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  • Ideal response to L9 test drive accident
  • Apple has applied for 248 auto-related patents, but the Apple car is still far away
  • Faraday Future FF 91 deliveries delayed again due to lack of cash flow
  • Tesla co-founder plans to invest $3.5 billion to build battery components
  • Kia Motors Announces Second Quarter Results
  • Musk: Driving a gas car is like using a flip phone
  • Who is responsible for an assisted driving accident? Shenzhen government gives the answer
  • Tesla prepares to open U.S. supercharger network to other brands
  • Weimar launches "private pile sharing" service
  • Romantic ad for Kia electric car Niro
  • What do you remember about the Mazda 6?

Ideal response to L9 test drive accident

Recently, the ideal Ningbo L9 test car had a collision accident during the test drive. It is reported that the accident occurred due to improper operation of the staff, eager to show customers the acceleration ability of the L9.

Li Auto's official Weibo reposted the video of the dash cam of the accident vehicle on the 26th.

The video shows: the car hit the metal guardrail at a speed of 86km/h at night in a rainy day, and the collision damaged the guardrail over 30 meters. No one was injured in the accident, and the air spring was intact.

Dong Chejun wants to see the video of the ideal L9 passing 20cm deep pit at 90km/h. (manual dog head)

Apple has applied for 248 auto-related patents, but the Apple car is still far away

Since 2000, Apple has applied for and issued 248 automotive-related patents, covering autonomous driving, navigation, battery management, car-to-car communication, etc., perhaps indicating that Apple cars are getting closer and closer to us.

However, since the car-building plan was revealed in 2014, the news about Apple's cars has been mostly negative. For example, in the first half of last year, the head of Apple's self-driving R&D team resigned; in September last year, Apple's self-driving R&D team business executive Goug Field left. Ford; even in March of this year, Ming-Chi Kuo broke the news that the Apple Car team had been disbanded.

Recently, industrial designer John Mauriello used the AI ​​mapping tool DALL-E2 to create a concept map of Apple's car (above) based on industry information and Apple's past product styles.

The future is unknown, just have a good look.

Faraday Future FF 91 deliveries delayed again due to lack of cash flow

On July 26, Faraday Future said there was a problem with the company's cash flow, and the FF 91, which was originally intended to be delivered in July, was delayed to the third or fourth quarter of this year.

On the other hand, Faraday Future also plans to raise $325 million by the end of 2022. In July 2021, Faraday Future merged with PSAC to go public, and Faraday Future's stock price was $2.3 per share on Monday, down 11.54%.

Faraday Future, founded in 2014, initially promised to produce and sell the FF 91 in 2018, but it has experienced multiple bounces. (IT House)

Bi Fukang also said two months ago: "There is still confidence that the production of the Faraday FF ​​91 will be completed on time."

Tesla co-founder plans to invest $3.5 billion to build battery components

Redwood Materials, the battery recycling company of Tesla co-founder and former chief technology officer JB Straubel, said on Monday it plans to invest $3.5 billion to build a factory in Nevada to produce battery components needed for electric vehicles.

Redwood spokesman Alexis Georgeson said the company is building the plant outside Reno, Nevada, to make battery components. The factory is located in an industrial center of 0.7 square kilometers, close to the Tesla-Panasonic battery gigafactory.

Redwood, the largest lithium-ion battery recycling company in the United States, aims to reduce battery costs by supplying material from recycled batteries in bulk. Their plan is to produce the battery components needed for more than 1 million electric vehicles annually by 2025.

“We are more of a battery manufacturer than a recycler,” Straubel said. “Our focus is on remanufacturing and manufacturing battery components—recycling is a sustainable, low-cost way to Raw materials.” (Sina Finance)

Kia Motors Announces Second Quarter Results

Kia has no sense of presence in the country in the past two years, but in fact, their life is pretty good.

Kia Motors recently announced its 2022 Q2 financial report. The financial report shows that the brand’s operating income in the second quarter was 21.88 trillion won (about 113.776 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 19.3%; net profit reached 1.88 trillion won (about 9.776 billion yuan) , an increase of 40% year-on-year.

In terms of electrification, Kia Motors' electric vehicle retail sales in the second quarter were 133,000 units, accounting for 17.7% of the total sales, a simultaneous increase of 8.7%. Among them, the sales volume of pure electric models was 44,000, a year-on-year increase of 98%.

I really want to see how the Kia EV6 and IONIQ 5, which are popular overseas, drive.

Musk: Driving a gas car is like using a flip phone

Musk recently commented on the departure of Volkswagen CEO Diess on social media, saying that the use of self-driving electric vehicles is the most important. Driving a gasoline car without self-driving is like riding a horse or using a flip phone. Gasoline vehicles are just a niche market.

At this year's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show, Huawei Yu Chengdong also said that the era of pure fuel vehicles will end quickly. Buying a fuel vehicle now is like buying a functional machine in the era of smartphones.

However, in mid-June, the US NHTSA survey said that 12 auto companies reported 367 crashes caused by autonomous driving to it within a year, of which 273 were Tesla, accounting for more than 70%.

In response, Tesla responded that the data did not take into account scale and mileage, "Tesla uses a system that shows the highest safety of all systems on the market today."

Who is responsible for an assisted driving accident? Shenzhen government gives the answer

Recently, the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen National People's Congress reviewed and approved the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Intelligent Connected Vehicles Management Regulations", which states that "if an intelligent connected vehicle equipped with a driver commits a traffic violation, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall punish the driver according to law. ".

This means that if the driver turns on the assisted driving function and there is an illegal or accidental behavior, the driver is still the first responsible person. In the event of a similar situation during unmanned driving, the responsibility rests with the vehicle manager/owner.

This year, the new domestic forces have comprehensively upgraded the assisted driving function. When the Ideal L9 is delivered, AD Max will be standard. The NAD of NIO’s NT2.0 platform model will be gradually opened in the fourth quarter, and the Xiaopeng G9 equipped with XPILOT 4.0 will also be launched soon. .

However, everyone still needs to pay attention when using assisted driving.

Tesla prepares to open U.S. supercharger network to other brands

The U.S. federal government is preparing to provide billions of dollars in grants to states to help new energy companies build charging stations. It is reported that Tesla is applying for the money, but to get government approval, Tesla needs to open parts of its U.S. Supercharger network to other brands.

Once the funding is approved, Tesla will begin production of new supercharging station equipment by the end of the year. The new charging piles will be equipped with CCS adapters so that other brands of cars can also use Tesla supercharging stations.

Musk: I can't bear to let the child catch the wolf

Weimar launches "private pile sharing" service

It is not only public supercharging stations that can be "shared", but also household piles.

On the 26th, WM Motor launched the "private pile sharing" service:

"From now on, all users with private charging piles in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region can apply for a free replacement of "State Grid Electric & Zhikexing Smart Low-Carbon Charging Points" through the Jiikexing WeChat public account, and open the free time of their own charging piles Pay other EV users to use it. "

Weimar founder Shen Hui believes that the implementation of private pile sharing is not only conducive to alleviating the problem of difficult charging for users, but also conducive to promoting orderly charging, improving the efficiency of the power grid, and mobilizing social resources to maximize the efficiency.

It is not difficult to implement, just take an example: how do outsiders drive the car into the household pile installed in the basement of the community?

Romantic ad for Kia electric car Niro

This is the most romantic part of the advertising agency INNOCEAN's campaign for the Kia Niro.

Click below if interested.

What do you remember about the Mazda 6?

There may be many Mazda fans waiting for the new-generation Mazda 6 with vertical rear drive, but the bad news is coming. Mazda Japan's official website shows that the current Mazda 6 model has been discontinued and no new orders are accepted.

And this classic sedan is likely to no longer have a successor .

As the flagship model of Mazda in the new century, the Mazda 6 was born in 2002 and was named Atenza in the Japanese market.

In 2003, the first-generation Mazda 6 entered the Chinese market and was very popular. This generation of the Mazda6 was produced until 2017, with cumulative sales exceeding 800,000 units.

In 2007, the second-generation Mazda 6 was born, and it was first launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show that year. It was during this period that Mazda proposed the "Zoom-Zoom" concept to embody the driving pleasure of "human-horse integration" advocated by Mazda.

In 2012, the third-generation Mazda 6 introduced the soul-moving design. The appearance is invincible at the same level, and coupled with excellent handling, it has attracted much attention.

Many people say that Mazda's fast is a happy fast. Do you have any happy memories of this car?

The author is a bit busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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