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  • It is reported that NIO’s million-dollar luxury car will be launched in 2024 at the earliest
  • Mazda releases CX-90 preview, it will be domestically produced next year
  • BMW's new car burnt into an empty shell, car owners stand on the roof to defend their rights
  • Honda promises to keep Type R alive in electrified era
  • Honda to import Odyssey from China for sale in Japan
  • Lucid, which Musk is not optimistic about, starts recruiting in China
  • JPMorgan: Car buying intentions are falling globally
  • Tesla pushes "holiday update", adds Steam+Apple Music
  • AutoNavi uses Beidou satellites to surpass GPS in daily positioning
  • Polish truck driver complains about Semi: It's a stupid car
  • One of Weilai NIO Day's new cars confirmed

It is reported that NIO’s million-dollar luxury car will be launched in 2024 at the earliest

According to Auto Market Story, Weilai will launch a million-class luxury car that will rival the Maybach S-class. This news has also been confirmed by Weilai insiders.

It is said that the high-end model of Weilai has entered the design stage. If the development progresses smoothly, the model will be released in 2024 at the earliest and will be sold globally.

Weilai, a high-end Gaohua automobile, will belong to the Weilai brand, rather than the previously speculated sub-brand.

Mazda releases CX-90 preview, it will be domestically produced next year

On December 14, Mazda released a set of teaser images of the CX-90, which is Mazda's first electrified global model, which will be released in January next year and introduced into China in the same year, produced by Changan Mazda.

The CX-90 as a whole looks like an enlarged version of the CX-60. It adopts the "E Skyactiv PHEV" plug-in hybrid power system. The internal combustion engine should be equipped with a 3.3T inline six-cylinder engine.

BMW's new car burnt into an empty shell, car owners stand on the roof to defend their rights

Recently, a car owner in Shaoyang, Hunan Province said that a spontaneous combustion accident occurred in his newly bought BMW 3 Series sedan only 45 days after he bought the car.

The scene of the accident was located under a parking shed. In addition to the 3 Series, a Ford Focus was ignited next to it. In the end, the 3 Series was burned to nothing but the body.

The owner of the car said that the 4S shop had not dealt with it for more than four months. In desperation, she dragged the car to the door of the 4S shop and stood on the roof to defend her rights.

The accident certificate provided by the car owner showed that the cause of the fire was a fault in the vehicle battery and the wiring of the power distribution box, but she said that the 4S shop did not admit this.

On the 12th, the staff of the 4S store involved responded that they had been actively communicating with customers and that the solution was still being negotiated.

BMW's official customer service stated that its cars have undergone strict quality inspections, and spontaneous combustion is not a common phenomenon. "The company attaches great importance to it, and launched an investigation as soon as possible, actively contacting dealers and relevant departments to investigate accidents."

Honda promises to keep Type R alive in electrified era

In an interview with Autocar, Hideki Kakinuma, chief engineer of the Honda Civic Type R, said that "without Type R, there would be no Honda", and that Honda "firmly believes that driving pleasure is the core essence of personal travel." But the auto industry is still such a reality that stricter rules are forcing Honda to push forward with the electrification of its products.

The good news is that Honda sees these obstacles as "new challenges to provide driving pleasure." Kakinuma revealed that Honda is still committed to launching more Type R models. There may still be enough time to develop a high-performance car with an internal combustion engine, he said, though he didn't hold out much hope.

However, Kakinuma believes that the Type R does not have to be equipped with a gasoline engine, as long as it is fun to drive, it can be in electric or hybrid form. Earlier this year, Honda Motor Europe technical advisor Ko Yamamoto also did not deny that they are working on a plug-in hybrid Civic Type R.

The era of small steel cannons is gradually fading away, and we should cherish it while doing it.

Honda to import Odyssey from China for sale in Japan

The Nikkei Chinese website reported on the 13th that Honda plans to import the Odyssey, which has been discontinued in Japan, from a Chinese joint venture factory and sell it in Japan again.

Honda is said to be hoping to round out its lineup in Japan with imports. This is the first time for a large Japanese car company to import cars from China and sell them in Japan.

At present, GAC Honda Odyssey is manufactured by GAC Honda Zengcheng No. 2 Plant, which also produces Accord and other star models, with an annual production capacity of 240,000 vehicles.

I wonder if the Odyssey will become a special car for China like the Buick GL8?

Lucid, which Musk is not optimistic about, starts recruiting in China

According to Gasgoo, American electric car manufacturer Lucid is speeding up its recruitment in China, and its positions include public policy, software engineering, localization engineering, legal counsel, residential charging products and other fields. Lucid also posted the job four months ago.

A spokesperson for Lucid Motors once revealed that the company will export electric vehicles to China in 2023, and now it seems that their plan may still be progressing steadily.

The financial report shows that Lucid lost $500 million in the third quarter, but still has about $3 billion in cash and short-term investments. Foreign media Electrek believes that even in the worst case, Lucid can survive for another year or so, because behind it, there are well-funded supporters such as Saudi Arabia.

JPMorgan: Car buying intentions are falling globally

According to JPMorgan Chase's 2023 global survey report, compared with 2021, consumers' willingness to buy new cars in all countries in the world will decline in 2023. However, in terms of markets, consumers in Asia have stronger consumer confidence than those in Europe and North America.

In the low-end pure electric market, Volkswagen and Toyota are still the first choice, but they also have strong regional characteristics. For example, South Korea chooses Hyundai, and France chooses Peugeot. It is worth noting that Tesla has entered the top three in China, the United States, and Germany.

In the high-end pure electric market, except for the traditional auto industry powerhouses, Tesla has been slaughtered in almost all the countries surveyed, only Japan, which has little interest in pure electric vehicles, is an exception.

In China, Tesla is the preferred high-end pure electric brand for about 25% of users, followed by BMW and Audi. As for the low-end market, BYD is the first choice of about 35% of users.

Tesla pushes "holiday update", adds Steam+Apple Music

Tesla has started pushing a software update (2022.44.25) called the "Holiday Update". The addition of Apple Music is without a doubt the biggest update of the year, Tesla wrote in the release notes:

Can provide more than 100 million songs and 30000 playlists.

Of course, you need to subscribe to the premium car entertainment service package of 9.9 yuan per month.

The most unexpected upgrade is this "Yang Lia Yang Mahjong Version".

Owners of the new Model S and Model X should not play this small game in the car. They have something more fun-Steam officially landed on the new Model S/X.

To allow you to download more games, Tesla also introduced a 1TB automotive-grade SSD that can withstand extreme temperatures, vehicle shock, and vibration.

Of course, the price is not ordinary – 350 US dollars, or about 2435 yuan. This SSD will be available in February 2023.

The average charging time for Model S and Model X owners will surely increase to a certain extent.

Wife, I'm going to charge the battery.

AutoNavi uses Beidou satellites to surpass GPS in daily positioning

Recently, AutoNavi Maps announced the application-related data based on the Beidou satellite navigation system. As of November 2022, AutoNavi Maps has called Beidou satellites for more than 210 billion times of daily positioning, surpassing other satellite navigation systems such as GPS.

The lane-level navigation service released by AutoNavi uses the sub-meter-level high-precision positioning technology of the Beidou system, which can achieve the lane level within 1 meter. This is also the first lane-level navigation service in China that can be fully implemented on smartphones.

Polish truck driver complains about Semi: It's a stupid car

Tomasz Orynski, a truck driver in Poland, recently took to Twitter to list a bunch of slots for the electric truck Semi, calling it a "stupid car."

While Tesla claims the car is built around the driver, Orynski thinks that's utter nonsense.

First of all, the centered driver's seat is a complete waste of space, and the driver sitting in the middle can't grasp the distance between the two cars.

In addition, truck drivers need to communicate with guards when transporting goods in and out of factories, process documents, and pay tolls when passing toll booths. But since the Semi doesn't have windows that can be opened, the driver has to get out of the driver's seat and open the door to handle various things, even in the cold winter.

When talking about cold weather, Orynski also complained that the Semi's cockpit layout is also very unreasonable. After getting in the car, the driver needs to walk a few steps to sit down. If it is winter, the dirty soles of the shoes will make a mess inside the cockpit.

In addition, for a large car driver, a comfortable bed is very necessary, but the Semi sets the door at the rear of the cockpit, which makes it impossible for the driver to put a bed behind him. At the same time, the rear doors make it difficult for the driver to clean the rearview mirror located at the front of the car.

Lastly, there's the windshield that Tesla is proud of, although it's more aerodynamically shaped and more aesthetically pleasing. But in the winter, it tends to collect snow and is difficult to clear, which isn't the case with the vertical front fenders on traditional trucks. In summer, such a front block will bring higher cabin temperature.

One of Weilai NIO Day's new cars confirmed

Recently, NIO has held a full range of test drives in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing. Dong Chejun also had the opportunity to experience all NIO models at once. Compared with the traditional store test drive, this time it can be more comprehensive Feel the performance of each model on urban roads and highways, as well as their battery swap experience.

This is Dong Chejun's third time driving the NIO ET5. Compared with the previous test drive, this time I pay more attention to some feedback voices on the Internet, such as the issue of high sitting posture discussed by everyone.

Dong Chejun's height is 175cm. After the actual experience, I think it is acceptable. The lower front cover brings a good view, and there is even a slight illusion of driving a small SUV. Owners with a height of 180cm or more may need to slow down. Slow to adapt.

Li Bin once explained this problem, saying that "ET5 has a high sitting posture, which is actually a misunderstanding."

The sitting posture has nothing to do with the floor, it's just because the view is taken into account when designing.

In fact, the energy density of the battery does not have much impact on the overall space, it only affects some ground clearance.

It is not because of the high sitting posture of ET5 caused by battery replacement, but the sitting height and ground clearance of ET5 are a trade-off between the two aspects.

On the other hand, I am more satisfied with the driving experience of ET5. The chassis retains a certain road feel, but it is not too hard, which balances driving pleasure and comfort.

According to the data on the insurance volume in the fourth week of November, the delivery volume of Weilai ET5 and ES7 exceeded that of BMW 3 Series and X5L. Among them, ES7 ranked first in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. Qin Lihong's small goal of "selling ET5 beyond the BMW 3 Series" is a small step towards success.

Qin Lihong has confirmed that the NIO Day held on December 24 will release the ES8 based on the NT2.0 platform. There is also an unknown new car. What do you think it will be?

I think it will be EC7, and the ET5 travel version should be available next year. After all, the delivery scale of ET5 is still expanding.

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