Dong Che Daily | Huawei launches the first “Hongmeng Motor” to ask the world M5 / U.S. agency further investigates Tesla / Polestar will independently develop motors


  • Asking the world M5 released, will be the first to be equipped with Huawei Hongmeng system
  • Polestar independently researched and developed the motor with an output power of 475kW
  • Tesla Model Y gets the highest safety rating of IIHS
  • Production of the three major models was officially discontinued, Lotus stepped into a new turning point
  • BYD Song Pro DM-i is listed, starting at 134,800
  • U.S. regulators investigate 580,000 Teslas
  • German car production in 2021 will be halved compared to 2017
  • BYD will jointly develop power batteries with Ssangyong Motors
  • DJI enters the game for autonomous driving: first do L2 well
  • Binotto: There are many innovations in the 2022 car
  • No matter the weather is hot or cold, you are not afraid of it
  • Today's topic: Do you remember the Jinbei?

Asking the world M5 released, will be the first to be equipped with Huawei Hongmeng system

At the Huawei winter conference this afternoon, AITO officially launched its first model, the M5. The car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV and is called "the first Hongmeng car" by Huawei.

Huawei Yu Chengdong said at the press conference that AITO is a high-end automobile brand launched by Huawei and Cyrus. This M5 M5 was designed and built by Huawei's industrial design team.

Come back to the car itself. There are 3 models of the new car, and the pre-sale price after subsidy is RMB 250-32 million.

The most interesting aspect of the new car is naturally its interior. The car is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a floating central control screen, and has functions such as face recognition, scheduling, and high-power wireless charging.

In terms of power, Wenjie M5 uses a range-extended hybrid power configuration. The rear-wheel drive version has a motor power of 200kW, the four-wheel drive performance version is 315kW, and the four-wheel drive flagship version is 365kW; the zero-hundred acceleration results are 7.1s, 4.8s, 4.4s.

It is not easy for AITO to gain a foothold in the hybrid mid-size SUV market.

Polestar independently researched and developed the motor with an output power of 475kW

According to InsideEVs, Polestar is independently developing high-power motors and two-speed gearboxes. The target output power of the new motors is 475kW.

It is worth mentioning that the research and development of the power system will be completed by Polestar independently and will not be shared with Volvo or Geely.

The new motor is expected to be the first to be installed on the new 800V EV platform jointly developed by Volvo, Lotus and Polestar. Gregor Hembrough, head of Polestar Americas, said that models equipped with the new electric motor will compete with the Porsche Taycan.

Looking at the data alone, 475kW is indeed a lot higher than Taycan.

Tesla Model Y gets the highest safety rating of IIHS

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently announced the latest safety test results for Tesla Model Y, stating that it has achieved the highest safety rating, Top Safety Pick+.

The test results show that Tesla Model Y is in the six tests of the driver’s side front small offset collision, the co-pilot side front small offset collision, overlapping frontal collision, side collision, roof strength and head protection and seat Achieved the highest rating.

At the same time, the radar-free version of Tesla Model Y in the North American market uses pure visual sensing solutions to achieve more advanced automatic driving assistance functions, equipped with a front anti-collision system, and has achieved both vehicle-vehicle and human-vehicle collision tests. Achieved excellent results and met all the criteria of the Top Safety Pick+ award. (New trip)

Although more and more cars are getting Top Safety Pick+, the test results of IIHS can still show the strength.

Production of the three major models was officially discontinued, Lotus stepped into a new turning point

Lotus announced today that the three classic models of Elise, Exige and Evora have officially ceased production. The assembly line of the above models will provide production support for Emira models.

In the picture, the models from left to right are: Evora GT430 Sport Final Edition, Elise Sport 240 Final Edition and Exige Cup 430 Final Edition.

In the past 25 years, these three classic sports cars have become symbols of the Lotus brand, with a cumulative sales of 51,738 vehicles, accounting for half of Lotus' historical sales.

These three final models will remain in Lotus headquarters forever, opening a new chapter with Lotus.

BYD Song Pro DM-i is listed, starting at 134,800

Last night, BYD Song Pro DM-i model was officially launched. The new car continues the shape of Song Pro DM in appearance, but as a 2022 model, the front face is still replaced with a new version of Dragon Face.

In terms of interior, the new car also continues the design of Song Pro, centering on the suspended adaptive rotating Pad, and implanting a large number of "dragon" elements. The size is also consistent with Song Pro DM, and the wheelbase is 2712mm.

In terms of power, the new car has two versions:

  • Motor power is 132kW, NEDC pure electric endurance is 51km, zero-hundred acceleration time is 8.5s, and fuel consumption is 4.4L per 100 kilometers;
  • The motor power is 145kW, the NEDC pure electric endurance is 110km, the zero-hundred acceleration time is 7.9s, and the fuel consumption is 4.5 per 100 kilometers.

The positioning of the new car is slightly lower than the Song PLUS DM-i, which is a comfortable, smooth, quiet and fuel-efficient family car orientation.

U.S. regulators investigate 580,000 Teslas

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced today that it has launched a formal safety investigation of 580,000 Tesla electric vehicles because Tesla allows occupants to play games through the central control screen while the vehicle is driving.

After preliminary evaluation, NHTSA believes that this feature, known as "Passenger Play", "may distract drivers and increase safety risks."

NHTSA also stated that it has been confirmed that since December 2020, Tesla vehicles equipped with this feature allow occupants to run games while the car is driving. Prior to this, the game function can only be activated when the vehicle is parked. (InsideEVs)

Don't tell me, the "Arrogant Eagle" above is pretty fun, and Sonic is coming right away. (Manual dog head)

German car production in 2021 will be halved compared to 2017

According to a report by the German News Agency, survey data released by the German Automotive Research Institute (CAR) yesterday showed that the output of passenger cars in Germany this year is expected to be 2.85 million, only 50% of 2017 and the lowest since the oil crisis in 1974. value.

Ferdinand Dudenhofer, who is in charge of the investigation, said that during the epidemic, German car production suffered serious losses. In addition to the high price and cost of electricity, the German government's salary support program also led to a decline in production.

In addition, the German "Managers Magazine" reported that Volkswagen may be affected more than expected due to the shortage of electronic parts, and the five-year development goals set recently may be difficult to achieve.

According to Malaysia’s chip assembly industry forecasts, the shortage of chips will continue for at least two years.

BYD will jointly develop power batteries with Ssangyong Motors

South Korea’s Mainichi Business News reported yesterday that BYD will cooperate with South Korea’s Ssangyong Motor on power batteries and other aspects. At present, the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in the development of key components for electric vehicles and the production of battery packs.

In addition, BYD also plans to expand cooperation with Ssangyong Motors to jointly develop battery packs and pure electric vehicle production platforms.

"I hope that through this cooperation, we can ensure the long-term stable supply of key components for electric vehicles such as batteries," said Jung Yong-won, executive vice president and legal manager of Ssangyong Motor.

This cooperation overturns the previous joint venture model, and the technology is no longer dominated by foreign capital. This shows that in the new energy era, the brand status of Chinese car companies is constantly improving.

DJI enters the game for autonomous driving: first do L2 well

At this year's Shanghai Auto Show, DJI announced its entry into the field of autonomous driving. Don't get me wrong, DJI does not intend to build complete vehicles, but to provide auto-driving solutions for automakers.

Today, DJI's engineering vehicles have also been tested on the ground. It is understood that DJI has three sets of autonomous driving solutions:

  • Intelligent driving D80D80+;
  • Intelligent driving D130D130+;
  • Intelligent parking system.

The difference between the first two smart driving schemes lies in the driving speed. The D80 can reach 80km/h as the fastest, while the D130 is limited to 130km/h, which is suitable for urban expressways or highways. After entering the autopilot mode, the vehicle can autonomously perform actions such as changing lanes, overtaking, entering and exiting the ramp.

DJI stated that the current three autonomous driving solutions can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the car companies, and the exterior of the vehicle can be flexibly disassembled and assembled without changing the body shape.

Xie Tiandi, Director of Public Relations of DJI, said that DJI Automotive is currently in the L2 stage, and their current R&D focus is on how to bring a safe and reliable experience at a lower cost.

DJI claims that the first batch of models equipped with DJI solutions may meet with consumers in the spring of 2022. For more information, please read this article by 36 Krypton.

Binotto: There are many innovations in the 2022 car

As the new rules of 2022 are about to be implemented, Ferrari hopes that the changes it will bring will allow them to return to the championship queue.

For the 2022 car, Ferrari team leader Binotto said that there will be many innovations in the new car. "When the entire engineering team faces the new rules, the ideas will be more open than before."

He claimed that the biggest innovation of the new car is the internal combustion engine and some components on the chassis. Faced with the new regulations, engineers have to consider not only the appearance of the car, but also the layout, suspension and overall price. The overall design is very different from that of the current car.

2022, I am an invincible teacher, there is nothing wrong with it, right? (Manual dog head)

No matter the weather is hot or cold, you are not afraid of it

Air-conditioning systems are available in every car. Do you know what the first mass-produced car "eating crabs" was?

The answer is this 1953 Chrysler Imperial. Since its air-conditioning system is placed in the trunk, the air-conditioning outlet is also placed at the rear of the vehicle.

The traditional air outlet is basically an independent shape, consisting of a damper, a dial, a dial, a blade and other components, so as to control the air volume and direction.

After the classic air outlet gradually formed visual fatigue, a brand-new design style appeared in everyone's eyes, that is, the penetrating air outlet design.

This design has a feature-the air outlet is integrated with the interior shape and runs across the center console.

The through-type air outlet has successfully made the interior more integrated, and the hidden air outlet is his advanced version, which can control the direction of blowing through the interactive airflow.

Today's topic: Do you remember the Jinbei?

Recently, the Brilliance Renault Gold Cup has been a lot of topics. Not only has the payment of employee salaries been suspended, but insurance and provident fund payments have also been suspended, and even indicated that employees can "voluntarily resign."

Zeng Jin’s Jinbei is the leader in the field of commercial vehicles. In 2010, the number of Jinbei passenger cars in the market exceeded 1 million, making it the first brand of light passenger cars in China.

However, in the face of the sharp increase in sales of companies such as SAIC Maxus, the lack of introduction of enough new models will inevitably lead to a decline in competitiveness.

What is the golden cup in your impression? Is it still stuck on the sea lion ten years ago?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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