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  • Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck latest video exposure
  • MINI COOPER S electric version spy photos exposed
  • Chevrolet Solode electric version will be mass-produced in 2023
  • GAC Trumpchi launches a new generation of GS8, continuing its tough style
  • Xiaomi's two-line car manufacturing: the holding company Zhimi Technology prepares to build the car
  • In response to supply pressure, Toyota announced that it will use defective parts
  • Targeting zero carbon emissions, Polestar started to form the Polestar 0 team
  • London bans the use of electric skateboards on public transport networks
  • Hamilton failed to do so, Verstappen crowned F1 world champion
  • Genesis G70 Cloud Test Drive; Has the 3 Series met an opponent?
  • Today's topic: Do you like the logo that shines?

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck latest video exposure

Last weekend, Chile AI100, a drone pilot who has been tracking Tesla for a long time, shared a ten-minute video on YouTube showing the dynamic performance of Cybertruck in the test site.

As you can see from the video, in order to meet regulatory requirements, Cybertruck’s actual car has been modified in many ways.

Taking into account the reflection problem of flat glass, Tesla replaced the front gear with a common curved glass, and there is a relatively abrupt wiper on the front gear; square solid rearview mirrors have been added on both sides, and the streaming media has been cancelled. For the mirror plan, the shape of the front and rear light groups has also changed.

On the side of the body, Cybertruck is improved. Tesla completely "killed" the door handle this time and replaced it with the small round buttons on the B and C pillars. The charging opening that was originally located above the rear wheel was also removed and integrated with the rear wheel arch.

On the whole, although it lacks a sense of science and technology, the shape is still very sci-fi, and it is closer to mass production.

MINI COOPER S electric version spy photos exposed

Recently, a group of unfalsified spy photos of the electric version of BMW MINI COOPER S have been exposed. It is understood that the joint venture of BMW and Great Wall, Beam Motors, will be responsible for the production of the car.

Different from the fuel version of MINI COOPER S, this pure electric model uses a semi-enclosed grille, the headlights still follow the classic design of the MINI family, and the roof is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof.

A black trim runs through the rear of the vehicle and is printed with the word COOPER S. The taillights also have a new shape.

In the interior layout, a lot of renovations have been made on the basis of retaining the MINI classic interior layout. The new car cancels the design of the traditional instrument, and uses the HUD+ central control screen to provide information to the driver. (New trip)

This taillight is a little bit difficult for Dong Chejun to accept, a bit like Spider-Man's eyes.

Chevrolet Solode electric version will be mass-produced in 2023

According to electrek, the pure electric version of the Chevrolet Silverado will start production in early 2023. The official said before that the car will be officially unveiled at the CES show that opens on January 5, 2022.

As a full-size pickup truck under the Chevrolet brand, Thorrod has a strong reputation in the US market. The official has previously released some previews of the car. It can be seen that the new car uses a panoramic sunroof design. It can be seen that the new car may be equipped with a brand-new curved screen.

Chevrolet officially revealed that the Thorode EV will be built on the Altec platform Ultium and will have a four-wheel steering system. In the future, the new car will be produced in-line with GMC HUMMER EV at GM's Detroit plant.

▲2022 Silverado ZR2

Suddenly found that today's pickup truck content is a bit high.

GAC Trumpchi launches a new generation of GS8, continuing its tough style

Last night, GAC Trumpchi’s new GS8 was officially launched. The new car has two series, 2.0T and 2.0T hybrid versions, with a total of 6 models, with a price range of RMB 186,800 to RMB 246,800.

The new Trumpchi GS8 not only continues the tough style of the previous generation, but also adds many fashion elements. What Dong Chejun likes most is its headlights, which use an open-close design and have the flavor of jumping lights.

As for the interior, the symmetrical layout conforms to its atmospheric and stable image, not overstated, but the texture is still outstanding.

The new car is not only equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 14.6-inch central control screen, but also an AR-HUD head-up display. In addition to displaying basic information such as vehicle speed, functions such as real-world navigation, driving assistance and guidance will also be added.

In terms of power, the hybrid version is equipped with a 2.0T engine and Toyota's fourth-generation THS hybrid power system, with a combined maximum power of 367 horsepower and a peak torque of 590N·m. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers under NEDC operating conditions is only 5.3L.

In the market segment of large-size SUVs, GS8 is still very competitive, and it can also compete with many joint venture brands.

Xiaomi's two-line car manufacturing: the holding company Zhimi Technology prepares to build the car

36 Krypton news, Xiaomi's ecological chain company Zhimi Technology has joined the car manufacturing army, and Ma Yongdong, the former head of GM Pan Asia’s electric vehicle project, has joined and is responsible for Zhimi’s entire vehicle business. At the same time, many BAIC’s electronic and electrical Architects have also joined Zhimi in the near future.

What can even more show the intention of Zhimi Technology to build cars is that there are car design companies that are already in contact with Zhimi to connect with the design of the entire vehicle.

According to sources, Zhimi's car manufacturing business is currently independent of Xiaomi Motors, and its first car will be an SUV.

For Xiaomi, the multi-line layout to build a car is a bit more risky.

In response to supply pressure, Toyota announced that it will use defective parts

According to a Reuters report, Toyota recently stated that it is "willing to use worn or defective parts from suppliers without compromising vehicle performance and safety."

The so-called "defective parts" refer to parts that do not have usage problems or product defects, but are slightly worn or scratched. In the past, such products were usually directly scrapped.

Affected by the epidemic, Toyota is suffering from a severe supply chain crisis. Due to difficulties in procurement of parts, Toyota has stopped some production at its Fujimatsu and Yoshihara plants. As of now, the total number of factories in Japan facing shutdowns has reached four.

Toyota hopes to use this measure to optimize costs and ease supply pressure.

By using defective parts, Toyota may be able to solve the supply problem in a short period of time, but from the perspective of the brand's image, Toyota undoubtedly bears great risks.

Takefumi Shiga, the chief project leader of Toyota's R&D Center, said that relaxing the standards for parts and components "needs great courage."

Targeting zero carbon emissions, Polestar started to form the Polestar 0 team

Recently, Polestar has started to form a special team for the "Polestar 0 Plan", aiming to produce models with no carbon emissions throughout the industry chain.

At present, Polestar has appointed Hans Pehrson, the former head of global R&D, as the project leader. The leadership team and the supplier have determined that there are currently no effective solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and have unearthed technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the entire supply chain. plan.

In April of this year, Polestar announced the "Polestar 0 Plan", which will reduce the carbon emissions of the entire supply chain and all production and logistics links to zero without relying on carbon compensation, and produce a real climate by 2030 And the car. (New trip)

For Polestar, it is also necessary to carefully consider how to improve its popularity and consumer recognition.

London bans the use of electric skateboards on public transport networks

In June of this year, London officially lifted the travel restrictions on electric scooters and promoted the pilot operation of electric scooters nationwide.

However, Transport for London (TfL) recently announced that for safety reasons, the use of electric skateboards in public transport networks (such as subways and buses) will be banned from December 13. In addition, TfL does not allow electric scooters to be used on the road, and can only be used on private territory.

Lilli Matson, TfL’s Chief Safety, Health, and Environmental Officer stated:

We are very worried about the recent accidents on the public transportation network. The fire and smoke caused considerable damage.

TfL did not mention the specific accident, but according to local news reports, in November, an electric scooter exploded at a London Underground station.

"If such a fire occurs in a closed area, it may cause significant injury to staff and passengers." TfL said in its press release. (The Verge)

Anyone who violates the ban will face a fine of up to £1,000 (approximately 8,435 yuan).

Hamilton failed to do so, Verstappen crowned F1 world champion

Suspense repeatedly came to a dramatic ending. The final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of F1 has finally come to an end.

Verstappen, the Red Bull driver who started from pole position, started to fall to second, and was then thrown off by the leading Mercedes driver Hamilton, who was once 14 seconds behind.

Although there were teammates in the middle to buy time for it, but suffered from engine disadvantages, until the 53rd lap, Verstappen still fell behind by a large margin.

At this moment, Williams driver Tiffi rushed out of the track, triggered the third stage of the yellow flag, and called in the safety car. During the yellow flag, Red Bull chose to let Verstappen risk a pit stop and put on soft tires, while Mercedes insisted on keeping Hamilton on the track.

On the last lap of the race, the green flag was waved and Verstappen, who has a new soft tyre, easily surpassed Hamilton. He was behind by a whole game and managed to make a comeback on the final lap and crowned the drivers championship of the season.

Hamilton, who won the Drivers' Championship for seven consecutive years, failed to defend his title this year.

The 2021 season is over here. Let's look forward to the performance of Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu next year.

Genesis G70 Cloud Test Drive: Does the 3 Series meet an opponent?

Genesis is a brand that is unfamiliar to most Chinese people. Today we will come to the cloud to test drive the third model of Genesis introduced into China-Genesis G70.

Only from the appearance, the lower profile grille and the two "wings of inspiration" LED headlights can make it a unique presence on the street. It does not deliberately rely on lines to create an exaggerated sense of movement, and the vehicle is smooth and capable.

It is commendable that, whether it is low or high, the G70 is equipped with a 2.0T engine, which can output a maximum power of 245 horsepower and a peak torque of 353 Nm.

These numbers don't just stay on the books. Even in the Comfort mode, the high-pitched voices can already give enough confidence in daily driving.

And if it is adjusted to Sport or even Sport+ mode, the seat immediately tightens the sides of the back and wraps the driver, and the rebound action of the suspension is also very simple.

Interestingly, this Genises G70 is also equipped with a catapult start mode. After turning off the traction control system, switch to Sport+ mode, keep the speed at 2500rpm, and then release the brake, you will feel that you have been kicked heavily.

If you want a luxury car that matches the 3 Series and C-Class, and care about power and handling, you might as well experience it. (interface)

Today's topic: Do you like the logo that shines?

Remember BMW's recent XM concept car? It uses a very eye-catching luminous grille design.

With the rapid development of LED light source technology, brands such as Volkswagen, Honda, Audi, and Cadillac have used luminous signs and penetrating LED light sources in their products.

In the future, there will be more and more luminous grilles like BMW XM or Audi skysphere. Do you like this design?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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