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  • Tesla Cybertruck preorders hit 1.6 million
  • Tesla will support Dolby Atmos
  • Lamborghini Countach recalled
  • After Silicon Valley layoffs, Jaguar Land Rover goes on a hiring spree
  • The person in charge of Volkswagen China said that it will continue to invest in the Chinese market
  • Morgan Stanley warns: Automotive chips are no longer out of stock, fearing a wave of order cuts
  • Cui Dongshu from the Passenger Association: New energy vehicles will face price increases early next year
  • FSD Beta is fully open in North America
  • Ricciardo returns to Red Bull as third driver
  • 2022 Ward's Top Ten Power Plants Announced

Tesla Cybertruck preorders hit 1.6 million

Tesla released the Cybertruck prototype as early as 2019 and promised that the car will start mass production by the end of 2021. However, its production time has been delayed again and again.

But consumer enthusiasm for the vehicle continued unabated, with the odd-looking electric pickup and Tesla's second-generation Roadster still the most anticipated EVs based on the number of searches online.

However, the number of reservations is a more convincing indicator than online searches.

According to Electrek, as of November 2022, Tesla Cybertruck reservations have exceeded 1.6 million, which means that Tesla has raised more than $162 million in interest-free funds based on a single prototype.

If Tesla sells all of these 1.6 million electric pickups, it is expected to achieve $123 billion in revenue.

Tesla will support Dolby Atmos

An upcoming software update from Tesla should bring a sizable boost to the sound systems in Tesla vehicles, BGR reports.

Dolby Atmos will be supported in more than 1 million Tesla vehicles currently on the road after the software update rolls out, including new production vehicles.

Last year, Lucid became the first automaker to bring Dolby Atmos to its sedans; Volvo said this fall it would equip more of its vehicles with the technology; S-class, EQE, EQS and other models have added Dolby Atmos.

No wonder Tesla is integrating Apple Music, because Apple Music supports Dolby Atmos.

Lamborghini recalls Countach

According to Carscoops, the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4's glass engine cover is at risk of falling off and will be recalled in the United States.

Documents submitted by Lamborghini to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that the defect was caused by incorrect assembly by the supplier.

Fortunately, there has only been one accident related to this flaw so far, and no one was injured. The accident happened in Qatar, which is hosting the World Cup.

The impact of this recall on Lamborghini is not too great, after all, so far, they have only delivered 9 Countach.

After Silicon Valley layoffs, Jaguar Land Rover goes on a hiring spree

Recently, technology companies including Meta, Lift, and Twitter have made drastic layoffs. According to Crunchbase News statistics, as of October 2022, more than 44,000 employees have been laid off in this wave of layoffs in the US technology industry.

But Jaguar Land Rover next door has become one of the beneficiaries of this round of layoffs. The company is currently seeking employees laid off by technology companies such as Meta and Twitter to fill its digital and engineering vacancies.

According to Reuters, Jaguar Land Rover recently launched a job portal for unemployed technicians, recruiting as many as 800 positions in Britain, the United States, Ireland, India, China, Hungary, etc.

Jaguar Land Rover Chief Information Officer Anthony Butt said:

Fortunately for us, and certainly others. Just when we were preparing to do a big job, so many talents suddenly emerged.

Jaguar Land Rover Reemployment Centre.

The person in charge of Volkswagen China said that it will continue to invest in the Chinese market

Germany's Handelsblatt reported on the 23rd that Ralf Brandsttter, head of Volkswagen Group China, said in an interview that although the outside world is worried that Volkswagen Group is too dependent on the Chinese market, the company is not interested in China. Investment in the market will continue.

If we don't invest more in the region now, three years from now, we will no longer be able to gain a foothold in this important market.

He believes that only when enterprises adapt to the rapid development of the market and become more flexible can they have long-term development prospects.

Morgan Stanley warns: Automotive chips are no longer out of stock, fearing a wave of order cuts

Automotive chips, which were extremely out of stock, are now in excess supply.

According to Taiwan Economic Daily, Morgan Stanley Securities pointed out in the Asia-Pacific automotive semiconductor report that some automotive semiconductor suppliers, such as MCU and CIS, including Renesas Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor, are cutting test orders in the fourth quarter. .

Analysts pointed out that comparing global automotive semiconductor revenue trends and changes in automotive production, it can be found that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of automotive semiconductor revenue in recent years has reached 20%, while automotive production is only 10%.

According to the report, TSMC significantly increased the production of automotive chips in the third quarter, so that automotive chips are currently in full production, and the chip shortage that has plagued the automotive industry for a long time has officially come to an end.

Cui Dongshu from the Passenger Association: New energy vehicles will face price increases early next year

On November 23, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said that due to the formal withdrawal of new energy vehicle subsidies at the end of this year, the domestic new energy vehicle market will set off another round of price increases early next year.

But the good news is that the scale of price increases will not be too large.

  • Xiaomi Wang Xiang: Investment in car manufacturing will not have a major impact on the group
  • AIWAYS changes chairman again
  • Ningde Times Elected to the Board of Directors of Global Battery Alliance
  • NIO ET7 won the "Leading Technology of the Year Award" at the Danish Car Awards
  • JD Logistics has reached a cooperation with BMW Brilliance to undertake the short-haul transportation of BMW's Shenyang production base

FSD Beta is fully open in North America

On Thursday afternoon, Musk announced that the Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta is available to all North American owners who have purchased the configuration. He said this is a major milestone for Tesla's Autopilot/AI team.

In the past few years, the number of Tesla FSD Beta testers has increased from the initial 20 people to 160,000 people. The complete opening in North America this time will push this number to 264,700 people.

According to the data released by Troy Teslike, there are currently about 359,200 Tesla owners around the world who have purchased the FSD fully automatic driving function. In addition to the 260,000 users in North America, there are 88,700 users in Europe, and there are only about 5,700 people in the Asia-Pacific region where we are located.

Ricciardo returns to Red Bull as third driver

F1 officials announced on Thursday that Daniel Ricciardo will return to Red Bull Racing as the third driver, confirmed by Red Bull Racing.

Ricciardo, now 33, left Red Bull four years ago to work for Renault and then McLaren. After returning to Red Bull, he will assist the team in testing vehicles and simulators, and participate in other commercial activities.

▲Ricciardo and Verstappen collided in Azerbaijan station in the 2018 season, and both retired

I don't know what Verstappen will think.

2022 Ward's Top Ten Power Plants Announced

Yes, the "Ward's Top 10 Engines" award has been renamed "Ward's Top 10 Powertrains."

Under the wave of electrification, pure electric power systems and plug-in hybrid power systems have become the protagonists. There are only 3 pure internal combustion engines on the list this year, namely:

Stellantis 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine

▲Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Honda 1.5T VTEC four-cylinder engine

▲Acura Integra A-Spec

Nissan 1.5T VC-Turbo super variable engine

▲Yes, this is the three-cylinder X-Trail

In terms of electric drive systems, the list includes:

  • Toyota 3.5T V6 gasoline-electric hybrid
  • Stellantis 2.0T PHEV plug-in hybrid
  • Benz electric drive system
  • Lucid electric drive system
  • Hummer electric drive system
  • Ford electric drive system
  • modern electric drive system

In two years, there may not even be a single internal combustion engine left.

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