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  • Weilai releases ET5 teaser video, which will be released this Saturday
  • Toyota announces global electric vehicle strategy
  • Honda releases new Civic TYPE R test photos
  • Xiaopeng Motors collected 430,000 face photos in 6 months
  • Volkswagen will set up a new company to meet battery demand
  • Ford uses recycled marine garbage to build cars
  • Shenzhen announces relaxation of application conditions for new energy indicators
  • Japanese car manufacturers introduce handicapped-friendly driving design
  • Zhou Guanyu reports to the Alfa Romeo team to participate in the rookie test
  • Toyota Motor 2021 Christmas Advertisement: Sharing the Joy
  • Today's topic: Do you usually use fast charging?

Weilai releases ET5 teaser video, which will be released this Saturday

Weilai today released a teaser video of its second sedan ET5, showing the effect of lighting and extinguishing the ET5 taillights.

Unlike the ET7, the ET5's taillight adopts a design with two thick ends and a thin middle. Although it is a bit "retaining air", it also caters to the current aesthetics and is exquisite and beautiful.

There is no more information about NIO ET5. The new car will be unveiled on NIO Day on the 18th. Dong Chejun will go to Suzhou to bring friends the first report.

The first car has not been delivered yet, and the second car is about to be released.

Toyota announces global electric vehicle strategy

On December 14, Toyota held an online press conference to announce its brand's global electric vehicle strategy and showcased 16 models.

The conference was personally hosted by the master Akio Toyoda, and displayed as many as 15 electric vehicles at a time, including small crossover SUVs, medium and large SUVs and other models.

▲bZ compact SUV

Among the new cars that appear this time, in addition to the already unveiled bZ4X, the lineup will also include the more coupe-style bZ compact SUV, bZ SDN mid-size sedan, bZ Large SUV and bZ Small Crossover.

▲ bZ SDN mid-size car

▲bZ Large SUV

At the meeting, Akio Toyoda announced that Toyota will launch 30 pure electric models, and predicted that by 2030, the global sales of pure electric models will reach 3.5 million. He also said that the Lexus brand will achieve 100% electrification in the European, North American and Chinese markets. (New trip)

▲bZ Small Crossover

Toyota: What kind of ability to do so one or two cars.

Honda releases new Civic TYPE R test photos

Honda recently released a set of photos of Civic's new TYPE R testing at the Suzuka circuit. The new TYPE R is based on the new Civic HATCHBACK and will be officially released in 2022.

It can be seen that the front face of the new car uses a honeycomb grille, the silver water tank below is clearly visible, and the horizontally spread light group makes the visual effect of the front face flatter. The recognizable mid-mounted exhaust and wide rear wing have also been retained.

In terms of power, this new car may be equipped with a hybrid power system with a maximum power of 294kW and will continue to be matched with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Regarding the Civic TYPE R, Tomoto said not long ago that it will introduce models that users expect in accordance with the needs of the Chinese market.

Xiaopeng Motors collected 430,000 face photos in 6 months

According to the Tianyancha App, Shanghai Xiaopeng Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. was fined 100,000 yuan by Xuhui District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently. The punishment was based on the fact that the parties purchased 22 cameras with facial recognition capabilities and installed them in their stores. From January to June this year, a total of 431,623 facial photos were collected and uploaded.

Xiaopeng Motors issued a response and apologized for the incident, stating that the stores in the Shanghai area hoped to improve the reception process through mobile phones and analysis of data such as store passenger flow and better serve customers arriving in the store. However, due to unfamiliarity with the relevant legal provisions, he mistakenly purchased and used products from third-party suppliers that violated the relevant legal provisions. Xiaopeng Motors expressed complete obedience to this administrative penalty and made a deep reflection on the matter.

In its response, Xiaopeng Motors also stated that the Shanghai store had taken the initiative to remove all collection equipment through internal self-examination and self-correction before the inspection by the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau on March 18. The face data is collected and analyzed by a third-party software provider. The data has been completely deleted, and there is no leakage or illegal use of personal information.

Masks do not only prevent the spread of droplets.

Volkswagen will set up a new company to meet battery demand

According to the WSJ report, Volkswagen plans to establish a European company whose business will cover everything from raw material processing to management of European super factories to meet the growing demand for batteries.

Volkswagen plans to build six super factories in Europe, and has allocated 2 billion euros for the construction and operation of the Salzgitter super factory before it is put into production. The plant is expected to start production in 2025.

Volkswagen previously stated that it will invest 52 billion euros in the development and production of electric vehicles in the next five years. (interface)

Simultaneously with the electrification transformation in Europe, Volkswagen's investment progress in China is "sing ahead."

Ford uses recycled marine garbage to build cars

Ford Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced that it has become the first car manufacturer to use marine waste to make auto parts. Some parts of Ford Bronco Sport are made from recycled marine waste.

According to reports, these marine debris are mainly sunglasses, beach shoes and tennis balls. Not only that, most of the wire harness materials required by Ford Bronco Sport are also made from discarded fishing nets.

Ford claims that these recycled plastics have the same strength and durability as nylon materials, which can not only guarantee the service life, but also save 10% of the material usage. (Detroit Free Press)

In fact, in the field of automobile manufacturing, many car companies, including Volvo, Land Rover, and Rolls-Royce, are actively exploring the use of recyclable materials.

Shenzhen announces relaxation of application conditions for new energy indicators

On December 14, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province announced that applicants who have registered permanent residence outside of Shenzhen City and do not have a car under their name from now until the end of 2022 can directly apply for new energy car indicators if they need a residence permit.

Persons with a valid Shenzhen residence permit who are not registered in Shenzhen, and overseas Chinese who hold a valid identity certificate and apply for temporary residence registration for foreign personnel in accordance with the regulations of the city’s public security organs, residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and foreigners who apply for visas or residence permits in this city Leading new energy vehicles (including hybrid and pure electric vehicles) incremental indicators.

Resident permit holders are not required to pay (excluding supplementary payment) basic medical insurance in this city for more than 24 consecutive months; overseas Chinese, residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and foreigners applying for visas or residence permits in this city are not required to pay every year for the past 2 years. The city has lived for more than 9 months in total. Other requirements stipulated in the "Shenzhen City Car Incremental Regulation and Management Implementation Rules" remain unchanged. This policy will be implemented from the date of issuance and will end on December 31, 2022.

Hello, owner of Guangdong B.

Japanese car manufacturers introduce handicapped-friendly driving design

In order to make it better for the disabled, Japanese automakers Mazda and Honda have created barrier-free driving designs.

Mazda's system mainly relies on hand operation. There is an inner ring on the inside of the steering wheel. After the driver presses down, the car will accelerate, and the left swing lever can be used for braking.

And Honda's system is an experience based on foot operation, no need to "hands". The driver can use pedals and buttons placed underground to control the direction, change gears, or turn on the turn signal. (NHK)

In China, disabled persons with two legs can also go to get a C5 driver's license and go on the road legally.

Zhou Guanyu reports to the Alfa Romeo team to participate in the rookie test

Rookie testing and tire testing in Abu Dhabi have started today, and the teams will conduct their two-day 18-inch tire testing on the Yas Marina Circuit. The transfer drivers and rookie driver Zhou Guanyu next year will also drive the Alfa Romeo C41 car to participate in the test.

Interestingly, Zhou Guanyu talked about the reasons why he chose the 24th in the interview:

Largely because of Kobe, he is my idol since I was young and has a great influence on me. He is a very hard worker and gives me a lot of strength. I chose No. 24 because I have a sense of power when I see this number. It can be regarded as a tribute to Kobe. And I prefer 33 (Red Bull driver Verstappen's car number), 3+3 is equal to 6, and 2+4 is also equal to 6.

In addition, when asked about his goals for the new season, Zhou Guanyu said that he hopes that he can learn from his teammate Bottas and win points for the team.

Toyota Motor 2021 Christmas Advertisement: Sharing the Joy

Animation studio Passion Animation Studios launched a promotional ad called "Share The Joy" for Toyota Motor Christmas.

In the advertisement, a young girl is ashamed to share her joy. Whenever someone waved to her or invited her, the joy in her heart would "fly out", but she held them tightly every time until… she Learned to share joy:

Today's topic: Do you usually use fast charging?

David Wragg, a senior engineer at the Center for Materials Science and Nanotechnology at the University of Oslo, the highest institution in Norway, recently stated that there are many responsible chemical components inside the battery of an electric car, which are very sensitive to the charging speed, and fast charging may cause problems.

Over time, all rechargeable batteries will degrade. However, when the battery is in a fast charging state, this negative impact is particularly strong.

At present, researchers all over the world are looking for new materials and methods, but for our consumers, before the new technology is successfully commercialized, we can combine the actual situation to appropriately reduce the number of fast charging.

I don’t know if you, as the owner of a pure electric car, do you "occasionally fast charge" or "frequently fast charge"?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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