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  • BYD Frigate 07 launched, starting at RMB 202,800
  • Li Yinan has not given up on building a car, and is still negotiating new qualifications
  • BYD announces its brand identity
  • VW mulls whether to build new factory for Trinity
  • Tesla demand slumps: Shanghai factory shortens working hours, delays new hires
  • Xiaopeng Motors personnel turmoil, CEO assistant Li Pengcheng resigns
  • Shen Yanan steps down as CEO, Ideal Auto's revenue in the third quarter is 9.34 billion yuan
  • Great Wall Motors Makes Major Structural Adjustments
  • Li Ke, executive vice president of BYD: Buffett will not abandon us
  • FIA plans to shorten DRS zones for F1 2023 season
  • Suspected of fraud? Tesla responds: Failure to meet long-term goals is not fraud

BYD Frigate 07 launched, starting at RMB 202,800

This Friday, BYD Frigate 07 was officially launched, with a total of 6 models, priced from 202,800 yuan to 289,800 yuan.

Different from the Dynasty series, the frigate 07 continues the youthful positioning of in terms of appearance. It is a medium-sized five-seater SUV with a good appearance.

The interior of the frigate 07 revolves around the suspended adaptive rotating pad in the middle. Its layout is not much different from other models of Haiwang, but the wheelbase of 2820mm is bound to bring a better riding experience. After all, the third row is abandoned. seat.

From the perspective of the power system of the new car, the 6 models can be divided into three versions: the DM-i version with a pure electric range of 100km and 205km, and the DM-p four-wheel drive version with an additional 150kW rear motor. The pure electric battery life of the four-wheel drive version has also dropped to 175km.

There is a small detail on the exterior: there is an energy indicator light on the D-pillar, which can display the charging status, remaining power, and can also be used as a welcome light.

Li Yinan has not given up on building a car, and is still negotiating new qualifications

On December 7, the official account of Ziyoujia Sales Company released a "Letter to Users", stating that Ziyoujia's first model NV could not be delivered in the short term.

According to 36 Krypton, Li Yinan did not give up on this new energy car manufacturing project. A person close to Li Yinan said that Li is still negotiating new manufacturing partners, "I have already contacted two or three companies, and I am trying to solve the production issue."

At the same time, Li Yinan still retains about 200-300 people in core departments such as R&D and branding to maintain the company's operations, "R&D is still in progress."

BYD announces its brand identity

Yesterday, Yangwang Auto officially announced its own brand logo.

According to reports, the source of inspiration for looking up to the car logo is "electricity" in Chinese oracle bone inscriptions. At the same time, "electricity" indicates the technology and product line of new energy, and also implies the ultimate performance of the product, representing the brand's fearless exploration of the unknown.

Looking up to the car's first model, R1, will be released in the first quarter of 2023. The car is positioned as a luxury pure electric SUV, which will take into account certain off-road performance, or will support "tank U-turn".

The price may not be in the millions, Dong Chejun makes a bold guess, 70 to 80?

VW mulls whether to build new factory for Trinity

Last year, Volkswagen was revealed to be developing a new flagship model code-named "Project Trinity", focusing on technologies such as cruising range and assisted driving. The sedan will be one of the first models to be born on the Volkswagen Group's new SSP scalable system platform.

According to Reuters, Volkswagen brand head Thomas Schaefer recently said that the company will start a new factory in late January or February next year to produce Trinity models.

Schaefer said the vehicle took longer to develop than originally planned, in part because development and regulatory approval for hands-off self-driving cars takes longer.

By the time the model is ready, he explained, the main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, may have stopped making some combustion-engined cars, freeing up space for the Trinity and avoiding the need for a new plant.

Tesla demand slumps: Shanghai factory shortens working hours, delays new hires

According to Bloomberg News, several people familiar with the matter revealed that Tesla will shorten the working hours of production line workers at the Shanghai factory as early as next Monday, and has delayed the start of some new employees.

Currently, the Tesla Shanghai factory has two work shifts per day, each working 11.5 hours. After the adjustment, the working hours per shift dropped to 9.5 hours. The shortened working hours will lead to a reduction in the monthly salary of production workers. On the other hand, this further shows that Tesla's market demand has not met expectations.

Meanwhile, some workers who were due to start in November have been told their start dates will be delayed, including those on battery workshops and car assembly lines.

Tesla recruiters told them to be ready to arrive after the Lunar New Year holiday because the factory doesn't need more workers right now.

Xiaopeng Motors personnel turmoil, CEO assistant Li Pengcheng resigns

On December 9, according to Future Auto Daily, Xiaopeng Motors CEO Assistant Li Pengcheng has recently resigned.

Li Pengcheng became the CEO assistant in November this year. Before that, he served as vice president and general manager of brand public relations in Xiaopeng Motors.

According to a source, the arrangement for Li Pengcheng at that time was a "bright rise and a dark drop" because the poor performance of Xiaopeng G9 in the market caused internal dissatisfaction with the person in charge of the brand.

After this adjustment, Xiaopeng Motors upgraded the business department that was originally in charge of corporate image to a first-level department, and split it into two departments: corporate brand public relations and product public relations, both of which will be taken over by new leaders.

Li Pengcheng joined Xpeng Motors in 2019 and is mainly responsible for communication and public relations. Previously, he served as director of corporate product public relations at FAW-Volkswagen for more than 15 years.

This year, Xiaopeng Motors suffered a severe sales decline, with deliveries of only 5,101 and 5,811 vehicles in October and November, respectively. As of October this year, Xiaopeng Motors has completed less than half of its target for this year.

Regarding Li Pengcheng's resignation, Xiaopeng responded to Dong Chehui: "He did leave because of personal health reasons. I am very grateful for his contribution during Xiaopeng's time."

Shen Yanan steps down as CEO, Ideal Auto's revenue in the third quarter is 9.34 billion yuan

According to the third quarter financial report released by Li Auto on Friday, from January 1, 2023, Shen Yanan will resign as the executive director and president of Li Auto, and Ma Donghui, the chief engineer, will take over his position and be responsible for the R&D and supply groups.

In addition, from the 12th of this month, Xie Yan, senior vice president, will become the chief technology officer of Li Auto, fully responsible for the system and computing group. The commercial team will be directly managed by CEO Li Xiang.

Ma Donghui was previously in charge of product research and development at Ideal Auto. After taking office as president, he will be responsible for product research and development-purchasing and supply-manufacturing-quality and safety, and open up the entire link from product design to production and delivery.

Before joining Li Auto, Xie Yan was responsible for the research and development of operating systems at Huawei and Alibaba, and has a solid background in computer system technology.

In terms of revenue, Li Auto achieved revenue of 9.34 billion yuan in the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 20.2%. As of September 30, 2022, the company's cash reserves reached 55.83 billion yuan.

With such a considerable revenue, the delivery data is naturally good-the quarterly delivery volume reached 26,524 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%.

Great Wall Motors Makes Major Structural Adjustments

On December 8, Great Wall Motors stated that its Weipai and Tank, Ola and Sharon will be fully integrated in organizational management.

After the integration, Liu Yanzhao, the CEO of the tank brand, will also serve as the CEO of the Wei brand, focusing on high-end new energy and the global market; Ola and Sharon will focus on pure electricity, and Wen Fei, the CEO of the Sharon brand, will serve as the CEO of both Sharon and Ola.

Since the beginning of this year, the performance of Great Wall Motors has not been satisfactory. Especially for new energy vehicles, the cumulative sales from January to October were only 107,900 units, while Geely's sales of new energy vehicles were about 250,000 units during the same period. (Interface News)

There are two dials, one for refueling and one for plugging in.

Li Ke, executive vice president of BYD: Buffett will not abandon us

Li Ke, executive vice president of BYD, said recently that although Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sold more than one-fifth of its shares in BYD this year, Buffett "deeply loves" BYD and will never give up BYD.

It is reported that Buffett's company invested in BYD for the first time in September 2008, and reduced its holdings for the first time in August this year. In November, Berkshire Hathaway accelerated the sale of BYD shares, reducing its shareholding ratio from the initial 20.04% to 15.99%. The move has fueled speculation that Buffett is no longer bullish on BYD's future.

  • The market value of the Ningde era returned to the trillion mark
  • Evergrande responds to rumors of suspension of work and production: delivery is progressing as planned
  • Mercedes-Benz: Motor production capacity will double from 2024 to 1 million units per year
  • BMW i7 officially launched in China, priced at 1.459 million yuan
  • Honda is expected to purchase 123GWh power batteries from CATL
  • Great Wall New Energy's November sales reached 12,863 vehicles

FIA plans to shorten DRS zones for F1 2023 season

According to Motorsport, the FIA ​​plans to shorten the distance of the DRS area of ​​​​some circuits next season due to concerns that overtaking has become too easy on some circuits.

In the 2022 season, F1 greatly simplifies the aerodynamic design of the upper part of the car, changing the situation where it was difficult to follow the car before, and increasing the excitement of the game. But after a season of observation, this makes the DRS overtaking easier.

Nikolas Tombazis, technical director of single-seater racing at the FIA, said that overtaking that is too difficult and overtaking that is too easy can affect the enjoyment of the race.

He revealed that the FIA ​​will shorten the DRS areas of some circuits in the 2023 season.

F1 race director Ross Brawn echoed the approach, arguing that DRS should just help drivers pull into the zone before "launching a decent attack".

Suspected of fraud? Tesla responds: Failure to meet long-term goals is not fraud

According to Electrek, in September this year, some car owners filed a class action lawsuit against Tesla, arguing that Tesla is suspected of misleading the public about its autopilot, enhanced autopilot and fully self-driving (FSD) technologies.

Since 2016, Tesla has claimed that all the vehicles it produces have all the hardware needed for self-driving, and that it will be possible to achieve self-driving through OTA in the future.

However, until now, Tesla has not fulfilled its promise. Some car owners suspect that Tesla has no ability to realize automatic driving, so they have launched a lawsuit against it.

In response, Tesla dismissed the lawsuit last week and commented for the first time on the yet-to-be-delivered Autopilot:

Simply failing to achieve a long-term, aspirational goal is not fraud.

Tesla argues that they have been working towards the goal of self-driving. In addition, Tesla said that from the beginning they made it clear to users that "there will still be a significant time lag, which varies by jurisdiction, before true autonomous driving can be approved by regulators."

At least they admit that their goal has not been achieved.

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