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  • BYD released the road test video of looking up to U8, showing U-turn in place
  • Xiaopeng's new SUV "G6" exposed, replaced with a new steering wheel
  • Mysterious shareholder bought Tesla's bottom and made nearly 100 billion yuan
  • Ningde era may push ultra-low-cost battery packages
  • Former Huawei executive Li Wenzhi joined Li Auto
  • The head of marketing of Xiaomi Automobile, Zhou Yan, resigned and joined for only 7 months
  • Rumor has it that Weilai's fourth factory will be located in Chuzhou, Anhui, and will introduce the third brand
  • Yu Chengdong responds to Huawei's cooperation with Jianghuai in car manufacturing
  • Guangdong traffic police respond to high-speed motorbike ban
  • Yu Chengdong: Do not make cars below 200,000 yuan
  • Porsche: One-pedal mode isn't efficient

BYD released the road test video of looking up to U8, showing U-turn in place

On February 21, BYD's high-end brand Yangwang Auto released the latest promotional video, showing the scene where the million-level new energy hardcore off-road Yangwang U8 and Yuan Pro "meet each other on a narrow road".

▲Click the picture to watch the video

Looking up at the car, he said that turning around in place is the iconic function of "Easy Sifang". This technology is the first mass-produced four-motor drive technology in China, which can precisely control the vehicle's four-wheel dynamics with four-motor independent vector control technology.

Regarding the function of turning around on the spot, Dong Chehui also learned more specific information from looking up this week.

  • The feature doesn't have to rely on mecanum wheels
  • Due to the low speed, this feature will not affect the tire life too much
  • The process of enabling this function is probably to set the rotation angle on the car first, and then confirm

In terms of performance, the "Easy Sifang" platform achieves a maximum motor speed of 20,500rpm and a vehicle horsepower of more than 1,100 horsepower, which can adapt to various extreme scenarios such as streets, off-road, and race tracks.

You can even wade.

Xiaopeng's new SUV "G6" exposed, replaced with a new steering wheel

According to news from the new travel community, Xiaopeng's fifth model, the G6, will adopt a newly designed interior, and the steering wheel will look younger.

For the instrument panel, the Xpeng G6 uses a built-in instrument panel, and the central control screen is an independent floating screen. The co-pilot entertainment screen on the G9 is cancelled.

It can be seen from the spy photos that the visual animation of the instrument panel has been upgraded, and the new car can recognize the traffic lights ahead.

In addition, from another set of spy photos, it is known that the Xpeng G6 may have a version equipped with an electric rear spoiler.

This time it is a photo from the inside, and it seems that the release is not far away.

Mysterious shareholder bought Tesla's bottom and made nearly 100 billion yuan

Tesla's recent shareholder position information shows that a mysterious new shareholder, Natixis, bought 171 million shares of Tesla stock in a big way in the fourth quarter of 2022.

According to Tesla's latest stock price calculation, Natixis' floating profit has reached 14.6 billion US dollars (about 99 billion yuan) in the first six weeks of 2023.

After two sharp price cuts, Tesla China has recently launched a continuous price increase model. The price of the domestic Tesla Model Y long-range version and high-performance version has increased by 2,000 yuan.

Ningde era may push ultra-low-cost battery packages

Recently, it is rumored that the Ningde era is implementing a "lithium mine rebate" plan for car companies to reduce battery costs. But the news has not been confirmed by CATL.

The plan proposes that in the next three years, car companies that cooperate with Ningde Times need to promise that about 80% of their battery purchases will come from Ningde Times, and they can enjoy a part of the lithium carbonate price of power batteries settled at 200,000/ton (the current market price is 47 million/ton).

The car companies that cooperate with this plan are limited to core strategic customers such as Huawei, Ideal, Weilai, and Jikrypton, excluding Tesla. After the cooperation is signed, it will be implemented in the third quarter of this year. Currently, some car companies are in the process of signing cooperation agreements. .

A common practice for suppliers to sign year boxes. (expression)

Former Huawei executive Li Wenzhi joined Li Auto

On Wednesday afternoon, reported that Li Wenzhi, the former head of Huawei's global HRBP management department, recently joined Li Auto as CFO with a rank of M11. In terms of the adjusted organizational structure, Li Wenzhi belongs to the "organizational financial group" and reports to Li Tie, the co-founder and former CFO of Li Auto.

However, Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Auto, later responded that Li Wenzhi will serve as the head of the CFO office after joining Ideal Auto and report to CFO Li Tie. The CFO Office where Li Wenzhi works is responsible for the transformation of process, organization, and finance.

Li Wenzhi had 18 years of working experience in Huawei before. In the first 16 years, he was in charge of sales in domestic and overseas markets, and in the last two years, he was in charge of the group's human resources.

Before joining the ideal, Xiaopeng Motors also offered an olive branch to Li Wenzhi, but Li Wenzhi did not choose Xiaopeng in the end. An industry insider familiar with Xiaopeng’s internal organization said, “(Even if) it is dug through, the prospect is hard to say. Because Xiaopeng’s soil is not very good, and it is a bit xenophobic.”

The ideal continues to be "Huawei".

The head of marketing of Xiaomi Automobile, Zhou Yan, resigned and joined for only 7 months

Unicorn Excavator quoted sources as saying that Xiaomi’s marketing chief, Zhou Ying, had resigned.

It is reported that Zhou Ying joined SAIC-GM-Wuling in 2010 and held several key positions. A few years before leaving SAIC-GM-Wuling, he was promoted from director of marketing center of SAIC-GM-Wuling sales company to deputy general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling business department.

It has only been 7 months since Zhou Lin joined Xiaomi and then left. When asked whether the reason for Zhou Yin's resignation was related to the leakage of confidential documents from the secondary supplier some time ago, the insider who disclosed the news clearly denied it.

On Wednesday morning, Xiaomi officials stated that Zhou Lin's resignation was due to personal and family reasons. However, according to the above-mentioned person, the integration between Zhou Ying and an Internet company like Xiaomi is not very good. "Maybe he is not quite used to it yet."

Rumor has it that Weilai's fourth factory will be located in Chuzhou, Anhui, and will introduce the third brand

The Financial Associated Press reported that NIO's fourth complete vehicle factory will be located in Chuzhou Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province, and will put into production NIO's third brand product, code-named "Firefly".

According to sources from relevant departments in Chuzhou City, the factory has been integrated on the basis of the original factory of Cheetah Motors, and "maybe more information will be announced in March and April."

A person from the local China Merchants Bureau said that the third brand "Firefly" that NIO is building is positioned in the low-end market, focusing on entry-level models priced at 100,000 yuan.

Yu Chengdong responds to Huawei's cooperation with Jianghuai in car manufacturing

The China Construction Sixth Bureau Consortium recently won the bid for the EPC project of the New Energy Vehicle Intelligent Industrial Park in Feixi, Anhui Province, with a bid amount of about 1.544 billion yuan.

CSCEC stated that after the completion of the project, it will be used by Huawei and Jiangqi Group to jointly develop a new generation of high-end smart electric vehicles in Hefei.

In response to rumors of joint car manufacturing with Jianghuai Automobile, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's terminal business, said:

Huawei does not build cars by itself, but cooperates through the smart selection model.

In addition to Jianghuai Automobile, Huawei is also rumored to plan to cooperate with Chery, Jihu and other auto brands in the smart car business. It is reported that Chery and Huawei have planned at least five high-end smart electric models.

  • Weimar's two major production bases are both in a state of shutdown
  • The 5,000,000th BMW Brilliance vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the BMW i3 eDrive 40 L
  • Faraday Future plans to start production of the FF 91 on March 30
  • Weilai announced that it will add 1,000 new battery swap stations in 2023
  • The new Accord may be domestically produced in the second half of the year
  • Tesla intends to acquire a Brazilian lithium miner, already coping with rising raw material costs
  • Former Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess appointed Chairman of Infineon's Supervisory Board
  • The share of Chinese cars in the Russian market will increase from 9% to 37% in 2022
  • Uber to roll out 25,000 electric cars in India in three years

Guangdong traffic police respond to high-speed motorbike ban

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department launched the "Guangdong People's Voice Hotline". Regarding the question of "whether motorcycles can be driven on expressways in Guangdong Province", Zhao Shang, the third-level senior police officer of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, gave the answer.

At present, motorcycles are prohibited from entering and driving on most expressways in Guangdong Province, and many owners have set up signs prohibiting motorcycles. According to the Highway Law, the owner unit and the road management department have the right to set up signs prohibiting motorcycles according to the design of the road.

In addition, he said that some highways were not designed to meet the standards for motorcycles.

Yu Chengdong: Do not make cars below 200,000 yuan

As mentioned earlier, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's terminal business, reiterated that Huawei does not build cars. In fact, Yu Chengdong also made a new interpretation of the business logic of Huawei's smart car business model.

Through the establishment of the Wenjie Eco-Car Alliance, select a few car companies to join, join forces, and jointly develop, create the experience to the extreme, do a good job of product differentiation, and jointly seize the time window for the transformation of the auto industry.

Yu Chengdong added, "The car companies that Huawei works closely with will be the first to become profitable within a year or two, and will become one of the most profitable car companies in China."

Yu Chengdong also responded to some misunderstandings about the recent cooperation between Huawei and Celes, saying that Huawei's investment in Celes has not decreased, but has increased.

He emphasized that under the smart selection model, the car company that benefits the most must be Cyrus, which has the earliest cooperation with Huawei, the deepest accumulation, and the most abundant product models.

When talking about market competition, Yu Chengdong also said that Huawei mainly produces mid-to-high-end products and will not involve the market below 200,000 yuan. He also said that in order to achieve the goal of making the car BU profitable in 2025, Huawei must first help car companies sell 1 million cars.

In Yu Chengdong's view, the intelligent upgrade of various parts of the car is the core of future competition between Chinese and American car brands. The next 2-3 years is the window period for intelligent connected cars, and Huawei must seize the last time window.

One person can't beat it, and several brothers need to fight together. This is why we established the ecological alliance. I believe that the few car companies that cooperate most closely with Huawei will be the few companies that can survive to the end.

Porsche: One-pedal mode isn't efficient

Nowadays, many electric vehicles will achieve "one-pedal mode" through strong kinetic energy recovery, but a high-performance brand from Stuttgart believes that this is not an effective driving mode.

Porsche believes that it is a better way to let the electric car slide forward as much as possible under inertia than "single-pedal mode".

Martin Reichenecker, senior manager of chassis testing at Porsche Engineering, recently said that electric vehicles consume almost no electricity when coasting. On the other hand, he believes that it is a more natural process for the vehicle to continue driving without power.

He emphasized that the one-pedal mode needs to recover energy before converting it into power. This time around, a lot of energy will be lost.

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