Joyson Electronics and Huawei will cooperate in the field of smart cockpits.

In this cooperation, Huawei will provide cockpit core modules, Hongmeng systems, and application ecology; Joyson Electronics’ subsidiary Junlian Zhixing is mainly responsible for the algorithms and software (such as central control instruments) that are adapted to the operating system in the smart cockpit. The underlying software, middle layer, application layer, etc.) architecture design, hardware architecture design and system integration development. (Via new trip)

This Monday’s Dong Che Daily has the experience of Huawei’s smart cockpit.

Toyota recalls Corolla Dual Engine and Ralink Dual Engine, totaling over 220,000 vehicles

A few days ago, it was learned from the State Administration of Market Supervision that when the vehicle is running with the adaptive cruise system activated, the brake light does not light up when the system performs a slight brake within a certain speed range, which does not meet the relevant national mandatory technical standards. In extreme cases, it may cause a rear-end collision and a safety hazard.

Will recall some of the Corolla Shuangqing vehicles produced by Tianjin FAW Toyota between August 22, 2019 and July 19, 2021, a total of 116,551; GAC Toyota will be recalled from May 29, 2019 to July 19, 2021 Part of the Leiling Shuangqing vehicles, a total of 109,034 vehicles.

FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota will upgrade the adaptive cruise control program of the brake control computer for vehicles within the scope of the recall free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards. (Via new trip)

The good or bad is not the brakes.

Fully electric, Mercedes-Benz's electrification strategy is upgraded

Mercedes-Benz's electrification strategy was upgraded again yesterday. Mercedes stated at the meeting:

The corporate strategy is to transform from “electricity first” to “full electric”. The goal is to provide pure electric models for all market segments in 2022. In 2025, the sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid models will account for 50% of the All models will have a pure electric version, and it is planned to achieve full electrification in 2030.

At the product level, Mercedes will launch four models of EQA, EQB, EQS, and EQE this year. It also plans to launch new EQE and EQS SUV versions in 2022. In addition, the three high-terminal brands of Maybach, G-Class and AMG will gradually realize pure electric power. (Via car home)

Mercedes also said that the electric version of the "Big G" will be launched in 2024.

Volkswagen expects sales of electric vehicles in China to rise sharply in the second half of the year

According to a report by Eurocar News, Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said that Volkswagen expects the ID. electric car family to have a blowout in the Chinese market in the second half of this year.

He said that by the end of this year, Volkswagen plans to sell 80,000 to 100,000 ID. electric models in China. He also revealed that the sales of ID. models in the Chinese market in July will double from 3,000 in June to 6,000 in July.

ID. brand models are currently launching two derivative models of the ID.4 SUV in the Chinese market, and it also plans to add a larger ID.6 crossover within this year.

It seems that Volkswagen is very optimistic. When the sales data for July comes out, Dong Chehui will report it as soon as possible.

After the chip crisis, the next test of the automotive industry may be battery shortage

In today’s news, SVolt Chairman Yang Hongxin said in an interview with Bloomberg: “When the chip shortage ends, the main supply shortage faced by the automobile manufacturing industry will be batteries. In the next few years, battery production capacity It will be even more tight due to the cycle required for capacity expansion."

Citing Bloomberg NEF's annual new energy outlook report released on Wednesday, it is mentioned that in 2030, the demand for lithium batteries for transportation and energy storage will surge to 5.9 terawatt-hours (5900 GWH) per year, which puts tremendous pressure on the supply chain.

"Batteries may be the next electric vehicle component facing potential shortages," said Dennis Ip, an analyst at Daiwa Capital Markets. "Lithium materials may be in short supply in the next two to three years. This factor may increase the cost of electric vehicles. "(Via Tonghuashun Finance)

In fact, the British are more anxious than us in terms of battery production capacity.

Researchers are improving computer vision and deep learning capabilities

For vehicles based on cameras to achieve autonomous driving, rainy days are undoubtedly a big challenge. In rainy days, images may be affected by rain streaks or rain accumulation. But this problem may be resolved in the near future.

According to foreign media reports, researchers at Yale-National University of Singapore College have developed two new computer vision and deep learning methods that can extract more accurate data from videos that are affected by environmental factors such as rain and night conditions.

The first study focused on increasing brightness while suppressing noise and light effects, such as glare, halo, and flooding, to create clear night images. The second study introduces a frame alignment method, which is not affected by rain streaks and obtains better visual information. Rain streaks usually appear randomly in different frames. (Via Gasgoo)

Porsche 911 Turbo S "Off-Road Custom Edition"-Marsien

The Gemballa refitting factory specializing in remodeling Porsche models was founded in 1981. After the death of its founder Uwe Gemballa, his son Marc Philipp Gemballa established a new refitting factory called Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH.

The tuning factory recently released their first sports car, the Marsien.

This Marsien is based on the 992-generation 911 Turbo S. With the help of another modification brand, RUF, the original 3.8L twin-turbo horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine has increased its horsepower from 650 to 750. Or after swiping the ECU, it can still reach 830 hp.

It is said that Marsien was inspired by the legendary 1986 rally car Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar. In fact, the name Marsien means "Mars" in French.

When the car was in the testing phase, the test site was in the Al Faya desert in Arabia for related tests, and the terrain of the Al Faya desert was like Mars, which gave the car its name.

Wait a minute, why would a 911 be tested in the desert? Unlike the general 911, Marsien is an "off-road customized version" of the 911.

Marsien uses a full carbon fiber body, and the chassis suspension uses an air suspension customized by KW Automotive. The driver can change the height of the body from the road mode of 120mm to the off-road mode of 250mm by just pressing a button. In addition, this car also has a variety of driving modes such as gravel, mud, sand, and snow.

Currently, Marsien is limited to 40 vehicles worldwide.

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