Dong Che Daily|Tesla Cybertruck Showcases Air Suspension Strength / Meizu Announces FlymeAuto Car-Machine Interface / Zhiji Was Exposure to Sales “Water Injection”


  • Tesla Cybertruck real car re-exposed
  • Meizu FlymeAuto in-car system interface exposed
  • Xiaopeng G9 will remove lidar from its European models
  • Zhiji Auto's sales were exposed to "water injection"
  • Tesla opens global engineering headquarters in California
  • Faraday Future unveils employee incentive plan
  • All employees of the world's fourth largest car company share a bonus of 14.6 billion yuan
  • Mercedes expands recall to over 20,000 vehicles
  • Huawei Jianghuai's new factory is under construction
  • Tesla adds automatic heating to the steering wheel
  • The electric bicycle brand "VELOTRIC" completed the A round of financing
  • The first sodium-ion battery test vehicle was unveiled to the public
  • Tesla or enable 4D radar

Tesla Cybertruck real car re-exposed, ground clearance increased

Yesterday, Tesla welcomed a surprise visitor to an event at its new global engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, California — the Cybertruck.


This video shows the Cybertruck with its suspension set to its highest position, just like the low-quality video of the real car that leaked earlier this week.

Several Tesla employees can be seen surrounding the Cybertruck, some of whom appear to be guiding the driver over the curb and onto the lawn.

Although this is just a small lawn, we can still look forward to the off-road performance of Cybertruck. As early as 2020, Musk said that Tesla was studying how to increase the travel of the air suspension to have better off-road performance.

Meizu FlymeAuto in-car system interface exposed

On February 23, Meizu disclosed the interface details of FlymeAuto for the first time, revealing the design concept of "Alive Design" as a whole.

In the Flyme Link negative screen specially customized for mobile phone-car interconnection, Meizu has made a special priority display for high-frequency functions, and it is expected to support application circulation like Hongmeng cockpit.

In the split-screen mode of music and map navigation, FlymeAuto can open dual apps at the same time, the split-screen ratio can be adjusted freely, and the in-app layout will also be adjusted according to the ratio.

In the "Nap Mode", the fireflies on the screen of the car will interact with the ambient light. When opening/closing the door, the fireflies will also create a "blowing" texture accompanied by sound effects.

In the comment area of ​​the Galaxy L7 last night, many friends mentioned Flyme Auto, so this is coming.

Xiaopeng G9 will remove lidar from its European models

According to Teslarati, the upcoming Xpeng G9, which will be launched in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, will not be equipped with lidar.

In this regard, Martin Stegelmeier, head of European product planning at Xiaopeng Motors, explained that this is mainly due to cost considerations.

LiDAR is expensive. Xpeng Motors wants to be at the forefront of ADAS for European automakers, but we also need to offer competitive pricing. The Xpeng G9 can't do that with lidar on board.

In some models of the domestic version released in September 2022, Xiaopeng G9 is equipped with a laser radar under the headlights on both sides of the front of the car, and the supplier is Sagitar Juchuang.

Zhiji Automobile was exposed to "water injection" to save data

According to a report from Sina Technology, a large number of blind orders of Zhiji Automobile were transferred, and sales were saved by water injection data.

According to the official data released by Zhiji, as of February 1, blind orders for Zhiji LS7 exceeded 10,000. Zhiji CEO Liu Tao also said one after another that the passenger flow of Zhiji Experience Center has ushered in explosive growth, and even there are long queues for test drives in stores.

However, it should be noted that the deposit required for Zhiji LS7 blind order is 888 yuan. Due to the low deposit required for blind order, the gold content of Zhiji LS7 blind order data has also been questioned.

At present, there are a large number of Zhiji LS7 blind order orders appearing on the second-hand trading platform. Individual users hold several orders looking for "receivers", and some are even employees of Zhiji Auto Experience Store, claiming that they have "extra" orders in their hands.

At the same time, Liu Tao opened up a new marketing technique. He said that Zhiji Auto's sales target for 2023 is 45,000 units, and it hopes to reach a production and sales scale of 200,000-300,000 units by 2025.

This means that compared with 2022, the sales of Zhiji cars will increase by 800%.

In January this year, the sales volume of Zhiji Automobile was only 507 units, which continued to fall into a downturn.

Tesla opens global engineering headquarters in California

On February 22, US time, Tesla's global engineering headquarters was officially unveiled in California.

On stage, Musk said with a smile on his face: "In the past, no one believed in, and no one made electric cars. Now, the auto industry has to accept that electric cars are the future. These seemingly impossible things, although late, arrive."

Tesla's global engineering headquarters is located at the former HP headquarters in Palo Alto. Musk said that HP opened "Silicon Valley" here, and now Tesla has taken over (the office building), which is a poetic transformation. Tesla will conduct research and development of FSD, robots, and Dojo at the headquarters.

As of 2022, Tesla has 47,000 employees in California. Since 2016, Tesla has invested more than $5 billion in California.

Tesla currently operates in multiple locations in California:

  • Fremont OEMs
  • Global Engineering Headquarters in Palo Alto
  • Los Angeles Design Center
  • Lathrop's energy storage battery factory
  • Maxwell Corporation of San Diego

Faraday Future unveils employee incentive plan to speed up production work

On February 24, Faraday Future announced a company production and delivery incentive plan. According to the plan, the company will issue bonuses and equity incentive awards to all FF employees on the job when production begins.

According to reports, FF executives also participated in a meeting held by the company at the Los Angeles headquarters to discuss the most pressing issues related to production.

"These incentives will help our employees keep a high focus on our SOP/SOD milestone dates," said Chen Xuefeng, FF Global CEO.

The fourth largest car company in the world exceeded its target, and all employees shared a bonus of 14.6 billion yuan

On February 23, Stellantis Group, the world's fourth largest car company, announced its financial results for 2022. Its net revenue reached 179.6 billion euros, and its net profit reached 16.8 billion euros, an increase of 26%, exceeding its previously set goals.

Benefiting from this, the group decided to allocate a total of 2 billion euros (approximately 14.7 billion) to its employees worldwide as a "2022 operating performance" incentive bonus to thank all employees for their contributions to the group in 2022.

Some friends may not have heard much about Stellantis, why is it the fourth largest car company in the world?

In fact, Stellantis Group is a merger of Peugeot Citroen Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which owns Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Jeep, Peugeot, Maserati and other brands.

Mercedes-Benz expands recall of more than 20,000 vehicles, sunroof glass panels have hidden dangers

A few days ago, Mercedes-Benz China and Beijing Benz filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation.

Due to insufficient bonding durability between the sliding sunroof glass panel and the sunroof frame, the sunroof glass panel may separate from the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents or causing injury to other road users. The following imported and domestically produced products will be recalled from now on. car.

1. Part of the imported C-class, CLK, CLS and E-class cars with production dates between August 6, 2003 and July 13, 2010, a total of 13,373 vehicles;

2. A total of 7,367 domestically produced C-class and E-class cars produced between July 9, 2004 and March 20, 2009.

Skylight: I'm free.

Huawei Jianghuai's new factory is under construction and may be put into production in August next year

Recently, the China Construction Sixth Bureau Consortium won the bid for the EPC project of Anhui Feixi New Energy Vehicle Intelligent Industrial Park, with a bid amount of about 1.544 billion yuan.

"This project is a key project in Hefei City. After completion, it will be used by Huawei and Jiangqi Group to jointly develop a new generation of high-end smart electric vehicles in Hefei." CSCEC said.

▲The construction site of the project released by Feixi

On February 22, a person in charge of bidding for the construction project of Jianghuai Xingang with an annual output of 300,000 mid-to-high-end intelligent new energy passenger vehicles revealed in a telephone interview with reporters that JAC Group is building a brand new project for its in-depth cooperation with Huawei. The manufacturing plant mainly produces mid-to-high-end new energy vehicles defined by Huawei.

The person in charge also said that the new factory is expected to be put into operation in June-August 2024.

  • Rolls-Royce's 2022 profit up 57% to $5.4 billion
  • National Development and Reform Commission Price and Cost Investigation Center went to Ningde Times for investigation
  • The Board of Directors of GAC Group Approved the Capital Increase to the Joint Venture Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • The new Xiaopeng P7 or named P7i will be officially launched in March
  • Lordstown suspends production and deliveries of all-electric Endurance pickups
  • LG upgrades business structure to secure more auto panel orders
  • Hangzhou added 20,000 Zhejiang A license plate indicators
  • Audi’s trademark infringement claim against NIO was rejected by the European Union Intellectual Property Office
  • Baidu's application for "vehicle logo" appearance patent was authorized

Tesla pushes software update, adding automatic steering wheel heating

On February 23, the 2023.2.13 version of Tesla's car software was officially launched and began to be pushed in batches.

The main upgrade contents of this software update are:

1. Added automatic heating of the steering wheel

The system will automatically turn on or off the steering wheel heating function according to the temperature set by the driver.

2. Optimize the sentry mode warning light

When the vehicle detects a threat, Sentry Mode slowly flashes the headlights to indicate that the vehicle is recording video. Flashing will stop after 60 seconds or when the vehicle is unlocked.

It should be noted that some of Tesla's older models (such as the 2021 Model 3) do not support steering wheel heating and cannot use new features.

The electric bicycle brand "VELOTRIC" completed the A round of financing

According to 36kr news, the electric bicycle brand VELOTRIC recently completed a 50 million yuan A round of financing, invested by Fosun Ruizheng Capital and Red Dot China, and Yuanqi Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor.

VELOTRIC focuses on the entry-level product market in the United States, focusing on safety and reliability. The Discover 1 and Nomad 1 currently launched have passed the very strict UL 2849 certification in North America, and at the same time broke the industry tradition of electric bicycle brands focusing on the European market.

VELOTRIC plans to launch at least 4 more products this year, further lay down the offline distribution network system in the next two years, and establish cooperative relations with more than 3,000 offline dealers.

A "new force" in the field of electronics.

The first sodium-ion battery test vehicle was unveiled to the public

On February 23, the industry's first sodium-ion battery test vehicle jointly built by Sihao New Energy and Zhongke Haina was unveiled to the public.

The loading test is a sodium-ion battery pack with cellular battery technology. The cruising range of this model is 252km, the battery capacity is 25kWh, and the fast charging time is 15-20 minutes.

Compared with lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries have faster charging efficiency, lower cost and better safety performance, but have a lower cycle life.

Less than 2 years after abandoning millimeter-wave radar, Tesla may enable 4D radar

According to news on February 22, Tesla's new HW4.0 computer board was exposed by the pusher Greetheonly, showing that the new Ethernet interface is expected to be connected to 4D millimeter-wave radar.

Combined with the 4D millimeter-wave radar documents previously submitted by Tesla to the FCC, the market predicts that Tesla's new Model 3 may be equipped with 4D millimeter-wave radar as standard, and uses Arbe Robotics' Phoenix radar.

Compared with 3D millimeter-wave radar, 4D millimeter-wave radar adds height ranging, which can realize the camera "imaging" function to a certain extent, detect the distance, speed and pitch angle information of the target, and further enhance the space perception ability.

Tesla canceled the millimeter-wave radar on the Model 3 and Model Y models as early as 2021. The reason behind Tesla’s rapid reversal of operations may be that the FSD performance after the cancellation of the radar is not ideal.

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