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  • The price of domestic Model Y is the lowest in the world
  • It was revealed that the progress of Xiaomi car was not as expected, and some expected functions were cut off
  • Tesla recalls a large number of domestic electric vehicles
  • Ferrari Purosangue order two years away
  • Some car companies announce November sales
  • A century-old German car company declares bankruptcy
  • Xpeng Motors Releases Third Quarter Results Report
  • Musk sent another internal letter: All engineers started high-intensity work
  • Jia Yueting: Thoroughly correct mistakes and focus on the future
  • Volkswagen negotiates with Foxconn to build a factory
  • PetroChina establishes a new energy company, or gets involved in battery manufacturing
  • Weilai and Tencent have reached a strategic cooperation to create a smart driving map
  • Mercedes-Benz Bosch self-parking system ready for commercial use in Germany
  • Musk claims: Brain machine can restore sight to blind people
  • Binotto resigns, will step down as Ferrari team principal at the end of the year
  • Li Bin delivered a speech: ET5 high sitting posture is a misunderstanding

Tesla recalls a large number of domestic electric vehicles

On December 1, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation.

From now on, a total of 142,277 domestic Model 3 electric vehicles with a production date between December 27, 2020 and November 7, 2022 will be recalled; Some domestically produced Model Y electric vehicles during the period totaled 292,855.

The reason for this recall is the same as the North American recall in November, because the tail marker lights may fail intermittently. This problem will be repaired through OTA to eliminate safety hazards.

The price of domestic Model Y is the lowest in the world

After the price cut last month, the current starting price of Model Y in China is 288,900 yuan, which is slightly more than half of the retail price in the United States. Mainland China has become the place with the lowest price of Model Y in the world.

Globally, the most expensive place to buy a Model Y is Singapore, where the pre-tax price is 142,471 Singapore dollars (about 740,000 yuan). Analyst Seth Goldstein said this was largely due to "higher taxes, duties and registration fees than in China and Europe" in places like Singapore and Israel. In addition, "supply and demand conditions, as well as the level of competition in the market are also pricing factors".

Still, local automakers accounted for nearly 80% of EV sales in the first seven months of 2022, according to the China Passenger Car Association. From established automakers such as BYD to rising stars such as "Wei Xiaoli", many local competitors are quickly catching up with Tesla through the release of new models and promotional activities.

After such a comparison, I suddenly feel that Model Y is so cheap.

It was revealed that the progress of Xiaomi car was not as expected, and some expected functions were cut off

At the Xiaomi press conference in August, Lei Jun announced that the first product of Xiaomi Motors is expected to be rolled off the assembly line and officially mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

However, a Xiaomi employee recently revealed that the progress of the development project of Xiaomi cars is not as good as expected. The main reason may be the delay of internal processes, which eventually led to the cut off of some functions and products that should have been delivered.

Another employee, said to be from R&D, said

In the released self-driving test videos, we rarely see one shot to the end, and many of them are edited and spliced, which is also a true reflection of the development progress.

In addition, the news also said that some Xiaomi employees of the Shanghai team have also chosen to resign in the near future, and Shanghai is where Xiaomi's business departments such as complete vehicles, three electric systems, and chassis are located.

Ferrari Purosangue order two years away

Ferrari's first Purosangue has only been released for more than two months, and its orders are already two years away.

"It's no secret that we stopped taking orders (for the Ferrari Purosangue)," Ferrari commercial and marketing manager Enrico Galliera told Australian magazine Drive.

Unlike competing products such as Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, and Bentley Bentayga, the Maranello car company made it clear before launching the Purosangue that the production of this SUV model will not exceed 20% of the total production capacity.

Some car companies announce November sales

It's the 1st again, let's take a look at the monthly sales of each company as usual.

  • NIO delivered 14,178 vehicles, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 40.9%
  • Ideally delivered 15,034 vehicles, setting the highest single-month delivery record
  • Xpeng delivered 5,811 vehicles, including 1,546 Xpeng G9s
  • AITO Wenjie delivered 8,260 vehicles, the first month-on-month decrease of 31.3%
  • Jikrypton delivered 11,011 vehicles, a month-on-month increase of 8.8%
  • Leapmotor delivered 8,047 vehicles, with a cumulative delivery of more than 100,000 vehicles this year
  • Feifan R7 delivered 1,501 units in the first full month

A century-old German car company declares bankruptcy

On November 29, Baowo Automobile, which claims to be as famous as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, officially declared bankruptcy.

Recently, Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court issued a bankruptcy announcement of Beijing Borgward Automobile Co., Ltd. The documents show that Baowo Automobile Company cannot pay off its due debts and its assets are obviously smaller than its liabilities, which is not enough to pay off all debts, and no one has filed an application for reorganization or reconciliation. The court ruled to declare Beijing Baowo Automobile Co., Ltd. bankrupt.

Baowo has completely withdrawn from the stage of history, but that classic advertisement is enough to make it notorious for thousands of years.

Xpeng Motors Releases Third Quarter Results Report

On the evening of November 30, Xiaopeng Motors released its third quarter performance report. The report shows that the company's revenue in the third quarter was 6.82 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.3%; the net loss expanded to 2.38 billion yuan.

In terms of delivery, the total delivery volume of Xiaopeng Motors in the third quarter was 29,570 vehicles, and Xiaopeng Motors expects to deliver 20,000 to 21,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter.

But judging from the sales of Xiaopeng in the last two months, it is a little difficult to achieve this goal——

Xiaopeng Motors sold only 5,101 vehicles in October. In November, He Xiaopeng said that it would not be less than 5,800 vehicles.

In order to achieve the sales target, Xiaopeng Motors has launched a time-limited price guarantee policy: orders that complete the deposit payment before December 31, 2022 will continue to enjoy the national new energy subsidy in 2022, regardless of the delivery time.

Musk sent another internal letter: All engineers started high-intensity work

On Tuesday local time in the United States, Twitter's new boss Musk suddenly issued a "summoning order", requiring all the company's designers and engineers to gather at the San Francisco headquarters to start high-intensity work.

In an email to employees, Musk wrote: "Anyone working on software development or design is rushing to the 10th floor of corporate headquarters to participate in intensive and intense work. Thank you, Elon."

While the brief email didn't explicitly mention it, it was supposed to refer to Twitter's San Francisco offices, where Musk is now working on the 10th floor, according to people familiar with the matter.

Jia Yueting: Thoroughly correct mistakes and focus on the future

Jia Yueting announced on the 30th that it is still the first goal of Faraday Future to fully promote the delivery of FF 91 Futurist.

I am very pleased to see that after the completion of the qualification adjustment of the board of directors, this management adjustment will help FF further get out of the chaos and get back on track.

He said that FF has now reached its sixth manufacturing milestone, and product performance testing has continued to achieve results that exceed expectations, and it is only one step away from delivery.

Just the day before, Faraday Future announced that the company's board of directors had dismissed Breitfeld's global CEO and appointed Chen Xuefeng, CEO of FF China, as the global CEO.

It is understood that Chen Xuefeng has nearly 20 years of working experience in the automotive industry. Before joining Faraday Future, he worked for Changan Ford, Changan Mazda, Ford Asia Pacific Design Center and Chery Jaguar Land Rover.

Volkswagen negotiates with Foxconn to build a factory

German Auto Weekly quoted sources as saying on November 30 that Volkswagen is negotiating with Foxconn to build a factory to produce Scout brand cars for the US market.

Volkswagen is also considering partnering with Magna Steyr, a contract manufacturer owned by Magna International, or building its own factory to produce Scout-branded vehicles.

Volkswagen announced earlier that it will resurrect the off-road brand Scout and launch an SUV and an electric pickup.

PetroChina establishes a new energy company, or gets involved in battery manufacturing

On November 28, according to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, CNPC Green Power New Energy Co., Ltd. was established, with Zhang Meng as its legal representative and a registered capital of 60 million yuan. The business scope includes: electric vehicle charging infrastructure operation; battery sales; battery manufacturing; battery leasing, etc.

Shareholder information shows that the company is jointly held by China National Petroleum Corporation, Shanghai Qiyuan Core Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jiuxing Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with shareholding ratios of 47.5%, 47.5%, and 5% respectively.

Among them, Qiyuan Core Power, one of the shareholders, received a strategic investment of tens of millions from Ningde Times in February this year. After the investment, Ningde Times held 10% of the shares.

  • GAC Aian announces an increase in car prices, up to 8,000 yuan
  • Reuters: BYD sales may surpass VW in 2022
  • Xiaopeng will use existing cameras to add driving recorder function
  • Xpeng co-founder Xia Heng resigned as executive director and remains president of Xpeng Motors
  • Musk: Apple threatens to remove Twitter
  • BYD will localize production in Brazil
  • Ningde era: Sodium-ion batteries are expected to be applied to 500-kilometer endurance vehicles
  • Tesla's U.S. market share falls below 70%
  • South Korea to offer 'tailor-made' measures to incentivize Tesla to set up factory in South Korea
  • Tesla and others develop "Battery Passport" to trace the source of battery materials
  • Ex-Musker Tunnel Company exec complains about overtime culture

Weilai and Tencent have reached a strategic cooperation to create a smart driving map

On November 29, Weilai and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. The two parties will cooperate in the fields of smart cockpit applications and autonomous driving.

Tencent stated that it will focus on the "three-in-one" map data system of standard maps, lane-level maps and high-precision maps to help NIO realize the seamless integration of standard navigation and high-precision navigation.

Specifically, when the vehicle is in different modes such as manual driving, assisted driving and intelligent driving, the system will automatically match the most suitable map navigation form for the current scene.

In addition, Tencent will also provide cloud computing capabilities to provide computing power for the large-scale data storage, computing and model training required for autonomous driving from R&D to operation, and accelerate the development of autonomous driving.

Mercedes-Benz Bosch self-parking system ready for commercial use in Germany

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz recently announced that the highly automated parking system jointly developed by the two parties has been approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for use in the P6 parking lot operated by APCOA at Stuttgart Airport.

The two parties stated that this milestone makes the technology the world's first L4 highly automated driverless parking function officially approved for commercial use.​​​​​​

Through this system, car owners can reserve a parking space in advance through the APP, park the car in the drop-off area (drop-off area) and leave, and then the vehicle will automatically drive into the reserved parking space in the parking lot.

Mercedes says the feature will be available on S-Class and EQS vehicles produced from July 2022.

Bosch and Mercedes are old friends. Back in 2015, Bosch and Mercedes (then called Daimler) and their car-sharing project car2go led a pilot project for self-driving parking. A cooperation agreement was signed in June.

The first results were demonstrated in 2017, when both parties presented fully automated valet parking technology to the public at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Musk claims: Brain machine can restore sight to blind people

At the Neuralink's 2022 Show & Tell conference held on December 1, Musk said that its brain-computer interface can restore the full function of the severed spinal cord, allow paraplegics to stand up again, and also allow blind people to see again. world.

Musk also said that Neuralink has been working hard to conduct human trials. The company has already submitted all the documents it needs to begin human trials with the FDA. He claimed that the first neural link device may enter the human brain within 5-6 months.

"Theoretically, nerves in the cerebral cortex responsible for movement and sensation, being able to connect (via brain machines) to nerves in the severed spinal cord, should be able to restore full-body function. We're trying to bridge the broken connection between the brain and the body." Musk said.

Binotto resigns, will step down as Ferrari team principal at the end of the year

The Ferrari F1 team officially announced that Mattia Binotto will leave the Ferrari team on December 31.

Binotto joined Ferrari's engine department in 1995 and was promoted to Ferrari team principal in 2019. However, the team's performance in recent years has not been satisfactory, and car reliability problems and strategic mistakes have continued to appear.

F1 official reporter Lawrence Barreto talked about Ferrari's candidate to replace Binotto in a column, and believes that the current Alfa Romeo team leader Vassell is the most likely.

Vassell has extensive management experience, with over 25 years of motorsport operations experience. Worked for Renault and Alfa Romeo, and played an important role in negotiations with Audi.

Li Bin delivered a speech: ET5 high sitting posture is a misunderstanding

Recently, Li Bin, chairman of Weilai Automobile, delivered an internal speech on the eighth anniversary of Weilai.

In addition to vehicle R&D and manufacturing, NIO has successively developed businesses in recent years including battery replacement, community services, power batteries, self-driving chips and mobile phones, etc., and has successively planned two lower-priced sub-brands, code-named Alps and Firefly. At the same time, it will start going to Europe, and the next generation of cars will also go to the United States.

In addition, Li Bin talked about the high sitting posture of ET5 in his speech.

The sitting posture has nothing to do with the floor, it's just because the view is taken into account when designing, and (the front hatch also has) the inclined design.

In fact, the energy density of the battery does not have much impact on the overall space, it only affects some ground clearance.

Li Bin said that the design of ET5 is different from that of ES8 and ET7, and users whose height is above 183 may feel that the sitting posture is too high.

This is a question of product definition. Of course, if it is 1cm shorter, there is not much experience upgrade. It is not because of the high sitting posture of ET5 caused by battery replacement, but the sitting height and ground clearance of ET5 are a trade-off between the two aspects.

Good thing I'm a dwarf.

The author is a little busy, so I will write an introduction later.

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