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  • Trumpchi Shadow Leopard EMPOW will be listed on August 1st
  • The new Honda Odyssey exposure: hybrid fuel consumption is comparable to fit
  • Lexus or launch a new entry-level SUV
  • Lei Jun personally posted a job advertisement, self-developed L4 autonomous driving
  • Limited edition FF 91 sold out, Jia Yueting: Invincible product power is recognized
  • Huawei's car team changes coaches, the original mobile phone team fully intervenes
  • Tesla overcharge station will adopt on-time billing for other brands
  • Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric bus will be launched in three versions
  • Jeep Wrangler 4xe launched, with a comprehensive cruising range of 640km
  • In order to produce high-performance electric vehicles, Audi's century-old factory will be expanded
  • Corning launches automotive augmented reality head-up display system
  • EAV pushes electric transport truck: the layout of the cargo compartment can be adjusted at will
  • The old driver said: Lamborghini CEO talks about internal combustion engines

Trumpchi Shadow Leopard EMPOW will be listed on August 1st

GAC Trumpchi recently released a car with a fierce front face-the Shadow Leopard EMPOW. The new car uses a fighter-themed front face design, with a large black air intake grille embedded in the center of the brand logo, which is very recognizable.

The side of the new car adopts a "light plastic curved" design style, and the straight waistline extends obliquely to the taillights, creating a visual effect of diving forward. Its tail shape is sharp and angular, and the dual-banner LED taillights are also highly recognizable. However, the double-sided exhaust is only for decoration, and the actual exhaust pipe of the car is below the rear.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a new Julang combination. The 1.5T turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 130kW, a peak torque of 270N·m, and an acceleration from 100 kilometers to 6.95 seconds.

The new car has officially started pre-sale before, with a pre-sale price ranging from 98,800 yuan to 128,800 yuan and will be listed on August 1.

This style reminds of Lynk & Co 03.

The new Honda Odyssey exposure: hybrid fuel consumption is comparable to fit

A few days ago, Guangzhou Automobile Honda’s new Odyssey was exposed. The new car will continue the design of the Japanese Odyssey. The appearance will be slightly adjusted. It is expected to be released within the year.

Since the new car in the spy photos is still covered with heavy camouflage, the details of the design are still unclear. But combined with the overseas version, the new car adopts a wider front grille while maintaining the current design style, and the front face is more powerful.

For the interior part, refer to the overseas version of the model. The new car's central control screen uses a suspended design and a through-type air-conditioning outlet, which has a stronger sense of technology. At the same time, the large area of ​​wood grain veneer also adds a bit of maturity and stability.

In terms of power, it is expected that the new Odyssey will continue to use the 2.0L hybrid powertrain after it is made in China, matching the E-CVT continuously variable transmission, and the fuel consumption is as low as the fit level, only 5.7L per 100 kilometers. (Via Fast Technology)

Odyssey's "Daddy's Car" is a car that can never be avoided.

Lexus or launch a new entry-level SUV

As a high-end brand under Toyota, Lexus has always had good sales in China, and now the brand wants to go deeper into the market.

It is reported that Lexus has applied for registration of "LBX" and "Lexus LBX" trademarks in many places in Europe. It is understood that this new entry-level SUV will share the GA-B platform with Toyota Yairs Cross to build.

Combined with the previously exposed renderings, the new car continues Lexus's consistent design style. The huge spindle-shaped air intake grille is filled with black mesh, and the fog lights are designed to surround the left and right sides of the front. This is also a common style of Lexus. .

The side of the new car is basically the same as the Toyota Yaris Cross. Both use the popular contrasting roof. The angular rear design is similar to the RAV4. (Via Fast Technology)

If this new car is launched in China, it will further reduce the price of Lexus SUVs in China.

Lei Jun personally posted a job advertisement, self-developed L4 autonomous driving

Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, announced on his personal Weibo today that Xiaomi's auto-driving department has begun recruitment, the first batch of 500 auto-driving technology elites, self-developed L4 autonomous driving, and supporting offices in multiple locations across the country.

According to Xiaomi’s recruitment website, Xiaomi has opened up multiple positions such as autonomous driving architect-data center, autonomous driving engineer-vehicle infrastructure, autonomous driving product manager, etc., and is labeled "urgent". The work location is in Beijing. Haidian District.

In March of this year, Xiaomi announced its entry into the smart electric vehicle industry, with a 10-year investment of 10 billion US dollars, led by Lei Jun himself. On April 6, Lei Jun appeared in the Xiaomi live broadcast room. Regarding whether the first model is a sedan or an SUV, Lei Jun said: "The sedan is still an SUV, and we have to discuss it."

Lei Jun said that two-thirds of netizens hope that the price of Xiaomi cars will reach more than 100,000.

Limited edition FF 91 sold out, Jia Yueting: Invincible product power is recognized

Faraday Future’s founder Jia Yueting said on Weibo today that as of the 24th of this month, 300 invitation-only limited edition FF 91 Futurist Alliance Edition open to very few spire users around the world have been sold out.

At the same time, Jia Yueting said that this is a recognition of the invincible product power of Faraday Future Smart Technology. The next step is to complete product delivery on time, high quality, and high product strength, to achieve subversion of traditional luxury brands such as Maybach, Ferrari, and Bentley. .

In addition, its "super flagship" FF 91 Fururist is scheduled to open.

Mr. Jia's description of FF 91 is getting more and more bold.

Huawei's car team changes coaches, the original mobile phone team fully intervenes

Yesterday, Huawei internally issued a document to remove the former president and chief architect of Huawei's intelligent driving product line, Su Qing, as the head of the intelligent driving product department, and Bian Honglin took over.

This is another major high-level change in Huawei's automotive business after Yu Chengdong, CEO of Consumer BG, took over as CEO of the newly added smart car solution BU in May. This means that the team that Huawei previously fought on the terminal battlefield has strongly intervened in the automotive business. After the "Huawei car" enters the delivery stage, it is a top priority to open the market on the consumer side.

In the past six months, Huawei has been at the forefront of public opinion in the automotive industry. In April, Huawei and BAIC New Energy launched the Polar Fox Alpha S equipped with Huawei's Hi smart car solution, but the market response was cold. (Via Finance Eleven)

Huawei needs to speed up its pace to seize more markets.

Tesla overcharge station will adopt on-time billing for other brands

According to foreign media reports, Tesla announced that it will charge other electric car brands for overcharging by means of on-time billing. Earlier, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla plans to open its overcharge network to the outside world later this year.

According to Elon Musk's introduction, car owners of other brands must download the Tesla app to access the Tesla overcharge network, and car owners can choose the charging station in the app before starting charging.

Musk pointed out that it is relatively simple to open up its overcharging network in China and Europe, because the charging interfaces for electric vehicles in these two countries and regions are quite standardized, but the situation in North America is relatively complicated, and non-Tesla electric vehicles may need to be used through an adapter. Tesla overcharges the network. (Via Sina Auto)

Before the plan is implemented, Tesla first needs to vigorously expand their overcharge network.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric bus will be launched in three versions

According to the latest report from Automotive News Europe, Volkswagen is busy designing three different versions of ID. Buzz electric buses: one for the public, one for online car-hailing, and the other for commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen said that the model will launch a short-wheelbase version to meet the needs of commercial and private buyers in Europe, as well as a long-wheelbase version for the United States. In the US market, Volkswagen will also launch a four-seater online car-hailing version. In addition, a carpool service based on a 6-seater version of ID. Buzz will enter the European market.

In addition, according to the report, Volkswagen is also preparing an autonomous driving version of ID. Buzz, which is expected to be delivered in 2025. (Via cn Beta)

This big logo, Volkswagen T1 has a sense of sight.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe launched, with a comprehensive cruising range of 640km

The hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xe was launched. The new car is divided into Sahara 4xe and Robin Hood 4xe, priced at 534,900 yuan and 614,900 yuan respectively.

In terms of appearance, the Chinese version of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe model continues the exterior design of the fuel version. This classic off-road vehicle always adheres to the masculine and tough design style. The front uses the family’s iconic 7-hole air intake grille and Round headlight group design.

The interior of the new car maintains the design of the fuel version. The simple instrumentation and a large number of physical buttons in the center console show the hard-core design of the new car and conform to the attributes of an off-road vehicle.

For the power part, the new car adopts a plug-in hybrid power system consisting of a 2.0T turbocharged engine and two electric motors, with a maximum power of 267kW and a peak torque of 637N·m, matching the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

In addition, it is also equipped with a 17kWh battery pack, which has a range of 40km under EPA conditions and a combined range of approximately 640km for oil and electricity. (Via Sina Auto)

The original things are not lost, and even more fun.

To produce high-performance electric vehicles, Audi Neckarsulm plant will be expanded

Audi is currently expanding its plant in Neckarsulm and introducing new technologies to support the production of the Audi R8 and the Audi e-tron GT electric car.

The Audi factory in Neckarsulm is one of the European factories with a long history, manufacturing vehicles for more than 100 years. This 1 million square meter factory currently produces A4, A5 Cabriolet, A6, A7 and A8 models.

In addition to introducing new technologies for the production of new electric models, Audi also plans to transform the Neckarsulm plant into a carbon-neutral plant within five years. (Via Netcom)

A century-old car company and its century-old factory.

Corning and Hyundai Mobis collaborate to launch an augmented reality head-up display system for automobiles

Corning Incorporated recently announced that it will launch the key product "Curved Mirror Solution", which is a key product of the smart car's augmented reality (smart windshield) head-up display system solution, which has become the core of Hyundai Mobis' new augmented reality head-up display system Parts.

Corning said that, different from traditional technology, Corning mirror products can create a larger display area across the windshield. The projection distance will be expanded four times, and driving information such as navigation and vehicle speed can be projected onto the windshield.

It is reported that if the head-up display system wants to achieve an immersive experience, it also has extremely high requirements for the quality of the mirror glass. (Via Phoenix Network Technology)

Think of BMW's HUB.

EAV launches a new electric transport truck: can be connected side by side to form a "road train"

Electric Assist Vehicles (EAV), a start-up company that entered the field of electric mobility in 2019, recently launched a multifunctional truck, Lincs.

This electric car has an aluminum chassis, driven by a pair of motors connected to the hub, and powered by a detachable lithium battery pack, with a cruising range of about 160 kilometers. Officially, this car also has automatic driving functions and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Adam Bamby, CEO of EAV, pointed out: "Lincs is a fully dynamic wheel-mounted mobile truck, which can adjust the position of the container according to different applications, thereby improving the efficiency of the staff." (via cnBeta)

It’s a good idea to remove the co-pilot seat.

The old driver said: Lamborghini CEO talks about internal combustion engines

As the head of the super sports car brand Lamborghini in the Volkswagen Group, Stephan Winkelmann, born in 1964, has had a difficult time recently.

Nearly 11 years after its debut, Lamborghini Aventador has reached the moment of final farewell. The Ultimae commemorative edition will become the brand's last non-electric production car equipped with a V12 engine. This is also the last of the Lamborghini top sports car series since the 350GT in 1964. A naturally aspirated model.

When talking about his views on the electrification of the Lamborghini V12 engine, Stephen said that he himself has a very special feeling for Aventador, thinking that it is the most successful V12 car in the brand's history. It is difficult to leave the stage of history, but it has to be implemented. decision.

"I don't think this is the end of an era." Stephen said.

The current automotive industry is very different from our previous situation. We must adapt and change. We will be equipped with a V12 engine on the plug-in hybrid car that will be launched after Aventador. Environmental protection and history will remain vigorous at the same time.

For the future, Stephen has many ideas. But at the moment, how to lead the Italian brand to pass the transition era safely and smoothly is his biggest issue.

"Brands like ours have a strong foundation, and we benefit from brand history. But you should learn from history, not simply repeat history until you fail." Stephen concluded. (Via interface news)

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