Dong Che Daily | Cadillac’s first electric car opens for reservations / Rivian surpasses Volkswagen in market value and ranks third in the world / Tesla investigation into fatal car accident in California canceled


  • Cadillac's first electric car LYRIQ opens pre-order
  • Weilai ET7 will be equipped with Dolby Atmos as standard
  • Porsche releases Taycan GTS
  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show
  • The new Mazda CX-50 is released with a slightly wild styling
  • Rivian's market value surpasses the public, becoming the third in the world
  • McLaren denies being acquired by Audi
  • Tesla investigation into fatal car accident in California cancelled
  • Qualcomm will build automotive chips for BMW
  • Faraday Future postpones the release of the third quarterly report, with a pre-determined loss of 280 million U.S. dollars
  • Apple's self-driving test driver expands to 137
  • Burberry and DAB Motors collaborate to launch electric motorcycles
  • Zhou Guanyu becomes the first official F1 driver in China
  • Vice President of Tencent Travel: Tencent does not build cars, but it also participates in it
  • Today’s topic: how to look at the one-key start button protective cover

Cadillac's first electric car LYRIQ opens pre-order

Just now, the domestic Cadillac LYRIQ was officially released. The first model is the rear-wheel drive long-range luxury version. The pre-sale price is 439,700 yuan, and the CLTC battery life is 650km.

According to Cadillac, the domestically produced version of LYRIQ is SAIC-GM's first model built on the Autoneng platform. It is positioned as a medium and large pure electric SUV with a wheelbase of 3094mm.

The appearance of the new car is very futuristic, with a large number of LED lights integrated into the front face, and even the logo can be illuminated. The tail line is also very rich. While adopting the through-type taillight, it also retains the classic vertical light set of Cadillac.

The 33-inch curved OLED screen in the car is very eye-catching. It is officially claimed to have a pixel density of 271ppi and is equipped with a Qualcomm 8155 chip to support the Super Cruise assisted driving system.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with an AKG audio system with 17 speakers, a panoramic sunroof with electric sunshades, and 26-color ambient lights.

In general, the price is high, but the configuration and design are worthy of the Cadillac brand. On Friday, Dong Chejun will show you the real cars.

Weilai ET7 will be equipped with Dolby Atmos as standard

Yesterday, Weilai officially announced that Weilai has reached a cooperation with Dolby. Its first electric car, Weilai ET7, will be equipped with Dolby Atmos as standard. In terms of content, Weilai will also launch support for Dolby Atmos. The exclusive radio station NIO Radio.

It is understood that the Weilai ET7 will be equipped with 23 speaker units as standard, with 20 1000W power amplifiers. The 4 main sound channels use a 3-way speaker composed of three units of high, medium, and bass, which is sure to have a good performance.

In other words, you can see real ET7 cars at the Guangzhou Auto Show soon.

Porsche releases Taycan GTS

Taycan GTS is positioned between Taycan 4S and Taycan Turbo. It is equipped with dual front and rear motors and has a supercharged power of 598 horsepower. It only takes 3.7 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers.

The new car comes standard with an upgraded version of 93.4kW high-performance battery, which can achieve a WLTP cruising range of 504km.

In appearance, Taycan GTS comes standard with 20-inch Taycan Turbo S Aero Design matte black wheels, and the interior of black brushed aluminum alloy with black Race-Tex fabric also creates a strong sports atmosphere.

The panoramic sunroof with light control function is also a highlight of the new car. It has 9 individually controllable areas, which can achieve overall or partial transparency, and has a better heat insulation effect.

Good-looking is really good-looking, but I choose the 718 below. (Manual dog head)

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show

In addition to Taycan, the 718 also ushered in a new family flagship 718 Cayman GT4 RS, with a suggested retail price of 1.578 million yuan, including value-added tax.

A powerful power system is the key to its performance improvement:

Its six-cylinder engine has a maximum speed of 9000 rpm, 500 horsepower and a maximum torque of 450 N·m. With a 7-speed PDK gearbox, it only takes 3.4 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers and the top speed is 315km/h.

In order to get a better track experience, Porsche added a lot of lightweight design for it, the weight of the heavy fuel state is only 1415kg.

There is also a racing version of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport, which can participate in the SRO series of events everywhere, for only 1.71 million.

The new Mazda CX-50 off-road SUV officially released

Mazda finally unveiled the mystery of the new CX-50.

The new car is positioned as an off-road SUV, similar in size to the CX-5, and retains Mazda’s iconic Kodo design language, but the shape is more off-road.

In terms of transmission, the new Mazda CX-50 comes standard with the i-Activ four-wheel drive system and the intelligent drive Mi-Drive driving mode, with normal, sports and off-road options.

In off-road mode, in order to improve steering response and solve the problem of insufficient front wheel grip, the four-wheel drive system will intervene in advance to make the front and rear wheels rotate at the same speed, making the control more controllable.

Friends who really want to play in the mud just look at it. This CX-50 does not provide sand, gravel, snow and other modes.

Rivian's market value surpasses the public, becoming the third in the world

Yesterday afternoon, the market value of the American electric car company Rivian reached US$142.08 billion, surpassing the Volkswagen Group to become the world's third most valuable car manufacturer, second only to Tesla and Toyota.

At present, Rivian has completed the delivery of hundreds of R1T electric pickup trucks. This is the first electric car released by the company.

It should be noted that it only took five days for Rivian to go from the market to the third place in the world.

McLaren denies being acquired by Audi

Yesterday, some media reported that Audi and Bahrain, the majority shareholder of McLaren, have reached an agreement to acquire the McLaren Group wholly and plan to enter F1 events as a factory team in the future.

Subsequently, the McLaren team official Weibo issued a group statement denying the acquisition. The statement said: McLaren’s technology strategy has always been to maintain continuous discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other automakers. However, the ownership structure of the McLaren Group has not changed.

Since the epidemic disrupted McLaren’s car production and the Formula One World Grand Prix, McLaren has been struggling financially.

McLaren's life this year is not so easy, the England headquarters building has been sold.

Tesla investigation into fatal car accident in California cancelled

Early this morning, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced the cancellation of an investigation into a fatal Tesla accident that occurred in California in 2020 and identified the driver as the person responsible for the accident.

The NTSB stated that at the time of the accident, the 2019 Tesla Model 3 turned on Autopilot, the automatic assisted driving system, but the accelerator pedal was artificially stepped on, and the vehicle speed increased from 109km/h to 183km/h.

In this process, Tesla repeatedly issued visual and audible warnings to the driver because the driver did not put his hands on the steering wheel when using Autopilot.

The NTSB is still investigating another Tesla accident in Texas. Initial investigations showed that during the accident, the Model S involved in the accident had a throttle depression of 98.8%.

The NTSB has been investigating many of Tesla's car accidents, and so far, all accidents have been caused by humans.

Qualcomm will build automotive chips for BMW

Qualcomm announced that BMW will use its chips in its next-generation driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

BMW will use Qualcomm's specially customized computer vision processing chip to analyze the data from the front, rear and surround view cameras. BMW will also use Qualcomm's central computing chip to exchange data between the car and the cloud computing center.

The new Qualcomm chips will be used in a series of electric models equipped with the "Neue Klasse" module platform, and production of these models will begin in 2025.

Qualcomm is the world's largest supplier of mobile phone chips, but the company has been trying to diversify its business.

Faraday Future postpones the release of the third quarterly report, with a pre-determined loss of 280 million U.S. dollars

CNBC reported that Faraday Future said in a document on Monday that the company postponed its third-quarter financial report to complete its investigation into "accusations of inaccurate disclosure." However, according to the data disclosed in the report, as of On September 30 this year, FF’s three-month net loss will increase to approximately US$280 million.

Earlier, short-selling agency J Capital Research pointed out in a research report that analysts accused Faraday Future of fabricating the number of car reservations, which is an indicator of the company's future car demand. In addition, the report also accused Faraday Future of lying about its ability to begin mass production of electric vehicles in Hanford, California.

Faraday Future reiterated in a press statement on Monday that the company plans to start delivering FF 91 in July next year.

Apple's self-driving test driver expands to 137

According to reports, Apple has increased the number of test drivers for its self-driving cars to 137. These drivers mainly help Apple test autonomous driving technology on the road and collect data.

Even so, Apple currently has fewer test drivers than other companies. For example, Cruise has 992 (driver licenses), Waymo has 1,628, and Zoox has 315.

Although the number of drivers has increased, the number of vehicles Apple used for testing has remained the same at 69. The latest data also shows that Apple has not yet applied for a driverless vehicle license. (Sina Technology)

To learn more about "Apple Cars", you can read this article written by Dong Chejun a few days ago.

Burberry and DAB Motors collaborate to launch electric motorcycles

Luxury and sustainability have always been emphasized by Burberry. No, this London fashion house has recently cooperated with French DAB Motors to launch an electric motorcycle.

This Concept-E RS Burberry Edition will be displayed in some of Burberry's flagship stores in London, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, and is priced at 29,900 euros (approximately 222,000 yuan).

This electric motorcycle is available in two colors, with a custom body, hand-stitched leather saddle and customizable handlebars.

There is no mudguard and it is easy to stain the clothes, so don't buy it.

Zhou Guanyu becomes the first official F1 driver in China

Yesterday, the Alfa Romeo F1 team announced that Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu has officially joined the team and will partner with Valtery Bottas in the 2022 season to play for the Alfa Romeo team. This makes Zhou Guanyu the first official Chinese driver in the 71 years since F1 was held.

For Zhou Guanyu, the Alpine team director once stated that "he is the only hope for China to have F1 drivers in the next 15-20 years."

In July of this year, Zhou Guanyu drove Fernando Alonso's Alpine F1 car to participate in the first practice session of the Austrian Grand Prix. He used neutral tires to make the fastest lap of 1:06.414, which was comparable to Alpine driver Ocon.

My dream was broken, I thought I would be the first official F1 driver in China.

Vice President of Tencent Travel: Tencent does not build cars, but it also participates in it

Earlier this month, Tencent Smart Mobility successively released multiple products and solutions covering all aspects of the industry chain, including smart cockpits, autonomous driving, digital marketing, mobility services, and automotive cloud digital solutions. This also makes Tencent, which claims not to build cars, once again become the focus of outside attention.

"Resolutely be a digital assistant, and then help partners in this industry succeed." said Zhong Xuedan, vice president of Tencent Smart Mobility.

In his view, under the temptation of the wave of new cars, although many Internet companies and even real estate companies are vying to step into this industry, it is the right choice to stick to the field they are good at. Just as in the mobile Internet era, Tencent did not build mobile phones, it is understandable that Tencent chooses not to build cars today.

However, it can be seen from the areas that Tencent focuses on and the products that they have proposed, they are more like "services" for the various auto companies that are transforming.

In Zhong Xuedan's view, there are many ways to participate. Building a car is just one of them, and providing necessary services to carmakers is also a kind of participation. (Interface News)

Today’s topic: how to look at the one-key start button protective cover

Hello everyone, long time no see, Dong Chejun has been busy writing articles recently, and hasn't chatted with you for a long time.

Today I saw a very interesting thing, this is the "one-key activation button protective cover" below.

Hahaha haven't seen it! Seeing this this morning, the whole person smiled soberly.

Dong Chejun looked at the comments and found that people who like this gadget feel that this accessory is very ritual, while people who don't like it think it's simply "take off your pants and fart", contrary to the original intention of "one-click activation".

What do you think?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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