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  • GAC AION V PLUS official map released, battery life up to 702km
  • AMG's first plug-in hybrid four-door sports car released, accelerating from 100 kilometers in 2.9 seconds
  • BMW will launch X2 SUV Coupe special edition model
  • Apple is rumored to acquire a car test site for $125 million
  • NIO owner's "remote upgrade" car stopped for more than 1 hour in the middle of the road
  • Tesla may receive a subsidy of 1.14 billion euros from Germany
  • Geely Haohan architecture builds, smart wizard #1 concept car released
  • Nissan tests breakthrough technology for EV motor magnet recovery
  • Renault Megane E-Tech will be released at the Munich Motor Show
  • Recycling, reusing, BMW releases the BWM i cycle concept car
  • Volkswagen introduces the new development of IB Buzz AD autonomous driving test platform
  • Cloud test drive: 2021 Kia K5 GT

New Car Information Bureau

GAC AION V PLUS official map released, battery life up to 702km

A few days ago, GAC Ion officially released the official map of AION V Plus. The new car has been upgraded on the basis of AION V. The new purple body is officially called the "absolute purple color".

AION V PLUS not only adopts a new naming form, but also adjusts the front face, canceling the middle mesh trim strip and adopting a closed design.

The interior of the new car is not much different from the current model. The leather seats in brown and black are still used. The delicate stitching and the "AION" embroidery on the seat highlight the details.

In the power section, the previous declaration information shows that the car will add a drive motor with a maximum power of 200kW, and the NEDC cruising range is 702km.

In addition, it is reported that the car will be the first model of GAC Aeon to support super-speed batteries and A480 super charging piles. The super-speed battery voltage is 880V and the maximum charging power is 480kW. (Via Fast Technology)

The illusion is absolutely purple, which is a bit interesting.

AMG's first plug-in hybrid four-door sports car released, accelerating from 100 kilometers in 2.9 seconds

Mercedes-AMG's first high-performance plug-in hybrid four-door sports car, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance was finally officially released at the 2021 Munich Motor Show.

The new car uses the hybrid technology of the F1 racing car and is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine. The combined maximum power is 831 horsepower and the maximum torque has reached 1400N·m.

Mercedes has given it an expressive appearance design: low front lip and muscular body, dynamic fast back design highlights the sports genes of the four-door coupe.

The cockpit is equipped with an AMG high-performance steering wheel, and is equipped with AMG hybrid dedicated displays and functions. The driver can read data such as power consumption, motor output and torque, and battery and motor temperature in the combined instrument.

It should be noted that this new car can accelerate to 100 kilometers in only 2.9 seconds, and it can reach 200km/h in 10 seconds, with a top speed of 316 km/h. (Via Sina Auto)

Putting the internal combustion engine and the electric motor together, they can get along very well, this is the proof.

BMW will launch X2 SUV Coupe special edition model

According to Motor1 reports, BMW will soon launch the X2 SUV Coupe special edition model to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the BMW M division.

The 50th Anniversary Edition of the BMW X2 M35i M may be equipped with a small number of unique decorative parts, allowing this SUV to stand out from the standard version.

The car is positioned as a hatchback performance car, powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 301 horsepower.

In order to further distinguish the X2 M35i from its basic models, BMW has also equipped it with an M Sport differential that manages torque output, as well as an M Sport exhaust pipe.

The 301-hp X2 is fun to think about.

New forces in car-making

Apple is rumored to acquire Arizona auto test site for $125 million

Today, AZ Big Media reported that the former Chrysler car proving ground outside Phoenix, Arizona was recently purchased by Apple for $125 million. In the past five years, Apple has been using the test site on a leased basis.

As early as 2017, there were reports that a company named Route14Investment Partners LLC had signed a lease to use the facility, and there were rumors that Apple was behind the deal.

There were also reports last week that Apple has been in contact with Toyota Motors because Apple is seeking to expand its auto suppliers, with the goal of starting production of Apple's cars in 2024.

Apple's shots are also quite generous (manual dog head).

NIO owner's "remote upgrade" car stopped for more than 1 hour in the middle of the road

A few days ago, Weilai Automobile announced a system upgrade. Aspen3.0 version was officially released on August 31, pushing the current version 2.9.0 and above vehicles in batches.

But an embarrassing and dangerous thing happened along with it.

Recently, a car owner Weilai posted on the app that he accidentally upgraded the ES8 remotely while traveling and his family was using the car. As the upgrade process could not be interrupted or terminated, the vehicle was parked in the middle of the road for more than an hour and the road was blocked for a long time.

He suggested that he hopes to increase the function of the personnel in the car to refuse to upgrade remotely, and the reminder of the upgrade should be more prominent. (Via Red Star News)

Remember the Weilai ES8 on Chang'an Street?

Tesla may receive a subsidy of 1.14 billion euros from Germany

According to Reuters yesterday, a spokesperson for the German Ministry of Economy said that Germany may decide before the end of the year how much government assistance Tesla plans to build in Berlin’s battery factory will receive.

The European Union approved a plan in January this year, which includes providing state assistance to Tesla, BMW and other companies to support local production of electric car batteries.

According to estimates by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tesla plans to invest 5 billion euros in a battery factory in Greenheide near Berlin to supplement its electric car factory nearing completion at the same site.

The German "Daily Mirror" reported on the 5th that this unusually high investment means that Tesla is expected to receive a subsidy of 1.14 billion euros from the German government.

The factory is built and the production capacity is raised.

The crossroads of “oil and electricity''

Geely Haohan SEA structure builds, smart wizard #1 concept car released

On the eve of the opening of the 2021 Munich Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz's smart brand first released the new smart wizard #1 concept car.

The new car was jointly developed by China and Germany and based on the Geely Haohan SEA structure. It is the first pure electric SUV under smart.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car is very simple. The traditional air intake grille is eliminated, and a more integrated closed shape is adopted. The lower part uses a gradual grille design with luminous elements.

Externally, the new car adopts a suspended ring design, which is seamlessly connected to the windshield and windows, and is matched with 21-inch rims to further emphasize the sporty nature of the new car.

Entering the car, we can intuitively feel the "light luxury" concept that the brand wants to express. A large number of golden decorative panels cover the center console area, which also echoes the appearance of the golden decorative strips.

It is reported that the mass-produced model of the car will be built based on Geely's vast SEA architecture, and will be positioned as a compact pure electric SUV. The mass-produced model will be officially launched in 2022. (via EV knows)

When smart is no longer small.

Nissan tests breakthrough technology for EV motor magnet recovery

According to foreign media reports, Nissan and Waseda University in Tokyo have been cooperating since 2017. Today, they announced that they have begun testing the recovery process of high-purity rare earth compounds from electric vehicle (EV) motor magnets.

First, they heated the old engine to 1,400 degrees Celsius and melted it. Then add iron oxide to oxidize rare earth elements.

After that, a small amount of borate flux that can effectively dissolve rare earth oxides and recover rare earth is added to the melt.

The molten mixture then separates into two liquid layers. The layer of molten oxide containing rare earth elements (called slag) floats to the top, while the denser iron-carbon alloy layer sinks to the bottom. At this time, it is easy to recover rare earth elements from the slag.

Nissan claims that they have been able to recover 98% of rare earth elements in automobiles through their new process. (Via cnBeta)

Do you understand this classmate? Go back and read it again.

Renault Megane E-Tech will be released at the Munich Motor Show

Although not very good in China, in the European market in Renault's hometown, Megane called it a classic family car.

With the acceleration of the electrification process, Renault also plans to release a new generation of Megane at today's Munich Motor Show.

A few days ago, Spanish media Forococheselectricos exposed the first official pictures of this new car.

In terms of appearance, the new car is almost exactly the same as the Megane eVision concept car that was unveiled a year ago:

The exquisite headlights are integrated with the new Renault logo in the middle. The air intake below is separated by a double Y-shaped gold plaque, which is in sharp contrast with the black roof and rearview mirror.

In the interior, it is equipped with an independent dual-screen infotainment system, which eliminates physical switches as much as possible, and the overall design looks very tough.

In terms of power, Renault has yet to confirm the power configuration of the car.

Wait patiently for the release of the new car.

Tomorrow sunrise

Recycle and reuse, BMW releases BMW i cycle concept car

Today, at the 2021 Munich Motor Show, BMW brought us a BMW i cycle concept car.

It is understood that this concept car can achieve 100% use of reused materials and 100% recyclability. At the same time, the new car incorporates a variety of digital technologies and can be continuously updated through cloud computing.

For this concept car, BMW Group Chairman Ziptzer said:

The BMW i circular concept car shows the comprehensive and detailed thinking of the BMW Group in terms of sustainable travel, and represents our efforts in the field of circular economy. We hope to extend the efficiency advantage of using resources in production to all stages of the product life cycle.

In addition, he also said that digitalization, electrification and circular design will be the three cornerstones of the "new generation" models, and the "new generation" models will be the focus of BMW's future investment. It will have a new electric architecture, IT and software architecture.

Although it's just a look, this central control is pretty cool. BMW says this is the "mind flow" of the vehicle.

Volkswagen introduces the new development of IB Buzz AD autonomous driving test platform

After four years of experience of ID Buzz with the media, Volkswagen also shared the latest development of the ID Buzz AD concept car.

Thanks to a large amount of technology injection from its partner Argo AI, this model will have a certain autonomous transportation function.

Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Volkswagen Management Board, said during the night of the Volkswagen Group on Sunday: "As we have never imagined, autonomous driving technology will completely change the industry and the world we live in."

He said that autonomous driving will have a significant impact on the automotive industry in the 2030s, when most of the Volkswagen passenger cars will also turn to electrification. (Via cnBeta)

In other words, ID Buzz AD is not an MPV that will quickly take away the user's wallet, but will still be mainly used as a development and testing platform.

Cloud test drive: 2021 Kia K5 GT

Like the 2021 Hyundai Sonata N series, the low exhaust sound of the 2021 Kia K5 GT comes from its 2.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

This engine can output 290 horsepower, which is sufficient for most front-wheel drive vehicles.

Thanks to this, K5 GT can increase speed from zero to 100km/h in 5.4 seconds. But its braking performance does not seem to match its acceleration performance.

Kia K5 GT needs 38 meters to stop from a speed of 96km/h, which is a humble result for a sports car.

Perhaps acceleration is what he does best-the time from 72km/h to 104km/h is only 2.5 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds faster than the Mercedes-AMG GLA35 and the same as the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

But it is better than the golf GTI: comfort. The soft suspension may be somewhat contradictory to the performance of the beast lurking under the hood, but it does handle the bumps very well. (Via Motortrend)

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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