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  • Jikrypton’s third model, Jikrypton X, unveiled its official image
  • Xpeng launches new P7 in Europe
  • AITO Wenjie's price reduction strategy has little effect
  • Tesla's Shanghai factory delivered 66,000 cars in January
  • Tesla Tops 2023 Global Auto Brand Value List
  • U.S. new-vehicle sales of Japan's Big Four slump 3.6% in January
  • Li Pengcheng, former Xiaopeng CEO assistant, was appointed as the vice president of Avita
  • Hengchi was enforced for 4.09 million yuan, and a total of 280 million yuan was enforced
  • Sister Mumu: Sales of electric vehicles will grow exponentially
  • From February 6, Guangzhou resumed the "open four stop four" traffic restriction policy
  • Ford to work with Red Bull F1 team on engine development
  • Ideal L5, sedan or station wagon?

Not called 003, Jikrypton's third model, Jikrypton X official image unveiled

Previously, Jikrypton launched two models, 001 and 009. For this new compact car, the official gave it the name "Jikrypton X", which is said to be stronger than "3".

At the same time, the first batch of official pictures were also unveiled. The new car is equipped with a two-color body, relatively small in size, and retains many family-style design elements. The penetrating taillights and knuckles are also very recognizable.

Currently exposed information points include: the new car is based on the vast platform architecture, an A-class SUV, 3-second acceleration, a wheelbase of 2750mm, and a variety of Rubik’s Cube spaces.

Smart Elf King?

Xpeng launches new P7 in Europe

On February 3, the Xpeng G9 and the new Xpeng P7 were officially launched in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The new Xpeng P7 has limited upgrades in appearance, and the main difference lies in the lamp group. Due to the addition of lidar, the headlights of the new P7 are more slender, and in order to better echo, the taillights have also been treated in the same way.

In addition, a new color scheme and a new style of five-spoke wheels have been added to the P7.

There are two more obvious changes in the interior. One is that the new car is replaced with the same double-width steering wheel as the Xiaopeng G9. The other is that the layout of the sub-dashboard has been optimized, but it should be noted that only the mobile phone slot on the left supports wireless. Charge.

In terms of configuration, the new P7 is equipped with a heat pump system, which doubles the heating energy efficiency and increases the battery life in winter by 15%. The newly added electric tailgate external switch and rear seat heating are also quite practical.

The charging aspect has been greatly improved. The new P7 adopts a high-current charging solution, with a maximum charging power of 175kW (the current model is 90kW), and the battery life can be increased by 240km in as little as 10 minutes. There is also a slight improvement in power.

AITO Wenjie's price reduction strategy has had little effect, and only 4,475 vehicles were delivered in January

At the beginning of the month, AITO Automobile announced its sales data for January this year – 4475 vehicles, which ranked low in the report card of new car-making forces that month, which means that AITO's previous price reduction strategy did not work.

At the beginning of January, AITO Wenjie announced on its official website that it will lower the prices of all Wenjie M5 EV series and some models of Wenjie M7, and the reduction range will be between 28,800 yuan and 30,000 yuan. At present, the price reduction strategy of AITO Wenjie has a relatively limited impact on sales.

Might have to think of another way.

Tesla's Shanghai factory delivered 66,000 cars in January

According to the sales data just released by the Passenger Association, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory delivered a total of 66,000 new cars in January, a year-on-year increase of 10.3%.

In addition, according to Reuters, an internal memo from Tesla showed that the company plans to increase production at its Shanghai plant in the next two months to meet strong market demand triggered by sharp price cuts.

According to the memo, at least in February and March of this year, Tesla plans to produce an average of nearly 20,000 vehicles per week at the Shanghai factory, which is close to the level last September.

Tesla has yet to comment.

Tesla Tops 2023 Global Auto Brand Value List

Rising demand for electric vehicles has driven up the value of auto brands such as Tesla and BYD as the industry transitions to a low-carbon economy.

According to the "Annual Top 500 Global Brand Value List" recently released by the British brand evaluation agency Brand Finance, Tesla's brand value will increase by 44% from 2022 to 2023 to US$66.2 billion, making it the car with the highest brand value in the world. brand. Second place went to Mercedes-Benz, with Toyota in third.

In addition, BYD's brand value soared 57% year-on-year to US$10.1 billion, the biggest increase in the entire list, ranking 199.

U.S. new-vehicle sales of Japan's Big Four slump 3.6% in January

According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency, in January this year, the total sales of new cars by Japan's four major car companies in the United States was 286,200, a decrease of 3.6% from the same period last year.

But in fact, only Toyota is holding back. According to the report, Toyota Motor's sales in January fell 14.8%, and the data of the other three car companies were better than the previous year.

Among them, Honda's performance is particularly impressive, with monthly sales of 84,500 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 14.3%. Honda said that the year-on-year growth in sales was due to the excellent market performance of the hybrid CR-V, and the shortage of semiconductors has gradually improved.

Li Pengcheng, former Xiaopeng CEO assistant, was appointed as the vice president of Avita

On February 2, Avita Technology announced that Li Pengcheng, the former CEO assistant of Xiaopeng Motors, officially served as the company's vice president and chief marketing officer, and also served as the deputy general manager of the user development center. , Tan Benhong, general manager of the User Development Center reported.

Previously, Li Pengcheng served as vice president and general manager of brand public relations at Xiaopeng Motors, and was promoted to assistant CEO in November 2022. However, a source said that the arrangement for Li Pengcheng at that time was an ups and downs, because the poor performance of Xiaopeng G9 in the market caused internal dissatisfaction with him. In December 2022, Li Pengcheng resigned.

Hengchi was enforced for 4.09 million yuan, and a total of 280 million yuan was enforced

The Tianyancha App shows that on February 1, Evergrande Hengchi New Energy Vehicle (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. added a new information about the person subject to execution, with an execution target of more than 4.09 million yuan. Up to now, the company has accumulatively executed more than 280 million yuan.

Evergrande Hengchi New Energy Vehicle (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018. The legal representative is Jiang Xiaojun. The registered capital is 3.01 billion yuan. The business scope includes the development, manufacture and sales of new energy vehicles and parts; motor vehicle maintenance, etc. .

In terms of sales, which are most concerned by the people who eat melons, the Hengchi 5 car was officially mass-produced on September 16 this year, and the first mass-produced car will be delivered on October 29, 2022. As of December 30, 2022, 324 vehicles have been delivered to customers.

Sister Mumu: Sales of electric vehicles will grow exponentially

On February 2, "Sister Wood" Cathie Wood's Ark Invest released the "Big Ideas 2023" annual investment research report, which summarized the latest trends in the integration of innovative technologies in the world.

Today we take a look at what's in it about electric vehicles.

The first is batteries. According to Wright’s law, the cost of battery cells will drop by 28% every time the number of units produced is doubled. This relationship will exist for a long time; lower-cost lithium iron phosphate cells will become the mainstream.

The other is the charging speed. ARK believes that the charging speed is a good indicator to measure the overall performance of electric vehicles, which can explain the operating efficiency, range, and capabilities of the system.

In the past four years, the charging speed of electric vehicles has almost tripled. But if the charging speed reaches an acceptable level, car companies will devote more resources to autonomous driving, safety and entertainment.

ARK believes that as production costs fall, sales of electric vehicles will grow exponentially, while internal combustion engine vehicles could lose significant market share. The agency predicts that electric vehicles will account for 60 percent of the market by 2027.

From February 6, Guangzhou resumed the "open four stop four" traffic restriction policy

The Guangzhou traffic police announced on February 3 that in order to adjust road traffic flow, alleviate traffic congestion, and ensure the production and living needs of citizens, Guangzhou will resume the implementation of "open four stop four" on February 6 (next Monday and the 16th day of the first month). measure.

Previously, on November 21, 2022, in order to cooperate with the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Guangzhou suspended the implementation of the "open four stop four" measures.

The so-called "drive four, stop four" is a management measure implemented by the Traffic Police Detachment of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau on the passage of non-Guangzhou small and medium-sized passenger vehicles. day (natural day), and the interval between re-entry must be more than 4 days (natural day).

Ford to work with Red Bull F1 team on engine development

According to The Race news, Red Bull will officially announce the cooperation with Ford on the 2026 power unit at the 2023 season conference.

Ford will provide Red Bull RBPT with the funds and technology to develop the power unit under the new rules in 2026 in exchange for the naming rights of the new power unit.

Ideal L5, sedan or station wagon?

This Friday, a hypothetical picture of an ideal L5 from @SugarDesign appeared in various group chats. Li Xiang himself reposted it on Weibo and asked him to "P Wagon (station wagon) to see".

Since Ideal CEO Li Xiang previously stated that the L5 is "not an SUV" form, and this time it makes people "P a Wagon", it is hard not to doubt that the Ideal L5 will be a station wagon.

For the ideal L5, do you prefer it to be a sedan or a station wagon?

Tell a good story.

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