Dong Che Daily|Toyota is making new parts for AE86 / Tesla “0 down payment” goes online and was suspended for 3 days / Volkswagen ID.5 released


  • Volvo C40 pure electric version will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show
  • The key data of the new Model X is exposed, and the power is significantly improved
  • Volkswagen ID.5/ID.5 GTX officially unveiled
  • Zhengzhou Nissan may resume production of four-cylinder Qijun
  • Toyota is making new parts for the AE86
  • Tesla's "0 down payment" was suspended, and it only went online for 3 days
  • Panasonic said it is building a Tesla 4680 battery production line
  • Porsche believes that 100kWh is the best balance point for battery capacity
  • Hyundai Seven concept car will be released at the Los Angeles Auto Show
  • Tesla partners with Uber to supply electric cars to London
  • Porsche is expected to return to F1 and become an engine supplier
  • Talk about the development history of wipers
  • Today's topic: How long does it take you to drive to work?

Volvo C40 pure electric version will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show

Volvo officials revealed that the previously released C40 Recharge pure electric vehicle will debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show which opens on November 19.

The car is based on the XC40 Recharge and adopts the design style of a coupe SUV. The front face shape is not much different from that of the XC40 Recharge, but the sharper headlights make the entire front face look younger.

Although it adopts a slip-back design, Volvo's iconic taillights are still well interpreted, extending from the tail box to the roof, and with the upper rear wing, the sporty feeling has been greatly improved.

It makes Dong Chejun look forward to the arrival of the Guangzhou Auto Show.

The key data of the new Model X is exposed, and the power is significantly improved

Unlike Tesla's Model Y and Model 3, which are selling well, the new Model X does not seem to have attracted much attention.

But Twitter user @tempermanant recently exposed a document submitted by Tesla to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), revealing some key technical improvements for Model X.

From the exposed data, the maximum power of the front and rear motors of the new Model X long-life version to be launched in the US market will be increased to 326/333 horsepower. For comparison, the current model has 241/253 horsepower.

One improvement that deserves attention is that the rear motor is switched from AC induction type to AC permanent magnet type, and the energy conversion efficiency is higher.

Power is not the only upgrade. The battery weight of the new Model X long-life version has been reduced by 14%, the battery energy ratio has increased by 13%, and the curb weight has dropped by 4% to approximately 2367 kg.

In general, it's lighter and faster.

Volkswagen ID.5/ID.5 GTX officially unveiled

Previously, Volkswagen ID.5 and ID.5 GTX in spy photos were always covered in disguise. Last night, Volkswagen officially unveiled them.

The new car can be regarded as the coupe version of ID.4. The front face design is similar, but the side lines are slightly different. The upturned rear wing and wide rear surround give the new car more dynamics.

As for the ID.5 GTX, it is basically the same as the normal version of ID.5, but the details have been changed.

For example, the front bumper has been redesigned, and the three-point LED daytime running lights on both sides are also a bit different.

The biggest difference between the two is the performance. ID.5 is a rear-drive single-motor design, and ID.5 GTX is a dual-motor. Their acceleration performance of 100 kilometers can explain the problem:

  • ID.5 low-power version: 10.4 seconds
  • ID.5 High Power Version: 8.4 seconds
  • ID.5 GTX: 6.3 seconds

In terms of cruising range, ID.5 is 520 kilometers, while ID.5 GTX is 480 kilometers. Both support fast charging. The official claims can run 300 kilometers in half an hour.

It is expected that ID.5 will enter the domestic market in the form of imports.

Zhengzhou Nissan may resume production of four-cylinder Qijun

The new generation of Nissan Qijun has been on the market for some time, but because it is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, its sales have been mediocre, which has a large gap with Nissan's expectations.

Recently, it has been reported that Nissan plans to resume production of the previous generation of Xtreme, named Xtreme Classic, and sell it together with the new Xtreme.

It is reported that Zhengzhou Nissan will be responsible for the resumption of production of Qijun Classic, but it will be jointly sold by Zhengzhou Nissan and Dongfeng Nissan in the future.

After the resumption of production, Qijun Classic will remain unchanged in terms of design, continue to use the old model parts, and provide 2.0L and 2.5L self-priming engines for power.

The three-cylinder engine that Nissan has spent heavily on research and development still can't stand the beating of the market.

Toyota is making new parts for the AE86

Toyota recently announced a new spare parts program that will be used in a car they produced in the 1980s, the AE86 Corolla.

Anyone who has watched the anime "Initial D" knows that the AE86 is the vehicle driven by the protagonist Fujiwara Takumi. It is known for its lightweight body and excellent dynamic performance. This anime made the AE86 enduringly popular, and Toyota took note of it.

Toyota's racing division Gazoo Racing recently decided to add this rear-drive "normal coupe" to its spare parts production line.

Starting in November, customers can buy brand new AE86 rear brake calipers and steering knuckle arms from official channels. Next month, Toyota will add the rear drive shaft to the plan, and it will continue to increase in the future.

Toyota said that this batch of goods is also limited, pre-order as soon as possible.

Tesla's "0 down payment" was suspended, and it only went online for 3 days

On November 1st, Tesla’s official website launched a new self-operated financial product. Consumers can purchase vehicles through the Tesla financial leasing model with zero down payment. The lease term is flexible to choose from 1 to 5 years. The rent is paid every month and the lease period After the expiration, the vehicle ownership will be obtained in accordance with the contract.

But just this morning, Tesla's official website in China showed that the "0 down payment" option for the program has been cancelled, and the minimum down payment has been adjusted to 10%.

Tesla responded to the board of directors that orders surged after the "0 down payment" went online, causing customers to wait for the car to be further extended. In order to ensure the delivery cycle of vehicles and the overall service experience of customers, the minimum down payment for Tesla's financial leasing products will be adjusted from "zero down payment" to "10% up", and customers who have submitted applications will not be affected.

Have you made any successful bookings?

Panasonic said it is building a Tesla 4680 battery production line

Panasonic last month integrated battery-related businesses, technical teams, and marketing teams scattered across the parent company and different departments into the new company Panasonic Energy.

Kazuo Tadanobu, who serves as the CEO of the new company, recently revealed in an interview with Nikkei that, technically, Panasonic Energy is basically ready to begin commercial mass production of Tesla's 4680 battery released last year.

He said that Panasonic is setting up production lines, conducting trial production of prototype products, gradually revising and moving towards mass production. In addition, it is not ruled out to become one of the potential battery suppliers for Apple cars. (Financial Network)

Then, Panasonic's stock price rose by 1.24% yesterday. (Manual dog head)

Porsche believes that 100kWh is the best balance point for battery capacity

A larger capacity battery pack can provide additional battery life, but with it comes heavier weight. Therefore, manufacturers need to find a balance between battery life and weight, and Porsche engineers think they have found it.

Porsche high-voltage system concept manager Benjamin Passenberg (Benjamin Passenberg) recently stated that at present, Porsche believes that 100kWh is the most suitable battery capacity.

According to data provided by Porsche, more than 95% of drivers travel less than 200 kilometers per day.

So why spend money on a huge battery pack that you don't really need, and then have to drag it around? It doesn't make much sense.

Porsche believes that smaller, lighter batteries can improve the power and efficiency of vehicles, and this is more beneficial to the environment and users' wallets.

Hyundai Seven concept car will be released at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Hyundai Motor will display a crossover electric vehicle called Seven Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show on the 17th of this month.

It can be seen from the few photos that it will adopt the recently popular split headlight design, and the lights are arranged in a similar pixelated manner, which is very characteristic.

Another photo reveals the seat design of the car. Judging from the photo, this seat has escaped from the traditional category and is quite modern.

The towering side armrests and large and thick chair surfaces, supplemented by wood grain veneers and gray fabrics, seem to move the high-end sofas at home directly into the car. And according to Hyundai, most of the panels in the car are made of recyclable materials, which is very environmentally friendly.

This Seven Concept is built on the E-GMP platform and will join the Ioniq family and will be named after Ioniq 7.

Tesla partners with Uber to supply electric cars to London

According to Reuters, Tesla will work with Uber to provide electric cars to Uber drivers in London.

Uber said that drivers interested in environmentally friendly vehicles will be able to rent or buy Tesla cars. They set a goal: by 2025, every Uber in London will be fully electric.

In order to achieve this goal, Uber will start next year, adding 15 pence per mile to the "clean air fee" for each trip in London. Previously, the fee was 3 pence per mile. Since 2019, Uber has collected £135 million in fees from the city.

The money will be used to help drivers upgrade electric cars and other clean air programs.

Guangzhou's online ride-hailing vehicles are basically pure electric vehicles.

Porsche is expected to return to F1 and become an engine supplier

▲Picture from: Ferrari

F1 power unit rules will usher in changes in 2026, and its structural configuration will be simplified, especially the MGU-H components that are expensive to develop will be eliminated.

Therefore, the Volkswagen Group, inspired by this favorable policy, discussed the possibility of entering F1 in the future in a recent meeting with FIA and F1 manufacturers.

Thomas Laudenbach, vice president of Porsche Global Motorsport, said that as F1's future new power unit rules become increasingly clear, Porsche's return to F1 may become a reality.

It is no secret that we (Porsche) are considering joining F1. We are seriously considering this matter, but we have not yet made a decision. As far as I know, many things about F1 are moving in the right direction. We hope to see more standard parts for internal combustion engines and relax the freedom of electric components.

After leaving Honda, here comes Porsche.

Talk about the development history of wipers

Since its birth, the windshield wipers on cars have been swaying for more than a century, ensuring the driving safety of cars in rain and snow.

However, it did not exist since the birth of the car, but also experienced a process from scratch.

In 1902, Mary Anderson encountered heavy rain while attending a commercial event. The driver couldn't see the road ahead, and finally got involved in a car accident to avoid pedestrians.

A year later, Anderson invented a windshield wiper. Its structure is very simple, that is, a sponge is tied to a pole, and the driver manually wipes off the rain by turning the lever.

Later, she continued to improve and invented a rotating rod with a clockwork, which reduced the frequency of manual rain. She called this device a "wiper blade" and applied for an invention patent.

In 1917, JohnR. Oishei invented the first two-stage windshield wiper "Rain Rubber". This wiper design is still used in modern cars to this day.

In 1957, Ford designed a wiper system that allowed two wipers to work in parallel, and the electric double parallel wiper was immediately accepted by the market.

Nowadays, many models are equipped with more advanced automatic wipers, and the technology is very mature, but this does not mean that the wipers will stop. Perhaps someday in the future, some unexpected functions will be realized.

Today's topic: How long does it take you to drive to work?

Yesterday we talked about the topic that Musk was asked to donate 6 billion personal assets to solve world hunger. Many friends did not approve of the WFP's approach.

Reader @李牧 believes that, after all, this is Musk's money, and the act of "forcing donations" is wrong. And the ancestors were right, teaching people how to fish is worse than teaching people how to fish.

Dong Chejun feels that donations need to be voluntary. Even children understand it?

Gaode Maps today released the "Analysis Report on China's Major Cities Traffic in the Third Quarter of 2021". The report shows that 48% of the country's 50 major cities have eased congestion, with Xi'an experiencing the largest decline, followed by Nanjing, Kunming, Harbin, Chongqing, Xiamen, Guiyang, Lhasa, Wuhan and Yinchuan.

How Dong Chejun hopes that there is Guangzhou on this list. Driving to work is really painful. The 30-minute subway journey takes an hour to drive. It is better to take the subway.

I wonder how long it takes you to drive to work? Speaking out makes me envious.

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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