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  • Tesla announced the actual production speed of 4680 cells for the first time
  • Aion Hyper GT blueprint released, debut on December 30
  • The Maybach EQS SUV is coming, but the classic large grille will be retained
  • AITO Wenjie M9 spy photos exposed, or will be released in 2023
  • Tank 300 was certified by Australian ANCAP for five-star collision
  • Tesla China Responds to Shanghai Plant Suspension Rumors
  • Li Bin once again responded to Weilai's data leak
  • Tesla's 10,000th supercharger in mainland China completed
  • Audi releases A6 Avant e-tron Concept teaser
  • Geely Emgrand was defended by users: the official fuel consumption is 3.8L, but the actual fuel consumption is 7L

Tesla announced the actual production speed of 4680 cells for the first time

On December 25, Tesla revealed for the first time on its official Twitter account that the team had successfully produced 868,000 4680 cells in the past seven days. If calculated according to the amount of 828 4680 batteries in the Model Y AWD version, this production speed can meet the demand of 1,000 vehicles.

Tesla said the 4680 cells were used at the Texas Gigafactory to produce the Model Y with a structural battery pack.

Aion Hyper GT blueprint released, debut on December 30

On December 26, the Concept and Modeling Design Center of GAC Research Institute released the design drawings of the Aion Hyper GT. The new car will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show on December 30.

The picture shows that the new car adopts the styling design of the GT sports car, and also retains some elements of the Aian family. In addition, the design drawing reveals that frameless doors, scissor doors, and rear spoilers will all appear on the new car, which is full of sporty atmosphere.

On the windshield, we can also see the design of the lidar. It is understood that the Hyper GT will be the first to use the Aion pure electric platform AEP 3.0 and Protoss architecture, and will use three second-generation zoom lidars.

I think this is by far the best looking Eon car.

The Maybach EQS SUV is coming, but the classic large grille will be retained

Mercedes-Benz is testing a Maybach version of its new EQS electric SUV, scheduled to launch in 2023, according to insideevs. The new spy photos taken this time are clearer, and you can see the lamp group and bumper design.

The classic, iconic large grille is exclusive to the Maybach model, and Mercedes is expected to give it a two-tone paint scheme, pinstripes and more unique wheels. Of course, the interior will also be in focus. The second row has two individual seats and offers more legroom, and a third row is not expected to be an option.

Mercedes-Benz did not disclose its power configuration, but the outside world is expected to share it with the EQS 580 model, with dual motors, a peak power of 536 horsepower, and an acceleration of 4.5 s from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

AITO Wenjie M9 spy photos exposed, or will be released in 2023

Recently, some netizens took a number of spy photos of AITO Wenjie new car, most likely it is Wenjie M9. Judging from the shape of the car, the large air intake grille is still retained. As the flagship model, it is believed that it will also be equipped with Huawei's high-end assisted driving solution, but the spy photos have not yet seen the obvious location of the lidar.

In terms of interior, it still adopts a large-size horizontal screen design, and the obvious QJI logo can already be seen from the steering wheel. In addition to adopting a range-extending system similar to that of the M7, the M9 should also provide a pure electric version like the M5 EV.

In addition, Yu Chengdong previously mentioned at the KA summit of Huawei's retailer partners that the M9 will be launched in 2023, but there is no specific release time yet. Dazui has already boasted on the M7 that it is comparable to a million-dollar luxury car. Who will the M9 compete with this time?

Tank 300 was certified by Australian ANCAP for five-star collision

Recently, ANCAP, Australia's vehicle safety regulator, announced a batch of vehicle crash test results, and the data shows that the tank 300 won five stars. It scored 89%, 88%, 81%, and 85% in the four individual items of child occupant protection, adult occupant protection, vulnerable road user protection, and safety assistance, and received a five-star safety rating.

It is understood that the automatic emergency safety braking AEB system of the Tank 300 adopts a solution independently developed by Momo Zhixing. Others that have achieved good results in AEB in overseas tests and adopted the Mocha solution include Wei Brand Mocha PHEV, Wei Brand Latte PHEV, and Euler Good Cat.

Tesla China Responds to Shanghai Plant Suspension Rumors

Reuters reported on December 24 that production at Tesla's Shanghai factory had been suspended, based on internal notices and two people familiar with the matter. The factory's early shift was canceled that day, and workers were told to start taking vacations, but the factory did not specify the specific reasons.

Regarding this report, Tesla China said in an interview with the Global Times that "the Shanghai plant will still maintain efficient production and excellent output in 2022. The annual production line maintenance work will be carried out as planned next week (that is, this week) for vehicle production." , At the same time, after a year of hard work, the workers also took a break during the maintenance period of the production line. The charging piles and other workshops have not stopped, and the media's statement that the factory has stopped production is not entirely accurate."

Not entirely accurate, this sentence is a bit too extreme.

Li Bin once again responded to Weilai's data leak

Some time ago, the news that "a large amount of NIO user data was stolen and extorted 2.25 million US dollars" sparked heated discussions, but at the NIO Day media conference, Li Bin once again responded uncompromisingly, saying "resolutely do not compromise with criminals, and do not make a precedent for compensation." Even if the company goes bankrupt, it will not compromise."

What if a data breach causes damage? Li Bin said that he would take responsibility, and that Weilai Automobile would carry out the legal procedures to the end for the companies or individuals involved in the sale and purchase of the leaked data.

Tesla's 10,000th supercharger in mainland China completed

On December 26, Tesla's official Weibo revealed that the 10,000th super charging station in mainland China was completed, and this station is located in the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong, Shanghai. In 2014, Tesla launched the first super charging pile in mainland China in Jinqiao, Shanghai, and it has been 8 years now.

At present, the peak power of Tesla's V3 super charging pile is 250kW, which theoretically supports a range of 250 kilometers after charging for 15 minutes, while the legendary V4 super charging pile is still in the testing stage.

At present, auto companies such as Weilai, Xiaopeng, Jikrypton, and GAC Aian have self-built energy supplement systems in China. As of November 30, a total of 1,800+ Xpeng charging network sites have been launched, including 9 Xpeng S4 super fast charging stations, 1,000+ Xpeng self-operated stations (including S4), and 800+ third-party sites (free benefits). + seat.

As of December 26, NIO has launched 1,287 swap stations and 2,245 overcharge stations. In contrast, the volume of Tesla's overcharge will still be much larger.

Audi A6 Avant e-tron Concept preview

Recently, @ audi released a teaser video of the A6 Avant e-tron concept on Weibo, and expressed his tribute to the 45-year legendary road, achieving the "most beautiful" luxury pure electric crock, which seems to mean that the new car will enter the country in 2023 market.

In terms of performance, its high-end version accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers and enters the 3-second club, and supports 800V high-voltage platform, with a battery life of more than 700 kilometers.

Geely Emgrand L was defended by taxi drivers, the official fuel consumption was 3.8L, but the actual fuel consumption was 7L

According to a report from Kuaidi Technology, recently some netizens uploaded a video showing that many Emgrand L Raytheon Hi·P hybrid taxis gathered together to defend their rights on the Daqing South Road in Heilongjiang. This incident is related to the fuel consumption controversy of new cars.

The banner description "Geely Raytheon Hi·P falsely advertises that the fuel consumption is too high and does not match the propaganda, taxis can't afford it! Return the car and pay compensation"! , "The Geely 4S store advertises a fuel consumption of 3.8 liters without electricity, but the actual fuel consumption is more than 7 liters; the battery life is 100 kilometers on a full charge, and the actual battery life is more than 30 kilometers."

According to the data, the Geely Emgrand L Raytheon Hi·P hybrid is equipped with a 1.5TD hybrid engine, matched with a 3-speed DHT gearbox, built-in 15.5kWh ternary lithium battery, and has a NEDC fuel consumption of 3.8L/100km.

How far is the gap between the actual fuel consumption and the official fuel consumption of your hybrid car? Dong Chejun used to carpool to work before, and his colleague’s Toyota Ralink Hybrid is 3.9L/100km, which is even lower than the official one.

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