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  • Tesla Model Y high-performance version of the price increase by 10,000 yuan
  • Lei Jun of Xiaomi Group negotiates cooperation with FAW Group
  • SAIC-GM Buick Weilang Pro GS officially launched
  • BMW's new 3 Series facelift spy photos appear
  • New Subaru WRX official image released, equipped with 6MT gearbox
  • Institute of Information and Communications Technology: "chip shortage" caused the global auto production to stop 3 million vehicles
  • Toyota, Tesla, etc. oppose the U.S. government's unfair electric vehicle policy
  • California bans the sale of fuel vehicles or advances to 2030
  • Sodium-ion batteries became popular, nearly 30 companies deployed sodium-ion batteries
  • Construction of Porsche's sustainable e-fuel plant in Chile begins
  • F1 Italian Grand Prix: Hamilton and Verstappen collide and retreat
  • Cloud test drive: 2022 Subaru BRZ
  • Dong Che chat room: Newcomers run a red light, do they still need to stop and be courteous?

Start with full power

Tesla Model Y high-performance version of the price increase by 10,000 yuan

Recently, according to Tesla's official WeChat account, the price of Tesla's Model Y Performance high-performance version has been increased by 10,000 yuan, and the adjusted vehicle price will be 387,900 yuan.

The price of the Tesla Model Y standard battery life and long battery life versions remains unchanged, at RMB 276,000 and RMB 347,000, respectively.

Regarding the price increase, the person in charge of Tesla's public relations stated that all information is subject to Tesla's official Weibo and official website. The price increase is mainly due to fluctuations in manufacturing costs.

Earlier, Musk also said on Twitter that the main reason for Tesla's price increase was due to pressure on the supply chain and rising raw material costs.

Buy early and enjoy early, and you may not get discounts if you buy late.

Lei Jun of Xiaomi Group negotiates cooperation with FAW Group

Recently, Jing Junhai, Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, and Han Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Han Jun, met with Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, and his party in Changchun.

Lei Jun said that he must seize the favorable opportunity of the deep integration of the automobile industry and consumer electronics, give full play to its own advantages in technological innovation and ecological integration, actively strengthen docking cooperation with Jilin automobile enterprises, better consolidate the foundation of automobile production, and strive to create high-quality automobile products . During their stay in Kyrgyzstan, Lei Jun and his entourage also went to China FAW Group for in-depth discussions on cooperation matters.

In addition, with regard to the location of Xiaomi's automobile factory, it is reported that Beijing is actively promoting Xiaomi to obtain production qualifications through the acquisition of Borgward, and that Xiaomi may adopt the "dual factory" model in Beijing and Wuhan. (Via Finance Association)

Xiaomi hurry up, maybe it will really start in 2024.

Internal Combustion Engine Information Service

SAIC-GM Buick Weilang Pro GS officially launched

A few days ago, SAIC-GM’s Buick Weilang Pro and Weilang Pro GS were officially launched. There are 5 new models with a price range of RMB 129,900 to RMB 158,900.

▲Weilang Pro

The appearance of the new car adopts Buick's latest family design language. The front face is flatter than the current Weilang overall style. The flying wing grille and blackened LED headlights extending to both sides are highly recognizable.

▲Weilang Pro

As a difference, the appearance of the Weilang Pro GS is more aggressive. The grooves on both sides and the inside of the grille have adopted a honeycomb design. With black wheels and a raised rear spoiler, the overall style is very sporty.

In the interior, both cars are equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and a central control touch screen, which supports multi-screen linkage, smart split-screen and other functions, built-in iFLYTEK voice system, and supports OTA upgrades.

In terms of power, there is no difference between the two. A 1.5T four-cylinder engine, 184 horsepower, a maximum torque of 250N·m, is matched with a CVT gearbox. (Via car home)

It's just "GS" in appearance.

BMW's new 3 Series facelift spy photos appear

Recently, CarScoops exposed the road test spy photos of the new 3 Series facelift.

Spy photos show that the appearance of the new 3 Series is only changed on the front face and rear, and other parts of the body are not covered with camouflage.

Specific to the front of the body, the grille of the new car will have minor changes, but it will not use a large-size grille similar to the new M3. For the headlights, a new daytime running light style is adopted.

When it comes to the rear of the car, the rear enclosure hidden under the camouflage has slightly changed, but it is difficult to see whether BMW has also modified the taillights.

In addition, the spy photographer claimed that he saw that the dashboard in the car was updated in line with the trend. It is widely speculated that BMW will gradually move the interior design closer to electric vehicles.

Do you prefer traditional interiors or tram interiors?

New Subaru WRX official image released, equipped with 6MT gearbox

A few days ago, Subaru officially released the official map of the new WRX.

As a new generation model, the new car adopts a more radical design language, the exterior package has been blackened, and the overall shape is more combative than the previous generation model.

On the side of the body, a raised waistline runs through the head and tail, creating a strong visual hierarchy. The wheels are available in 17 and 18 inches.

The rear of the new car adopts a popular through-type design, and the two-sided four-outlet exhaust under the LED taillight group also demonstrates its identity as a performance car.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the expected 2.4T horizontally opposed turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 271 horsepower and a peak torque of 349N·m. It is matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox and an optional CVT gearbox.

It is understood that the starting price of the new car may be as high as 27,000 US dollars (about 174,000 yuan), and it is expected to be listed in North America next summer.

The hand wave of 270 horses is greedy.

Industry Events

Institute of Information and Communications Technology: "chip shortage" caused the global auto production to stop 3 million vehicles

On September 11, at the 2021 summit of the China Informatization Hundreds, Yu Xiaohui, a member of the China Informatization Hundreds Association, president of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and deputy secretary of the party committee, said:

In the first half of 2021, there was a round of "core shortage crisis" around the world. The cumulative number of global auto production was about 3 million, and the supply cycle of mobile phone chips was also extended from 3 months to 12 months.

The reason is that the demand for chips for new digital terminals has increased significantly. Among them, the demand for smart car MCUs is more than 4 times that of traditional cars, and the demand for RF front-end devices for 5G mobile phones has also increased by more than 50%.

Recently, many friends have been waiting for the delivery of new cars.

Toyota, Tesla, etc. oppose the U.S. government's unfair electric vehicle policy

A few days ago, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives proposed an additional $4,500 tax subsidy proposal for union-built electric vehicles, which was opposed by non-union automakers such as Toyota, Honda, Tesla, and Rivian.

This tax relief policy will benefit the three traditional automakers in Detroit: General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellattis, whose workers are all represented by the American Federation of Auto Workers.

Toyota and Honda both stated that the current draft discriminates against those "American auto workers who choose not to join the union."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the proposal seems to have been heavily influenced by the US labor union.

▲Image source: Twitter @Elon Musk

Electric pickup truck manufacturer Rivian said that expanding the tax credit for electric vehicles is "a step in the right direction", but the proposal "may make potential buyers confused"-why are the tax credits for electric vehicles different? (Via Gasgoo)

Last month, Biden announced a goal-by 2030, zero-emission vehicles will account for half of all new vehicles in the United States.

California bans the sale of fuel vehicles or advances to 2030

The scope of "Biden's small goals" is the entire United States, and California seems to be more radical.

A few days ago, the California Democratic Executive Committee passed a resolution calling for the end of the statewide sales of new vehicles by 2030. Previously, this time limit was 2035.

This means that the state will only allow the sale of new cars with zero emissions. In addition to fuel vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models are also banned.

However, the new regulations only apply to the sale of new cars. The governor’s office made it clear: “The executive order will not prevent Californians from owning fuel vehicles or trading them in the used car market.” (via Xinxing)

California is one of the largest new car markets in the United States, and this may affect other markets in the United States.

Tomorrow sunrise

Sodium-ion batteries became popular, nearly 30 companies deployed sodium-ion batteries

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments have stated that they will take a series of measures to promote the healthy and orderly development of new batteries such as lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries.

It is reported that the production process of sodium-ion batteries is very similar to that of lithium-ion batteries and can be quickly switched.

At present, some domestic lithium battery upstream and downstream companies are also preparing for the industrialization of sodium batteries. Nearly 30 domestic and foreign companies have deployed sodium-ion battery technology.

Jiangsu, Shanxi, Guangdong and other local governments are also accelerating the layout of the sodium-ion battery industry, and have started the construction of related projects in some industrial parks. (Via CCTV)

One of the advantages of sodium-ion batteries over lithium batteries lies in their raw material reserves.

Construction of Porsche's sustainable e-fuel plant in Chile begins

Porsche recently announced that its e-synthetic fuel plant in Chile has begun construction.

According to reports, the goal of the pilot plant is to produce 130,000 liters of electronic fuel (eFuels) in 2022. Subsequently, it will reach 55 million liters in 2024 and 550 million liters in 2026.

Michael Steiner, a member of the Porsche board responsible for research and development, said in a statement:

The tests conducted on our renewable fuels have been very successful. eFuels will reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions from internal combustion engines by 90%. In addition, we will use electronic fuel from Chile in our Porsche Mobil 1 Super Bowl from 2022.

The Haru Oni ​​plant will obtain energy from a nearby wind farm. The water is electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen, and then the hydrogen is mixed with carbon dioxide filtered from the air to produce synthetic methanol, which is further refined into eFuel.

In addition, Steiner also said that to ensure the smooth progress of the F1 carbon neutral plan, Porsche has negotiated with Formula One.

Waving checkered flag

F1 Italian Grand Prix: Hamilton and Verstappen collide and retreat

Max has won many games this year, so he told me that because I also have Italian descent, he will not be too desperate. He said: "If you start and rush to the front, I will defend the rest for you. "

Daniel Ricardo said so in an interview with SKY SPORT F1. At Monza, where Verstappen and Hamilton retired, he was the unquestioned protagonist.

The Australian athlete surpassed Verstappen who started from pole position on the grid, and firmly suppressed the Red Bull driver behind him, mastering the rhythm of the race.

Although Verstappen is closely following Ricardo, he can only hold for about 1 second, and it is difficult to use DRS to complete the surpass even on the straight before Turn 1.

▲Picture from: Motorsport

The race came to the 21st lap. Ricardo completed the pit stop in 2.4 seconds. The always efficient Red Bull team had problems at this time. Verstappen’s tire change took as long as 11.1 seconds. After the Dutchman got out of the station, Has fallen behind Aston Martin's Stroll.

Subsequently, Norris and Hamilton also pitted.

▲Picture from: Motorsport

As Hamilton drove out of the pit lane, Verstappen approached from the straight. In the fight for turn 2, the Red Bull car was picked up by Hamilton’s rear left wheel and directly mounted on the Mercedes car-two The world championship contenders rushed off the track together and both retired.

Fortunately, due to the protection of the Halo system, Hamilton is fine.

In the end, the lead Ricardo maintained the lead and won the championship of this race.

McLaren’s last championship dates back to 2012. Jenson Button won the championship for McLaren, who had already gone, in Brazil. After that, the silver and red chariot never made it to the highest podium. .

After 3213 days, with two papaya oranges crossing the finish line of the Monza circuit, Daniel Ricardo and Lando Norris announced the strong return of this veteran F1 team.

It is worth mentioning that McLaren’s previous win and this time both used engines provided by Mercedes.

Cloud test drive: 2022 Subaru BRZ

In the Dong Che Daily on Thursday, Dong Chejun mentioned that the 2022 Subaru BRZ will be delivered in March next year, but because it does not meet the national 6b emission standards, it cannot be licensed in some provinces and cities.

Since it can't be bought, let's come to the cloud for a test drive today.

▲Picture from: MotorTrend

MotorTrend expressed disappointment with this "BRZ that does not want to spin" at the Lime Rock Park circuit. But as they mastered the pace of the track, their respect for this Subaru rose rapidly.

BRZ allows us to focus on our route and can make subtle adjustments to the throttle. Like Toyota, Subaru is also a patient teacher.

▲Picture from: MotorTrend

On the track, they were surprised by the BRZ's tracking and steering accuracy, but compared with the Toyota GR 86, they lacked some track feedback.

The difference in tuning between the two can be seen from the suspension-the front suspension stiffness of the BRZ has increased by 7%, and the rear suspension has been reduced by 11%. In addition, the lighter weight of the unsprung front suspension is not as good as the GR 86. Active reasons.

▲Picture from: MotorTrend

In terms of power, like the GR 86, the BRZ horizontally opposed engine has been upgraded from 2.0L to 2.4L, with greater horsepower and torque, and the power output feels smooth.

In general, in the new BRZ, you may not get the "walking sideways" fun of the GR 86, but if you like running, BRZ will be a better choice.

▲Picture from: MotorTrend

Dong Che chat room: Newcomers run a red light, do they still need to stop and be courteous?

At present, many places implement the road traffic regulations of pedestrian comity. At some intersections, there are still cameras for grabbing cameras. If the vehicle does not give courtesy to pedestrians crossing the road in accordance with the regulations, it will be punished with a scoring fine.

So if a pedestrian is running a red light, do I still need to be courteous to the pedestrian in accordance with the regulations? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment area. Maybe it is you who will be "on TV" tomorrow.

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